Jimdo vs WordPress: Which is Better?

Jimdo vs WordPress: Which is Better?

Jimdo and WordPress are two quite popular web building platforms, which utilize quite diverse approaches to the process of website development and differ in multiple ways. While Jimdo is a code-free website builder that is a nice pick for DIY website creation, WordPress is a CMS, which requires at least basic coding proficiency.

Wix vs WordPress: Which is Better?

Wix vs WordPress: Which is Better?

Wix and WordPress are the undeniable leaders of the web design niche. The systems enjoy immense popularity with users across the globe as each of them has much to offer. The platforms make it possible to start and manage all types of web projects, including business websites, portfolios, online stores, blogs and landing pages.

Wix vs Google Sites: Which is Better?

Wix vs Google Sites

Wix and Google Sites are two website builders, which allow creating different types of web projects, ranging from small business websites and up to web stores and portfolios. At the same time, the services differ a lot in terms of functionality, flexibility, design customization options and affordability. These distinctions make it complicated to compare the website builders, which occupy quite different positions in the list of contemporary web building tools.

Google Sites vs WordPress: Which is Better?

Google Sites vs WordPress

Google Sites and WordPress are two popular web building tools, which offer quite different approaches to the process of website development and are geared towards diverse user categories. The systems, however, have the same mission – to help users build websites, which will feature nice performance and appealing design. It’s quite difficult to compare these two platforms as they don’t have much in common.

Shopify vs Wix: Which is Better for Ecommerce?

Shopify vs Wix

Shopify and Wix are two renowned website builders, which are the leaders of their niches. Each system comes with a powerful feature set required to start and manage those types of websites it is meant for. Designed for eCommerce and business purposes, Shopify is the leading website building platform in this particular niche.

Wix vs Squarespace: Which is Better?

Wix vs Squarespace: Which is Better?

Wix and Squarespace are two website builders that are worth user attention due to their advanced functionality and extensive design editing options. Platforms work great for the development of any types of projects. They also target diverse user categories – both newbies and proficient web designers. The website builders have much to offer and this is what appeals to the majority of contemporary users.

Strikingly vs Squarespace: Which is Better?


Strikingly and Squarespace are renowned DIY website builders, which deserve special attention due to their functionality, extensive customizability and affordability. The systems work great equally for beginners and web design pros, offering a broad range of tools and features required to complete all kinds of projects.

Strikingly vs Wix: Which is Better?

Strikingly vs Wix

Strikingly and Wix are website builders, which are used to design all types of websites, starting with simple one-page projects and up to portfolios or web stores. Both systems come with distinctive feature sets and design customization options needed to cover a wide array of users’ needs. However, each of them delivers personalized functionality to match the requirements of newbies and web design pros.

Wix vs Weebly: Which is Better?

Wix vs Weebly: Which is Better?

Wix and Weebly are two renowned leaders of the contemporary web design niche. Both systems are great when it comes to the development of high end and feature-laden websites. They are also so easy-to-use and convenient both for beginners and web design pros that they have already become the synonyms for DIY website development.

Wix vs BigCommerce

Wix vs Bigcommerce

eCommerce website development is a time-taking and challenging endeavour that always implies the use of professional web building systems. The success of this process depends a lot upon the skill level and experience of a user as well as upon the functionality of the tool used for this purpose. Wix and BigCommerce are two renowned website builders that can be applied to start and manage all kinds of online stores. However, the systems differ in their feature sets, web design approach and degree of eCommerce website customization applied.