Shopify vs Wix

Shopify vs Wix

Designed for eCommerce and business purposes, Shopify is the leading website building platform in this particular niche. The software offers a bunch of powerful tools to create and promote your future webshop. However, Shopify can appear to be pretty complex from the start especially for non-technical users. This is where Wix might turn out to be a simpler option.

Weebly Alternatives


Weebly allows building quality blogs, online stores and business websites. It comes with lots of professional templates, convenient drag-and-drop editor, tailor step-by-step guideline and other features that contribute to quick and effective web building process. Such a variety of tools and options, however, may seem a bit perplexing for users with little or no coding knowledge at all. It takes time to explore and master all the features of the system. This is one of the major reasons that make users look for simpler Weebly alternatives.

Jimdo vs WordPress

Jimdo vs WordPress

Creating a website is as easy or as complicated as a user wants. You could tinker with settings with a completely code-free website builder for hundreds of hours, and set up a site using a professional CMS overnight. It all depends on how in depth you want to customize your site. Easy-to-use, WordPress and Jimdo give users the ability to create a website in a comparatively fast way.

Shopify vs WordPress


Shopify is the most popular eCommerce website builder, while WordPress is the most well-known CMS in the world. The desire to compare these two great platforms in terms of convenience of online store creation is quite natural. You definitely know that people use WordPress not only to build blogs, but to design other website types as well, including online stores.

Wix vs Webnode

wix vs webnode

Wix and Webnode are two website builders, which come with advanced features, quality templates and powerful design customization tools. At the same time, there are multiple nuances that differ the systems from each other, especially when it comes to their major goals and implication.

Weebly vs WordPress

Weebly vs WordPress

The first half of 2018 came with a variety of improvements for Weebly. It was a period of expansion and evolution, a celebration of reaching 40 million registrations, and more. After updating my Weebly review, I find some people asking whether the builder is now as good as, or even better than WordPress. What are the benefits and downsides of each platform?

Squarespace vs WordPress

Squarespace vs WordPress

Squarespace and WordPress is a rather tough confrontation. Why? Firstly, because both services are very reputable and have millions of active users. Secondly, because the former is a website builder, while the latter is an open-source platform. It’s like comparing the strength of boxers belonging to different weight categories.

Shopify vs GoDaddy

shopify vs godaddy

Building a professional online shop has become much easier thanks to modern website building platforms. Users can choose from software like that is strictly focused on creating a solid digital shop. Shopify is certainly one of the top eCommerce platforms that let you build and publish an online store from scratch. It delivers great functionality, numerous free themes and templates, great flexibility and features to those who want to sell online as well as promote their business.

Wix Alternatives


‘Can you recommend a website builder like Wix?’ is one of the most popular questions I get through your comments and Feedback form. The answer depends on what you mean by ‘like Wix’. Like any other website builder, Wix is a multi-faceted web service that has many aspects: a feature set, tech support, templates, ease-of-use etc. Hence, when saying ‘websites like Wix’, different users may mean different characteristics: while some expect to get hundreds of modern templates, others are looking for a site builder with a library of applications like Wix App Market, or an intuitive drag-and-drop editing environment.

Ucraft vs Squarespace

ucraft vs squarespace

Ucraft and Squarespace are two popular and quite powerful website builders, which are mainly used for commercial web building purposes. Whether you need to launch a business website, a landing page, a portfolio, an online store or any other website type, the systems will help you complete the task on a decent level.