Strikingly vs Squarespace

So you’re looking for a way to create a website, but you don’t want to hire an agency, nor do you want to spend days trapped in the source code of your future site. This is what probably got you interested in reading our Strikingly vs Squarespace comparison. Which is better? Which will give you the best results in relation to the money invested and effort required? Let’s find out. Fortunately, it’s quite easy, since the two site builders are very different.

Webydo vs Wix

Webydo vs Wix

While Wix website builder has been around since 2007 when it entered the market as a Flash-based platform, Webydo has just made its debut in 2013.

Webydo vs WordPress

Webydo and WordPress are very different, though they have a common goal. While WordPress has been around for more than ten years catering to a diverse clientele, Webydo was launched over four years ago as a community-led web service for designers and web-studios. Despite the shared goal – to help people easily create websites – the approach of each web service is quite unique. So let’s see who’s the ideal target audience for each platform. Please note: in this article we’re talking about the self-hosted version of WordPress –

Webydo vs Adobe Muse

Web design is both an art and science: while beautiful designs, layouts and fonts require a creative approach, seamless performance of these elements requires the expertise of coding professionals. But is there a way to transform visual works into functioning websites without having to rely on developers? We’re not talking about Do-It-Yourself website builders for newbies like Weebly or Wix meant for the average web user. We’re talking about products providing designers with top-notch web design toolkits. Today, we bring you our comparison of two platforms that promise to deliver code-free design: Adobe Muse and Webydo. In this post we’ll try to outline the key differences between these products. #1 Ease of Use Webydo. Webydo provides designers with full control over the process, from design to hosting and client management. Continue reading

Webydo vs Webflow

The Internet is getting more and more visual. Today, we can create so many complex things in a visual way without having any coding knowledge, be it an infographic, a website or even a mobile application. Surely, not anyone has an aesthetic sense to create a beautiful, usable product, even if everything is maximally simplified. Creating a professional-looking website requires a thorough planning and knowing at least some basic usability rules, as well as web design trends.

Webydo vs Squarespace

The DIY web design industry is changing. It was once dominated by drag-and-drop builders for do-it-yourselfers who have very little or no design experience at all. Then tools evolved to help both veteran web developers and new users alike easily create and publish beautiful websites in a professional manner: with different access levels for clients and designers; white label solutions allowing designers to place their own logos instead of the builders’ ones; built-in business features; full HTML/CSS control and more.

Weebly vs Webs

Website builders are only getting better. Each month many exciting new features are being announced, so we hardly manage to update our Reviews sections here at SWB. We’re doing our best to provide you with the most recent information on site builders, so without further ado here’s our fresh-baked Weebly vs Webs review, right from the oven. Both are well trusted and reliable web publishing platforms. However, Webs has a longer history. Launched in 2001, it has been serving millions of websites for over fourteen years. Weebly is a bit younger – it was founded in 2006, so it should come as no surprise that the former has 55 million websites in its portfolio, while the latter hosts nearly 40 million websites. Most likely, these figures indicate the overall number of Continue reading

Wix vs Google Sites

As you already know from our in-depth reviews, Wix and Google Sites are designed to do the same thing – help you create a website without coding. The question is, which platform does it best. In this brief post we’re going to show you the key differences between these website builders for you to see that both are favorable solutions, but for different audiences.

Weebly vs uCoz

Weebly vs uCoz

In my never-ending quest to find new, useful tools online I mostly spend my time looking for and testing online website builders. So if you’re looking for an easy, fast and affordable solution to your website needs, you’ve come to the right place – here on SWB we’ve got over forty reviews. Not sure how to sort through all of them for the best one? Hopefully, our comparison articles will help you make an informed decision 🙂 .