Adobe Muse vs Webflow


Facing the need to design a quality and visually appealing website that will additionally feature excellent performance, you initially start looking for a code-free service that will enable you do that without any hassle and waste of time. As you start exploring the available options, you realize that the choice is quite extensive, but not all the systems adhere to your web design needs.

Volusion vs Shopify

Volusion vs Shopify

If you’re an aspiring e-retailer or independent artisan who’s busy making and selling handmade jewelry, pottery or whatever, you’re not likely to have time to take a night class in web development. Overview Comparison Chart Since launching a webstore is a headache for an inexperienced user, non-tech-savvy creatives usually either hire a programmer or try to put up a website themselves using a DIY website builder. And when it comes to the latter option, there are four or five major players in the market with Volusion and Shopify ruling the roost.

Weebly Alternatives


Weebly is one of the ‘big’ website builders most people are familiar with. Being one of the first DIY website creation platforms, Weebly quickly built a strong audience and achieved a prominent position. But there are dozens of other website builders out there. Some Weebly alternatives can provide additional functionality, a better choice of templates, or better pricing options. Following are the few alternatives that are likely to challenge Weebly.

Zenfolio vs SmugMug


Zenfolio and SmugMug have similar specialization and are direct competitors. They are used to create multifunctional portfolio websites. Such websites allow demonstrating and selling digital products (photos/videos). Although we have advertising relationships with these website builders, but that has no impact on the comparison. The target audience of the systems includes photographers of all levels, irrespective of their skills and expertise. These services are almost identical in their functionality.

WordPress Alternatives


WordPress is one of the most popular and widely-used CMS that allows creating quality, professional and functional websites. However, the system is not as easy to use as it may seem at first glance. If you have ever tried to launch a website with this platform, then you have the firsthand knowledge of how challenging and time-taking the process is.

CMS vs Website Builder

Everyone, who is proficient in website building, knows that there are two effective tools to build a website, namely CMS and website builders. We won’t get involved in the everlasting debates regarding the best solution. Let’s better differentiate the specialization of these systems, considering their distinctive features. The truth is somewhere in between. We’ll find out now, when it’s better to use CMS and when a website builder proves to be a better choice.

Shopify vs Wix

Shopify vs Wix

We have decided to compare one of the best specialized platforms used to create online stores, Shopify, with one of the most advanced website builders with a visual editor – Wix. Both systems are the best in their niches, but Shopify isn’t used for any other purpose except for creating online stores. Consequently, we will compare only the eCommerce functionality of both services.

Shopify vs WordPress


Shopify is the most popular eCommerce website builder, while WordPress is the most well-known CMS in the world. The desire to compare these two great platforms in terms of convenience of online store creation is quite natural. You definitely know that people use WordPress not only to build blogs, but to design other website types as well, including online stores.

Shopify vs BigCommerce


Shopify and BigCommerce are the leaders in the eCommerce niche. These popular website builders are quite expensive, but they provide the utmost range of options to clients aiming at business development. Their comparison is genuinely interesting, because these platforms are the competitors. People willing to create large-scale websites frequently have to choose between these services, because they are considered the best in the niche (even though, both of them have their nuances).

Volusion vs Squarespace

Volusion vs Squarespace

Volusion and Squarespace are two popular web building platforms used by dozens of millions of users across the globe. Volusion is oriented towards online store creation, while Squarespace is a universal website builder that allows for the development of different types of websites – from simple promo sites and landing pages and up to powerful blogs.