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Carbonmade Users: Interview with Mike Brice

Like many photography enthusiasts, Mike Brice uses Carbonmade, a dead simple website builder for creatives, to run his online portfolio. We thought it would be great to reach him out to hear more about what it takes to build and maintain a site using Carbonmabe.

Mike Brice

SWB: Hi Mike, thanks for your comments on our website and agreeing to be interviewed. Please tell us a bit about yourself and your hobby.

Mike: I have enjoyed photography since high school, and worked as a photojournalist and a full-time photographer. Currently, my photography focus is on wedding and personal photography.

SWB: What’s your experience in the field of web design?

Mike: I don’t have a lot of experience in web design. I was fortunate to be interested in the early days of the intranet but always found the designs I could produce on my own less appealing than the various services that were available.

SWB: How did you learn about Carbonmade? Did you try any other site builders?

Mike: I learned about Carbonmade from another photographer. And while I have tried numerous site builder programs and vendors, I always prefer Carbonmade based on its ease of use.

SWB: What were the biggest issues you faced building your site with Carbonmade?

Mike: The only challenges I had were related to the branding of the site, and those were quickly resolved with an email.

SWB: What do you like most about Carbonmade?

Mike: I really like the simple interface that allows me to focus on the images and not worry about learning code. I am excited about the new log feature, and I am considering how I can include it in my website. I think I will create a log to explain the backstory for some of my favorite images in my portfolio.

SWB: In your opinion, is Carbonmade reasonably priced?

Mike: I think Carbonmade is an excellent value, and it is why I have been a customer since 2010.

SWB: Thank you for your time today, Mike. Do you have any closing remarks?

Mike: In addition to the great product, one thing I really like about Carbonmade is the attitude of the company – it has a fun, engaging personality, and I think that really comes across in all my interactions with the employees.

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