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Calconic Alternatives: Which One to Choose?

Calconic Calculators are widely used and rightly seen as helpful means of optimizing websites and their interaction with the customer. Whether your goal is to chase more leads or build an original widget to educate/entertain your visitors, this brand is ready to supply you with enough templates and instruments for creating personalized calculators on your own.

Some would even say that this calculator builder has no alternatives, but despite its benefits, that would be an overstatement. The market is changing, and new players with fresh ideas are offering their services. Many of them do merit your attention. Let’s go through the most effective alternatives of Calconic, their features, design, and pricing.

1. uCalc

Product Name:uCalc
Official Website:https://ucalc.pro/
Calculator templates:Yes
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $9/mo

We start our overview with uCalc. Its key advantages include ease of use, excellent functional possibilities, and price affordability. Never built a widget? Do not worry! uCalc will let you make a pro calculator of any type by simply dragging and dropping all the necessary blogs or using a suitable template.



uCalc has everything you need to build a form of any structure, design, or purpose for your website or app. At your disposal are the following features:

  • Drag and Drop serves to let you simply build your calculator just the same way a kid would make a castle of blocks;
  • Dashboard simplifies your work. It has three options that allow fast adjusting of the elements and design of your future widget with the ability to preview it before launching on your site;
  • uCalc supports advanced mathematical functions and formulas, making it suitable for more complex calculation needs. Whether you need to perform statistical analysis, financial modeling, or scientific calculations, uCalc has the capabilities to handle it;
  • Lead Management tools are indispensable for online stores, B2B businesses, etc.
  • Automatic marketing tools & notification tools are included;
  • Due to the multilanguage support, uCalc allows creating calculators that can be used by a global audience. This feature is particularly useful for businesses operating in multiple countries or serving diverse customer bases;
  • Support for add-ons;
  • Conversion tracking, estimation and quoting instruments are designed to make your calculator work smoothly;
  • Versatile calculation tools can be customized here with regard to your business needs. Whether you need to create a simple calculator for basic arithmetic or a complex tool for financial, scientific or engineering calculations, uCalc provides the flexibility to build exactly what you need;
  • Once created, uCalc calculators can be easily embedded into any website or web application. The platform provides a simple embed code that can be copied and pasted into your site, making integration quick and seamless.

There are other options in this form builder, too. Sign up to access them all!

Design Features

uCalc offers an excellent toolkit for designing calculators and website forms. There are convenient templates for many domains like restaurants or real estate businesses. You are free to choose fonts, backgrounds, themes, and color palettes. The choice of elements to build a calculator for your website is wide.


uCalc offers three paid plans. The lowest price starts at $9/mo when billed monthly. However, you can save big when choosing to pay annually, for example. In this case, the cost will start at $7.20 per month. The standard annual package will cost you as much as $17.60. Pro is available at $40. The site offers both a free trial and a free version of the software. You may also count on a flexible system of discounts on the platform. For the registration of an account, no credit card info is necessary.

Why Use uCalc?

Being secure and budget-friendly, uCalc will excellently suit small and medium businesses. It has a diverse set of tools and requires no special skills in site development. So, it is simple for everyone to insert a price calculator, lead-attracting widget, or whatever with the help of this builder.

2. ConvertCalculator

Product Name:ConvertCalculator
Official Website:convertcalculator.com
Calculator templates:Yes
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $15/mo

ConvertCalculator may not look like much with its unpretentious interface, but it can cope with numerous tasks that a small business or startup has to carry out. Surely, its main mission is to create converters. But the number of options is sure to impress you.


ConvertCalculator – The Simplest Way to Start

ConvertCalculator is a feature-rich platform. Besides Drag-and-Drop, it allows data import and export, various operations with leads, pricing and cost calculations, as well as other options. While you can find quite unordinary values available for conversion, there may not be the simplest ones used in cooking or similar activities.

What’s important, calculations are performed here in the real-time mode, providing immediate feedback as users input data. This feature enhances user experience and makes your calculators more interactive and engaging. Finally, ConvertCalculator provides a simple embed code that can be pasted into your site, ensuring quick and seamless integration. If needed, you can easily integrate ConvertCalculator with other tools and platforms you use. The platform supports integrations with popular CRMs, email marketing services, and other business tools, streamlining your workflows and data management.

Design Features

ConvertCalculator offers a huge library of templates. Its design options might be limited. However, when your goal is to get a workable widget in the shortest period of time, with the minimum effort, you are welcome to use ConvertCalculator.


The cheapest paid package for ConvertCalculator costs $15 a month. The other three plans can be purchased for $35, $65 and $100, respectively. By annual payment mode, expect a 2-month free trial and a discount. There is a version available for free. No credit card is needed.

Why Use ConvertCalculator?

Go for ConvertCalculator if your website needs a quick and robust solution. The software is ideal for small companies and startups. If you are ready to invest more in the program, it will benefit your business or non-profit.

3. Calculoid

Product Name:Calculoid
Official Website:https://www.calculoid.com/
Calculator templates:Yes
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $19/mo

Calculoid options definitely deserve your attention if your website sells goods or services. For industry-standard prices, this piece of software will help you to tune up your commercial website and engage new customers in no time.


Calculoid – Powerful Toolbox for eCommerce

You do need to be a coding ace to use Calculoid. Its key features will allow the following operations:

  • Use the Drag-and-drop option to build forms and calculators easily;
  • Organize a smooth payment system with the help of such payment functions as Payment Checkout;
  • Integrate your website to convenient payment gateways like PayPal, Mastercard, etc.;
  • There’s a Multi-Page option for calculators;
  • The Conditional Fields option allows hidden menus or elements that will appear by a certain condition;
  • With Calculoid, you can collect valuable user data to further export it for analysis. The software makes it easy to gather and manage data, which can be used for lead generation, feedback, or other business purposes;
  • The service also allows integrating payment processing tools to let users purchase online and make payments directly through the calculator interface;
  • CVS tables will let you make calculations in terms of back and static data.

This calculator builder seamlessly works on all mobile platforms. It has statistical functions and easily integrates into any financial system.

Design Features

Calculoid’s template collection is above average. Most eCommerce websites will find a suitable solution here. The software supports graphs and charts. Its design options are diverse enough. At least you can make your calculator blend well with your brand.


Calculoid offers three plans. The Lead Generation package will cost you $19 a month. To use the High Traffic & eCommerce plan, you’ll have to pay $39 per month. The Agency plan costs $99 a month. The site guarantees 7-day money back. There’s a free trial, as well as a free version of the software.

Why Use Calculoid?

When well-thought-out forms and calculators are needed for your eCommerce website, be sure to use Calculoid. This might not be the best tool design-wise. However, this is a truly effective product that will help you to streamline all the processes important for your business.

4. JSCalc

Product Name:JSCalc
Official Website:https://jscalc.io/
Calculator templates:No
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $9.90/mo

Both code gurus and dummies can benefit from JSCalc. It allows for constructing complex and simple calculators that will run seamlessly in desktop browsers, on mobile sites, and apps. A strong point of the program is free support.

Since JSCalc is aimed at creating calculators, its functional diversity may seem meager. However, it may be indispensable for building a complex form with specific parameters. It allows you to design embeddable calculators. You can work out your own mathematical scripts. Calculators can be public and private. There are handy tutorials for non-coders.


Since JSCalc is aimed at creating calculators, its functional diversity may seem meager. However, it may be indispensable for building a complex form with specific parameters. It allows you to design embeddable calculators. You can work out your own mathematical scripts. Calculators can be public and private. There are handy tutorials for non-coders.

JSCalc allows utilizing advanced JavaScript capabilities to build complex and sophisticated calculators. Due to the custom scripts support, the software lets you implement intricate calculations and logic that go beyond basic arithmetic.

Finally, the service offers flexible deployment options, letting you use the calculator in a variety of environments – from simple websites to complex web applications. JSCalc’s flexibility ensures that your calculators can be used wherever you need them.

Design Features

JSCalc – Perfect Tool to Build Sophisticated Calculators

Although the JSCalc site looks like a time capsule from the 90s, it has a great selection of features for design customization of your calculators. There is a Style menu through which you can define the view of the future calculator. In particular, you can change background colors, use impressions, etc.


Besides a free version, there are two paid plans on JSCalc: Regular for $9.90 and Premium for $49.90 per month. Mind that the free version of this software might have enough options for you. All the packages include support. To start using JSCalc for free, you need to sign up with the help of an email. No card info is needed.

Why Use JSCalc?

JSCalc is about building custom calculators. Coding professionals are sure to know this product and appreciate its functional set. However, thanks to prompt educational tools and hints, common users may find this program precious.

5. Outgrow

Product Name:Outgrow
Official Website:https://outgrow.co/
Calculator templates:Yes
Free plan:Free trial
Paid plan:From $14/mo

Outgrow offers one of the richest toolkits for businesses. This is a reliable tool to engage customers and accumulate leads on your website. Although its pro version is quite expensive, there will be enough plans with budget-friendly prices at your disposal.


Outgrow – Excellent Software for Businesses

Outgrow incorporates numerous features, the most important of which are:

  • The Drag-and-Drop option allows building widgets in a couple of simple clicks;
  • Content Management tools simplify the integration of widgets created with the help of Outgrow into CRM systems;
  • A broad choice of templates can be customized according to your website’s needs;
  • Use Data Export/Import tools to easily manage your content;
  • Email Marketing is to tune up automated email notifications;
  • A range of interactive content tools (including calculators, quizzes, assessments, surveys, chatbots, and polls) that help engage users, generate leads, and provide personalized experiences;
  • Engagement Tracking instruments are necessary for monitoring your customers’ activities on your website;
  • There are numerous tools to interact with leads in a quality manner;
  • Outgrow performs real-time calculations, providing instant feedback to users. It also offers detailed analytics to track user interactions, engagement, and conversions, helping you measure the effectiveness of your content;
  • Lead generation is also possible here to let you effectively capture leads. This is done by integrating lead forms to collect user information and automatically send it to your CRM or email marketing software for follow-up;
  • A/B Testing is also possible when working with Outgrow. This allows optimizing the content, testing different versions of your calculators, quizzes or surveys to determine which performs best. As a result, you will be able to make data-driven decisions to improve engagement and conversion rates.

Be sure to find lots of other handy tools within this software.

Design Features

Outgrow is a great program from a design perspective. Be sure to have enough tools to customize your widgets and make them look native on your website. At your disposal are multiple fonts, background colors, etc. You can easily insert images, icons, and logos to make your calculators look original and “pro.”


Outgrow offers several plans. The cheapest ones are Freelancer Limited ($14 a month) and Freelancer ($25 a month). More feature-rich packages will cost you much more. Thus, to enjoy the full power of the Business plan, you’ll have to pay $600 per month. However, there are special plans for startups and enterprises. The free version is available. At present, the site has a limited offer of a 20% discount for new small businesses.

Why Use Outgrow?

Outgrow is a perfect match for large-scale businesses with big expectations and solid budgets available for website development. Small companies can also benefit from this software – its free version and low-budget plans surely merit their attention.

6. Involve.me

Product Name:Involve
Official Website:https://www.involve.me/
Calculator templates:Yes
Free plan:Yes + free 14-day trial
Paid plan:From $29/mo

One more powerful tool to streamline your website’s interaction with customers is Involve.me. Its not a new brand yet the one that is quite popular with business owners.


Involve.Me – The Business’s #1 Choice

Involve.me is no-code software. That is, you can make widgets with its tools without coding skills. The tool lets you:

  • build widgets with Drag-and-Drop;
  • use contact database;
  • analyze content;
  • assign and control permissions;
  • engage customers with the help of useful collaboration tools;
  • create customer profiles and segment them according to their activities;
  • use data extraction/import/export tools;
  • manage an effective leads funnel by using diverse leads enrichment tools;
  • build easy-to-use payment widgets;
  • embed interactive content;
  • integrate with third-party tools and platforms;
  • customize content to reflect brand identity;
  • use multi language support;
  • conduct A/B testing;
  • collaborate with team members on shared projects;
  • and more.

You may not need such a powerful set of tools. However, you will appreciate them all when your goal is to optimize your website’s sales.

Design Features

With Involve.me, you have all the necessary instruments to customize your widgets the way you wish. Fonts, colors, vertical and horizontal representation, specific forms – all this is available in this program. There are multiple engaging templates as well.


There is a free version of the software, and all Involve.me plans have free trials. The tool offers four of them: Basic ($29 per mo), Pro ($59 per mo), Business ($129 per mo) and Agency ($199 per mo). Test paid features and partial submissions are supported. No credit card info is required to start.

Why Use Involve.me?

When you are engaged in sales and your business requires a website fully tailored for your marketing strategy, Involve.me is a great solution for you. Its pro version is still more beneficial from a pricing perspective, so when you need a lot of marketing-oriented tools, opt for this soft.

7. Youengage

Product Name:Youengage
Official Website:https://youengage.me/
Calculator templates:Yes
Free plan:Yes + 14-day free trial
Paid plan:From $19/mo

Youengage is a modern toolbox with numerous functions. The most precious might be those for building original surveys, Q&A forms, and other widgets for interaction with customers.


Youengage – Best for Polls & Quizzes

Youengage has efficient tools for creating polls, quizzes, feedback forms, live chats, and many more. It offers tools to manage communication and monitor users’ activities on the website. There are reporting tools as well. The program allows NPS Survey structures, Gamification, etc. It supports add-ons integration to your website. Drag-and-drop will help you easily shape your calculators.

Just like the majority of other popular online calculators, Youengage offers real-time analytics, extensive lead generation opportunities, integration with third-party services, custom branding, multi language support. The software also prioritizes data security and is GDPR compliant, ensuring that all user data is protected and that your content adheres to international privacy standards.

Design Features

You would scarcely find alternatives to some of the Youengage templates. Building an original calculator from scratch is also not a problem with this tool. At your disposal will be an infinite number of visual solutions for your widget, and its key benefit is the ease of use.


With Youengage, you have three plans to choose from: Starter, Professional. and Business. $19 per month is the cost of the Starter package. The other two are $49 and $149 per month, respectively. You can use the free version of the software as well as a free trial accessible for all the paid plans.

Why Use Youengage?

When searching for a great builder of polls, quizzes, and other forms for entertaining interaction with your customers, choose Youengage. Is this software good for eCommerce websites? Well, while it has enough tools to fix your work with leads, it lacks email and notification management tools for that. So, its marketing toolkit requires improvement.

8. AidaForm

Product Name:AidaForm
Official Website:https://aidaform.com
Calculator templates:Yes
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $12/mo

Let’s review one more promising calculator builder now – AidaForm. The tool seems to require improvements concerning its interface and new options to add. However, AidaForm is already helpful for creating quizzes and surveys, and it is cheap.


AidaForm – Cheap & Workable Form Builder

AidaForm gives such features at your disposal:

  • Drag-and-drop to let non-coders easily create their widgets;
  • Lead Notifications & Lead Capture tools to improve your interaction with leads;
  • Conditional Logic tools to make forms more flexible;
  • Alerts management tools to contact customers via automated messaging;
  • Interactive elements to be added to your forms (multiple-choice questions, ratings, scales, file uploads etc.);
  • Secure data storage and compliance with GDPR;
  • Multilanguage support;
  • Direct file uploads;
  • Pre-built widgets;
  • CES survey structures to monitor your customers’ satisfaction with the site, etc.

Other functions allow easy management of your data and content. There are also tools for your website analysis.

Design Features

AidaForm contains over 100 templates ready to be used on different websites. When you wish to customize your widget on your own, the tool is not a bad solution, though not the best. It allows you to choose themes and colors that will go well together with your website.


There’s a free version of AidaForm. The cheapest paid version costs $12 a month. More advanced plans are Expert ($24 per mo) and Ultimate ($40 per mo). The site offers discounts when opting for yearly billing. You do not need to provide a credit card to start using the soft.

Why Use AidaForm

AidaForm will be useful when you plan to create a simple form without complicated settings and design. The software is still a work in progress, so we are sure to see new features and – hopefully – more usability within it.

9. InteractiveCalculator

Product Name:InteractiveCalculator
Official Website:https://www.interactivecalculator.com/
Calculator templates:-
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $19/mo

InteractiveCalculator is a versatile software designed to help businesses and individuals create custom interactive calculators for their websites and applications. Due to the abundance of customization options, InteractiveCalculator makes it possible to engage the target audience, collect valuable data and provide personalized user experiences.


InteractiveCalculator – Online Calculator Forms for Your Project

InteractiveCalculator stands out for its comprehensive set of features that comply with various user requirements and business specifications:

  • The intuitive drag-and-drop builder allows users to create custom calculators with no preliminary coding awareness;
  • Support for complex formulas and mathematical functions guarantees that you can create calculators for any purpose – from simple arithmetic to advanced financial modeling;
  • Opportunity to collect user data through your calculators and integrate it with your CRM, email marketing or other business tools that matters a lot for lead generation and data analysis;
  • Analytics and reporting tools that allow tracking user interactions and gaining insights into calculator performance.

These are only a few benefits the software is ready to offer. Explore it deeper to find out the details.

Design Features

InteractiveCalculator does not offer an extensive choice of pre-built templates yet it allows selecting from a few available layouts meant for different use cases. It’s up to you to modify these designs to match your brand’s look and feel. Mind that all calculators created with the software are fully responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. When needed, you can embed your calculators into websites, landing pages, blogs and social media platforms using the embed codes for smooth integration.


InteractiveCalculator has two plans to comply with different needs and budgets. The first one is Free, meaning it does not require any financial investments. It allows creating unlimited calculators, use the corporate branding and get 200 views per month. To get access to advanced features like 500000 views per month, all calculator elements, third-party integrations, file uploads etc., you will have to upgrade to the Business plan, which currently costs $19 per month.

Why Use InteractiveCalculator

InteractiveCalculator is a top pick for anyone looking to enhance user engagement, collect valuable data and provide personalized experiences on their website or application. The software is easy to use and it is also very affordable for all user categories. These are only a few features that can make the service a valuable addition to any digital toolkit.

10. CalcApp

Product Name:CalcApp
Official Website:https://www.calcapp.net/
Calculator templates:Yes
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $9/mo

CalcApp is a full-featured app designer for Excel users that does not require any programming proficiency. Designed for businesses, educators, and individuals, the software offers an easy-to-use interface and a powerful toolset that allows for the creation of custom calculators.


CalcApp – App Designer for Excel Users

Before you start using CalcApp, take your time to explore its integrated functionality:

  • You don’t have to wait to make your calculations online. With CalcApp, you can do that in the real-time mode, getting instant feedback from the target audience;
  • With CalcApp, you can collect user data and export it for further analysis or integrate it with other business tools. This is what matters a lot when generating leads;
  • CalcApp is a downloadable software that allows users to access and use their calculators offline. This is particularly useful for mobile apps and fieldwork where internet connectivity may be limited.

Design Features

You can choose from several templates for further customization to match your brand style and business requirements. This ensures that your calculators are professional and cohesive with your existing design language. To give the project a unique look, it is possible to customize all the template elements and embed content you currently need.


CalcApp offers several types of packages – Private App (requires user sign in), Public App (accessible to everyone) and Embedded App (comes as a part of your website). The cost of plans starts at $9/mo.

Why Use CalcApp

CalcApp is a smart choice for anyone looking to create custom calculators and apps quickly and efficiently. Available in two options – downloadable and online, the no-code builder and intuitive interface makeі it easy for anyone to create functional calculators and apps with no tech expertise.

Its rich feature set, customizable design options, and competitive pricing make it an invaluable tool for businesses, educators, and individuals looking to enhance their digital offerings and improve user engagement.

Key Takeaways: Opt for uCalc to Save Costs and Get 100% Result

So, today’s website owner has a pretty wide choice of calculator builders. Each of them may be an effective substitution for Calconic. All the form and calculator builders in this article have important advantages for website owners and developers. At least they are interesting programs to try.

However, uCalc seems the best solution when you are searching for an adequate price/quality and price/possibilities ratio and need a reliable solution here and now.