Bubble Review

Bubble Review

Bubble – is a powerful cloud-based web-building framework. It was designed to help startups and business owners to create effective applications that can be used to promote services or products as well as use within the corporate IT infrastructure. The key Bubble benefit is the ability to create fully functional apps with no prior programming or coding experience. Newbies and non-technicians will appreciate the ease of use in addition to a bunch of features to ensure a hassle-free building process.

The software was initially created to develop robust apps for different purposes. You either crave a customer-facing technology or want to boost a company’s productivity and develop a custom-tailor application for inner usage, Bubble framework will certainly come in handy. While no HTML or CSS programming is needed, you will be able to create software products featuring great UI design, user-friendly interface, and innovative approach. Let’s have a look at what this powerful framework has under the hood.

  • A free site and app builder.
  • High-and applications for startups.
  • Software for inner company’s usage.

1. Ease of Use

The platform introduces a perfect blend of drag-and-drop functionality mixed with a workflow-based programming approach.

In other words, you get full control over the app’s workflow and hierarchy without coding skills.

Bubble has a pretty simple editor with all the instruments you may need to build a state-of-the-art web or mobile app. The core feature here is that the user is the one to define future application logic. Let’s see how it works.

Getting Started

The platform itself is free to use. So, you will not need to look for a free-trial opportunity to test how the system works. To get access to Bubble instruments, simply indicate your email and password with no need to provide your billing info. Users will be able to sign in using their GitHub or Google accounts as well. The software will automatically take you to your personal dashboard where you may choose the next step to take either it will be a new app or template to create for the future project.

Bubble registration

Users may also access interactive Bubble Lessons from here. They describe all stages of the building process right here in the dashboard with no need to switch between several screens. You may also enter your account to update or change personal data if needed. To get started with the new project, click on the “New App” button and find yourself in the intuitive Bubble control panel.

UI Builder

Welcome to the UI building and design dashboard. Newbies might be a bit overwhelmed from the start due to plenty of tools placed in the sidebar on the left. However, it will take a couple of minutes to get used to the tab and start implementing different sections and block for your future application.

Bubble application

The framework uses drag-and-drop. It makes it easy to arrange your own structure and elements’ hierarchy. In other words, you may feel yourself a web architect and put specific elements wherever needed. Users are free to choose a ready-made template or start from building an app from the blank canvas. Moreover, you are free to create a template and then have it connected with the application.

The elements can be edited depending on your requirements. Simply click on it and use the new tab to change blocks sizes, change texts, choose background style, change colors, select the content type for the entire block, define new conditions, etc. When you are done with the app layout, you may use the review mode to check how it looks like under real-life conditions in your browser.

Bubble editor

Bubble provides full control over the building process. Users may reinvent the logic behind their applications or websites. If you want to create a chronology of actions, you can add a new block and define a specific action for it by defining a new condition. The framework also provides access to a database where you may collect necessary info through contact or sign up form and have it automatically stored within the relevant database.

The software is very flexible in terms of customization. It offers more than 800 different plugins. Users will be able to integrate payment options, video and music streaming services, different marketing instruments, customer support tools, and more.

Going Live

Bubble is a cloud-based solution that not only lets you create effective apps but also host your projects. You do not need to look for a separate hosting provider. The system brings all assets within a single package. Some users will have a chance to choose from different plans depending on their business requirements or simply upgrade to a more resourceful plan at any point.

We will discuss the prices a bit later in the Plans & Pricing paragraph. What is necessary to pinpoint is the fact that the framework comes as a fully-functional cloud platform with its own assets and scalable infrastructure to deploy, support, and maintain your sites or applications featuring backend and integrated services connected through the API.

  • Powerful UI editor.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Wide selection of blocks and elements.

2. Features & Flexibility

The framework delivers a variety of features out of the box. They are provided to let startups and companies create end-to-end solutions without hiring professional developers. Apart from being an all-in-one solution with hosting facilities for project deployment, Bubble provides tools to customize the app making it more user-friendly.

Plugins and Add-ons

Users are able to choose from more than 870 different plugins available in the local marketplace. They include analytics services including Google Analytics or Segment, payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe, different payment subscription models or tools to handle third-party transactions.

Bubble plugins

You get a chance to connect the project with already existing API or publish your own letting partners and customers connect with you effortlessly. Bubble plugin marketplace is not only a place where you may find add-ons for yourself. Here users may also share or sell some of their own plugins built on JavaScript.


Bubble collaboration

There are several ways to let others engage with your project. The collaborative feature makes it possible to add up to 40 colleagues. An administrator is able to set specific roles right from the dashboard. In addition, Bubble makes it easy to interact with the target audience by means of chats, news feeds, etc. Create a registration form so that users could sign in via social accounts.

Customizable Workflow Logic

As we have stated earlier, Bubble is a high-end framework that delivers al the coding power to the end-user. You are to create the logic of the app by defining conditionals. In other words, a user actually tells the system what should happen next if a visitor takes a specific action.

SEO and Security

You may set the way search engines and social networks will view your future project. There is a simple tab to manage all SEO settings meta tags, customizable URLs, etc. Here you may also generate the sitemap.

Bubble seo

As for the security means, all websites and apps built using Bubble come with SSL encryption. In addition, you may create a unique password to hide the app until it is ready to go live. An administrator may set specific rules that define the way the data is displayed to users. All Bubble accounts are kept safe thanks to two-factor authentication.

All-In-One Framework

With Bubble, you get a fully-hosted website and app building platform with a ready-to-use infrastructure. The system will take care of server solution maintenance, security, and management. Once a project has grown far beyond the current assets, you may scale it with a click opting for more resources delivered with a higher plan.

  • Collaborative technology.
  • Wide selection of plugins.
  • Third-party integration.

3. Design & Templates

Bubble does not have its custom themes in the way we are used to. At the same time, it offers a variety of responsive template created by Bubble users. Some of them are free and some are paid. The price varies from $0 to $199 depending on the layout style and functionality.

Bubble template

All templates are divided into specific categories. Here we have blogs, separate CRM layouts, building blocks, landing pages, digital shops, marketplaces, and more. Sort them out by niche and choose the template that meets your needs. By the way, you are free to build your own template and share it free or sell within the Bubble marketplace.

  • Free and paid templates.
  • Responsive design.
  • Mobile preview and editing.

4. Customer Support

Although Bubble is super easy to use, it has powerful support in the face of its growing community featuring almost 351, 000 active users and more than 314, 000 of apps already built. The bad news is that the platform does not have a Live Chat feature or phone to get in touch instantly. However, newbies will never get lost thanks to a going social media community, local forum, and blog.

Bubble support forum

So, the ways to resolve possible issues include:

  • Emails – contact the support team using a typical ticketing system.
  • Forum – join the Bubble community and ask experienced users for help. The Forum s free to join. You may open a new thread to find a topic with the same issue.
  • Bubble Blog – it contains a variety of articles, company news, and lots of other insider information.
  • Social Accounts – the Facebook page boasts more than 12, 000 subscribers with a chance to contact Bubble administrators directly through the Facebook Messenger.

There is also an official Twitter account that highlights the latest news, updates, and other info that may come in handy.

  • Growing social community.
  • Local forum and blog.
  • Plugin and template marketplace.

5. Plans & Pricing

The framework itself is free to use. You do not need to build a penny to start building your app. The Hobby plan is available for all users at zero cost.

Bubble pricing

However, paid plans will be necessary to access additional features and host your project. The prices are as follows:

  • Personal costs $25 per month feat White Labeling, data export, etc.
  • Professional costs $115. It will meet startup needs featuring 2 app editors, 3 server capacity units, and more.
  • Production costs $475. It is designed for enterprises looking for maximum server capacity. You get 15 app editors ad 20 development versions.

Enterprise clients may also benefit from dedicated solutions based on a pay-as-you-scale model.

  • Free Hobby Plan.
  • SSL and Hosting included.
  • Up to 20 development versions.

6. Pros and Cons

Bubble is certainly one of the most powerful frameworks to build high-end applications and websites with absolutely no coding skills. It will meet small startup and huge corporate needs although some of its features might not meet the expectations of the average user.

Powerful cloud platform.
It helps to build high-end apps and websites.
Customizable building process.
Advanced UI editor.
Hosting capacity.
Scalable server solution.
A wide selection of plugins.
Some of the third-party plugins do not have proper documentation.
No custom templates.
  • Free to use app building platform.
  • 350, 000+ active users.
  • 314, 000+ apps built.


Bubble is a powerful web-building engine to create robust and high-end applications. The platform will suit you greatly in case you need to create inner software products to boost the company’s productivity or deliver innovative apps to your end-users. The system comes as an all-in-one package with scalable hosting facilities that can be updated as your business develops.

As a result, we have a solid business instrument for startups and well-established companies. If you are an individual looking for a simple solution to launch a blog or portfolio, you would probably need a simpler platform like uKit or Wix.

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