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Botsociety Review

Botsociety – is a revolutionary instrument that lets newbies and non-technicians design their own bots with ease. There is no need to draft or code conversation scripts. Simply imagine how your bot is going to interact with users and bring your idea to life using Botsociety.

AI-based chatbot platforms are no longer a technology trick just to grab users’ attention. Bots have turned into a powerful marketing and promotion tool used by both individual merchants and companies that operate in different fields. The software is designed to establish a new-gen interaction with the target audience whenever it comes to direct sales via social platforms or websites, customer support, etc.

Botsociety makes it easy to develop what you need. The only task is to submit a creative text as well as use some customization features to build an engaging and lively dialogue between the user and the bot. Let’s have a look at what is so special about the tool. How it may help to design a chatbot with no coding or programming experience?

Botsociety Review
  • Free chatbot design tool.
  • AI-based technologies.
  • Cross-platform support.

1. Ease of Use

Botsociety comes with an inline editing process that guides a user step by step from the singing in the process of designing a conversation. The platform has a free trial to check how it actually works. Once you have logged in, you may start the bot building process.

Getting Started

The process consists of several simple steps. They do not require any special action or technical skills. Have a look:

  1. At the first stage, you will be asked to give your bot a name to make it look more lively and interactive. Express your creativity and make it easily recognizable by the users.
  2. The second stage includes choosing the platform. You may design a messenger or Twitter bot. The system is compatible with major messengers like WhatsApp or Slack. Users may opt for Botsociety to create bots for their mobile apps, websites, social network accounts, Google Assistant, Alexa Skill, and more.
  3. Click the “Design” button and start creating your bot.

Interface and Settings

The interface looks pretty simple even for those who have never tried such tools before. You actually see the device on your home screen placed between “Bot says” and “User says” buttons. All you need is to press any button and type in the text you want for bot and user respectively. In other words, you create a dialogue using different words and phrases that are relevant to your particular niche.

Botsociety editor

Go to settings and customize the building process in accordance with your target audience, Users are free to set the device type, model or even color. You may also choose the language direction and page category. Here you can also modify the welcoming screen by adding a covering image or create Facebook ads.

Building Process

The system lets you choose the format. Go to the upper right corner of the screen and click on full-height, mobile or desktop layout to see how your bot will look like on various devices. Good news is that the system works using the drag-and-drop concept to create different message designs. Simply go to Clipboard and drag-and-drop the element you need to create a customized conversation.

Once you are done, click the Play button to see how the dialogue will look like. You may run it in the testing mode as well as export or share it with your colleagues.

Botsociety Review
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Convenient chatflow visualization.

2. Features & Flexibility

While some might not expect much from chatbot builders, Botsociety may impress you with a range of useful features. They make it easy to customize each of your conversations as well as create unique interaction for your users.

  • Customization Functionality – with Botsociety, you are not just creating a conversation. You are actually designing a customized dialogue. The dashboard has tools letting you add image, insert links, create voice messages, create tiny menus with different elements, add buttons, emojis, and more.
  • Botsociety customization

  • Structural Conversation Paths – you may choose multiple directions for your conversations as well as create complicated structure paths for the bot design. You may review, edit or even switch between the structures of each path you create from the starting point to the final response.
  • Botsociety flowchart

  • Testing Mode – testing mode is not just about previewing the ready conversation on various screen sizes. The instrument makes it possible to get feedback from real users before deploying it. You will get the record with all users’ tests to edit the dialogue providing real-life experience to your customers.
  • Sharing and Export Features – you may share or export the result of your creative work. Botsociety lets you export the conversation in both PDF and Excel. Users are free to download the completed file and send it directly to colleagues or customers.
  • Integration Capabilities – a great feature for those who prefer outsourcing the task to development teams. Botsoicety platform may be seamlessly integrated with developers’ tools such as rasa or Dialogflow. If you do not want to hand off the process, you might still need the feature to work in a team.
  • Botsociety integration

  • Unlimited Team Members – Botsociety delivers award-winning opportunities to collaborate with a team. All participants may edit the conversation in real time to see the changes. Group members may work remotely thanks to a separate messaging section letting them communicate on the project.
  • Botsociety members

Botsociety Review
  • Extended customization tools.
  • Integration with developers’ tools.
  • Collaborative functionality to work in a team.

3. Designs

Well-designed bots ensure more than half of success for your web project. While web design is hard for everyone considering deep technical knowledge required, Botsociety brings simple instruments to newbies who want to create an innovative and engaging chatbot.

As we have mentioned before, the software lets you choose to from a variety of platforms from the start. Each platform comes as a ready-to-use template with the background, styles, and fonts. For example, if you to design a WhatsApp bot, the template will be initially available as a typical WhatsApp interface. However, you are free to customize it as well as change the platform type whenever you need.

Botsociety design settings

Let’s say, you need to create a Facebook Ad. Botsociety offers advanced settings where you may add images and short videos. Users may indicate the length of the video as well as insert headlines, descriptions and news feed links to acquire as many potential customers as possible. Designing the welcoming screen is also very easy thanks to the drag-and-drop function. You are free to type in the welcoming message of your own as well as download an image or some other elements.

We have already discussed multi-path structures that you may edit or switch any time. Users can also create new paths every time they switch between full-height, mobile or desktop modes. The messages themselves might be customized with the help of images and emojis depending on the platform you need for the bot.

Each of the bot designs can be presented to the public or your colleagues. It is a good feature to create stunning presentations for business partners or potential customers. The system makes it easy to share interactive previews as well as improve conversation usability in a team. You will find it pretty simple to work with testers or designers in real-time to make the bot as engaging as possible. API access lets more experienced and technically prepared users retrieve the bot prototypes.

Botsociety Review
  • Advanced design settings.
  • Tools to create ad banners and welcome pages.
  • Real users’ testing mode.

4. Customer Support

Although Botsociety is pretty easy to use, the platform has an extended support team. First of all, users are free to keep in touch using typical ways like email, phone, and Live Chat. Victors may also find the official physical address in the contact section.

The local knowledge base looks very impressive. Apart from tutorials and video guides, here you will find different books that cover essential topics such as manuals, design guides, the future of the voice UX, etc. All books are available for preview and download. Botsociety also has its growing community where you can learn about the upcoming events, meetings, and conferences. The blog might also come in handy with some worthy how-to guides and articles.

Botsociety Review
  • Meetings, events, and conferences.
  • Tutorials, video guides, and blog.
  • Live Chat and phone for instant support.

5. Pricing Policy

The main advantage of the software is the fact it is available free. Although it lets you design only a single conversation featuring up to 30 messages, 1 usability test, and 1 export, it might still be good for the start. However, at some point, you will need a paid plan to take the fullest from the platform.

Botsociety pricing

Professional Plan will cost you $79 per month. It includes unlimited designs, messages, and exports. However, the plan comes with only 2 usability tests, which is a bit frustrating. The platform also has a special offer for enterprises and teams with a set of collaboration features. However, the price is negotiated individually.

Botsociety Review
  • Entry plan at zero cost.
  • Plan for enterprises and teams.
  • Unlimited features in a Pro Plan.

6. Pros and Cons

Botsociety is certainly worth paying attention. It is a free and easy way to design your own bot for various platforms. It will obviously let you boost Facebook sales as well as establish a professional approach to your customers when it comes to support and loyalty. However, there are some slight cons, which will hardly spoil the impression:

A free chatbot design tool.
Good for multiple platforms.
Endless design and customization capabilities.
Simple designing process.
Perfect for collaborative and individual work.
A Pro Plan looks quite expensive.
No desktop preview feature in a free version.
No clear info on the enterprise package prices.
Botsociety Review
  • Intuitive free chatbot design creator.
  • Good for both individual merchant and companies.
  • The rich feature set and integration capabilities.


Chatbots are making the life of merchants easier. They come as a powerful tool to boost sales and customers loyalty. Designing your own bot was quite a challenge until the indication of chatbot building platforms. Based on AI-technologies, such software does not require special technical skills or extra costs.

Botsociety is a great instrument to create a customized and engaging conversation with just several clicks. It will work great for various projects whether indulged in customers’ services or eCommerce.

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