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Bookmark is a cloud-based website builder. It looks innovative and modern, compared to standard systems of this type at first sight. Despite the niche competition, it impressed me with the balanced set of features this website builder offers.

Ease of Use:9/10
Tech Support:9/10
Overall Score:8/10

The official website of the service is appealing and well-structured. All the elements are in their places here. Bookmark is created on its own platform, which makes it possible to demonstrate all the system features so that the users could assess the level and quality of the platform.

The service is meant to create promo websites, landing pages and online stores with responsive design. It’s hard to discuss the characteristics and applicability of the system right from the start. What exactly does it have to offer the potential audience? Let’s look for the answer to this question together.

1. Ease of Use

Bookmark supports Google+ and Facebook account registration. Once signed up for your account, you can start choosing the template for your future website in less than half a minute.

Each step of the web creation process comes with useful tips. Apart from that, you can always browse the system to find FAQ info and lots of valuable articles/guidelines on website creation. This information is available in the “Help” section.

Bookmark Editor

The dashboard looks stylish and simple. The newbies can easily understand the purpose of the majority of settings through their titles. You can familiarize yourself with the dashboard in 10-15 minutes.

Bookmark A.I. Design Assistant

Website creating with the help of a’artificial intelligence’ is one of the top trends today. Bookmark like Wix and some other website builders has recently presented its own virtual assistant, named AIDA. Now you can choose either classic website builder interface or let Bookmark’s AI to build your website by its own.

Bookmark AI

Just select your niche, enter the name of your business and then AIDA will search the Web for your business. In most cases that I’ve tested, the AI has really found that business I’d pointed. After that, AIDA starts your website creating and you should just sit and watch on the process. The AI fills your website with blocks (Bookmark calls them focuses) that suits the most, puts on sample content and customizes design colors. Voila! Now you should simply change the text and images into yours and the site is ready. Very easy.

Just like the majority of quality website builders that come with visual editing options, Bookmark is intuitive and easy to understand. At the same time, it doesn’t look primitive. The system has everything (or almost everything) you need to build a nice website. It will surely appeal to the novices.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

Bookmark working space involves two parts, namely the dashboard and the website editor. It is smartly organized, which contributes to the convenience of use.

The dashboard provides access to all your websites, their statistics, an opportunity to get in touch with the tech support and the experts, system news, tutorials and notifications. You can create an unlimited number of free websites and switch between them any moment.

Bookmark Dashboard

The editor includes the sidebar with the settings categories and the working area with website pages (WYSIWYG-editor). The list of settings will differ with regard to the type of the chosen template (single- or multipage) by the availability of the “Pages” point and the opportunity to work with “Focus” options. Pages are different in multi page templates as they are combined into “Focus”. The menu links (pages) are now called Sections. You can add a section, edit the section name and position all inside Focus when using single page template. So, let’s discover the menu of the website editor:

  1. Preview offers an opportunity to have a look at the current version of the website in different screen resolutions (desktop, tablet, smartphone);

  2. Focus provides the set of readymade blocks that can be added to your website. You can customize the blocks on your own by using the modules;

  3. Modules are the analogues of widgets in the similar systems. They fall into two types, namely standard and eCommerce. The latter involve an opportunity to add online store show-windows, shopping carts, search options and product categories. The set of standard modules is typical for all the systems of this type. They involve texts, titles, images, galleries, slide shows, videos/audios, links, buttons, maps, quotes, dividers, HTML code insertions, social network buttons, feedback and contact forms as well as files for downloading.

  4. Bookmark Modules

  5. My Drive is a storage of files downloaded from the computer or by following the links;

  6. Bookmark MyDrive

  7. Design contains the design settings of a website, which will be described in details in the next section of this review;

  8. Settings is an options section, which includes the following points:

    • General – the choice of a website address, e-mail, favicon and the data regarding the available volume of storage space;
    • E-Commerce – currency, payment and shipping store options;
    • Analytics – access to the detailed statistics about the website traffic, including its sources, popularity of separate pages, data about the time spent at the website etc.;
    • SEO – filling out the website name field, the meta tags (title, description and keywords), insertion of the code into the header and footer, addition of the website map and opening/closing of pages for the search engine indexation;
    • Domain – setting up the available domain or purchasing it from the system (.com costs $16.5);
    • Social media – adding the links to your social network accounts;
    • E-mail – connecting your e-mail to the website. It costs around $2/month in Bookmark;
    • Events – adding events for the website visitors. Provide the name, description, location and time of the event so that all the users could sign up for it;
    • Help – a section that grants access to the tech support and tutorials.

For the multipage templates in the “Pages” menu, you can add new pages and specify their URL, SEO data (title, description, keywords), footer and header code. You can also safeguard access to them with the password.

We have described the whole set of editing options available in Bookmark. It’s quite simple. You can easily get used to it, even though, the faults are apparent as well.

You won’t be able to create a large online store (over 1000 products) in Bookmark, because of the restrictions provided by the plans. Anyway, you will hardly have a desire to launch a web-based supermarket in the website builder with the visual editor. This will just be inconvenient.

Bookmark eCommerce

Bookmark is a nice and easy-to-use website builder. The only nuance is that you have to make the right choice of a template (read its description prior to start working with it). This will define the editing options of the system (“Pages” or “Focus” feature). We liked the advanced statistics collecting system of the website. What we didn’t like is a small size of the font of the links that grant access to the visual editing options. People with poor eyesight will find it difficult to use Bookmark.

Bookmark Analytics

The service stands out from the crowd by the original approach to the standard functionality realization. It is simple and it’s not worse than the rest of the niche competitors that come at similar cost.

3. Designs

Number of Themes:19
Professional Templates: YES
Free Themes: YES
Responsive Design: YES
Sort by Industry: NO
Template Change: NO
CSS Code Editing: NO

Bookmark offers 19 integrated templates only. Fortunately, all of them are versatile: you won’t find two templates similar in structure. The templates are responsive, but they differ in types (as we have already mentioned). Some of them work well when it comes to creating promo websites and online stores, while the rest are great for landing pages.

Consider the choice of a template in advance, because you won’t be able to change it afterwards. This is not surprising, since the designs differ a lot in terms of the block structure and the positions of elements in them.

That is why, it’s impossible to insert the content from the previous template into the new one without any mistakes. We don’t think, this is a disadvantage. Instead, this is the special feature of the platform.

Each design comes with a short description and the full-screen preview availability. There is no thematic subdivision. You can decide on the applicability of this or that template judging by the photos in the headers and the titles. On the other hand, you can use the business template to create a DJ or a florist website by replacing the demo content with that of your own. That’s why, there is no need to focus on the template content – choose the one, which suits your website type (a promo website or a landing page) better than others.

Bookmark Templates

Bookmark allows adjusting the website design in a flexible way. We should note that different templates come with diverse customization options. You can set up standard elements like fonts, colors, sections (a page, a footer and a header), links, logo or choose a ready-made color scheme of the website in the “Design” tab. This is the complete set of features available for multipage websites. Nothing special, everything is like in the rest of the systems.

For those, who are interested in creating stunning pages, the “Focus” menu offers lots of options. By visiting the menu, you can add readymade blocks with various content to the site, such as CTA, checklist, contact, several content output styles, price, quotes, features, slide show, reviews, video, sign up form etc. You can add any of these blocks to a random website section, having customized its size and content with regard to your needs.

Bookmark Focus

Bookmark comes with a convenient visual editor. This means that you can click any element on the page and start editing it by changing the image and the sizes of elements, formatting the text, adjusting the spaces etc. You can place any element inside the block (text, image or graphics) according to your preferences or create a new one. It’s also possible to copy separate elements and even the pages. This is a nice feature as well.

Regardless of the limited amount of readymade templates, Bookmark allows creating websites with different designs. You just have to choose the design structure, which meets your current web development needs. The rest is a mere formality.

4. Customer Support

You can get in touch with Bookmark customer support team any time of the day either by filling out a written form or through the live chat windows available on all the pages of the service. It’s also possible to contact the developers through the feedback form in the “Help” menu.

5. Pricing Policy

Pricing OptionCostFeatures
Professional:$14.99/mo✓ Free Hosting;
✓ Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth;
✓ Connect own domain.
Business:$29.99/mo✓ SSL-Security;
✓ Shopping Cart;
✓ Sell on Ebay.

You can use Bookmark for free with standard restrictions. The system does not allow connecting your own domain, creating over 10 pages, adding a store and removing its ad. Such plan can be chosen to explore and test the service only.

For all those, who need a full-featured business website, the system offers paid plans. Actually, there are only two plans you can choose from:

  • Professional ($144 per year), which offers a free domain per year, unlimited storage, pages and bandwith, advertising removal, advanced SEO, premium support, password protection, connection of Email to a website, customizable footers;
  • Business ($300 per year), which involves the features mentioned above as well as an opportunity to create an online store with over 1000 product cards, acceptance of online PayPal payments, SSL connection, an option to sell on Ebay, Android and iOS store management app.

The cost of Bookmark is slightly above the average. It is a nice choice to create promo websites. Just like in the majority of website builders, a free plan lacks functionality because of the restrictions that are not compatible with launching a nice website.

The cost-efficacy of using Bookmark depends on your own preferences and applicability. There are lots of niche competitors that charge the same prices for their services. The product stands out from the crowd due to the unusual presentation of standard features of WYSIWYG systems and interface uniqueness. Generally, this is a mid-level system with average pricing. It’s up to you to make the choice.

6. Pros and Cons

Regardless of the appealing interface, Bookmark has a number of disadvantages. However, we will initially focus on its benefits, such as:

  • Simple dashboard;
  • No coding skills and knowledge required to launch a website;
  • Interesting responsive templates;
  • Quality educative materials on how to work with the system;
  • Nice integrated statistics collecting tools;
  • Availability of mobile applications to manage a website;
  • Ease of use for the newcomers.

Speaking about the disadvantages, we can mention the following:

  • Inconvenient process of creation of personal blocks for single-page websites;
  • Absence of multi-layer menu support;
  • Limited amount of readymade templates;
  • Small signature fonts in the visual editor.

Generally, Bookmark merits notably overwhelm the disadvantage of the system. The latter are not critical and it’s easy to cope with them.


Bookmark – is a good mid-level website builder. It doesn’t offer any revolutionary features, but it copes with its major task pretty well. What else do you need to create a full-featured website? You may evidently need more templates. Considering the website type differences, you will have to choose at least 10 designs. All of them differ a lot, but the choice is still limited and you may need more options.

Interesting interface, creative templates and unique system of statistics collection – it’s obvious that the developers tried to make the system stand out from the crowd. Have they succeeded at this? Partially. Bookmark functionality is standard. This does not belittle the merits of the system, but makes users think about the choice of the best website builder to create a nice website. This is just a matter of taste.

The platform works best for creating promo websites and landing pages. Online stores built with it are visually appealing, but there are many systems that can handle the task in a better way. Is Bookmark worth its cost? It is. If it meets your web design needs, just buy a plan and start working. You won’t regret the result.

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