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BoldGrid is a free and powerful website building tool designed for WordPress users. A popular drag-and-drop editor was created with the aim of making and testing their sites using the BoldGrid custom Cloud Platform and then transfer them to any host.

The platform does not come as an all-in-one solution. It means no hosting or free domain in a pack. In other words, you might need a separate hosting account or choose any from the BoldGrid recommended hosting providers including Bluehost and some others. It will let you take the fullest from the tool, while baseline features may also come in handy in terms of website stereotyping. You are free to implement various services, plugins or apps and test them in under real operational conditions. If everything runs smoothly, you may deploy your flawless web project.

BoldGrid is a good option for newbies who make their first steps in the field of web design. It comes with easy-to-use functionality that makes WordPress site building faster and simpler. Experienced pros might also find this tool pretty handy thanks to the platform’s award-winning Inspiration plugin and other instruments to come up with relevant media and text content. This time we will review all good and bad things about BoldGrid, Stay tuned to learn more!


  • WP-optimized platform
  • Free to use
  • Comprehensive website building process.

1. Ease of Use

Although designed for WordPress websites, BoldGrid is very easy to use thanks to its drag-and-drop editor, user-friendly functionality, and some other features that make it easy for newbies to handle website customization, rearrange page structure, change fonts or colors as well as go to more advanced settings to implement some of HTML or CSS. Getting started is also pretty simple.

How to Get Started with BoldGrid

First of all, you will need to create a new BoldGrid account and indicate your email. Once you have clicked the button, you will have access to your WP BoldGrid installation. Do not forget to complete the registration process and confirm your email. Otherwise, your account will be expired in two days. Moreover, you will not be able to access the platform anymore.

After the confirmation is completed, you may set up your WordPress Cloud Platform and get full access to all of the BoldGrid features with the exception of design export and some other options available only with paid subscriptions and plans. We will discuss them a bit further.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

While BoldGrid was developed for WordPress, users get a chance to create new sites for themselves as well as for their customers thanks to a simple and easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality. The platform itself was designed as an advanced extension to WP making the CMS more comprehensive and flexible thanks to ready-made layouts and custom pages.

As for the WYSIWYG editor, it makes it simple to choose from various custom grids and add them to your pages. Users will have a chance to adjust tables and charts, multiple columns, media files, boxes, text blocks, and many more.

GridBlocks and API

Most of you are familiar with GridBlocks, They are actually the same as ready-to-use layouts and web page templates consisting of various sections and elements including text blocks, forms, images, etc. There is no need to use shortcodes every time you want to have a table or gallery on your page. What a relief for all WordPress fans!

The platform provides full access to its API that might be integrated with Flickr or Fotolia to create stunning portfolios, landing pages or small business sites using millions of stock photos and images accessible right from your WP dashboard.


  • Simple WYSIWYG editor
  • Easy to get started
  • API integration

2. Features & Flexibility

The BoldGrid dashboard is identical to that you can see in WordPress, but it additionally offers extra options that make it possible to set up the website in a quick and effective way. It is quite simple and well-structured: the sidebar with the options, the working area, the tips etc. It is simply impossible to screw something up here.

BoldGrid Review

BoldGrid does not deliver millions of plugins out of the box. However, the platform has a rich set of features that totally compensate that miss. Here are some baseline tools that you might need during the building process:

  • Simple Form Builder – the tool lets you build a custom form for your website and place them anywhere on your page. Users are free to opt for ready-made form layouts as well as create a brand new section from scratch using a simple form editor powered by NinjaForms.
  • Media on the Go – as it was mentioned before, API integration with major stock image hubs allows you to browse and add photos on the fly. No editing tools or special skills are required. Simply click on the photo, pick a size you need and let the system automatically crop and add the image to your page.
  • BoldGrid Editor

  • 100% Compatibility – while BoldGrid does not come with tons of widgets and add-ons, you are still free to use third-party plugins and extensions. The platform is totally compatible with each and every WP plugin or theme both free and paid.
  • SEO – BoldGrid itself generates SEO-friendly code. You may opt for various plugins available to boost your website SEO ranks. At the same time, you can make a contribution of your own by setting up page titles, meta descriptions, URLs, etc.
  • Preview Mode – you may test how the website works with all plugins and services enabled before deploying it. The platform introduces a so-called staging environment where the building process runs gradually. So, you may test each and every element to ensure nothing goes wrong.
  • Interactivity – you are responsible for the way all websites elements appear on the page. You are free to create new forms and galleries as well as manage the way they interact with the site visitors.

We should also mention a solid blogging feature that makes it easy not just to create new blog-posts but also manage readers’ comments, sort articles by categories, add post numbers, notify users in case of new publications, etc. Summing up, here we have a pretty powerful and flexible WordPress-oriented website building tool with everything you need in the pack.


  • Custom from builder
  • Compatible with all WP themes and plugins
  • Access to stock image hubs

3. Designs

BoldGrid offers a set of responsive themes of its own as well as an opportunity to opt for third-party WordPress themes as well. In other words, users will have plenty of sources for inspiration. If you decide to opt for custom layouts, you may benefit from the following:

  • All themes are well-organized and sorted by categories. You will easily find the one that meets your requirements. The selection of themes is wide enough for real estate agents, photographers, web designers, artists or musicians to come up with their portfolios, landing pages or small business sites. Overall, there are about 200 responsive layouts available for BoldGrid subscribers.
  • Each template has a set of ready-to-use plugins. You will never find dummy texts and content like “I am your page. Type something in”. All blocks are customizable. All sections and media files are usable.
  • All themes are available in various colors, while the platform will recommend the most attractive color pallet. If you have your own vision of website style, create the pallet of your own.

The above-mentioned features look more than enough for newbies to create a custom design. Experienced pros eager to go beyond the boundaries, will appreciate advanced settings with an opportunity to implement HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. They will also have a chance to change or modify custom menus, widgets or content area. - customize the theme

For example, you need to modify the header. Click on the image located on top of the page and you will see a selection of extra controls and settings that appear around the section you need to customize. You may choose from various menu icons as well as resize header elements and image, add or remove button, etc.

Working with media files is also super easy thanks to great multimedia support. Users may download videos and photos from the media library or create new galleries, collections or playlists to organize files and avoid the mess.


  • Up to 200 responsive themes
  • HTML, JavaScript and CSS access
  • Built-in plugins with every theme

4. Customer Support

Users start feeling BoldGrid support once they have entered the dashboard. A set of getting started video guides and tutorials will welcome you inside the dashboard. Some of them lack vital data and mainly promote the platform telling subscribers what BoldGrid is. Luckily, you may use some other options to resolve different issues.

The platform has a support forum were your may forward any question. The bad thing is that it may take a day or two to get the answer. The good thing is that you will get professional assistance from experiment support specialists authorized by BoldGrid.

Those of you, who decide to use BoldGrid together with its recommended hosting Bluehost, will get additional access to trade chat, Skype, Support Center and phone for instant contacting.

We should say that BoldGrid is a part of a huge WordPress community where every member is trying to make his or her contribution. Users may always count on:

  • BoldGrid and WP professional developers who contribute to codes, tickets, and tracks. They are available via community forums. They shoot videos and how-to guides.
  • The platform invests in WordPress development and sponsors some of its conferences and meetings with tons of handy info to gain.

In other words, you will never walk along if opting for Boldgrid.


  • Growing Boldgrid and WP community.
  • Video tutorials and how-to guides.
  • Knowledgebase, Live Chat and Phone support

5. Pricing Policy

Users have a chance to try the tool for free. If you crave for extended features, paid BoldGrid package will suit you fine:

  • Free Plan comes with a baseline drag-and-drop editor, free theme and block library.
  • Paid plan will cost you $60 per year with unlimited sites, premium support, over 200 responsive themes, and automated SEO tools.

As we have already mentioned before, BoldGrid comes without hosting. In other words, you will not be able to deploy your websites without having a trusted hosting provider by your side. Bluehost might be the best solution, as it is WordPress recommended hosting provider with a pack of WP-optimized server solutions and features. Apart from extended Cloud, VPS and Reseller hosting offers, the platform has a selection of plans that will work great for WordPress sites:

  • Basic Plan costs $2.95/month featuring unlimited bandwidth, free SSL and WordPress updates, and 50GB of storage.
  • Plus Plan costs $5.45/month featuring unlimited websites, storage, bandwidth, domains and email accounts plus $200 for various marketing offers.
  • Choice Plus costs $5.45/month featuring all unlimited features in addition to anti-spam expert, domain privacy, and site backup.

You will have a chance to take the most from the BoldGrid platform if used together with Bluehost.


  • Compatible with Bluehost hosting offers.
  • Cost-effective Boldgrid + Hosting solution
  • WP-optimized server options.

6. Pros and Cons

Of course, BoldGrid might work out for WP fans with both zero and deep technical knowledge. The platform comes as a good web designing and testing tool to make sure all your plugins and services run smoothly as well as the website in general. At the same time, we must admit it has some obvious downfalls as well.

Great for building WordPress websites.
Easy to use drag-and-drop editor.
It’s free.
Easy and fast to get started.
Custom form builders and advanced design settings.
Compatibility with third-party plugins, themes, and services.
Up to 200 responsive templates.
Not valuable for a separate acquisition.
Takes some time to learn.
The lack of eCommerce features.

  • Fast setup and launch.
  • Flexibility and integration capabilities.
  • Responsive design and ready-made layouts.


BoldGrid may certainly be a faster and smarter way to build CMS sites from scratch. It was designed to make pages that are easily configurable and customized with no special coding skills. While first-timers might find it a bit difficult to learn how the system works, extended support will come in handy. Once you have realized how the tools should be used, the process will run smoother.

The bad news is that you cannot acquire the platform separately without hosting. On the other hand, this fact will hardly be a stumbling block considering available BoldGrid recommended hosting providers such as Bluehost. When used together, they may deliver an ultimate WP-optimized website building experience.

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