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BoldGrid Review

Nowadays, hosting companies frequently integrate automated website-building tools to expand usability and provide clients with enhanced opportunities. Boldgrid is one of such examples. This website builder is based on the fully-featured WordPress CMS. On top of that, the Inmotion Hosting developers enhanced the platform, having optimized the server settings to give the platform a website-builder’s look.

Boldgrid does not only offer the whole range of CMS features, but also has the merits of its own. The system is well optimized, has an integrated set of templates, extra design settings, and other features. This is done to make the platform user-friendly even for newbies and help it stand out from the crowd as compared to its original.

The website builder allows creating all those types of websites that may be developed with WordPress. If you have ever worked with it, you will master the site builder in no time. Blogs, business websites, eCommerce platforms, landing pages – these are only a few types of websites you can develop using the tools provided by Boldgrid.

It goes without saying that Boldgrid is more powerful than the majority of original website builders we know today. This is because the platform comes with a set of specific options and an opportunity to install an impressive amount of plugins. Code editing feature is also available here – just like in the original version.

To sum it up, what we see is a classic WordPress version with Inmotion hosting’s brand settings. The website builder software is a pleasant bonus for all those, who are going to use the services of this hosting company or have already been actively using it. In addition, the system looks welcoming right from the start: the upgraded WordPress in a convenient and easy-to-use format has everything a professional website builder needs to become popular with visitors. Without further ado, let’s have a look under the system’s hood and weigh its pros and cons.

Ease of Use

It is easier to master Boldgrid than WordPress. It involves lots of features that are understandable and easy to use even for an inexperienced visitor. These include pre-designed responsive templates that come with convenient setup options, drag and drop features, intuitive text and video help, direct access to Flickr and Fotolia stock photos, and more. In other words, with the WordPress flexibility and power preserved, we get a product optimized in those aspects where the majority of newbies frequently get stuck. Actually, you can even do without any coding: the visual template editor is very simple, intuitive, and convenient here. For the rest of the options, you can use the ready-made plugins from the WordPress database – just install any of them and enjoy!

Registration at Boldgrid is available only after the purchase of one of the Inmotion Hosting business plans. You won’t be able to use the system without the hosting service – this is one of the major features of the website builder you won’t find elsewhere and it is a nice bonus for the Inmotion registered members.

Boldgrid is going to become a real “blessing” for those visitors, who have never used CMS platforms before. You will be able to master one of the most popular website builders in the world without any problems. Everything you need is provided here in the most comfortable and effective way.


To select a template, you need to go to the «Inspirations» section first. There, you will be taken step by step through the website creation process and the selected template plays a key role at this. You can opt for 2 variants: either set up a website in the “Active” developing mode or in the “Staging” one. The Active site is your live site and it’s what everyone sees on the Internet. Any changes made to the Active site are instantly available to your visitors. Staging allows to build you a completely new website with a different design and layout that is not visible to anyone until it’s published. At this point, choose the “Active” option.

BoldGrid Review

Then, you will have to select the template category. There are 7 of them here: Portfolio, Health & Beauty, Home & Property, Business, Entertainment, Food & Drink, and Universal. Each category involves 1-3 subcategories. All in all, there are over 100 high-quality themes the website builder offers. All of them are responsive. You can preview of any of them in the demo mode.

Themes -

Having chosen the theme, you can proceed to selecting the structure of the pages: a basic version, the one with the extended menu, or a full version. This is done for for a better user experience. If you are not going to create many pages, then the first or the second version will be a suitable choice. For those, who plan on creating a bulky website, the third option is a better solution.

Next, you will be invited to customize the theme according to your needs. You will be taken to the visual editor, which is, by the way, not available in the original WordPress. From there, you can switch the theme (if necessary) or configure the current version. - customize the theme

All the design customization options fall into the following sections:

  • Name or Logo of the Website – makes it possible to set up and adjust the position of website’s name and logo on the page as well as to choose fonts and shades/blurring for the elements;
  • Colors – allows you to apply a default color palette or create a custom one;
  • Background – offers a choice of individual background images or the ones from the pattern library;
  • Menu – provides an opportunity to set up the menu, its position, and menu items;
  • Header/Footer Widgets – allows integrating widgets into the header and footer, as well as choosing their type and positioning. You can also add custom CSS/JS code to the desired positions;
  • Advanced Settings – makes it possible to choose a home page type (a static site or a blog), adjust the footer and header, as well as integrate code.

Having applied some of the changes, you will be able to see the result right away. This is what makes the editor simple and easy to use even for newbies.

The conclusion is as follows: Boldgrid offers a rich choice of high-quality and versatile responsive templates with flexible customization tools, including coding, widgets or integration of diverse options.

Feature Set and Flexibility

The Boldgrid dashboard is identical to that you can see in WordPress, but it additionally offers extra options that make it possible to set up the website in a quick and effective way. It is quite simple and well-structured: the sidebar with the options, the working area, the tips etc. It is simply impossible to screw something up here.

Let’s have a closer look at the dashboard sections now:

  • Dashboard is an the introductory page, where you will be offered to watch tutorials and look through the set of tips and useful links. You will also get all the necessary information about the website here;
  • Inspirations section offers to create a website in the active or the staging developing modes;
  • Customize is a section, where all the settings needed to customize the design and interface of your site are collected in one place: widgets, menu, templates, code editing, an active website option etc.;
  • Pages allows creating new pages and editing the existing ones;
  • Media is where you can access a media files library and upload new files;
  • Blog Posts makes it possible to handle publications, including the creation of new posts, their categories, user comments moderation etc.;
  • Forms offers to preview pre-designed templates and to use a convenient tool to create custom website examples;
  • Tutorials involves a set of educational video materials and useful links;
  • Plugins offers to review the list of installed plugins, newly added ones, or recently removed. To simplify the installation, the extensive set of plugins available in the original WordPress is provided;
  • Users allows reviewing the list of users, creating of new users and user groups, and issuing access rights;
  • Tools offers a tool required for a simple and hassle-free uploading of publications from new websites. You just add the plugin to the browser, find interesting posts on the web, activate the button, and add the post to your website, having edited it first. You can also import/export the posts to your website or other WordPress websites from this section;
  • Settings provides basic settings of a website (name, description, URL, email, date, time, language etc.), posts (default categories, formats, automated mailing with the notifications about new posts etc.), blog (the choice of a blog page, the number of posts, display settings etc.), post comment options, uploaded files and the choice of Boldgrid update order;
  • Transactions notifies you about the payment history and your current balance status.

As you see, the Boldgrid structure is simple enough to be used for the development of blogs, landing pages, and business websites. A wide range of plugins allows improving the functionality of the platform. You can even create online shops, although, this is a bit complicated with this website builder.

BoldGrid Review

The system comes with flexible SEO settings. It is possible to add a name, description, keywords, and tags for each page to simplify the users’ webpage search. Apart from that, you can manually adjust the URL. Actually, the page editor is very functional and convenient here, with the greater choice of features as compared to those offered by WordPress.

To sum it up, Boldgrid is a convenient and powerful platform to create appealing and functional websites both for newbies and professionals.


Boldgrid doesn’t actually cost anything, but you need to buy one of the business plans by Inmotion Hosting to use it. The separate use of the website builder is not available. The pricing ranges from $6 to $14 per month. The first plan allows publishing 2 websites, the second — 6 websites, while the third plan makes it possible to publish the unlimited number of websites.

boldgrid pricing

When paying for the whole year or for a longer period, you will get a discount. Choose the plan with regard to the number of websites you plan to host. That’s the only difference among pricing plans.

Customer Support

You can reach the customer support through the «Tutorials» section. You will be redirected to the FAQ page, where you will be able to ask your question. The customer support is available 24/7.

Pros and Cons

Boldgrid offers the whole range of WordPress tools — one of the simplest and most popular CMSs. Boldgrid, however, has advantages over the original: it is more flexible and easy to master by newbies. The obvious pros include:

  • A wide choice of high-quality themes, and a simple and fast setup;
  • Code editing option that will be much appreciated by advanced users;
  • Quality and professional tutorials and FAQ;
  • Opportunity to install all the plugins available at WordPress;
  • Convenient and powerful page editor;
  • High quality of hosting and affordable pricing;
  • Simplicity and user-friendliness, especially for newbies.

Among the cons, the only thing that can be pointed out is the eCommerce options with Boldgrid.The platform is just not meant for online stores, so you will have to install a lot of extra plugins. This will complicate the website development process, not to mention the increase of its load time.

Bottom Line

Boldgrid is a perfect website builder for those willing to create a website based on WordPress. The hosting company has a number of pre-configured parameters to ensure the best site-building experience, which will save you the trouble of doing everything manually on your own. This is where you will also find a rich collection of themes, convenient setup tools, a good choice of SEO optimization options, and a pack of useful tutorials.

The platform is a great choice not only for newbies, but also for professionals willing to save their time by skipping the hosting setup step and manual customization of the theme. The pricing of the website builder is quite affordable, taking into account the high-quality hosting.

Not a Boldgrid user yet? Then we definitely recommend joining the platform!

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