BlueVoda Review

Bluevoda Review

BlueVoda – is a website builder for users with no coding skills. The software is available as a free downloadable package. It helps to create an entry and medium-level projects from scratch. Users will get a set of baseline web-development tools inside an intuitive editor. Despite the website builder is initially free to use, you will have to run it along with VodaHost server solution, which is paid.

The software might be a good option for non-technicians who want to create a ready-to-go site in not more than 30 minutes. However, the service looks pretty dated with its old-fashioned templates and HTML 4.01. Some may crave for a more advanced option considering plenty of SaaS options on the market. BlueVoda will hardly replace a professional web designer although it might still work for some minor projects.

  • Free website builder.
  • Good online reputation.
  • Hundreds of users.

Pros and Cons

If you need to create a simple one-page site or multi-page projects with the baseline structure and functionality, BlueVoda may be a good solution. It features a simple editor with drag-and-drop functionality in addition to elementary eCommerce options. But if you require enhanced flexibility in terms of customization and design, you’d better opt for all-in-one solutions like Wix.

BlueVoda Pros:
BlueVoda Cons:
A Powerful Editor – the editor itself is pretty easy to use. It has enough functionality to create a baseline page structure with a set of fundamental elements. The drag-and-drop technology lets you create sites form the blank in not more than 30 minutes.
Simple Integration – BlueVoda offers several integration capabilities. For example, you can use some of the video streaming and playing apps including YouTube and Flash Player. Besides, there is a chance to connect some of the PayPal function.
It is Free – the license itself is free to use despite the version.
Out-of-Date Technology – the system is powered by HTML 4.01 version while the list of templates looks very dated.
Hosting Issue – BlueVoda websites can be hosted on VodaHost servers. It is a part of their collaboration. Plan prices are the main downside here.
Limited Customization – you should not expect a bunch of page elements and blocks. The website builder looks very limited in terms of customization and web design tools.
Support for Windows OS only.

As a result, it is hard for BlueVoda to complete with more advanced and up-to-date website building platforms although it may still come in handy.

  • Drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Integration capabilities.
  • eCommerce baseline tools.

What Is It Good For?

We cannot recommend BlueVoda for long-running projects. The software is good for users who want to pick up some web building skills at zero cost. It might be a great solution for experimenting with different tools, creating the future website mockup, or managing sites in the test mode. If you plan to build a good online reputation and interact with the target audience, you should look for a more up-to-date software.

Ease of Use

BlueVoda is not an in-browser media. It means that you need to download the software first and have it installed on your device. Users should note that the downloadable software is only for website editing. It does not offer hosting facilities or a free domain unlike some other platforms do. In other words, you actually get a simple website editor that may not be as easy as it seems from the start. Note that the platform is currently available for Windows users only.

Getting Started

At the first stage, you need to download a zip file with the latest website builder version from the official website. The process takes less than a minute. The next stage includes a simple verification process. You will need a key to enter the editor. To get a key, users only need to indicate the email and password.

Bluevoda Getting Started

The system will automatically generate a welcoming letter with the confirmation link. Then you will be forwarded to the page with the activation code. Enter the code in the space provided and enter the website builder.

Web Editor

When you enter the editor, you feel like you are using an older version of Microsoft Office. The interface looks almost the same. Here we have all the major tools located on the left. They include some page elements, integration options, text areas, galleries, lightboxes, etc. Click on the element you need and it will be displayed on the page.

Bluevoda Web Editor

You will also find grid-based color selectors, tear-off toolbars, etc. Everything looks very dated, as well as the elements’ design. The good news is that formatting with BlueVoda is very easy. If you need to change the element, double-click on it to change font size, styles, colors, backgrounds, etc.

Going Live

The good news is that the website builder has a simple FTP option. It lets you easily download all site files and have them installed on the VodaHost server. As we have mentioned earlier, BlueVoda does not provide hosting or domains itself. You will need to handle it separately.

  • Fast access to the free editor.
  • Latest software version.
  • Simple installation process.

Features & Flexibility

There is not much to say about the website builder features. It is certainly easy to use and has some tools to make the project a bit more engaging. But it does not make a good overall impression in terms of flexibility.

Video Integration

Video players and streaming options may let you keep your visitors engaged. The software can be integrated with major streaming services and media players than include YouTube, QuickTime, Flash, and RealPlayer. Simply pick the service you want from the list in the left sidebar, place on the page, and double-click to do the instant setup.

eCommerce Options

We cannot imagine a situation when you might use BlueVoda to build a digital store. Still, the platform offers baseline integration opportunities for eCommerce. The feature is mainly focused around PayPal input functionality. All you need is to add a required button and configure it. Here we have “Add to Cart”, “Donate”, “Buy Now”, and some other buttons.

Bluevoda eCommerce Options

To enable the function, you only need to link each option with your valid PayPal account in the settings menu. Keep in mind that those features will not be enough to create a fully-functional digital store, as there is no proper product management system and other essential technologies.

Logo Editor

The feature helps to increase website recognition with a custom logo. Advanced settings let you change literally every dimension form text-align and font size to text borders, gradient styles, etc. The bad news is that you cannot download your own logo despite the format.

Bluevoda Logo Editor

Code Editing

If you are lucky enough to have solid coding experience, you will be able to make your website a bit more unique and engaging. The platform offers several ways to add your own pieces of code. It supports HTML, JC, and ActiveX programming languages. Simply pick the relevant container to edit properties or add new scripts.

Bluevoda Code Editing

  • Easy logo editor.
  • PayPal integration.
  • Built-in video players.

Web Design Tools

BlueVoda has a collection of templates that can be used as the fundamental website mockup. Users can change or customize them with options delivered by the editor. However, if you look at those templates, you will hardly ever want to use the. It seems like they are all stuck in the past. The out-of-date design looks almost the same in every layout. In addition, there are no template categories.

Bluevoda Customer Support

The only tool to make some slight changes in the web editor itself. It offers some baseline designing tools to change the page background, elements’ color, styles, fonts, etc. Users will not be able to use a mobile preview mode. This is another huge drawback.

  • Advanced design settings.
  • A selection of templates.
  • Visual editor.

Customer Support

The platform does not have instant support options. It means no Live Chat or phone support as well as no ticketing system available. All you may count is a comprehensive Help Center with different articles and guides, a collection of video tutorials, and a local forum with a pretty active membership. There you may find some useful threads as well as create your own topics with issues or difficulties described there.

Plans & Pricing: How Much Does BlueVoda Cost?

As you know, BlueVoda is a totally free website builder. But is it really so? Well, it is until you need to go live with the site. As we have stated earlier, the software is mainly a web editor. It is not an all-in-one solution like Wix, for example.

Moreover, you will be forced to use it along with the VodaHost products that include web hosting as well. The price here starts at $7.95 per month featuring unlimited bandwidth and disks space as well as unmetered domains to manage and publish. The bad news is that you will need to handle the setup yourself.

  • Downloadable software at $0.
  • Partnership with VodaHost.
  • Unlimited free trial.

BlueVoda Review Conclusion

BlueVoda is the website builder from the past. It is more like a retro platform for people who want to experiment with different website structures and mockups at zero cost. It will also be a good idea for beginners who want to develop their website building skills in real-time.

But if you want to create a long-running project and promote your brand online, you should opt for a more functional and flexible platform instead.

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