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BlueVoda is a drag-and-drop website builder designed by VodaHost, a popular web hosting provider. Similar to 90secondwebsitebuilder and Yahoo! site builder, BlueVoda is a downloadable application that you need to download and install on your computer. But while Yahoo! offers a hosted version along with the downloadable builder, BlueVoda has no in-browser editors. It’s an onffline site construction kit.

A VodaHost web hosting account is required to publish your website.

1. Ease of Use

Don’t expect a jaw-dropping interface. BlueVoda’s control panel has a look and feel of most Microsoft applications such as MS Word, making the interface familar and intuitive. The toolbar icons are very similar to Microsoft apps: new page, save, copy and paste etc.

BlueVoda editor

All in all, it looks really simple. Nevertheless, I highly recommend that you watch their video tutorials – thankfully, the’ve got many – in order to save your time.

The site builder isn’t web-based, so you’ll need to install a desktop program first – which isn’t actually a hard task, but this additional step can scare away many potential users.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

BlueVoda is meant for creating simple websites that require no custom coding and also small shops: you can set up a PayPal shopping cart for single item and multi-item purchases, subscriptions and donations.

BlueVoda PayPal shopping cart creator

Similar to the competition, the builder lets you create new pages and add various elements and widgets simply by dragging them to the page. These include images, email forms and various extensions like Inline Frames, Flash files and more. You can also add  HTML code snippets. Here are some other BlueVoda features:

  • basic SEO features (you can specify meta tags);
  • the ability to easily add a guestbook;
  • the ability to add Flash and Java code to your site;
  • import and export of HTML pages in/to the editor;
  • FTP;
  • the ability to add complex forms, and more.

BlueVoda - Creating a form

All in all, BlueVoda offers enough tools to help you set up a site. But it takes at least 15-25 minutes to learn to do this or that in their control panel. It could be much more intuitive.

3. Designs

This is probably the weakest point of BlueVoda. While their competitors release dozens of new responsive templates each month, it feels as though the builder stopped updating its collection a few years ago.

BlueVoda templates

You can go to the Image Gallery and download some ready templates (elements of the design) through the builder or create your own design (highly recommended). Most template sets are completely unthemed DIY semi-blank themes designed to be aligned on the left side of the page. They’re outdated.

4. Customer Support

BlueVoda provides built-in help system, a community-driven forum and step-by-step video tutorials (these are really helpful and to the point). If you can’t find the answer in the knowledge base, submit a support ticket.

5. Pricing Policy

BlueVoda is technically free. You can download and use the builder free as long as you need. However, to be able to publish your website you must have a VodaHost account.

VodaHost pricing

VodaHost packages start at $9.95/mo and drop to as low as $7.45/mo with a two-year commitment.

6. Disadvantages

The builder doesn’t offer any ready blogging solutions. Outdated templates. No in-browser version. We didn’t find any information on how they tackle mobile optimization. I’m afraid BlueVoda websites aren’t mobile-friendly.


It’s obvious that the intent of offering the site building app is to get you attached to VodaHost’s hosting services. Nevertheless, the builder seems to be rather functional and reliable. They offer enough tools and leave a lot of room for customization. But let’s face it, it’s not as fun and modern as its competition.

I think that over some time VodaHost will take its downloadable site builder to a new level and release a full-fledged online site constructor – this is a very popular tendency among hosting providers 🙂 .

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  • I was with Bluevoda and I must say that it was the biggest mistake of my life. For a while the consultants are friendly and nice, but as soon as you start asking for help with a problem you have, they get mean, insulting and treat you like you are the lowest form of life. I am so glad I am not with them anymore.
    Now I don’t even pay for hosting anymore.


    • Hi Zelda,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope their Team will be more loyal in the future to their customers.

  • kathleen

    Hi, I am with Bluevoda/Vodahost and looking for a way out. There are so many good things going for the team:
    – Super tutorials
    – An active forum with lots of good Q&As
    – Hosting is not bad
    – Customer support varies a lot – but it is there ( – I think it has to do with time zones.One team is accurate – too the point and fixes things quickly. Another team never helps – they ask questions that you have supplied answers to in the original posting.)

    What I really and truly dislike – which is why I am moving away is their arrogance. When they physically moved servers – my server space was hacked and someone started using it for porn. I am absolutely the only one with the password – it’s not easily guessed and regularly changed. (Did something go wrong in the move ???? – I presume so). When I posted questions – they were just removed, no-one was supposed to see that the company “f…” up. When I ask questions on the forum – Vasili the moderator (who answers most questions) is ever so arrogant. When I point out contradictory answers he has given – he removes my postings. When I point out bugs – I am just ignored.

    I manage on my own most of the time – but when I need help I don’t want to be harassed on-line or get meaningless answers to questions.

    Would I recommend it to others – previously I have, but not any more. There are other alternatives where they value customers and don’t treat them as unintelligent morons.

    • HIi Kathleen,
      Thanks for your feedback.
      I hope they’ll fix it and your website will be up and running!

  • My experience of building my own website with BlueVoda has been a very good one. It seems that now anyone of us can be a proud owner of his/her own website and it’s all thanks to the BlueVoda website builder. However, as many people talk about ” The good things is not free”…BlueVoda is good except the hosting cost, that you have to bear.

  • Judge Hamilton Shane

    BlueVoda is so outdated and has not kept up with the internet and websites. There are so many better web page builders like WIX that no one should stay with BlueVoda…you cannot place Google Ads on BlueVoda pages as they do not provide any of the apps you can get free at any of the other web page builders. The VodaHost people are so arrogant , located overseas and have no employee staff to help…they sub support out to people in their homes that get annoyed when you ask questions or need more help as it seems to interfere with their watching TV or other chores not connected with BlueVoda. Avoid this company all together !

  • you are web site builder company that’s great
    web design in dubai

  • Kev

    Bluevoda where to start, me wife had it for our accounting business for close on ten years and suited her well, a few ups and downs but no big hassle. Then about two years ago she transferred account over to me after we closed our business down. I’ve only been playing around in bluevoda for about the last month and in that time I find things not as they should be or I expected them to be. Looking at other web hosts around and pages that others have created their sites with Bluevoda is well on its way to finding its way at the bottom of the heap. Ok so I’m 66 yrs of age, and not the brightest light on the Christmas Tree, I suffer from Parkinson’s Disease and thought I’d build a site to share with my PD friends world wide about how I’m doin’ me best to work with my disease to make wooden kids toys.

    Now I had hoped to make a few little short videos and up load them to my site, then I discovered a big problem, when up loaded they always started in autostart when I didn’t want that. Yes I un-ticked the autostart when I up loaded but they still came up autostarting. Thinking I may need to up load several more I did so and I always un-ticked the autostart button when up loading. To my horror when I went to the page all videos started playing at once. Even when I up loaded a few mp3s all played at once as well. Tryin’ to sort this problem out the service over the last few days from their one on one service is nothin’ but insulting and down right rude.

    In time I’ll find somewhere else to have a go at buildin’ my website where service is more pleasant and not so bloody arrogant. Yes I had a number of other issues with Bluevoda as well and had the wife run our business with the attitude that they respond to me with our business would have folded years ago. So I’ve spat me dummy out in the Bluevoda sandpit and I’m gunna pick up me toys and go elsewhere lock stock and barrel and spend me Dollars where I won’t feel so insulted.

    Cheers all, but I’ve had enough of the Bluevoda’s attitude.
    Hooroo Kev.