Bluehost vs Wix: Which is Better?

Bluehost and Wix are two platforms that are included in the list of top services available in a modern web building industry. However, they have quite different roles mainly because of their nature and initial objectives.

The systems both have much to offer to the target audience yet they still differ in their implication, goals and integrated functionality.

As opposed to Bluehost, which is used exclusively for website hosting, Wix positions itself as the all-in-one solution that allows starting, customizing, hosting and promoting all types of web projects.

Bluehost – is the most popular website builder that comes as a ready-to-use web instrument to create, deploy, and manage online projects from scratch. The system has around 10.5 million live sites. Wix has a growing community of users and offers top-notch website building technologies and AI-based tools to ensure the hassle-free process for users of any level.

Wix – is the most popular website builder that comes as a ready-to-use web instrument to create, deploy, and manage online projects from scratch. The system has over 4.5 million live sites. Wix has a growing community of users and offers top-notch website building technologies and AI-based tools to ensure the hassle-free process for users of any level.

The two platforms differ a lot in terms of features, flexibility, and usage. However, they both may help whenever it comes to launching a new online project. This time, we will find out which platform will suit users most and when. To make the comparison truly unbiased, we are going to review Bluehost in conjunction with WordPress as the CMS recommends the platform has the most suitable hosting provider for its websites. This should simplify the comparison of the major parameters of the platforms as well as users’ choice in general.

Bluehost vs Wix: General Overview

Bluehost vs Wix: General Overview

Bluehost has distinguished itself as a trusted hosting provider and one of the most popular services in its niche. The system delivers an extensive range of features and tools to host any kind of web project along with high end eCommerce apps, business add-ons, powerful customer support options and reasonable pricing solutions.

Created in 1996 as a small hosting platform, it has soon evolved into the #1 hosting recommended by WordPress. This means that the service works best for all the projects powered by the CMS, providing a stunning set of scripts, tools and plugins for quality website development, hosting and further promotion. According to recent stats, the overall number of Bluehost customers has reached 4,578,354 websites and it keeps increasing steadily.

Wix stands out from the crowd as the undeniable leader of the web design niche. This is the all-in-one platform, which provides a broad range of powerful tools and features needed for effective website creation, customization, hosting, marketing and promotion. The website builder works great for the development of diverse project types – both personal and business. It has high end blogging and eCommerce engines, a stunning template collection, diverse business/web promotion tools.

The foundation of the website builder dates back to 2006. Since that time, the system started developing and gaining an excellent reputation of the target audience. Statistics currently tells about 10,489,954 registered system subscribers. This number keeps increasing with every passing month, strengthening the system positions in the contemporary web design market.

Bluehost and Wix are both popular with professional web developers. They have much to offer to the target audience. Bluehost is mainly used for web hosting purposes, being a great pick for WordPress website owners. Wix provides the all-in-one approach to the process of website creation and hosting, which eliminates the need to look for a third-party provider. This is what makes it prevail over the competitor to some extent.

Bluehost vs Wix: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Bluehost vs Wix: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Bluehost initially reveals itself as a hosting provider, not a website builder. However, the company has a WordPress-optimized server solution. In other words, users may take the most of the WordPress functionality paired with the fastest and easiest hosting.

We all know that WP is not as easy to use as it might seem especially for newbies. The CMS requires some learning curve that may take some time. Bluehost offers a great solution to the problem thanks to its WP plans. You actually get the same WP functionality although with some vital additions.

Bluehost Dashboard

Bluehost offers fast and seamless integration with WordPress CMS. You do not need to handle any setup. The system will fine-tune your website for you. There is no need to worry about system and plugin updates – the hosting provider will take care of it. Just make sure the feature is included in your plan.

What’s important, the system ensures 100% WP compatibility. You get actually the same dashboard as in WordPress. The control panel is fully integrated with your website making it easy to create new posts, pages, add elements, customize the structure, etc. WordPress delivers ultimate freedom in terms of web designing and coding when used in conjunction with Bluehost. You may edit HTML/CSS to implement the design or functionality of your own. However, it will require a solid technical background.

Bluehost made the process of working with CMS as easy and fast as possible although you will still have to register a domain name and connect it to your tour account. At the same time, you will need to install necessary plugins as well, as there are no WordPress themes with pre-installed apps. Some of those plugins represent drag-and-drop editors to make the editing process a bit easier.

While being a hosting provider, the system offers multiple ways to stay in touch with the support team. Moreover, the service is fast and helpful according to the reviews. It usually takes support specialists about 5 minutes to come back with the resolution. Users may benefit from using the Live Chat, Phone Support and email ticketing system. In addition, you may browse the web in search of numerous video tutorials and guides on how to work with Bluehost paired with WordPress.

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Wix deserves user attention as a drag-and-drop website builder designed for newbies, who do not know how to code. The key idea was to help newbies build and publish sites of any type without any technical background in minutes. Despite its super easy intuitive WYSIWYG editor, the system has successfully implemented its AI-based building tool that creates sites literally in minutes. This feature will be a perfect choice for first-timers, who are not aware of intricate web design nuances as well as for web designers, who lack time or desire to dive deep into the process of starting a website with the integrated Editor.

wix editor

In case you are ready to create a unique project design and do not want the machine to do the entire work for you, choosing a template for its further customization is also a good option. Wix Editor will provide you with more flexible and detailed design customization features/tools. The key benefit of the platform is that you manage all the processes within a single platform with no need to register a domain or look for hosting separately.

In terms of customer support, Wix lets its users count on enhanced assistance provided via several channels. The knowledgebase is really huge. Here you may find tons of articles and how-to guides. Wix also has its own community and forum where you may ask questions or consult users that are more experienced.

The platform has its own blog with helpful articles. In addition, subscribers may get in touch using the ticketing system as well as hire Wix-specialized web designers available within the Wix Marketplace. Local pros effectively deal with website development, transferring, modification, updating, etc.

Thus, Wix is a better choice for beginners. It is easier to use thanks to AI technologies and a simple editing process. Moreover, Wix is an all-in-one platform while Bluehost is initially a hosting provider although it has still made working with WordPress easier than ever before.

Bluehost vs Wix: Design and Flexibility

Bluehost vs Wix: Design and Flexibility

Bluehost and Wix both deliver powerful features required to realize their integrated potential. As a hosting provider, Bluehost offers deep flexibility, irrespective of the fact whether you intend to use it with WordPress or any other platform. Wix, in its turn, is a fully-integrated solution, which encompasses the must-have features all in one place. This means that you will not have to set them up or activate manually. To define the system that will work best for your web design objectives, let’s review and compare their major parameters now. when it comes to Bluehost, though, it makes sense to compare it in conjunction with WordPress as the most widely-used solution to see what exactly you will avail when picking this option.


Bluehost includes a bunch of functions necessary to launch, manage, and promote the online store. These include integrated shopping cart functionality (Zen, OS Commerce, Agora, and other shopping carts are accessible here), availability of payment options, built-in product management system, etc. In case you decide to start a web store, you may upgrade to the Plus Plan to avail an opportunity to upload/manage the required number of products as well as to get the unlimited storage space, SSL connection along with other niche-related advantages. If you opt for a WP-optimized server solution, you may benefit from seamless WooCommerce integration with all necessary settings, extensions, etc.

WooCommecre - adding a product

Bluehost features high end customer experience and 24/7 support that are tailored to the needs and requirements of customers and web store owners. Along with the opportunity of web store creation, it is possible to set up and update product catalogs, customize the available features, integrate widgets and add-ons, adjust payment/tax parameters etc. Additionally, users can easily add and remove products, travel inventory tools, create coupon codes and discounts etc. these and other features make WooCommerce website management and hosting easy and hassle-free with Bluehost.

Wix comes with an integrated Wix Stores widget, which makes it possible to start, customize and promote small and medium online stores. The system has quite a powerful eCommerce engine that grants access to multiple niche-specific features/tools. Thus, you will be able to upload and customize items you intend to offer for sale, create and manage product lists, pick and connect payment systems, integrate and edit images, videos and other media files, write and add product descriptions. Additionally, there is an opportunity to adjust SEO and statistics tracking/analytics parameters to control your web store performance and promotion.

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To simplify the process of web store creation, Wix offers an extensive collection of high end eCommerce templates. What you need to set up a personal digital store with the software is to select a suitable design and use a set of built-in tools to customize it. You can add products and their special parameters/descriptions, integrate special widgets, adjust pricing/tax/shopping settings etc. Another advantage of the system is an opportunity to import/export CSV products to make your web store transfer from another platform to wix servers hassle-free and simple for everyone.

wix product

In terms of eCommerce, Wix unveils more extensive options. While Bluehost comes with standard settings and realizes its full potential via WooCommerce connection, Wix comes with an integrated eCommerce engine that delivers all the settings required for effective web store set up, management and promotion. No coding or web design skills are required here and everyone can cope with the task.


Bluehost offers quality server solutions to bloggers, who decide to pick WordPress as a platform to run their blogs. It is no wonder as the CMS has initially distinguished itself as a blogging platform, offering myriads of related features and tools. The platform makes it possible to add and edit new posts, manage/update the existing articles, pick and customize blog templates with regard to the niche you specialize in, enable the commenting feature, adjust SEO parameters etc. There is no need to look for third-party hosting here as Buehost provides quality solutions to come up to any requirements.

WordPress Post New Code Editor

Wix lets you create a good-looking blog with just a click. You may create it from scratch or as a part of the existing website for promotional purposes. Users may choose from a selection of blogging layouts as well as manage posts’ SEO, social media preview, manage comments etc. The website builder has a collection of blog templates that lets you select a design that works best for your project.

When running blogs with the platform, users can add and manage posts, integrate media files, embed commenting features, adjust visibility settings, integrate third-party extensions, set up SEO and stats tracking parameters and other required settings. What’s important, wix comes with a Future Publishing feature that lets you schedule blog articles and make edits, when required. This is convenient, simple and fast.

wix add a post

To sum it up, Wix has a more powerful blogging engine that makes it possible to set up and customize quality blogs. The website builder allows setting up blog parameters to start and manage personal and business projects. As to Bluehost, it somewhat lags behind the competitor in terms of blogging unless it is used with WordPress or other CMS.

Third-Party Apps and Extensions

Bluehost has its own marketplace full of applications and widgets ready to install with a click. They include some typical apps like galleries and contact forms to more advanced widgets for website analytics, shopping carts, live chats, etc. The hosting provider gains deeper functionality, when used with WordPress. The CMS stands out from the crowd due to its powerful integration options. There are myriads of free and paid plugins you can choose from on the web with regard to your project specialization.

App Market

Wix integrations are numerous and versatile. They are all available in the App Market. Widgets and extensions found there are free and paid and you may pick those you need with regard to your website specialization. The range of apps varies from calendars, countdowns, and galleries to payment options, shipping and taxing apps, analytics, user acquisition tools, and more. Additionally, there is an opportunity to choose and integrate third-party services on the web.

Wix App Market

The software has recently introduced a number of special ready-made apps for business plan subscribers. They will be of great help, if you decide to set up/manage a forum, blog, event or a digital store. These settings let you effectively control your business functionality and make edits any time, even on the go. One of such applications is Wix owner app. It was specially designed for Android 5.0 and higher as well as for iOS 11.0 and higher.

Wix Spaces is another app you may access, if you have an idea to create new applications with the website builder. This is the top destination to browse the available offers, receive and send instant notifications, manage the existing projects, iterate with multiple users, track order history etc. In addition to these extensions, Wix grants access to dozens of popular widgets, such as Logo Maker, Fit, Dine etc.

When it comes to integrations, Wix boasts an impressive list of widgets available in its App Market. There is an opportunity to choose from free and paid extensions here based on your project specialization and business requirements. Bluehost also grants access to the integrated applications, but their number is quite limited. When used with WordPress, though, users get the opportunity to integrate powerful plugins. This contributes to website performance.

Bluehost pays much attention to the uptime and page speed ensuring fast website operation even at traffic leaps and peaks. The average uptime rate is 99.99% while the page speed is 424ms. Those stats put the hosting provider into the top list of server solutions.

The platform also takes care of website security. It uses the advanced means to monitor the web environment and prevent users’ projects from DDoS attacks and other cyber threats including auto backups, plugin updates, system upgrades, etc.

Users, who already run their WordPress websites on other hosting providers, have an opportunity to switch to Bluehost at zero cost. All the required settings and parameters will be handled by the system specialists to preserve current website traffic and assets. Whatever plan you will subscribe to, the system will offer you a free domain for the first year of use.

has a perfect offer for business owners. This is the high end Wix Ascend platform – the all-in-one package to promote and market your project. This is the advanced CRM/client management software that comes with high end tools and features like pre-designed online forms for quick lead capturing, social network integration, billing tools, Video Maker, live chat, customer database maintenance options as well as reminders and tasks for staff members and more. Mind, however, that Wix Ascend is available via premium subscription, but this is certainly a worthy investment for professional business management.

The website builder also allows creating a mobile version of your website to take control over its functionality from your mobile device when required. You may not only post new articles or edit content through the mobile device but also customize the template on the go, hide or show some of the elements without changing the desktop version. The app is compatible with all major mobile OS.

Wix Ascend

Both platforms deliver enough flexibility. The only difference is that Wix has them all already installed and integrated. With Bluehost, you may need to pick and activate some of the plugins manually. Moreover, Wix comes with a more flexible marketing and promotion package in addition to its Mobile app.

Template Editing

Bluehost does not offer ready-made templates itself. However, subscribers get full access to the marketplace with thousands of themes for different CMS. These include Joomla, OpenCart, Drupal, Weebly, and HTML layouts, although, the system is used with WordPress more often.

Some of the templates are paid. For example, WordPress mobile responsive themes cost somewhere around $29 and $200 depending on the layout. At the same time, you may get access to free templates as part of your Bluehost plan. Most of the themes are mobile-responsive. Users may preview them before installing.

WordPress Themes

The good news is that the platform offers total freedom in terms of web designing and programming. You may edit template code to get an additional button, resize the header or gallery, and add a new function or widget. The bad news is that such actions require deep coding experience.

Wix currently offers over 800 different templates for any website type. If you use Wix ADI, you get a 100% mobile responsive site, while a traditional content editor makes it possible to come up with mobile-friendly sites as well as edit the mobile version without affecting the original playout. You may look through any template in both desktop and mobile mode to make sure all elements are at their places.

WIX Themes

As a rule, each template comes with pre-installed add-ons and apps depending on the business category you choose. If you use Wix Editor, you are free to add any new widget you want with no limits. If you opt for Wix ADI, you will generally have to work with a set of features offered by the system.

There is an opportunity to preview the website before its publication to find out how it will look on mobile and desktop devices. If needed, you can edit the mobile version of your project, using your own mobile device. The desktop version won’t be edited.

Apart from two existing website editing options, Wix makes it possible to use the high end Editor X mode. This is a high end functionality that delivers a set of built-in tools and elements to launch a truly visually-appealing project. Content optimization and quality project presentation are available here as well. With Editor X, you can make edits in any website mode, be it a tablet, desktop or smartphone screen.

Among other design-related Wix advantages, it makes sense to mention the availability of scroll effects. Currently, around 14 options are available here, including Parallax, Pan Right or Left, Zoom In, 3D, Rotate and more. It’s up to you to pick suitable modes, when working on your project development. The preview feature allows controlling the entire process to make edits, if required.

Speaking about design customization, Wix definitely has more to offer. With Bluehost you will have access to multiple templates for different CMS platforms. Moreover, experienced users will have more chances to customize the theme. However, not all templates are mobile-responsive. Wix designs, in their turn, are free and mobile-ready by default while extensive design customization options make it possible to create a truly unique website look.

Bluehost vs Wix: General Pricing Comparison

Bluehost vs Wix: General Pricing Comparison

Bluehost users may choose from a range of server solutions as well as WP-optimized plans. The baseline package includes 4 different kits. All plans include free SSL connection, domain manager, unlimited bandwidth, Google Ads and Google My Business and enhanced resource protection. Have a look at the available pricing options below:

  • Basic ($2.95/mo) – 50GB of storage for a single website, custom themes, 24/7 customer support, free CDN;
  • Plus ($5.45/mo) – unlimited storage and websites, free Office 365 for 30 days;
  • Choice Plus ($5.45/mo) – with all unlimited features in addition to enhanced security and backups, free domain privacy, free automated backup for 1 year;
  • Pro ($13.95/mo) – featuring the high level of performance, dedicated IP, optimized CPU resources and other perks.

If you require more features and capacity for the project, you may opt for VPS (starting from $18.99/mo) or dedicated (starting from $79.99/mo) hosting solution.

Wix plans look more expensive. However, you should keep in mind that for that money you get everything you need from a domain name and hosting to fully integrated templates as well as marketing and eCommerce packages depending on the plan. The website builder has a free subscription that lasts for an unlimited period of time and lets you test the integrated functionality of the platform as well as improve your skills.

When upgrading to one of the premium subscriptions, you will have the opportunity to choose from two packages – Website and Business/eCommerce. Each of them includes more detailed plans.

Website Plans

  • Combo ($22/mo) – free hosting and domain, 2GB bandwidth, 3 GB storage space, a bonus for advertising in Google Ads, removal of ad banners, 30 minutes of video hours etc.;
  • Unlimited ($27/mo) – unlimited bandwidth, 50 GB disk storage video, applications for increasing productivity and analyzing visitors, 2-hour bonuses for advertising in Google Ads etc.;
  • VIP ($45/mo) – unlimited video and bandwidth, unlimited subscription options, additional 100 GB on disk, priority support and logo maker.

Business/eCommerce Plans

  • Business Basic ($27/mo) – online payments acception, unlimited bandwidth, free domain when purchased for a year, 50 GB of disk storage space, 5 hours of video, analytics tools, productivity increases etc.;
  • Business Unlimited ($32/mo) – special apps for entrepreneurs, business development tools, integrated eCommerce platform, 100 GB of disk storage space, 10 hours of video, logo maker etc.;
  • Business VIP ($59/mo) – availability of the complete Wix Suite, priority support, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited video storage space etc.;
  • Enterprise ($500/mo) – advanced business solution that guarantees the highest functionality and maximum amount of tools.

Wix also offers the 14-day money-back guarantee, which ensures financial refund, if you are not satisfied with the terms of the plan chosen. The website builder regularly provides 50% discounts to first-time subscribers. Getting the discount is possible every week (Tuesday to Thursday).

When it tackles the pricing aspect, Wix also goes first. Bluehost may seem a cheaper option for small websites that do not require maximum functionality at first sight. However, if you need a digital store or a large-scale web project, you will require extra features to implement. This is where Wix might be a better and a more affordable option considering marketing and promotion features as well as packages for eCommerce and corporate projects. The discount system will let you save big, getting the advanced subscriptions at almost half the price.

Bluehost vs Wix: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Bluehost vs Wix: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Bluehost has its own team of professional SEO specialists. They individually craft effective SEO strategies for each project depending on its specialization and required parameters. When using the WP-optimized hosting version, you can avail extra features and plugins the CMS uses to effectively optimize its projects for the search engines.

Wix comes with a set of baseline tools to create SEO-friendly sites. First of all, a user has access to edit meta tags, descriptions, titles, URLs, and more. Secondly, they may opt for SEO Wizard with ready-made optimization tactics. The tool provides detailed step-by-step guidelines on effective and consequent website optimization. You can control the entire process on your own, making the edits when and where required.

As to Search Engine Optimization, Wix ensures more freedom of actions due to the opportunity to use its integrated SEO Wiz tool. Along with tracking the process of web promotion, users may independently set up baselines SEO parameters to control the result.

Key Differences Between Bluehost and Wix

Ease of Use:Bluehost is an easy and convenient hosting platform that offers versatile server solutions as well as WordPress-optimized hosting that leverages the complexity of using traditional CMS platforms.Wix is a perfect choice for beginners and web design experts. However, it may take some time and effort to master it to the advantage and to use it for web design purposes. The website builder is known for its high end Wix ADI tool that allows launching a new website from scratch in the automated mode. Standard Editor is available here as well, letting users access deeper design customization features. Wix can be used to start and run all types of personal and business projects. Additionally, the system offers Editor X option for enhanced project editing.
Functionality:The platform boasts great performance, stability and flexibility. This is a great solution for WP projects, which lets you cut down the complexity of using/hosting the CMS. The system boasts seamless integration options, high end performance, App Market and enhanced security.The website builder guarantees powerful integrated functionality. Along with extensive design customization features and tools, Wix includes blogging/eCommerce engines, rich App Market with free and paid widgets, Wix Marketplace, Wix Spaces, Wix owner app, Ascend platform etc.
Design:The system does not have its own template collection yet it allows choosing and customizing the themes when used with WordPress and other CMS platforms.Wix template collection currently encompasses over 800 free industry-specific designs, which are customizable and mobile-ready by default.
eCommerce:Bluehost includes a set of features/tools needed to launch, manage and promote a web store. These include shopping cart functionality, payment options integration, product management system, etc.Wix Store widget makes it possible to start and run a small/medium online store, using integrated eCommerce designs, tools and features.
Blogging:The system does not include a blogging engine yet it allows starting blogs with WordPress and hosting them on its servers.The website builder comes with the fully-integrated blogging platform. It lets you set up, manage and update blogs for personal and business use.
Small Business:Bluehost can be used to host business websites. It ensures great uptime rates, high website load speed and other features that are a must, when it comes to business project development.Wix is a great web design solution to run small business projects. You can get access to multiple business templates, industry-specific widgets, advanced Ascend platform and other features that ensure quality result.
Pricing:The platform has a number of plans for diverse types of hosting as well as for its WP solution. Standard pricing options include 4 subscriptions, the cost of which starts at $2.95/mo.Wix has a free never-ending plan and two groups of premium subscriptions: Website and Business/eCommerce websites. Their cost starts at $22/mo.
SEO:Bluehost has a team of SEO experts that can help enhance your project positions in the search engine results. If you use the WP-optimized hosting version, you can additionally access and use SEO plugins to reach more effective results.The website builder has a high end SEO Wiz tool. It simplifies the process of SEO optimization and provides useful guidelines on how to set up the required parameters and reach the required result.
Customer Support:Live Chat, phone, email, WordPress assistants, ticketing system.Impressive Knowledge Base, VIP priority support, ticketing system.

Comparison Conclusion: Which One Is Better?

As you may see, both platforms serve users pretty well in terms of website building needs. However, the key difference is in the approach and the way you are going to bring your project to life. Bluehost allows handling all the hosting-related issues due to its versatile solutions yet it might require some technical skills. Wix, on the contrary, provides all the required tools and features by default. There is no need to handle extra aspects like hosting choice separately and this is what appeals to the majority of the system subscribers.

So, what’s it gonna be: a full-featured website built within 2-3 minutes thanks to artificial intelligence or a fully managed hosting provider with its website builder and WordPress integration? Wix website builder seems more preferable in the prevailing amount of cases, which gives it a slight prevalence over the competitor.

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