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BigCommerce vs Squarespace: Which Is Better for Ecommerce?

BigCommerce vs Squarespace: Which Is Better for Ecommerce?

BigCommerce and Squarespace are two popular cloud website builders, which allow for effective and convenient DIY website creation. There is no need to possess coding skills to start projects with any of these systems yet each of them focuses on diverse goals and targets various audience types.

BigCommerce is an eCommerce website builder, which occupies one of the leading places in the list of contemporary web store development platforms. The system makes it possible to start and manage all types of online stores, ranging from small eCommerce projects and up to large feature-laden web stores. Squarespace is also one of the best website development platforms, which allows starting all types of quality websites, including those meant for online sales.

Website Builders Comparison Chart

Our score:          
Best for:Large-scale eCommerce websitesSmall business websites, web stores, blogs, professional portfolios
Templates:Multiple free and paid responsive templatesVersatile free high end responsive designs
Technical Support:Huge Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Online Forum, Phone SupportLive Chat, Community Forum, Ticketing System, Email Support, FAQ section
Blogging Options:Integrated blogging functionalityPowerful built-in blogging CMS
SEO Options:Basic SEO settingsHigh end SEO parameters
Pricing:From $29.95/moStarts from $12/mo
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When it comes to choosing the best website builder for ecommerce purposes, both BigCommerce and Squarespace have much to offer. The website builders come with distinctive niche-focused functionality, making it possible to run online stores. Which of them has more features and design tools in stock? To figure that out and to identify the leader, we will compare the functionality of both systems now.

BigCommerce vs Squarespace: General Overview

BigCommerce vs Squarespace: General Overview

BigCommerce is a modern SaaS website builder, the only area of specialization of which goes down to eCommerce website development. The platform is included into the list of top online services that work well for DIY web creation. It comes with an extensive set of eCommerce-specific features and tools granted out of the box.

The website builder was initially launched in 2009 yet its popularity and functionality have improved a lot since that time. Currently, the number of live web stores the system powers has exceeded 49 666 live projects, while the general amount of BigCommerce subscribers has reached 154 747 users across the globe. The statistics keeps changing over the time due to the rapid development of the website builder and increased user demand for it.

Squarespace is another popular all-in-one website builder, which can be used to start, customize and manage all types of web projects. eCommerce websites are not an exception. The platform is a nice pick for business owners willing to establish reliable web presence for their storefronts. It offers an impressive set of integrated tools and features geared towards effective development of eCommerce projects.

The initial system foundation dates back to 2003, when it was first introduced to the target audience. The popularity of the platform has notably increased since that time, making Squarespace one of the most well-known and functional website builders out there. According to recent stats, the number of live websites created with the platform has reached 1 536 978, while that of the overall number of its subscribers has exceeded 3 884 010 users, who reside in different countries of the world. This really sounds impressive and speaks in favor of the system’s popularity.

To sum it up, Squarespace proves to be a more popular and feature-rich website builder. It works great for running all types of web projects, including online stores. The platform delivers a stunning set of features and design customization tools out-of-the-box, being a good choice for all user categories – both newbies and web design pros. BigCommerce, in its turn, can be used exclusively for eCommerce development, while its feature set is somewhat limited as compared to Squarespace.

BigCommerce vs Squarespace: Which One Is Easier to Use?

BigCommerce vs Squarespace: Which One Is Easier to Use?

BigCommerce is not the easiest website builder you can find in the modern web development niche. It takes some effort and time to get used to the system, but when you explore and master its dashboard, you will be able to browse multiple tools and elements to get started with your eCommerce project. If you fail to find the required tool, the system will help you with that, offering its search filter option available in the dashboard.

Bigcommerce Dashboard Advanced Settings

The process of starting a web store with BigCommerce becomes much more simplified due to its extensive customer support options. Thus, you can get access to the live chat, impressive knowledge base with lots of video and text materials, informative forum as well as email and phone support. Additionally, the website builder grants access to the BigCommerce University with its rich collection of video tutorials that will help you master the system in the best way possible. Such an impressive diversity of customer support options proves to be handy, when it comes to eCommerce website development.

Squarespace is not a simple website builder as well yet it makes it possible to create quality websites (including web stores) as soon as you master its integrated functionality. The system allows picking and customizing eCommerce templates, designing or uploading your own logo, adding content and adjusting SEO settings for better promotion of your project on the web. This is quite simple and convenient, irrespective of the web design skills you have.

Squarespace editor

The website builder also ensures quality customer support assistance to everyone, who needs help with the web store development process. If there is anything you don’t understand for some reason here if there are any issues you would like to figure out, you are welcome to browse an informative community forum available here. Additionally, there is an opportunity to use the live chat assistance or to make use of the ticketing system and email support options available here. If there are any system-related questions left, you can access the FAQ section to look for the required info there. This will notably simplify the web store development process for you.

Speaking about ease of use, Squarespace proves to be a simpler solution than BigCommerce. The website builder comes with an intuitive dashboard and powerful customer support options that contribute to simple, hassle-free, quick, safe and convenient web store creation. That’s what not non-techies expect from a website builder.

BigCommerce vs Squarespace: Design and Flexibility

BigCommerce vs Squarespace: Design and Flexibility

BigCommerce and Squarespace both make it possible to start and manage quality online stores, irrespective of their parameters and specialization. The website builders grant access to multiple settings and tools you can use, while working on your online store creation. At the same time, the platforms have common and distinctive features that make each of them stand out from the crowd. To figure out the leader of the comparison, it definitely makes sense to provide the main parameters the platforms share. Read on to find them out.


BigCommerce is a specialized eCommerce website builder and, thus, like its competitors it can’t but offer an amazing set of features and tools to help you run a worthy web store. Actually, you can launch any type of eCommerce project with the system, ranging from a small project and up to a full-featured online store. Paying much attention to details, BigCommerce allows creating, customizing and updating extensive product galleries, adjusting discount and payment parameters, using search filter options, setting up server parameters (DNS, SSL, logs and more) etc. Additionally, you can introduce discounts and special offers, set up SEO characteristics of your project, manage product lists to make them fit customer requirements and expectations, track your web store statistics etc.

Bigcommerce Dashboard Products

The website builder comes with CSV file import/export features, convenient product exchange/return options, powerful eCommerce integrations and other useful system specifications. What’s interesting, the system does not imply any coding proficiency at all and this is what makes it a nice pick even for first-timers.

Squarespace is not an eCommerce website builder yet it comes with a powerful integrated eCommerce engine that makes it possible to launch and successfully run all types of web stores. The system boasts a separate collection of eCommerce templates that display great on all mobile and desktop devices. Alongside, you can get access to high end design customization tools, which allow for complete template editing.

Squarespace edit product

When building web stores with the system, you are able to create and update the lists of physical/digital products offered for sale, design appealing show windows for their impressive presentation and make use of multiple eCommerce features that contribute to an effective web design process. These include CSV product import/export, integration with popular trading platforms and third-party services, multi currency support, abandoned checkout recovery, PayPal and Stripe integration etc.

Speaking about the eCommerce aspect, Squarespace is a more preferable solution to start a web store. The website builder delivers an extensive set of eCommerce features out-of-the-box, letting newbies and web design pros start small and medium online stores with almost no hassle at all.


BigCommerce offers distinctive blogging functionality that lets you connect a feature-laden blog to your web store to reach the goals you have set. By adding and customizing blog posts, you will be able to reach the target audience, drive their attention to your business news and updates, increase sales volume etc. This is a surefire way to bring your eCommerce project to the brand new level and generate traffic with it.

Squarespace also has quite a powerful blogging platform. The website builder allows starting, updating and scheduling blog posts, setting up the major blog parameters, adjusting promotion, marketing, social sharing and SEO features. It is also possible to browse a collection of blog templates to pick the one that comes up to your niche requirements. Additionally, the system grants access to the set of high end design customization tools, which let you get the most out of your eCommerce blogging experience.

Squarespace Blogging

As to the blogging engine, BigCommerce and Squarespace both make it possible to start quality blogs for more effective web store promotion. Squarespace, however, has more extensive blogging options and, thus, it delivers more intuitive and hassle-free blogging experience.

Integration Options

BigCommerce does not require coding proficiency yet it delivers extensive integration options. When running web stores with the system, you can pick and integrate multiple third-party services. Some of them include Instagram, Amazon, Pinterest, Beso, PriceGrabber, eBay, Shopzilla, Twitter, Facebook and many more. All in all, the system allows choosing from more than 600 widgets and add-ons to add them to your web store with regard to your current functionality requirements. Thus, if you face the need to track your web store stats, Glew or Google Analytics will be of great help to you. ZenDesk and Live Chat integration will let you communicate with customers in the real time mode, while CRM integration will eventually ensure effective result.

Bigcommerce Dashboard Apps

Squarespace also excels at integration options. The website builder grants access to multiple widgets and add-ons that contribute to effective web store development. Thus, you may pick quality integrations for photo/video gallery creation, analytics tracking, social media sharing options and many more. The system also stands out from the crowd due to its high end tools, namely Acuity Scheduling Platform and Unfold – Advanced Storytelling Tool.

Speaking about integration options, Squarespace boasts a more extensive selection of widgets and add-ons to add to your web store performance. While Bigcomemrce offers basic integrations, Squarespace makes it possible to choose from multiple third-party services for your eCommerce project.

Template Editing

BigCommerce template editing options are quite versatile and extensive. The website builder makes it possible to choose from 7 free designs and 94 paid eCommerce templates. All of them are niche-specific and responsive by default. The cost of paid themes starts from $145 and goes up to $235, while their quality will exceed your expectations. It’s possible to integrate and edit template codes by uploading them to your computer. This is needed to avail unique template design, but mind that dashboard code editing feature is not available here. What’s more, BigCommerce allows using its high end Stencil Theme Editor. This is the advanced point-and-click interface that lets you customize the selected design without a line of coding.

BigCommerce Design

To make the process of template selection simpler for users, the website builder has divided them into niche categories based on the topics they cover. If you can’t find a suitable theme, you can make use of the search filter option to narrow down the choice. Additionally, the system allows downloading your own template, if you can’t find the one in the available collection. To define, whether the selected template matches your preferences and requirements, you can use the preview feature to see it in details. Another way to get a quality theme is to purchase the one from third-party developers, although, this may be quite a costly solution.

Squarespace template selection is not quite rich, but this does not affect the quality of themes available in its collection. Currently, the website builder encompasses more than 80 designs, but not all of them belong to the eCommerce niche. The number of themes you can pick for web store creation is not very high yet all of them are customizable, responsive and free for all users (see examples of real Squarespace stores). The website builder comes with the template switch option, which lets you pick another design without losing the submitted content.

Squarespace template

A truly undeniable advantage of the website builder is its Cover Page Builder. The feature allows choosing and customizing blocks of content to make them fit your project parameters and style. What’s more, the system lets you integrate media files, submit business-related data and make use of code editing features to get a truly unique design in the long run.

Squarespace proves to be a more preferable solution in terms of design editing. The website builder grants access to dozens of unique and free templates, code editing options, customization tools and integrations that let you create high end web store designs with little or no coding required.

BigCommerce vs Squarespace: General Pricing Comparison

BigCommerce vs Squarespace: General Pricing Comparison

BigCommerce offers moderate pricing policy to come up to the majority of its subscribers. There is a free 14-day trial that lets you test the integrated functionality of the system before picking one of its premium plans. Upon the end of the trial period, the website builder will offer an opportunity to pick one of its paid plans. These include:

BigCommerce Pricing

  • Standard Plan ($29.95/mo) – branded web store creation, eBay and Amazon synchronization, unlimited number of products to add, unlimited storage and bandwidth, real time shipping quotes, integrated blog, professional reporting tools, BigCommerce mobile app, POS software, Google Shopping, Facebook/Instagram integration, single-pay checkout, multi-currency support etc. The plan works well for small online shops, the revenue of which does not exceed $50,000 per year.
  • Plus Plan ($79.95/mo) – above listed features plus abandoned shopping cart saver, stored credit cards, customer groups and segmentation etc. This is a nice choice for medium online stores, the revenue of which does not exceed $150,000 per year.
  • Pro Plan ($299.95/mo) – Google Customer reviews, faceted search (product filtering), custom SSL connection, etc. The plan is a good solution for shops, the revenue of which does not exceed $400,000 per year.
  • Enterprise (the cost of the plan is discussed individually with the sales manager, being calculated with regard to your eCommerce requirements, business type and complexity).

What you should know about BigCommerce is that the website builder has the artificial annual profit limit. It currently constitutes $50,000, $150,000 and $400,000 depending upon the age of the subscription. The maximum annual profit limit the system implies now equals $1 million. If you earn more than that, you will have to charge extra fees, namely $250/mo for each $200 000. This is applicable to the “Pro” plan subscribers. Additionally, the website builder has a high end Enterprise Plan, the cost of which varies with regard to the project specifications and some other conditions and terms. The cost of the plan is discussed independently with the company manager.

Squarespace pricing is quite affordable for the majority of the system subscribers (in comparison with its alternatives). To be precise, the website builder offers 4 plans for commercial projects it powers. Just like Bogcomemrce, the website builder has a free 14-day trial, which allows testing the service based on the requirements and business needs users have. As soon as the trial period is over and you are ready to proceed to professional website development, Squarespace will offer you to upgrade to one of its premium subscriptions. Have a look at them now:

Squarespace price

  • Personal ($12/mo) – 20 web pages, free custom domain name, 3% sales transaction fee etc.;
  • Business ($18/mo) – unlimited web pages, AdWords credit, 2% sales transaction fee etc.;
  • Basic ($26/mo) – unlimited amount of storage and bandwidth, integrated accounting options, unlimited number of products to sell etc.;
  • Advanced ($40/mo) – label printing, real time carrier shipping, abandoned checkout autorecovery.

Squarespace premium plans offer free domain connection opportunity as well as free hosting. If you already own a domain name bought from the third-party provider, the system lets you transfer it with almost no hassle and special knowledge at all. Just follow the guidelines it generates to complete all the steps correctly.

As to the pricing aspect, Squarespace unveils more opportunities to let its subscriber pick the most suitable plan. Along with the 14-day trial version, it offers four premium subscriptions, all of which are affordable and feature-rich. There are also a domain transfer option as well as free domain/hosting choice features here.

BigCommerce vs Squarespace: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

BigCommerce vs Squarespace: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

BigCommerce comes with basic SEO settings that ensure proper promotion of web stores in the search engines. What you can do here is filling out the main SEO fields, such as descriptions, keywords, meta tags etc. It is also possible to edit the URLs of product pages as well as those of other pages, if you encounter such a need. With BigCommerce, you can track your web store statistics as the system allows using Google Analytics in order to specify the available problems and to fix them in advance.

Squarespace provides advanced SEO options as it lets you adjust the major settings to ensure proper optimization of your web store for the search engines. Thus, you can fill out SEO parameters for the required website pages as well as for the website in general. Squarespace independently picks and applies the headings of posts and product names as SEO titles for the required web pages. Additionally, it is possible to hide some of your web store pages or the entire website from indexing by the search engines until you decide that the project is completely ready for that.

When it comes to the SEO aspect, Squarespaces provides more extensive options for effective web store promotion. As opposed to BigCommerce, which comes with basic SEO settings, Squarespace grants access to more versatile and deep search engine optimization parameters. What’s more, the website builder makes it possible to hide your project from indexing by the search engines until you make sure it is completely ready for that.

Key Differences Between BigCommerce and Squarespace

Ease of Use:BigCommerce is an advanced eCommerce website builder. It makes it possible to run all types of online stores, which may differ in size, complexity and integrated functionality. It takes time to master the platform, especially if you are a beginner.Squarespace is an easy-to-use and convenient website builder that comes with the drag-and-drop editor. The system works well for users with diverse coding proficiency, making it possible to run blogs, business projects, web stores, landing pages etc.
Functionality:The website builder delivers multiple features that contribute to its high end performance. It is rich in eCommerce tools, SEO and marketing features, blogging options as well as powerful integrations and design customization parameters.The platform comes with an intuitive and convenient WYSIWYG editor, integrated eCommerce and blogging platforms, SEO, statistics tracking tools, Cover Page Builder, Logo Maker, social integrations, powerful marketing options along with Google Maps embedding and high end Acuity Scheduling platform.
Design:BigCommerce template collection currently comprises 125 free and paid designs. They are responsive and fully customizable. Code editing option is provided here as well.Squarespace template collection is smaller, but this does not affect their quality. All the designs are free and responsive. They allow starting various projects, which are professional and fully-customizable.
eCommerce:The website builder has narrow eCommerce specialization. It allows starting, managing and promoting small to large web stores.The eCommerce engine of the website builder lets you run small and medium online stores, filling out their major parameters.
Blogging:BigCommerce has a built-in blogging engine. This makes it possible to connect and manage a blog to your web store. This helps encourage customers to browse the project and stay aware of your business-related info.With Squarespace, it is possible to start a quality blog. It’s up to you to update it with new posts as well as to customize its design with regard to your niche preferences.
Small Business:The website builder allows starting a business website geared towards further eCommerce specialization.The system works well for small business website development. It lets you integrate business widgets, media files, Acuity Scheduling Platform as well as useful email marketing and statistics tracking tools.
Pricing:BigCommerce offers a 14-day free trial and 4 premium plans. Their cost starts from $29.95/mo.Squarespace has a 14-day free trial and several pricing plans for standard and eCommerce websites. Their cost starts from $12/mo.
SEO:The system comes with a basic pack of SEO settings. This is sufficient for adjusting the main parameters for proper web store optimization.The website builder is SEO-friendly. Along with the possibility to adjust the main SEO settings for better web store optimization, it is possible to hide your website or its separate pages from indexing by the search engines.
Customer Support:Huge Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Phone Support, Online Forum24/7 Live Chat, Email Support, FAQ section, Ticketing System, Community Forum

Which Is Better for Online Store: BigCommerce vs Squarespace

BigCommerce and Squarespace are worth user attention due to their flexibility, extensive design customization options as well as high end integrated functionality. The website builders make it possible to start and run online stores yet each of them uses diverse tools and features to complete the task.

BigCommerce is an eCommerce website builder and this fact explains the strong niche focus of the system. It comes with a set of eCommerce parameters and tools that are exclusively geared towards web store development and management. Squarespace is the all-in-one website builder, which is a nice pick to launch any web project, including online stores. The website builder has made its name due to its functionality that does not compromise with the cost aspect.

When it tackles the web store creation aspect, Squarespace is definitely the system to go for. Its intuitive nature, comprehensive approach to the website creation process, powerful eCommerce engine, affordable pricing and abundance of design customization solutions make the website builder a worthy choice for non-techies as well as for web design experts.

BigCommerce vs Squarespace: Which Is Better for Ecommerce?
  • Specialized DIY eCommerce builder
  • Powerful eCommerce features
  • Quality template collection
  • Several pricing solutions
BigCommerce vs Squarespace: Which Is Better for Ecommerce?
  • Popular cloud website builder
  • eCommerce and blogging engines
  • Unfold App for social media storytelling
  • Acuity scheduling platform

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