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Bigcommerce Online Store Examples

BigCommerce – is a specialized eCommerce website builder, which is used to start quality feature-rich online stores. The system works well for newbies and web design pros, offering an extensive variety of design customization tools and features needed to run eCommerce projects. The platform allows starting small, medium and large online shops, irrespective of the niche you focus on. BigCommerce stands out from the crowd due to its stunning gallery of responsive eCommerce templates, integrated blogging functionality, extensive customer support options and moderate pricing policy.

If you are right about to start an eCommerce project, BigCommerce might be a handy tool. Currently, the website builder powers over 147,760 live web stores. What you should know about the system, though, is that web stores launched with it are quite mediocre, especially when compared with Shopify store samples or Wix eCommerce projects. To find out all the strong points the website builder has in stock and to define whether it works great for your individual eCommerce requirements, it’s high time to review some of the web store examples started with the website builder. Let’s do that right away!

1. Artbeads


Artbeads is quite a good sample of a web store powered by BigCommerce. This is the store of a family-run business, which specializes in selling jewelry and bead supplies to everyone involved in crafting handmade masterpieces.

The project is definitely built with user convenience and ease of browsing in mind. All the elements, sections and major categories are on their places here. As soon as you get to the website, you are offered to sign up for the newsletter to join the community. This is a surefire way to stay aware of the latest news, updates, discounts, free tutorials and special offers the web store has. To start shopping, you have to complete the sign up procedure, which is easy and quick as well. To pick the items you are interested in, you need to browse the Jewelry Supplies section or the one with Discounts and Deals. To get new ideas, you will certainly benefit from exploring Videos and Tutorials categories that will provide you with new design solutions.

The entire web store design completely comes up to its specialization – it is oversaturated with interesting color and style combinations, which cannot but attract user attention. The homepage contains the main web store categories as well as appealing videos and sliders that encourage customers for further web store browsing. That’s an impressive and quite entertaining web store sample, indeed!

2. Bob Johnson’s Computer Stuff

Bob Johnson’s Computer Stuff

Bob Johnson’s Computer Stuff is a web store, the name of which speaks for itself. The store founded in 1996, has now turned into a leading provider of refurbished computer devices and repair services as well as network administration and IT hardware asset management solutions. It is quite intuitive for first-timer browsing as all the sections and product categories are within reach here.

The web store encompasses two major sections – products (Rugged Laptops, Rugged Tablets, Parts, Accessories, Vehicle Mounts) and Repair Services. The Homepage also includes a Featured products section, newsletter subscription form as well as customer reviews section. This is where you can read the reviews independently posted by users, who would like to share their personal unbiased shopping experience. This might help you make the right choice. Are there any questions you are still interested in? Then reach the live chat window powered by Zendesk to get in touch with web store managers. That’s quite handy and convenient for all customers. Links to social media accounts of a web store will also help you stay updated with recent news and special offers.

As to the web store design, it looks quite simple yet attention-grabbing. Four main colors – white, gray, black and red – dominate here, each highlighting a certain web store section. This gives it a stylish contemporary design that absolutely comes up to the web store specialization!

3. Di Bruno Bros.

Di Bruno Bros.

Di Bruno Bros. positions itself as a pioneering specialty food retailer and importer with over 80 years of glorious history. Their web store is the pl;ace, where everyone can shop for their best products from the comfort of their homes/offices and with minimum effort required.

The website is conveniently divided into several sections with regard to the services/products available there. This is where you can view and buy cheese, meat and lots of specialty foods that make up the reputation of the place. A bright and large slider will help you see the foods in detail to proceed to the shopping process and to make it more convenient. There is also a separate section with the top selling products that enjoy the utmost user popularity.

After you sign up for the web store, you will be offered to subscribe to its newsletter to stay aware of exclusive offers, recipes, news, updates and discounts. The search filter section will help you sort out the products to find the one you are looking for. That’s convenient, quick and really helpful!

4. Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka sees its mission in selling brand clothing and accessories. The web store is regularly updated with new items and business news. It is logically-structured to provide intuitive browsing experience and easy shopping.

When you get to the homepage, you will be offered to visit web store sections with clothes, shoes and accessories it contains. The main sections include Shoes, Clothing, Wedding Shop, Accessories and Sale. Whatever product you are interested in, you will be able to see its photos along with descriptions that can help simplify your choice. As you scroll down the page, you will encounter an opportunity to sign up for a newsletter to stay updated with web store news and special offers. There are also social media links and contacts here for easy location search. All in all, the project looks stylish yet simple and understandable – that’s what most customers appreciate about it!

5. Dr.Natura


Dr.Natura offers its own line of all-natural cleansing products that are specially developed to support the detoxification abilities of human bodies. The web store is pretty intuitive and logical – there is no need to “dive deep” into its sections to avail the required product information. Everything you would like to know is found in the main menu categories. These include About Us, Products, Cleanse, Detox, Colon Health, Natural Health, Healthy Diet. If you still don’t manage to find the product you are looking for, reach the search filter field to sort out the catalogue.

As you scroll down the page, you will discover interesting product-related content that will help you find out the info about the most popular items as well as store contacts and newsletter form. This should help you stay informed about the available assortment, shop updates and other related data. That’s a nice sample of a web store powered by BigCommerce!

6. Campman


Campman takes special care about the needs of campers and fans of outdoor activities looking for the quality sports gear. The company was first introduced to the market in 2006, having gained immense popularity with customers, who are fond of hiking, backpacking, skiing and camping. The web store ensures high quality servicing, providing a broad range of products and support options.

Finding the required items is not a problem here – just browse the menu to discover the sections and products you are interested in. The main categories are as follows: Brands, Men, Women, Kids, Activities, Sale and Used Gear. While scrolling down the page, you will come across the Featured Products section and “real reviews from real customers”. They will definitely come in handy, when making your final product choice. Additionally, there is the News;etter sign up form here, links to social accounts and even a Wish List section, where you can add the items you are interested in. A great idea for a great web store!

7. ABC Stores

ABC Stores

ABC Stores is a trendy web store founded by Sidney and Minnie Kosasa, which has grown from a small project into one of the most recognizable brands in the Hawaii tourism industry. The web store is based on two fundamentals: quality servicing and user convenience.

Whatever Hawaii-inspired item you are looking for (apparel, jewelry, home products, gifts etc.), the chances to find it here are quite high. All the items are conveniently divided into sections based on their special parameters and customer needs. To simplify the choice, visitors are offered an opportunity to look through the items offered in the bright and appealing slider found on the homepage. “Our Favorites” and “Best Sellers” sections, in their turn, will grant access to those products, which are in demand with web store users. Special offers and Newsletter sign up form are available here as well. Such an impressive abundance of features makes ABC Stores a perfect place for shopping!

8. Artisaire


Artisaire offers unique wax seals and wax stamps created with customer requirements in mind. This is the top notch destination for customers looking for personalized stationery items. They also ensure gorgeous servicing to comply with users’ needs and expectations.

The web store is quite simple and convenient to use. All the items are specially subdivided into categories – just browse the drop-down menu to reach the category you are interested in. These include Holiday Items, Wax Seals, Was Stamps, Sealing Wax, Enveloped and Silk Ribbon. You can also look through the most popular products here as well as special offers and discounts. If there is anything you would like to find out about the stationery parameters or their application, go ahead to read posts available in the Blog section. The overall web store design is plain yet stylish and modern, with light colors prevailing in its palette. This creates soothing impression, encouraging users for further shopping.

9. BB Wheels

BB Wheels

BB Wheels is a company dedicated to selling quality wheels, tires and vehicle accessories. This is a family-run business that aims at providing high end servicing and product assortment. This is what makes them leaders in their niche.

The web store of the company offers an extensive variety of items most vehicle owners are looking for. This is where you can get wheels, accessories and tires to match your vehicle type and special parameters. One of the highlights of the store is the opportunity to sort out the required products by their characteristics – just fill out the required sections and the system will offer you the most suitable solutions. As a customer, you will also appreciate the opportunity to browse the Featured Products section as well as Popular Products and Popular Brands. This will give you the idea of what items enjoy greater user demand. Availability of real customer reviews will help you make the final choice. That’s a worthy web store sample powered by BigCommerce!

10. Austin Bazaar

Austin Bazaar

Austin Bazaar presents itself as a family-owned online music marketplace that lets you shop for popular and high quality musical instruments. The company ensures personalized servicing and professional customer support.

When you just get to the web store homepage, you will be really impressed by the assortment of instruments from trusted brands available for sale there. Additionally, you can shop for multiple musical accessories here, including mixers, microphones, PAs, computer interfaces, portable recorders and more. All of them are found in special web store sections, the most popular of which include Guitars, Ukuleles, Pianos and Keyboards, Pro Audio, Amplifiers and Effects, Drums and Percussions, Folk and Bluegrass Instruments, Accessories. If you are lost in such an amazing variety of instruments, a search filter option will help you sort out the items to simplify the choice. Featured and Top Selling Products will also be helpful to customers looking for the best offers. The web store is logically-structured and convenient for everyone and it’s definitely worth browsing!

11. Ice Jewellery

Ice Jewellery

Ice Jewellery is an exclusive Australia-based jewellery and watches online store, which stands out from the crowd due to its modern design, rich assortment of products and availability of detailed information customers will certainly value.

When you get to the homepage, you will immediately see the welcoming pop-up window, offering you a 10% discount for your first order and the opportunity to sign up for the web store newsletter to get the latest updates, deals and news in your inbox. Such an appealing and encouraging offer, we should say! This definitely speaks in favor of the web store repeatability and strong customer focus.

The very process of browsing the store and placing orders is simple, fast and understandable here as well. You can either access the detailed drop-down menu and look through its sections (New Arrivals, Watches, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Wedding and Bridal, Jewellery, Sale) or scroll down the page to shop the brand and place an order. There is also a section with recommended products as well as real customer reviews. This simplifies the shopping process for new customers. Just go ahead to register an account and place your first order!

12. Bensons for Beds

Bensons Beds

Bensons for Beds has been taking care of your sleep comfort for over 70 years – that’s exactly the time they have been in the market! As an established brand offering everything from beds and mattresses to accessories, they manage to successfully apply innovations to manufacture high-class products. The brand has both online and offline presence, but it is also possible to place an order over the phone, if required.

New clients will certainly appreciate an opportunity to get a discount and subscribe to the newsletter, when they visit the website for the first time. This is a special offer from the store. A handy search filter option found on the top of the homepage simplifies the shopping process, letting users pick the product by brand or type in just a few seconds. Need detailed assortment? Go ahead to browse the menu, which delivers detailed catalogs due to the drop down sections.

The web store offers multiple discounts and special offers. To view and use them, scroll down the page and make your choice. There is also a separate section with customer review and testimonials as well as a blog with multiple niche posts. These features let you find out more about the brand and products you intend to buy, ensuring a hassle-free and comfortable shopping process. A very professional sample of a BigCommerce-based web store!


BigCommerce is an eCommerce website builder, which can be used to start and manage various types of web stores. However, you shouldn’t expect much for the platform as online shops built with it are quite mediocre. The system covers standard web development needs of its subscribers and it does not imply advanced coding proficiency. All in all, it takes a couple of hours to get started with your eCommerce project here.

Samples of websites reviewed above will help you find out what features BigCommerce has in stock and what result you may avail in the long run. The website builder is not the simplest eCommerce platform available in the modern niche yet it might be a nice alternative to more complicated web store development platforms.

Have a BigCommerce website? Go ahead to share it in the comments!

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