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BigCommerce Alternatives

BigCommerce is undoubtedly a renowned leader in the eCommerce niche. This specialized website builder was created with the needs of online store owners in mind and, thus, offers the required set of features and tools needed to launch a powerful, functional and appealing web store. The system has many fans, who keep using it on a regular basis to solve their eCommerce tasks.

However, there are also those users, who don’t like BigCommerce for some reason, be it the complexity of the system, its cost etc. They start looking for decent alternatives to the website builder.

Fortunately, there are many services that can be a nice substitute to BigCommerce nowadays. We have tested dozens of systems and selected top three platforms that work best for different types of online stores – from large online hypermarkets and up to small show windows with a couple of dozens of product positions. Let’s have an overview of these services now.

Best Alternatives to BigCommerce:
BigCommerce Alternative for:Large StoresMid-sized storesSmall e-shops
Easy to Use1 week to learn2-3 days to cope with5-6 hours to become pro
Templates:Free and paid ($140) templates63 online store themeseach of 350 templates fits to online store
Technical Support:Online support, Help centerLive chat, forum help24/7 Live chat
eCommerce FeaturesFull-featured eCommerce CMS, dozens of payment methodsWYSIWYG online shop, store blog includedFast and easy store setup
Pricing Options:$29 to $299/mo$16.50/mo$9.60/mo

BigCommerce Alternative #1. Shopify

Shopify Home Page

Shopify is a decent alternative to BigCommerce. The website builder was created exclusively with the needs of online retailers and their customers in mind.

The platform can be used to build different types of web stores depending upon the needs and requirements of a user. The service is packed with tools and features that can bring your eCommerce web building experiences to the brand new level and ensure decent result.

Shopify Features

Shopify has user-friendly and intuitive interface, convenient dashboard and a broad range of options that cover all the eCommerce web building needs. Among the features that make the service stand out from the crowd, it makes sense to mention the following:

  • Niche-Specific Templates. Being a specialized website builder, Shopify can boast an impressive collection of niche-specific eCommerce templates. They are responsive right from the start and you can choose between free and paid themes, all of which are of high quality. The system offers a set of customization tools, which make it possible to change the design of your online store with regard to your preferences and needs.

  • Shopify Templates

  • Point of Sale Software. One of the features Shopify is known for is its Point of Sale software, which makes it possible to use the available external card terminal, create several safe staff accounts, accept orders in the offline mode, quickly integrate with any accounting software you are going to use etc.

  • Shopify POS Terminal

  • Amazon Integration. If you intend to work with the Amazon Marketplace, then Shopify in definitely the best option for you. The system has recently announced Amazon integration, which allows synchronizing your Shopify web store with Amazon account to boost the amount of sales and build customer trust.

  • Blogging Platform. Shopify has it own blogging platform, which is a helpful tool when it comes to interaction with clients. The availability of a blog makes it possible for customers and web store owners to communicate with each other, post and find out new information about the shopping process, create lookbooks and perform other actions.

  • Shopify Blogging

  • App Store. Shopify App Store offers a range of free and paid applications that can improve your website performance. All the apps are sorted out by categories here to simplify user search. The most popular categories include Marketing, Sales, Tools, Warehouse, Synchronization with External Services, Product Search for Sale, Social Services, Customer Servicing, Statistics Collection etc.

  • Shopify Apps

  • Multi Language Support. Shopify comes with multi language support, which is a handy feature for all web stores. No matter what online store type you need – you will surely benefit from creating several language versions of it to look for customers and business partners worldwide.


Shopify is the best alternative to BigCommerce. This concerns all the essential characteristics an eCommerce website builder should come with, including the web store management, performance, visual realization and other parameters that affect the website performance and design.

Whatever type of a web store you need, the website builder will work well for it. However, the system excels at the development of large eCommerce projects, which have an impressive and dynamically changing product assortment.

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BigCommerce Alternative #2. Wix

Wix home page

Wix is not a specialized, but a universal website builder, which enjoys worldwide popularity and is used to create professional, quality and visually appealing websites of different types, including online stores.

The system can be considered a nice BigCommerce alternative due to its rich feature set, drag-and-drop functionality, user-friendly interface and other features that make it possible to launch quality websites at affordable cost.

Wix Features

Among the features that make Wix a nice substitute to BigCommerce, the following ones should be initially mentioned:

  • eCommerce Templates. As a universal website builder, Wix has an extensive template gallery, which is subdivided into several sections based on the themes selected. eCommerce templates are also available here and they stand out from the crowd due to their high quality, stylish and modern look. The website builder also offers a set of design customization tools, which ensure smooth web building process and make it possible to create any design of a web store you currently need. All the templates the service offers are mobile-ready right from the start, which is a crucial aspect for any web store.

  • Wix eCommerce Templates

  • Ease of Use. Wix is known for its ease of use and intuitive nature. Even a newbie can start and manage an online store here – so simple and understandable the process is. There is a Store Manager here, which allows tracking the statuses and details of all orders, managing the inventory lists, setting up product parameters and images, sending ShoutOut newsletters to customers to keep them aware of all the product offers, updates, promo actions, sales, events etc.

  • Wix eCommerce Editor

  • Artificial Intelligence. Wix has the advanced ADI tool, which is a real bonus for users with little or no web design skills. The Artificial Design Intelligence feature allows building a web store from scratch by following simple steps the service offers. You just need to answer the questions the system generates automatically, provide the main info about your business, links to social network accounts and other related data and watch the result.

  • Wix ADI Suggestions

  • Wix App Market. Wix has its own App Market, where you can find free and paid applications for effective store management. You can find specialized eCommerce applications here that can be easily integrated into your online store to boost its performance. Some of the apps you can select for your web store include Website Search, PayPal Button, Wix Stores, eBay eCommerce, Wix Chat, Etsy Shop, 123 Form Builder, Social Offers, Tidio Live Chat, Wix Events, Sales Widget, Free Call and many more.

  • Forum and Blogging Options. Wix comes with powerful blogging and forum functionality. This is a benefit for any online store as it gives you a chance to set up and connect a forum or a blog to your ready made eCommerce website. This ensures more productive communication between you and your clients and simplifies the search of the required info for newbies.

  • Wix Forum

  • Product Galleries. Right product presentation matters a lot for the efficacy of the sales process. The better you manage to present your products to the target audience, the more chances they have to appeal to them. When building a web store with Wix, you have an opportunity to create, add and manage product galleries to showcase the products offered for sale and their detailed characteristics. All the images added to the gallery are viewed full-size and you can upload as many photos as you need for better product presentation.

  • Availability of Payment Options. Clients have a nice choice of payment options to choose from, including the most popular PayPal, credit card etc. All the payments are secure, which is a must for all customers. It’s possible to set shipping and tax rules, update the prices and perform any other actions you need to make the shopping process safe and effective.


Wix is a universal drag-and-drop website builder, which stands out from the crowd due to its powerful eCommerce engine. Its simple and intuitive visual editor allows exploring the web store management options and launching appealing and functional eCommerce websites with no hassle at all and within the short time interval. When it comes to building small and medium online stores, Wix is definitely worth the investment.

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BigCommerce Alternative #3. uKit

uKit home page

uKit has gained worldwide recognition as a reliable and high quality small business website builder. This is a nice tool to start your eCommerce website. The platform is easy-to-use for people with diverse web design skills. It allows launching online stores with maximum efficacy and minimum investment of effort, time and money.

uKit Features

uKit feature set is rich and versatile. It allows completing any web design tasks with no hassle at all. The most useful eCommerce features include:

  • Ecwid Partnership. One of the ways to start an eCommerce website with uKit is to integrate the Ecwid plugin into your ready made website (if you already have your Ecwid account). Due to the Ecwid partnership, the system makes it possible to build online stores with excellent performance.

  • uKit eCommerce

  • eCommerce Widget. Integration of the eCommerce widget is the second way to launch an online store with uKit. The widget lets everyone to start a user-friendly and visually appealing web store. What you have to do is to drag and drop the widget onto the control panel of the system and place it in any place you wish. No special skills are required to do that. Even a newbie will understand how to integrate an eCommerce widget and manage it to create a full-featured web store.

  • uKit eCommerce

  • eCommerce Designs. uKit is also known for its impressive collection of quality templates. There are many topics you may browse and eCommerce is one of them. What’s interesting, eCommerce templates fall into the subcategories depending on the business niche users are interested in. To start building a web store, you just need to access the category you need, choose the template and make use of customization tools to create the required design, which corresponds to your business needs most of all. The entire process does not take much time, but ensures decent result your business will eventually benefit from. All uKit templates are responsive and perfectly adapt to all the mobile screens.

  • uKit eCommerce Editor

  • Payment and Shipping Options. uKit offers a choice of payment and shipping options to provide your clients with high comfort level and smooth shopping experience. The platform supports multiple currency types, PayPal as well as other online and offline payment options.

  • Integration with External Services and Social Network Accounts. When building a web store with uKit, you can make use of the opportunity to integrate the required external services into it to enhance the performance. Some of the services are used for communication enhancement (like LiveChat, Callback Widget, etc.), while others contribute to business performance of your online store (Google Maps or Timer, for example). The choice of services is pretty broad here and it’s up to you to make the choice based on your business needs.


uKit is a nice alternative to BigCommerce for those users, who intend to build small or medium-sized online stores or simple product show windows. Intuitive website editor, simple dashboard, availability of niche templates and customization features, extensive choice of applications and widgets make is possible to launch an eCommerce website in a couple of hours.

uKit Website Builder Review – see our deep review of uKit for more deatails.

Bottom Line

When it comes to setting up an online store, the choice of the right web building platform becomes a priority. There are many nuances to be considered, when selecting the service, but the most important parameter is the size of your web store. It doesn’t make any sense to create a small show window with up to 10 products only with such a powerful eCommerce platform as Shopify (Wix and uKit are the best solutions for that case). This will be just a waste of your effort, money and time.

Likewise, it is senseless to create a large online store offering thousands of products with uKit (use Shopify or Wix only). Each service has its target audience and adheres to specific niche requirements. Take your time to analyze your own needs to make the choice that will come up to your business specializations and the goals you set.


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