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Best Web Hosting Services In Canada

Dealing with the proper hosting provider results in better productivity of the site, quicker loading times, fewer or absolutely no security issues, and, consequently, better overall performance of the site. That’s why making a well-thought and data-driven decision is essential when choosing between the available options in the market.

And to aid you in this challenging and responsible phase of establishing your online presence, we have compiled an all-inclusive guide and an up-to-date ranking of the most trustworthy hosting services for Canadian users. The list is based on the analysis of dozens of providers and a decade’s worth of information we have collected so far. We’ll evaluate all the critical points of the market-leading five website hosts to pinpoint the best of them.

1. HostGator

Product Name:HostGator
Websites managed:2,273,368
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$3.75/mo
Refund:45 days

HostGator is an excellent choice for a Canadian user regarding uptime and low pricing, from $3.75/mo. The solution ensures useful customer assistance and availability of various hosting plans. HostGator is easily scalable, enabling a website to accommodate any traffic level.


So, the basic pros of HostGator go as follows:

  • Great uptime: It ensures and delivers 99.99% uptime and a better average response time than the hosting market average.
  • Lots of freebies: In most packages, the company involves a free domain for a whole year, free SSL encryption, website transfers, limitless bandwidth, SSD and email accounts.
  • Affordable pricing: HostGator is one of the most affordable options in the market.


HostGator has something for all types of websites at competitive prices. See the cheapest plans per hosting type:

  • Shared Hosting: Hatchling Plan at $3.75/mo;
  • Cloud Hosting: Hatchling Cloud at $4.95/mo;
  • WP Hosting: Starter at $5.95/mo;
  • Reseller Hosting: Aluminum at $19.95/mo;
  • VPS Hosting: Snappy 2000 at $23.95/mo;
  • Dedicated Hosting: Value Server at $89.98/mo;
  • Windows Hosting: Personal Plan at $4.76/mo.

HostGator provides a 30-day refund on Shared, Reseller, and VPS hosting plans.

2. Bluehost

Product Name:Bluehost
Websites Powered:4,584,636
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.95/month
Refund:30 days

Bluehost – is an excellent website hosting solution for beginners due to the fantastic combination of simplicity of use and impressive performance. Add affordable pricing and superior customer support, and you get the ideal variant if you are just starting your online business or blog. Aside from all this, Bluehost comes with auto backups daily, a free domain, user-friendly cPanel, and costless migration of websites.


The significant benefits of using Bluehost include the following:

  • A bunch of free perks: You get CDN, domain name, manual backups, single WP site migration, and SSL encryption free of charge, along with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Diversity of products suggested: Bluehost offers all sorts of hosting, from shared for small websites to dedicated server hosting for complex websites.
  • Single-click WP installation: The opportunity to set up a WP site or blog with just one click is another reason to go with Bluehost.
  • Robust Security: With Bluehost, you can feel secure for your site. The company safeguards sites 24/7 with a firewall, resource protection, 24/7 malware scanning and network monitoring, hotlink and spam protection, and CodeGuard backup tools.


Catered to beginners, Bluehost has a low-cost pricing system. The introductory tiers of all available hosting plans go as follows:

  • Shared Hosting: Basic at $2.95/mo;
  • WP Hosting: Basic at $2.95/mo;
  • Dedicated Hosting: Standard at $89.98/mo;
  • VPS Hosting: Standard at $29.99/mo.

Here again, customers have a refund guarantee for the first 30 days.


Product Name:IONOS
Websites Managed:349,326
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$1/mo
Refund:30 days

IONOS ranks first in our list of the best site hosting companies available for Canadian users regarding site speed and uptime. All hosting packages include trustworthy protection against spam, daily auto backups, and other useful features. The standout performance of IONOS is backed with strong dedicated and VPS options. Today this solution manages around 22 million domains and has contracts with almost 9 million users worldwide who choose the host for its affordable plans, spotless reputation, unlimited storage, and premium reliability.


IONOS stands out for plenty of positive features. See the most eye-catching perks of the solution:

  • The lowest cost in the market: IONOS offers its hosting solution at just $1/mo for the first year.
  • Dedicated support assistants: All IONOS users get individual help when necessary.
  • Advanced and robust hardware: IONOS boasts more than 90 thousand robust servers in the US and Europe. And all data centers are managed by IONOS itself with no outsourcing.
  • Flexible scaling system: IONOS allows adding more memory or processing power with one click, paid daily. When there’s no need for extra resources, downgrading is made within a click.
  • Built-in CDN: Thanks to the free CDN, incorporated into most IONOS plans, page load speed is maximized irrespective of the site visitors’ location.


Eye-catching affordability is the primary merit of IONOS, especially for users with limited project budgets. The starting tiers of IONOS hosting plans are as follows:

  • WP Hosting: Grow at $1/mo (for the first year of registration);
  • Shared Hosting: Business at $1/mo (currently the cheapest offer);
  • VPS Hosting: VPS S at $2/mo;
  • Dedicated Hosting: A8i SSD at $45/mo;
  • Windows Hosting: Business at $1/mo;
  • HDD Hosting: L4i HDD at $47/mo.

IONOS also offers specialized eCommerce hosting plans, like WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, Shopware, and OpenCart Hosting. Like all previous hosting providers, IONOS gives refund insurance for the primary 30 days.

4. GreenGeeks

Product Name:GreenGeeks
Websites managed:-
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.95/mo
Refund:30 days

GreenGeeks – is a reputable environmentally-friendly website hosting provider. What sets it apart from other companies in the market is that GreenGeeks provides 3x that amount via renewable energy for every used amperage. However, this doesn’t interfere with its effective performance.


Using GreenGeeks, the primary benefits you will receive will be as follows:

  • 300% Renewable Energy Match: The company restores 300% of the energy it consumes, making all sites it hosts carbon-reducing.
  • Free Site Transfers: GreenGeeks ensures automatic website transfer at no cost if you migrate from another hosting provider.
  • Premium Uptime: The company claims to provide 98% uptime. CDN and distributed servers ensure better load times depending on the user’s geolocation.


GreenGeeks has a pretty affordable pricing system with all introductory plans meeting any users’ solvency, even if their budgets are tight. Particularly, here are the starting packages:

  • Web Hosting: Lite at $2.95/mo;
  • WP Hosting: Lite at $2.95/mo;
  • VPS Hosting: 2GB at $39.95/mo;
  • Reseller Hosting: RH-25 at $19.95/mo;
  • WooCommerce Hosting: Lite at $2.95/mo.

A 30-day refund policy is listed in all GreenGeeks packages.

5. HostPapa

Product Name:HostPapa
Websites Managed:190,079
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$1.95/mo
Refund:30 days

The Canadian-based private hosting solution HostPapa has earned its place among the best hosting companies worldwide, not for no reason. At pretty competitive prices, the solution offers reliable and stable hosting to any website regardless of its size, though its target is small businesses. All plans come packed with features and resources, while the free on-platform website builder and the DIFM (a Do-It-For-Me web design service) make it an ideal option for inexperienced users.


HostPapa stands out for such characteristics as:

  • Free migration: HostPapa suggests migrating files, databases, etc., at no cost at all.
  • Access to tons of freebies: Particularly, you get SSL encryption, domain, Cloudflare CDN, Server firewall, monitoring, detecting intrusions, and DDoS attack prevention, all for free.
  • Hosting of unlimited websites and domains: Except for the Starter plan, all others involve hosting unmetered sites and domains, as there’s no limitation on storage and bandwidth.
  • Affordable hosting: Site hosting with HostPapa is incredibly cost-effective, starting just at $2.95/mo.


One of the core reasons why plenty of users, especially small businesses with small budgets, choose HostPapa is its affordable pricing system. See the introductory tiers of every suggested hosting type:

  • Web Hosting: Start at $2.95/mo;
  • Optimized WP Hosting: WP Start at $2.95/mo;
  • Managed WP Hosting: Launch at $19.95/mo;
  • VPS Hosting: Mercury at $19.99/mo;
  • Reseller Hosting: Bronze at $30.99/mo.

HostPapa also has an individual hosting offer, PapaCare+, priced at $49.95/mo, with plenty of benefits via personal support and guidance on every phase of your site hosting and maintenance.

The company guarantees a standard 30-day refund in case the user is not content with the service they receive.


Choosing a website hosting provider, one must collate the pricing, network connectivity, uptime guarantee, the suggested hosting types, and what freebies the solutions offer. We have reviewed the five best options for flawless performance, strong customer dedication, and affordable pricing systems. And yet, IONOS is the overall winner due to the fantastic blend of all features that make a website hosting provider reliable and preferable.