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Best Web Hosting For Small Business

In this digital world, doing business successfully without having a dedicated website for it is literally impossible. And if you are just starting it, you need to consider obtaining a reliable small business hosting plan. This is not an easy task, though. Nowadays, most plans are targeted either at home users or businesses at the enterprise level. Accordingly, they either don’t have the necessary power to keep the online business afloat or come at too expensive prices for a small business.

To help you distinguish between the abundance of website hosting providers with sometimes drastically different offers, we have reviewed the best options in the market. All the requirements of a small business were taken into account. For instance, owning a small business, you have to adjust a budget for the site hosting, and most normally, it’s not a large one. Cheap hosting plans, meanwhile, are strictly limited to offering only a few email addresses for a site while the inboxes are limited to several hundred megabytes. This is definitely a major issue for any business, even if it’s small.

Another point to take into account is the SSL certificate. Unfortunately, not all hosting companies provide it for free. Small businesses can’t afford to fail. And if they invest in creating and maintaining a website, reliability becomes the key. Your chosen hosting provider must not only be dependable but also provide you with an upgrade path. When your business starts growing (we sincerely hope it does), it needs to have room for expansion on the virtual platform, too.

Fortunately, there are amazing hosting providers around that perfectly understand the core of a small business and its requirements. In this article, we have highlighted the top ten web hosting offers for small businesses. And these are:

Hostgator – The Best Web Hosting Option for 2022

Product Name:Hostgator
Official Website:
Websites managed:2.5 million
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.75/month
Refund:45 days

Hostgator – is a feature-rich yet at the same time beginner-friendly website hosting provider that comes with an unrivaled uptime of 99.99%! It has been around since 2002 and hasn’t yet disappointed its users. It has grown into a major player in the market, currently satisfying more than two million users worldwide. And the reasons why you should consider entrusting HostGator are quite many. For instance, the company provides unmetered bandwidth; $200 search credits; unmetered disk space; a free domain name for one year; fabulous shared hosting offers; a straightforward, yet quite a functional website builder with premium eCommerce tools; free SSL certificate; 45-day money-back guarantee, etc.

And if you want to consider the possible negative features of the provider, you will find the company doesn’t provide a Windows Server option while the dedicated/VPS server configuration options appear somewhat limited in comparison with those by other providers. However, since you are searching for a site hosting provider for your small business, you will need to consider the starting plans with the introductory price of $2.75 per month. The main downside of this cheap plan is the strict limitation on websites that get hosted. Here only a single website is hosted. Other than this, it proposes unlimited bandwidth, 1-click WordPress installation, a free domain, an SSL certificate completely for free, and a free WordPress/cPanel site transfer. So, HostGator’s starting plan is just what your small business with a palpable potential of expansion needs.

Bluehost – Overall Best Small Business Host

Product Name:Bluehost
Official Website:
Websites Powered:2 million
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.95/month
Refund:30 days

Bluehost appears on the top of the web hosting market. It is one of the largest providers in the whole world with over two million websites hosted globally. Besides being a perfect variant for small businesses, it is also a WordPress recommended provider with comprehensive features and premium-quality customer support. For the money its starting plans cost, the services provided are superb, especially for startups and small businesses.

Other benefits of the hosting provider include all-day customer support, free domain name registration, free site migration, 1-click installation, unlimited bandwidth, incredibly high uptime, robust site-building software with multiple eCommerce extensions, user-friendly cPanel, etc. As for the cons of the provider, we have to mention the lack of cloud hosting.

For your small business, Bluehost recommends getting to business with a shared hosting plan. It incorporates all the features necessary for a small business involving a free domain registration for the first year of use, 1-click WordPress installation, a free SSL certificate, and an appropriate amount of storage space (up to 50 GB). The introductory cost is only $2.95 per month. By obtaining a WooCommerce hosting package for your starting business, you get the opportunity to sell as many products as you’d wish. Furthermore, the company will grant you a super-practical Storefront theme entirely for free.

Even though the company doesn’t offer a demo version, you can request a full refund within days after the purchase if you find the quality of the hosting services doesn’t satisfy you. – All-Inclusive Hosting Provider for Your Small Business

Official Website:
Websites Powered:200,000
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$5.95/month
Refund:30 days

The website hosting provider offers all-inclusive hosting packages catered to businesses of all sizes from small to big. It has an already established name in the hosting market and is known as a functional site-building tool and a robust hosting service for an understaffed small business. Furthermore, it delivers marketing and tech services involving eCommerce, website promotion, WordPress installations, lead generation, SEO, as well as social network management. The main benefits of the site hosting company list premium uptime, HTML elements, and plenty of disk space.

Along with the pros of the site hosting provider, it features some cons that may repel a potential customer. Anyway, you had better learn about them before paying the price to later find it doesn’t meet your expectations. The main downsides are the unexpected overpriced renewal costs once the purchased plan ends and a strong anti-refund policy despite the 30-day refund guarantee. You won’t find Windows hosting, either. If you feel comfortable with the mentioned cons, know that other than these, you won’t detect any downsides. Apparently, over 200,000 websites are currently hosted by and the biggest part of them are small businesses. The hosting solution claims to be of special benefit for businesses in the dentistry, real estate, and auto repair industries.

Website hosting at begins at $5.95 per month. With 300 GB storage space, limitless data transfer, a hundred multi-user mailboxes, 25 FTP accounts, and domain registration for one year, the plan is catered particularly to small businesses that need a site with basic content while the multimedia is limited.

IONOS – The Cheapest Web Hosting for Small Businesses

Product Name:1&1 IONOS
Official Website:
Websites Powered:12 million
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$0.50/month
Refund:30 days

IONOS is one of those rare trustworthy website hosting providers that deliver impressive uptime and a pack of premium features at the most affordable prices. Moreover, the prices here are lower than in most other hosting companies. Besides the cheap pricing policy, the provider features a series of other benefits including basic and breakthrough hosting packs for both small and enterprise-level businesses, Linux- and Windows-based servers, a user-friendly site-building tool with productive email marketing features, unlimited bandwidth, amazing plugins and extensions, and a free SSL certificate.

If we search the service for any downsides, what we will point out is that despite being perfect for small businesses, it is in no way catered to beginners. Furthermore, after the purchased term is consumed, the renewal costs will unpleasantly surprise you. If the introductory plan comes priced at only $0.50 per month, the cost for the same features after 12 months will be $10 per month. However, this is the most recommended plan since it suggests unlimited storage and databases, hosting of unmetered websites, a free domain name registration for one year, professional email, as well as enhanced CPU and MEM resources. You can as well opt for the $4/mo plan if you need a cheaper plan since its renewal cost is $6/mo. The company ensures a 30-day refund in case the hosting service does not coincide with what you expected initially.

SiteGround – Your Reliable Hosting Provider in 2022

Product Name:SiteGround
Official Website:
Websites Powered:2, 800, 000
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$3.99/month
Refund:30 days

SiteGround – is the website hosting provider that catches the eye with its premium features rather than affordability. With one-click installation, daily backups, and free email accounts, the service becomes versatile across numerous CMSs. The customer support is on the premium level, too. Other than these, the company ensures a 99.98% uptime guarantee, a 30-day refund guarantee, a broad range of features, dedicated plans for all users from beginners to advanced ones, a free eCommerce plugin for WordPress, entirely free CDN and SSL certificate, and a robust site building tool. Nevertheless, side by side with so many benefits, a couple of cons stand. Unlike many hosting providers that provide domain registration for free for at least one year, SiteGround has no such offer. The domain registration costs $17.99 per year. Another major downside is the high renewal cost. For instance, if the starting price for a web hosting plan is $3.99 per month, it will cost you $14.99 once the term ends.

Anyway, if you need speedy hosting for your website, SiteGround can serve you well. It guarantees quite an impressive uptime – 99.98% which is equal to less than two hours of downtime per year. To test this, you are given 30 days. You can request a full refund if you decide to apply to another hosting company. – Robust Website Hosting and Domain Registration Service

Official Website:
Websites Powered:1.2 million
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$3.75/month
Refund:No – website hosting company is primarily famous for providing domain registration. Nevertheless, the hosting services delivered can be categorized as reliable and powerful while the overall platform is stable and secure. Other benefits involve a quite high uptime guarantee worth 99.9%, free SSL, unmetered storage, and scalable bandwidth. The major downside, meanwhile, is the absence of monthly billing. The shortest term you can obtain is 12 months. Once the contract is over, you are either to renew it the way you wish or refuse any further hosting services by the company. Mind that the renewal costs are quite high, so make sure you get acquainted with the price range before making the final decision. The company doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee, either.

The company flatters its users with generous plans. Apparently, even the basic hosting plan catered to hosting 1 website, offers limitless storage, scalable bandwidth, 5FTP logins, a free SSL certificate, and free domain registration. It is priced at $3.75 per month. This is quite appropriate for a small business. And if it grows, you can always upgrade their hosting plan.

Overall, provides dependable and fast performance while the pricing is fair with all the features taken into consideration.

HostPapa – #1 Web Hosting Provider in America

Product Name:HostPapa
Official Website:
Websites Powered:500, 000
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$3.95/month
Refund:30 days

The HostPapa website hosting company has found the perfect balance between delivering high-quality services for personal site owners and businesses of various sizes. Anyway, here we shall review the company from the point of view of a small business. The basic benefits of the web host are the functional website building software, fast servers, WordPress-friendly hosting, business email tools, simple and comprehensible control panel, hundreds of free apps such as blogs, shopping carts, and so forth, website migration for free, 24/7 tech support, a free domain registration, unlimited data transfer, unmetered disk space, free SSL encryption, and Cloudflare CDN.

As far as you are interested in the downsides that the hosting company features, be aware that it doesn’t offer any automated site backups for any hosting plan except the Business Pro plan. The renewal prices drastically differ from the introductory ones. The Starter plan is priced at $3.95 per month but once the purchased term is over, you will have to pay $9.99 per month for the same features. The plan, dedicated to one website, includes free domain registration, 100GB SSD webspace, free SSL certificate, limitless bandwidth, 100 email addresses, and website building software. This, as well as the Business and Business Pro plans, come with a one-month refund policy.

Liquid Web – The Best Managed Small Business Hosting Solution for You

Product Name:Liquid Web
Official Website:
Websites Powered:1.5 million
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$15/month
Refund:30 days

Liquid Web – is an expert hosting provider for businesses of all sizes and niches. Besides the showcased features you get by obtaining a hosting plan from this provider, you get far more than you’d expect. For instance, whenever you update your WordPress site hosted by Liquid Web, the company will automatically update all the plugins, too. It will check them for any issues before it sends them live on your production site. Overall advantages of this hosting service include a bunch of powerful features, a wide range of hosting plans, responsible and expert customer support, limitless bandwidth, credible spam and virus protection, free external migrations, premium uptime guarantee (99.99%), a comprehensible yet highly functional website building software, and finally, completely transparent pricing policy. The expensive pricing and no email hosting possibility make up the downsides of the hosting provider.

If you are serious about your business though it’s small, Liquid Web will definitely come as the best choice. It has dedicated and VPS server plans that add extra power and security to your website. The individual data centers owned by Liquid Web have fully managed hardware and network infrastructure. This serves as a pledge for premium-level security.

Indeed, Liquid Web will not appeal to bargain hunters since its prices are drastically higher than those of competitive services. But those who prioritize quality over anything will appreciate the exceptional power the hosting company has.

GoDaddy – The Best Web Hosting Suggestion With Great Site Promoting Tools

Product Name:GoDaddy
Official Website:
Websites Powered:9 million
Test Plan:Yes (for website builder)
Cheapest Plan:$5.99/month
Refund:30 days

GoDaddy – is a website hosting company that proposes some of the most appropriate services for a small or local business. It is great in helping you to promote and sell products or services, reach new customers while keeping the existing ones engaged, compete with other companies in the niche (even bigger ones), and control their brand while maintaining fresh and modern marketing. If you particularly need such sort of help from a hosting company, GoDaddy can serve you great! It comes with a number of benefits, including a broad range of services with domain registration as the primary one, a chance to host unlimited websites, fabulous uptime results (guarantees 99.9% uptime), the possibility of both Linux and Windows hosting, premium customer support, cPanel and Plesk Control Panel interfaces, and so forth.

On the other hand, all these benefits stand side by side with some cons. For instance, the company doesn’t deliver any detailed hardware specifications to its users. Furthermore, the prices that the company has set are above the average. You see, the introductory price is set on the web hosting Economy plan – $5.99 per month if purchased for a 3-year term. The renewal price is $8.99 per month. The Economy plan is great for a startup or a small business since it incorporates 100 GB of storage with a matching domain and email, as well as unmetered bandwidth, 10 databases, and free one-click WordPress installation. Approximately the same features are available at less expensive prices in the market.

Hostinger – Best Cheap Web Hosting Offer in the Market

Product Name:Hostinger
Official Website:
Websites Powered:29 million
Test Plan:Free hosting available
Cheapest Plan:$1.39/month
Refund:30 days

Hostinger – is perhaps the most widely known name in the industry of website hosting. Having found an ideal balance between price and quality, the company offers a series of amazing tools that make it one of the best value hosts in the market. Apparently, it has a lot to offer including unmetered bandwidth and SSD storage (for higher plans, though), Windows and Linux hosting, expert customer support in several languages, an intuitive and comprehensible interface, various WordPress plans, a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, SSH access, daily and weekly backups for free, robust caching, 1-click WordPress installation conducted automatically, powerful website building software, free domain registration for a whole year, and, finally, a 30-day full refund guarantee.

Furthermore, Hostinger is one of those exceptional companies that offer web hosting entirely for free. Even though it has very limited features, for those who start their business with a very tight budget, the offer can be satisfying.

What we can point out as a downside of the company is the registered 9 hours of downtime per year. This is definitely not satisfying, especially when the competing services provide strikingly high uptime guarantees. So, the low uptime (99.90%) serves as the basic cons of Hostinger.

If you are just starting your business and the budget is strictly limited, the Single web hosting plan is the most appropriate choice for you. At the price of $1.39 (one of the most inexpensive hosting plans in the market), the Single tier by Hostinger designed for only 1 website, includes 30 GB of SSD storage, 100 GB bandwidth, 2 MySQL Databases, a free SSL certificate, all-day support, a robust cPanel interface, DNS management, weekly backups, and a number of other features.


As you can see, the market for website hosting is highly competitive. There are many components that go into creating a trustworthy hosting solution. And once you are to find one, you should pick the provider which best meets the current expertise of your business and its future aspirations. Be aware that regardless of your small business type and niche, the site hosting will play a major role in its success. It will help you put the most effective online foot forward through super fast uptime, an expert support team ready to reach you whenever you need, fantastic features, or even a premium template for a website it offers in its site-building platform.

All those services we introduced to your attention here including Bluehost, HostGator, IONOS, etc. do never let down a client. They all deliver high-quality service at competitive rates. If you are after cheap hosting, Hostinger can be your best solution. However, IONOS, HostGator, and Bluehost don’t yield with either their affordability or their quality.

If you can afford to pay more per month, it’s worth considering, SiteGround, HostPapa, and Liquid Web. These are more advanced platforms that deliver superb hosting. Choose any that fits in your budget and coincides with what you search for.


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