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Best Web Hosting for Personal Websites

Are you taking your first steps online to set up a professional portfolio or blog? Or maybe you are interested in an outlet for your creativity? In all these cases, as well as several others, you need a personal website with a reliable hosting plan to ensure stable and effective functioning.

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a good job without having a solid presence on the internet via a résumé or a blog. Normally employers are more impressed with those candidates who take modern technologies seriously and have a broad following on the net. Whether it is a food blog, a site with embroidery tutorials, or simply a way to keep in touch, through websites you can perfectly show who you are. To have one created and running well, you should back it with reliable hosting. Only the best options will help you get a mobile-friendly website built with professionally designed templates and running with no issues.

We have reviewed the market to get the best deals to your attention. These website hosting providers propose completely free-of-charge site-building platforms with amazing features such as eCommerce and site development tools, simple management with intuitive control panels, limitless bandwidth and disk space, quick load times, robust security tools, and affordable pricing. Here are top companies that work the best for establishing and hosting personal websites:

Hostgator – The Best Hosting Service at Cheap Prices

Product Name:Hostgator
Official Website:
Websites managed:2,258,915
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.75/month
Refund:45 days

Hostgator – is the best hosting service at cheap prices that has found a great compromise between price and performance. It is an ideal option for a personal site since the company will assist you in every step of launching your website successfully.

Hostgator Pros for Personal Use:

  • Quality customer support (several phone numbers, live chat, email contact forms);
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth;
  • Built-in website builder;
  • eCommerce platform;
  • Free domain name registration/SSL connection.

Hostgator Cons for Personal Use:

  • Absence of a Windows Server;
  • Limited VPS and dedicated server configurations compared to other companies;
  • Restoring from backups requires an additional fee.

Hostgator also provides an opportunity for free website migration. Thus, if you have a website hosted with another platform, you can move it to HostGator servers at no cost.

As to the pricing policy, the basic shared plan offered at $2.75 per month is a flexible option and the most appropriate one for a personal site. It will provide you with a free and simple site building tool, a free domain and website transfer in case you already have one.

You will also avail a free domain and a $200 marketing budget in case you would like to promote any services/products on your site through Bing and Google quick boost. Let us remind you that all HostGator plans feature a 99.9% uptime guarantee along with a 45-day refund.

Bluehost – Best WP Website Hosting for Your Personal Site

Product Name:Bluehost
Official Website:
Websites Managed:4,580,097
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.95/month
Refund:30 days

Bluehost – is the best WP website hosting for your personal site. Currently, the company powers around 27% of all sites on the web along with 76.5 million WP blogs.

If you already have built your website, most probably it is on the WordPress open-source CMS. Accordingly, one of the most recommended hosting companies will be Bluehost.

Nevertheless, even if you are yet to set up your personal site, Bluehost offers you a robust platform with multiple eCommerce features necessary to build a professional-looking personal site.

Bluehost Pros for Personal Use:

  • Official hosting recommended by WordPress;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Free website migration;
  • Integrated website builder;
  • eCommerce extensions.

Bluehost Cons for Personal Use:

  • No free trial yet there is a 30-day refund;
  • Less control over automatic data backups;
  • Doesn’t use both SiteLock CDN and https at a time;
  • No cloud hosting.

The superb performance of websites hosted by Bluehost is achieved thanks to unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage, user-friendly cPanel interface, free SSL encryption, free domain registration, and high uptime.

The company ensures one-click installation of such popular software programs as Drupal, WP, Magento, and many others.

If your budget is limited, it is worth considering the introductory Basic plan costing $2.95 per month. You can always upgrade the plan once you become mega-popular on the internet and your site traffic significantly rises.

Mind, however, that the initial price the software charges for hosting your website ($2.95/mo) comes as an introductory offer. Upon the end of the first year, the monthly fee will grow up to $9.99.

If you can’t determine what hosting plan will best fit your needs and your future website vision, you can contact Bluehost’s support team. They will readily guide you toward launching your website successfully and recommend which plan is powerful enough for it.

IONOS – Cheapest ($0.5/mo) Hosting for a Personal Website

Product Name:1&1 IONOS
Official Website:
Websites Managed:12 million
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$0.50/month
Refund:30 days

Try IONOS Now – is the cheapest ($0.5/mo) hosting for a personal website, which especially works great for creatives, individual professionals, or simply job seekers who intend to attract potential employers with their online CV.

IONOS Pros for Personal Use:

  • Availability of scalable tools to help small businesses grow and large enterprises retain their positions;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Multiple niche-specific templates;
  • eCommerce functionality;
  • Affordable pricing.

IONOS Cons for Personal Use:

  • The interface has outdated look;
  • Complicated for beginners;
  • Limited VPs and shared hosting features.

The company has enough fundamentals to help you with your online presence in a budget-friendly way. The host provides its users with Linux- and Windows-based servers, a robust site-building area, unmetered bandwidth, effective email marketing tools, free SSL encryption, and a range of helpful extensions and plugins. All this seems amazing, and it is.

Nevertheless, since you want to have a personal website, you might lack developer skills or experience in site-building and hosting deals. In such a case, you may find IONOS not so appropriate since it is definitely not catered to beginners. If you are OK with all this, let us introduce the most appropriate IONOS plan for setting up a personal website.

IONOS web hosting provider features a range of amazing tools to set up a dynamic personal website. For instance, if you use gzip, you will get faster loading times thanks to the reduction of the amount of data web server transfers.

Currently, there is a big discount on the Business plan. Purchasing the plan for 12 months, you will pay $0.50 per month instead of the ordinary price of $10 per month. The plan includes unmetered websites, storage, and MySQL or MariaDB databases, as well as a professional email, domain registration for 1 year, and Enhanced CPU and MEM resources.

But if you find all these features are too much for your starting personal website, you may opt for the Essential plan priced at $4 per month (the renewal price will be $6 per month). In all cases, IONOS website hosting won’t disappoint you. – All-In-One Hosting Solution

Official Website:
Websites Managed:193,424
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$5.95/month
Refund:30 days

The is the all-in-one hosting solution known for providing a feature-rich website builder and simple, no-frills hosting packages. This is the US-based software that has gained a good reputation due to the broad range of built-in features. Pros for Personal Use:

  • Simple website builder and hosting provider;
  • Automated backups;
  • High uptime rates (up to 99.7-99.9%) and amazing SEO tools;
  • Advanced eCommerce features;
  • Sufficient amount of disc space. Cons for Personal Use:

  • Lack of Windows hosting;
  • Significant price growth upon the end of the promo period;
  • No free trial period yet the refund policy for the 1st month of use is available. ensures 1-click WordPress installation, great support for Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress open-source scripts, user-friendly website building software, lead generation, tech and marketing services with website promotion and eCommerce tools, in particular, social media management, HTML elements, much disk space, robust SEO tools, and, of course, premium uptime.

While the initial sign-up rate is attractively low, yet after the 4-week subscription period is over, the prices abruptly rise.

The quality of hardware or commerce features, however, can’t justify the regular rates. The pricing system, along with a quite strong anti-refund policy, forms the downsides of this hosting solution.

If you look at the global statistics of use, you will see that around 200,000 active websites are currently hosted by this provider. And most of them are personal sites and blogs.

If you choose this company for your project and need to establish a brand new website, you can always get assistance from the reliable tech support of The company’s experts can scratch a website for you and if you like the concept, they will design and launch it.

Apparently, offers full site lifecycle hosting from free SSL encryption and domains to website hosting and promotion on social platforms. You can have that all covered at the starting price of $5.95 per month (the renewal price will be $4.95 per month) for the Essential hosting plan. This is the introductory cost of the most suitable plan for a personal website.

GreenGeeks – Most Powerful Hosting Option for a Personal Website

Product Name:GreenGeeks
Official Website:
Websites Managed:-
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.95/mo
Refund:30 days

GreenGeeks – is the most powerful hosting option for a personal website that definitely stands as the only green energy hosting provider in the world. Based in the US, the software proves to be the eco-friendly host concerned with the economy of energy consumption.

GreenGeeks Pros for Personal Use:

  • World’s #1 Green Energy Web Hosting Provider;
  • A range of hosting solutions (offers Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated and WordPress hosting);
  • Integrated eCommerce functionality;
  • Enhanced SEO and security features;
  • Sufficient amount of disk storage space.

GreenGeeks Cons for Personal Use:

  • No set up and domain name fees yet there is the 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • No 24/7 phone support;
  • Takes time to master.

Eco-awareness is one of the undeniable GreenGeeks highlights. The company purchases and then uses wind energy credits to compensate for the energy consumption by its servers from the power grid. As a result, this helps save up to 300% of energy, thus contributing to environmental protection.

All GreenGeeks plans come with unlimited data transfer options, Cloudflare CDN for higher speed, scalable CPU. Built-in website builder is another advantage of the system. It lets you both create and host different types of web projects without looking for third-party platforms.

The company ensures impressive customer service, a range of dynamic account administration tools, high quality bandwidth and servers, 24/7 support along with complete video guides. This eventually simplifies the software exploration.

GreenGeeks pricing is quite affordable as well. They currently offer three subscriptions, the cheapest of which costs $2.95/mo only.

Scala Hosting – Advanced Cloud and Website Hosting Provider

Product name:Scala Hosting
Official Website:
Websites Managed:Over 700,000
Test Plan:No
Cheapest hosting plan:$3.95/month
Refund:7 days

ScalaHosting – is an advanced cloud and website hosting provider that boasts over 10 years of niche expertise, hundreds of thousands of powered projects, powerful integrated functionality, scalability and affordability. These are only some of the features that make the service one of the popular hosting providers in Europe and the USA.

ScalaHosting Pros for Personal Use:

  • Comprehensive and powerful SPanel on managed VPS;
  • White Label hosting;
  • Automated backups – opportunity to save up to seven website copies;
  • Offers several types of hosting – Shared and VPS hosting, dedicated servers, business email hosting and reseller plans;
  • Free domain name registry and website expert migration.

ScalaHosting Cons for Personal Use:

  • Doesn’t include a website builder;
  • Expensive plan renewals;
  • Call-in SSD performance is available in VPS plans only.

Other Scala Hosting highlights include premium server speed, 99.9% uptime rate guarantee, worthy server load time, developer-friendly interface and lucrative resources provision.

Special attention should be devoted to the Scala Hosting SPanel, which is intuitive and convenient for everyone. Its use does not require coding proficiency, letting every subscriber upload domains, websites, emails, databases and other types of modules. This becomes possible due to the availability of the integrated file manager and high end FTP tools.

In terms of pricing policy, Scala Hosting offers two groups of subscriptions – Web Hosting/WordPress subscriptions and Fully Managed VPS Hosting. The cost starts at $3.95 per month. Users may also opt for additional features provided at extra cost.

a2hosting – Easy Hosting for Personal Use

Product Name:a2hosting
Official Website:
Websites Managed:Over 464,959
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$5.99/mo
Refund:30 days

a2hosting – is an easy hosting for personal use, which delivers fast, secure and excellent customer service, diversity of hosting solutions and competitive pricing policy observed on its long-term plans. The system stands out in terms of uptime rates and high speed on Turbo Boost and Turbo Max subscriptions that ensure 20 times faster speed compared to basic plans.

a2hosting Pros for Personal Use:

  • Informative knowledge base;
  • Several types of hosting solutions;
  • Free website migration for Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost and Turbo Max plans;
  • eCommerce hosting;
  • WordPress hosting.

a2hosting Cons for Personal Use:

  • Windows hosting currently unavailable, but the system promises to offer it soon;
  • Expensive plans for short-term periods;
  • Turbo Server option is available on more expensive hosting plans only.

In addition to standard shared hosting subscriptions, a2hosting offers other hosting solutions. These include plans for VPS, Dedicated, Reseller, Email, cPanel, Turbo and Web hosting plans.

If you plan to sell products on the web, you will also benefit from using eCommerce hosting subscriptions. They are compatible with different eCommerce software and features that let the system users set up, manage and host all types of digital stores.

a2hosting also allows selecting your data center location for higher speed and you can pre-install your WordPress website (if any) to make it run quicker. What’s important, the system comes with the built-in website builder that lets you both set up, run and host projects.

The company offers moderate pricing policy. It has many plans for versatile hosting solutions it provides. The cost starts at $5.99/mo for the annual subscription (shared hosting), but you can even save more, when purchasing a 36-months plan.

LiquidWeb – Dedicated Personal Server Hosting

Product Name:Liquid Web
Official Website:
Websites Managed:4,197,368
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$15/month
Refund:30 days

Liquid Web – is a dedicated personal server hosting, which has over 10 data centers worldwide. It currently hosts over 4 million websites, offering different types of hosting solutions, including VPS, cloud and dedicated hosting.

LiquidWeb Pros for Personal Use:

  • 100% uptime guarantee;
  • HIPAA and PCI compliance;
  • eCommerce support;
  • Expert customer assistance available 24/7;
  • User-friendly website builder.

LiquidWeb Cons for Personal Use:

  • Unsuitable for beginner;
  • Does not provide shared hosting;
  • Not the cheapest hosting provider.

For more efficient website hosting, LiquidWeb offers premium class server specifications, unmetered bandwidth, SSH access, reseller plans, WP-CLI along with Git available on all managed plans.

Obviously, LiquidWeb is not a cheap company, but its flexibility and functionality are worth the budget invested. Thus, the software works best for large enterprises looking for powerful and trusted hosting solutions. This is also a nice pick for web designers, executives, producers working on the development and promotion of large-scale projects.

Currently, the system does not offer a free trial, but you can get a money refund, if you apply for it during the 30-day term. The cost of premium subscriptions starts at $15/mo.

HostPapa – Best Personal Website Hosting Provider for Beginners

Product Name:HostPapa
Official Website:
Websites Managed:197,483
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$3.95/month
Refund:30 days

HostPapa – is the best personal website hosting provider for beginners that delivers robust web hosting tools, and the most significant ones come in an unlimited option. As a privately owned website hosting company, it brings forward high-value services along with fair costs to business and personal site owners.

HostPapa Pros for Personal Use:

  • Dependable website builder to set up personal and business projects;
  • WordPress-friendly hosting;
  • Unlimited domain and website hosting;
  • Different types of hosting packages;
  • Digital store hosting.

HostPapa Cons for Personal Use:

  • Costly renewal prices;
  • No free automated website backups for hosting plans except for the Business Pro subscription;
  • No speed boosting software.

The wide plethora of the software highlights also involves speedy servers, straightforward control panel, reliable business email, more than 400 free apps (intrusion detection, shopping carts, blogs, etc.), free website migration, round-the-clock support staff, unmetered data transfer, and disk space, a free domain, and Cloudflare CDN & SSL.

HostPapa claims to be an international company providing hosting services worldwide. It has centers in Africa, South and North Americas, Middle East, Europe, Middle East, etc. And yet, its hosting solutions come from Ontario, Canada. This means that users from Canada and the United States will get the quickest website loading times.

Like the previously described hosting providers, HostPapa has no trial period. Instead, you aren’t obliged to use the company’s services if you feel dissatisfied just because you have paid for them. The 30-day money-back guarantee hasn’t yet been complained about.

Prices for the Shared hosting at HostPapa start at $3.95 per month and involve free domain and website migration.

iPage – $2/mo Personal Web Hosting

Product Name:iPage
Official Website:
Websites Managed:Over 1 million
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$1.99/month
Refund:30 days

iPage – is a $2/mo personal web hosting that boasts over 20 years of experience in the hosting market. The system lets you create a dream project due to the built-in website builder and availability of flexible hosting solutions that come at reasonable cost.

iPage Pros for Personal Use:

  • Easy, quick and secure WordPress installation;
  • Unlimited email addresses;
  • eCommerce functionality to set up and promote web stores, selling physical/digital products;
  • Search engine ad credits;
  • Integrated website analytics and unlimited domains.

iPage Cons for Personal Use:

  • Extra fees for renewing plans/registering new domains;
  • Lower page load time compared to niche rivals;
  • vDeck dashboard instead of traditional cPanel.

What’s more, the hosting provider deliver a range of other niche-related services, including impressive uptime rates, impressive diversity of third-party tools, unmetered bandwidth/disk storage space, responsive customer support that comes with a toll-free phone number, free security suite along with opportunity to register a free YellowPages listing.

iPage is quite a nice solution for beginners, especially for those, who have limited budgets yet look for reputable hosting options. The cost of plans starts at $1.99/mo, but there is no free trial here for newly-registered users. Instead, the system offers a 30-day refund guarantee.

Final Words

Whether you are going to announce your registry to your upcoming wedding guests, introduce your blog about flowers and plants, or need a working way to impress a prospective employer, setting up a personal site is the best option to use.

After establishing your site, the next step should be finding a reliable hosting provider to get your site secure space on the net.

Depending on the purpose your website has, the website hosts we reviewed here will fill just about any need from eCommerce solutions to managed WP services and website builders.

When you weigh your options, pay close attention to the 24/7 support through different channels since you are not a web developer and may occasionally need professional assistance.

Each of the hosts we reviewed here stands out for a reliable and knowledgeable support team. Furthermore, they are all budget-friendly solutions that deliver premium and fast performance despite the price. Each of them has a series of benefits.

For instance, HostGator offers the longest 45-day refund guarantee and robust operation. Bluehost is WordPress-recommended hosting provider with premium features and a functional website builder. IONOS is perhaps the most powerful out of all yet its renewal prices are higher in comparison, either.

HostPapa is the best for beginners thanks to its video training sessions while offers a full site lifecycle hosting service not to deal with anything yourself.

Scala Hosting, in its turn, has a comprehensive SPanel and versatility of hosting solutions to choose from. GreenGeeks has distinguished itself as the only eco-friendly hosting provider that is concerned about energy consumption.

a2hosting offers an impressive range of hosting solutions at affordable cost, while iPage is one of the most cost-effective systems out there.

LiquidWeb is mostly focused on providing dedicated personal server hosting, but it doesn’t have any shared hosting plans.

Go ahead to pick the provider according to your peculiar needs and personal website nature.

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