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Shopify Alternatives

Shopify has remained one of the leaders in the eCommerce web design niche for years. However, there are many users, who start looking for better Shopify alternatives having tried the service. Why does this happen?

The development of the website building niche does not remain the same and Shopify competitors start offering solutions that are much better in quality and convenience of use. I have compiled a general list of the most popular reasons (or the nuances that users didn’t like when working on the development of eCommerce projects) that make Shopify users look for the best alternatives to the system:

  • Complicated for the newbies;
  • High transaction fees;
  • High price of paid templates;
  • Difficulty to customize a website.

In this post, I have reviewed the best Shopify competitors from the point of view of small online store creation. In the prevailing amount of cases, the startups or the owners of small- and medium-sized businesses, which manufacture only a few products, may find it difficult to pay $80 per month (this is the cost of the standard Shopify plan).

Looking for the best alternative, I’ve explored and tested over 50 website builders and eventually decided to stop at two of them, namely Wix and uKit. Let’s have a closer look at each of these services now.

1. Wix – The Best Shopify Competitor for Small eCommerce

Though Wix isn’t a specialized eCommerce site builder, it can still be a good Shopify alternative, especially for those looking for quick and easy way of creating a site. New Wix’s ADI interface will help you build a site in less than one day.


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The flexibility of the platform lets you easily grow your online store into a complex feature-rich site with stunning design, attractive blog and special eCommerce apps (Hotels&Restaurants for instance). Also lots of other features can be installed from Wix App Market. The cost of eCommerce Plan starts here at $16.50/mo.

2. uKit – Almost Free Shopify Alternative

uKit is a website builder that specializes on creating websites for small business owners. It will be a perfect choice for those, who need to create a small online store and are limited in funds.


 Get started today, it’s easy!

The plan, which makes it possible to create an online store at uKit costs $9.6/month with the one-year payment (it doesn’t make any sense, though, to pay for an online store for a smaller period). It goes without saying that an opportunity to get a nice eCommerce building tool for the price of a coffee cup seems really appealing.

Moreover, with SWB promo code this cost could be reduced more. I think, that less than $100/year for complete website with hosting is a really smart decision for those who wish to create a small online shop.

Bottom Line

SaaS website builders are the best solution for small business owners and those entrepreneurs, who are going to sell several dozens of products. The benefits of Wix and uKit to Shopify are obvious: simplicity of the web creation process, convenience of the commerce module use and more affordable pricing plans. Anyway, it makes sense to test these alternatives and make your choice prior to launching your own business.

There are many more sites like Shopify; in our post we’ve only mentioned those that differ from Shopify in the preferred user group, pricing and ease-of-use. Happy site building!

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  • lucianexa is a another Shopify Alternative ecommerce management system. You can try it. I think its very easy to manage. You will also get some analysis report here which will help you to make a marketing plan for your ecommerce business.