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Best Shared Hosting for WordPress

Website hosting companies have three hardware characteristics that define how effective they are in ensuring a stable hosting of a WordPress site on the Internet – the processing power or CPU, the hard disk space, and memory or RAM. With shared hosting, you share your hardware resources and server with plenty of other websites.

With this said, shared hosting differs from all other hosting types in that the provider hosts WordPress on those servers which you have. This way you can maintain the security and optimize performance easier since there’s only a single piece of software on them.

Here are the three main reasons why you should think of a shared plan if you need great hosting services for a WordPress site:

  • One-click easy installation;
  • Reliable support;
  • Beginner-friendly dashboards;
  • Professional site migration help once the website’s traffic grows;
  • Cheap costs.

Shared hosting can’t be defined as the best in the industry and yet it’s a perfect option to start with. Besides, thanks to the extremely affordable prices, you won’t have to shut down your WordPress site.

So, to find out particularly which hosting companies you should trust to host your WordPress site, we have conducted thorough research. The results are at your disposal:

List of Tested Best Shared Hosting for WordPress:

1. HostGator6. GreenGeeks11. ScalaHosting
2. Bluehost7. SiteGround12. GoDaddy
3. IONOS8. InMotion13. iPage
4. Web.com9. KnownHost14. Dreamhost
5. Hostinger10. WebHostingPad15. Hostpapa

The 15 mentioned website hosting companies have been chosen based on three main factors essential for WordPress hosting – uptime (the min required uptime is 99.94%), speed or load time, and customer support to give quick solutions to users’ WordPress-related issues.

Nevertheless, we can’t guarantee the same results in terms of speed and uptime for all websites since they may slightly differ, depending on the chosen plan, as well as the size and traffic of the website.

With all this in mind, let’s start!

1. HostGator – The Best Shared Hosting for WordPress

Hosting Name:HostGator
Websites managed:2,273,368
Test Plan:No
Cheapest plan:$2.75/month
Refund:45 days

HostGator – is the WordPress shared hosting provider you can trust unconditionally. Apparently, it’s one of the world’s most popular and approved companies with over 10 million domains. HostGator offers a number of benefits to its shared hosting users with WordPress optimized servers, free site transfers and up to 3GB backups, credible support for up to 500k visitors per month, unlimited bandwidth, one-click WordPress installs, 24/7 responsive support, SSL certificate, and free domain in particular.

The guaranteed uptime of HostGator shared hosting plans is 99% yet in practice, it reaches 99.97%, which isn’t that bad. What we like about HostGator, in particular, is that it constantly improves with time and introduces new features at no extra cost. For instance, this hosting provider has added a free dedicated IP address along with premium SEO tools to its Business shared hosting plan, which would otherwise cost $50 per year.

Besides unlimited bandwidth, HostGator provides unlimited storage, subdomains, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, email accounts, and free Google and Bing Ads Credits ($100 worth each). Furthermore, HostGator provides a way to keep track of a website’s statistics, such as the number of unique visitors, where the main traffic comes from, and all this in real-time.

HostGator introduces a high-security level through the SpamAssassin feature. The latter won’t allow spam emails into your business inbox. Furthermore, the Secure Socket Shell Access and Cron Job scheduling enable users to connect to their servers remotely and automate repeated server tasks right from the control panel.

What we can mention as disadvantages of this provider are limited backup options and higher renewal fees only.

The discount prices, however, are as follows:

  • Hatchling – Costs $2.75/mo. The tier includes hosting of one site, one-click WP installs, free website transfer, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, and free domain.
  • Baby – At the cost of $3.50/mo, HostGator offers the same features yet for unlimited websites.
  • Business – Priced at $5.25/mo, the top shared hosting plan includes all the previously mentioned features, plus Cloudflare CDN with up to 2.5x faster page load times, free upgrade to Positive SSL, free dedicated IP, and free SEO tools.

In all cases, you can talk this over with the support team either through a toll-free telephone call or live chat. The dependable and useful support is available round-the-clock and ready to respond to users promptly.

HostGator does not offer a free trial period, but the 45-day refund should be more than enough to realize if this hosting is what you need for your WordPress site.

2. Bluehost – The Fastest Shared Hosting for WordPress

Hosting Name:Bluehost
Websites managed:4,584,636
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.95/month
Refund:30 days

Bluehost – is another popular WordPress hosting provider that has taken the world by storm. Apparently, it’s the most widely-preferred host for bloggers and small business owners with WordPress sites. The reason for such great popularity lies in the cheap price – only $2.75 per month for the introductory Basic plan. The primary advantages of this hosting provider include up to 30-day use of free Office 365, custom themes, unlimited websites, auto-renewals at regular rates, unmetered SSD storage, optimized CPU resources, as well as a one-click WordPress install, a free domain for a year, a free SSL, Google ads, domain manager, and resource protection for all plans. The cPanel of Bluehost is intuitive and user-friendly. The Google My Business feature enables users to list their local businesses online, including the location of a company and its hours of operation. Google Ads credits worth $150 on a user’s first campaign (only for users located in the US) will serve as an extra kick.

Another Bluehost perk is Resource Protection. The latter ensures complete protection even if other sites are on that shared server. Bluehost integrates Cloudflare CDN into every shared hosting account. This feature significantly increases a website’s speed internationally. Generally, all the features provided with shared plans (except for the Basic package) come in unlimited quantities, from email accounts to parked domains.

Bluehost features a strong reload time (249 ms) and uptime which is proven 99.95%. As far as you’re concerned about the downsides of WordPress shared hosting by Bluehost, be aware that it doesn’t provide free site migration in the Basic plan (for this, the company charges $150 for one site), while the payments can’t be conducted on a monthly basis. The pricing system works as follows:

  • Basic – Costs $2.95/mo and offers everything a user needs to host one site.
  • Plus – Costs $5.45/mo and serves great for those users who run multiple sites.
  • Choice Plus – At the price of $5.45/mo, the pricing tier has added privacy and security features.
  • Pro – The top tier is priced at $13.95/mo. It offers more power through optimized web resources.

Bluehost can boast of an extended database of WordPress tutorials for beginners. The tech support team is always there to assist users, too, with its quick responses to live chat appeals.

New users can’t count on any free trial period, yet the 30-day money-back policy was set to help new users feel at ease.

3. IONOS – The Largest European-based Hosting Provider

Hosting Name:1&1 IONOS
Websites managed:349,326
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$1/mo
Refund:30 days

1&1 IONOS – is another remarkable name in the website hosting industry. Perhaps such great popularity is conditioned under the most affordable cost for hosting that it offers. Like all industry-leading hosting providers, 1&1 IONOS is packed with some wonderful features involving both Linux and Windows-based servers, straightforward website building tools, highly useful plugins and extensions, productive email marketing, unlimited bandwidth, the availability of both basic and enhanced hosting packages catered to all businesses from small to large, and a dedicated SSL certificate.

Other than this, the hosting company offers SSD storage for all shared hosting plans. Actually, solid-state drives are faster than traditional spinning drives, providing room for quicker server response time and site loading times. Ionos by 1&1 also features CDN with Railgun. The latter is the latest technology that speeds delivery through the CDN network. Railgun is free and integrated into the top plan yet is optional for two of the three shared hosting plans. Cloudflare is the Ionos CDN provider.

Ionos by 1&1 is the only provider of shared hosting that supports PHP 8.0 in the beta stage. Surely, PHP 7.4, which is more stable, is also available. The older PHP version is available, too.

Nevertheless, 1&1 IONOS isn’t perfect and has certain drawbacks. First of all, novice users who have no experience in website hosting may find the platform too complicated. The super-cheap cost, which serves as the main incentive to attract users, is palpably enhanced once you purchase the necessary extensions. Actually:

  • Business – At a currently discounted price of only $1/mo, you can get 10 MariaDB or 5 MySQL databases, unmetered websites and storage, a professional email, site scan malware protection, a free domain for 12 months, a free wildcard SSL certificate, Max CPU & MEM resources. It is an ideal option for 1 WordPress website.
  • Essential – The introductory plan is priced at $4/mo. It offers one website, 10 GB storage, ten databases, basic CPU & MEM resources, a free domain for a year, a professional email, daily backups, and recovery.
  • Expert – The top tier is priced at $8/mo. It covers unlimited storage, databases, websites, Max CPU & MEM resources, Free Wildcard SSL, free professional email, CDN, SiteAnalytics Plus, SiteScan malware protection, daily backups, and protection.

Few website hosting providers offer free trials. 1&1 IONOS, unfortunately, isn’t one of them. But you can always require your money back as long as 30 days haven’t passed from the day of subscription.

4. – Pretty Standard but Reliable Hosting Provider

Websites Powered:189,124
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Shared Plan:$5.95/mo
Refund:30 days

Providing website hosting services since 1999, today has around three million customers worldwide. This is quite a solid host. It introduces feature-packed plans which are seemingly fairly priced. targets individuals and companies of all sizes. Yet, personal blogs, online stores, and small businesses most benefit from this shared hosting provider.

Although has rather basic features than other hosting providers, some reasons attract multiple users. First of all, the company offers both Windows-based and Linux-based hosting plans. In addition, the hosting company provides customers with all the shared hosting essentials – unlimited data transfer, ample storage allowances, automatic backups, website restore functionality, free domain, unlimited MySQL databases, possibility to integrate OScommerce and Magento, etc. that all let set up and run a website in mere minutes. also provides up to 25 multi-user email inboxes, your complimentary domain, and a free email address.

The uptime guarantee of hosting is strikingly high – 99.99%. The hosting provider supports top open-source scripts with single-click installations for Drupal, WP, and Joomla.

On the other hand, the prices are rather high for the provided services which are all standard. Furthermore, the company has no other hosting services besides three shared hosting plans. Within the scope of this review, this might seem insignificant. But if you plan to enhance and enlarge your business, you will definitely need to upgrade your hosting and acquire a VPS or Dedicated hosting plan. With, this is impossible.

If you can still go with Shared hosting only, offers the following tiers:

  • Basic – Priced at $2.95/mo, you get one website, 15K visitors, 10 GB SSD, 25 FTP accounts, free domain, and site builder.
  • Plus – This tier comes at the cost of $4.95/mo. It involves five websites, 50K visitors, 20 GB SSD, 50 FTP accounts, SSL, plus all features from the previous plan.
  • Premium – At the cost of $6.95/mo, delivers ten websites, 200K visitors, 40GB SSD, unmetered FTP accounts, plus other features from the previous tier.

5. Hostinger – Affordable Hosting for WordPress Website

Hosting Name:Hostinger
Websites managed:3,341,508
Test Plan:Free hosting available
Cheapest Plan:$2.99/mo
Refund:30 days

Hostinger – is a Europe-based website hosting company with data centers in Asia, the USA, and, of course, Europe. Even though you don’t have a chance to choose your server upon registration, you can always contact the support team to ask for that once you have signed up. This is a perk that not all hosting providers can boast to offer their clientele.

Hostinger is very generous in terms of features and offers a myriad of advantages, including free SSL and email account, a solid website building tool, availability of both Windows and Linux-based hosting servers, multilingual customer support, a big offer or WordPress plans, unmetered SSD disk space and bandwidth, daily and weekly automated backups, robust caching, one-click automated WordPress install, and a free domain. Most of these features are provided in the starting tiers. Another major perk we can’t but draw your attention to is the grandiose 2.23 seconds load time which seems hard to beat. The uptime, according to our tests, meanwhile, is 99.99%.

Hostinger implements LiteSpeed technology on a server level which stands for the fastest and most credible web servers to Hostinger sites. Compared to Apache technology, LiteSpeed performs much better. Therefore, with Hostinger, website owners acquire the chance to cut delivery times to their site visitors through cached copies.

Hostinger offers its users a professional email with a personalized domain. If you plan to move to Hostinger from another hosting provider, you would like to keep your company in touch with your customers. Meanwhile, domains can be transferred easily from the domain administration panel regardless of your provider. On the other hand, a Flockmail service also works great for organizing meetings and conferences broadcast live.

As for increasing the hosting services, there are 100 useful apps, including Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal CMS.

What concerns the downsides of this WordPress hosting provider, we have to mention the inconsistency of uptime performance from time to time which is especially noticeable with shared hosting plans.

The live support available round the clock engages knowledgeable and responsible members who respond swiftly.

Hostinger falls into the category of cheap providers if you subscribe for 4 years, though. When it comes to shared hosting for WordPress, the plans are as follows:

  • Premium Hosting ($2.99 per month to reach $6.99 upon renewal) – the plan includes 100 websites, 100 GB SSD, unmetered databases, free SSL Certificate and bandwidth, basic WooCommerce optimization, free automatic website migration, free 1-click WP installation, WP auto updates etc.;
  • Business Hosting ($3.99 per month to reach $8.99 upon renewal) – the plan gives out 100 websites, 200 GB SSD, free email, unmetered bandwidth and databases, WooCommerce optimization, WP AI tools, LiteSpeed for WordPress, WP vulnerabilities scanner, WP multisite, on-demand backup etc.;
  • Cloud Startup Hosting ($9.99 per month to reach $19.99 upon renewal) – Hostinger’s top shared tier offers 300 websites, 200 GB SSD, free email, daily backups, free CDN, dedicated IP address, advanced WooCommerce optimization, free automatic website migration, WP staging tool, WP AI tools, object cache for WordPress etc.

6. GreenGeeks – Advanced Green Energy Hosting for WordPress

Product Name:GreenGeeks
Websites managed:-
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.95/mo
Refund:30 days

GreenGeeks – is an advanced green energy hosting that offers expert support, lightning fast speed and enhanced security for WordPress projects. Created in 2008 in Los Angeles, CA, USA, the company sees its mission in providing its users with the best and the most reliable hosting services.

What’s more, they position themselves as an eco-friendly host, which means that they pay special attention to the energy consumption aspect. To save the energy consumed by their servers from the power grid, they buy wind energy credits. That’s a truly unique approach that is frequently overlooked by other hosts.

GreenGeeks offers different types of hosting to come up to the needs of their subscribers. These include Shared, Dedicated, VPN, Reseller and WordPress hosting. To ensure enhanced speed solutions for blazing fast web page loads, the platform grants access to new technologies, including SSD hard drives, Litespeed and MariaDB, LiteSpeed Cache, Free CDN, PHP7, HTPS and QUIC solutions.

When using GreenGeeks, you won’t have to worry about your project security. The software guarantees account isolation, availability of Linux secure virtualized File System, clustered security, real-time scanning, pro-active monitoring along with nightly backups.

Web design pros will also appreciate the opportunity of website creation. The platform comes with an integrated website builder that can be used to solve a variety of website development tasks. It is even possible to set up a digital store here as GreenGeeks includes an eCommerce engine as well. Thus, users can both launch and host personal and business projects with the system.

Mind that GreenGeeks’ has a few demerits that don’t have a notable impact upon its performance. The software currently doesn’t offer 24/7 phone support, domain name and set up pricing.

Whatever type of hosting you need, GreenGeeks offers three pricing options to choose from, namely:

  • Lite – Available at $2.95/mo, the plan works best for simple personal websites. It includes one website hosting, standard performance, 50GB web space, unlimited transfer options and databases, 50 email accounts, free WP installation, migration and updates, free backup and SSL, free domain for 1st year, built-in caching, 300% green energy match, multi-user access.
  • Pro – Provided at $4.95/mo, the plan is ideal for multiple website hosting as well as for projects that require more speed. It encompasses the options available in the first subscription plus unlimited websites, enhanced performance, unmetered web space, transfer and email accounts, on-demand backups and WP repair tool.
  • Premium – Costing $8.95/mo, the plan is suitable for users willing to set up business websites and eCommerce projects. It comes with the features listed in the previous subscriptions plus free dedicated IP, free AlphaSSL and object caching.

Additionally, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee that lets you get the invested budget back, if you realize that you are not planning to use the software for some reason.

7. SiteGround – The Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Hosting Name:SiteGround
Websites Powered:190,658
Test Plan:No
Cheapest WordPress Plan:$3.99/mo
Refund:30 days

SiteGround is a legitimate and famous WordPress shared hosting company that’s recommended straight by the WordPress community. It’s a good option that is especially appropriate for European users. The most impressive features of the host involve free HTTPS, free email, up to 40 GB webspace, free WordPress installation, free WordPress migration, free SSL certificate, auto-updates, enhanced security, unmetered databases, daily backups, and excellent performance with 9.99% uptime guarantee.

SiteGround’s shared hosting service is great for any CMS or web app, particularly WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Besides the standard features, users also get AutoInstaller, one-click install, Autoupdater, etc., with every shared plan. The Softaculous auto-installer, for instance, allows installing any CMS with a couple of clicks only. You don’t have to be professional or have experience in website hosting. The SuperCacher plugin will also be provided for all popular CMSs that can dramatically increase the speed of your website.

The security level of SiteGround is on the top. The security tools swiftly fix any server vulnerabilities with over 800 written WAF rules. The company even has its brand Anti-Hack System, which is proof that SiteGround cares for the security of its websites.

Cloudflare, the most popular free CDN, is integrated into every SiteGround shared hosting plan entirely for free. Besides this, the brand has some unique features divided into three categories – Essential Features, Premium Features, and Geeky Advanced Features. Depending on the chosen plan, you get a respective set of features. For instance, the most expensive GoGeek plan includes all Essential and Premium Features.

Customer support is available in several forms yet for registered users only. On the other hand, SiteGround has certain features which can by no means be described as positive. For instance, the renewal rates for SiteGround plans are palpably higher compared to other hosts. See the pricing list here:

  • StartUp – The introductory plan costs $3.99/mo. It offers one website, 10 GB SSD, 10K monthly visits, unlimited traffic, free SSL, caching, free email, and free CDN.
  • GrowBig – To enhance your plan, upgrade it for GrowBig at the monthly price of $4.99. It provides unlimited websites, 20 GB SSD, 100K monthly visits, free SSL, daily backups, free email and CDN, on-demand backup copies, and 30% faster PHP staging.
  • GoGeek – The top tier is priced at $7.99/mo. It comes with unlimited websites, 40 GB of web space, 400K monthly visits, white-label clients, free private DNS, the highest tier of resources, and everything else from the previous tier.

Based on the features SiteGroud offers, as well as the starting low price, this WordPress shared hosting provider is intended mostly for small sites that don’t get much traffic. When it starts generating more than 10,000 visits a month, you will have to go a step higher and enhance to GrowBig or GoGeek plans that come at the cost of $6.69/month and $10.69/month, respectively.

However, if you find the platform is not what you expected, you can get a refund during the first 30 days after the subscription.

8. InMotion – The Best USA-Based Platform for WordPress

Hosting Name:InMotion Hosting
Websites managed:922,786
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.99/month
Refund:90 days

InMotion is a US-based website hosting company with amazing WordPress hosting plans. Operating in the industry of website hosting for over 20 years, the company has managed to build a huge fan base with over 1.2 million domains hosted worldwide.

Many reasons make this platform ideal for WordPress users. These include free SSL, unmetered bandwidth and email accounts, user-friendly cPanel, up to 99.99% uptime guarantee, BoldGrid plugin for professional-looking sites, CDN, more than 200 free themes specialized for WordPress sites, a powerful website builder, and quickly responsive customer support which works round the clock. The 90-day refund guarantee stands out in the market since making use of the host’s services for up to 3 months will bring you a deep insight into how efficient it is for your site.

InMotion offers some freebies and nice touches to its users. For instance, the company integrates cPanel into a user’s dashboard, so there’s no need for multiple logins. In addition, if the time comes to upgrade your shared plan to enhance your business’s online presence, you will have a wide selection of VPS and Dedicated plans.

Although InMotion isn’t the most powerful hosting provider in the market, it features some of the most robust security measures. For example, the ongoing Super Security Smartwall Threat Defense System will stand against any DDoS assaults or other threats at practically no cost.

The downsides of the company involve strict limitations on the number of websites per account. For an ordinary user, this may not seem a problem, but an entrepreneur or an online marketer will view this as a drawback.

One can’t describe InMotion WordPress hosting plans as affordable. Particularly, for a two-year subscription, you get:

  • Core – The plan costs $2.99/mo and offers free SSL, two websites, 100GB SSD, unmetered bandwidth, ten emails, 2x speed performance, security, and marketing tools.
  • Launch – At the price of $5.99/mo, you get free domain and SSL, unlimited websites, bandwidth, and NVMe SSD, unlimited email addresses, 6x UltraStack speed and performance, plus everything from the previous plan.
  • Power – Costing $5.99/mo, this hosting plan offers 12x UltraStack Speed and Performance, advanced caching, unlimited NVMe SSD, plus everything from the previous plan.
  • Pro – At the cost of $13.99/mo, InMotion offers 20x UltraStack speed and performance, pro support SLA, dedicated IP, and all features from the previous plan.

InMotion is a perfect option for a myriad of sites, including business sites, Drupal, Joomla sites, bloggers, eCommerce sites, etc. However, the WordPress tiers are obviously catered to host WordPress websites. The money-back guarantee for InMotion shared hosting is valid for 30 days.

9. KnownHost – Affordable Shared Hosting for Personal and Business WordPress Websites

Product Name:KnownHost
Websites managed:-
Test plan:No
Cheapest plan:$3.47/mo
Refund:30 days

KnownHost – is an affordable shared hosting for personal and business WordPress websites. The system has a separate groups of plans for WordPress projects, each including more detailed subscriptions.

One of the advantages of using KnownHost for your WP website is their emphasis on security. They provide a range of security measures such as firewalls, malware scans, and DDoS protection to ensure your website stays safe and secure.

The company also guarantees excellent and knowledgeable customer support service, with 24/7 access to the support team. They can help you with any issues you may encounter.

When opting for WordPress hosting plan, you will get an opportunity to deploy your project on super fast NVMe servers, using the cutting edge enterprise hardware, exclusive integrated facilities and tools. Additionally, you get an intuitive management interface, 99.9% proven project availability, free SSL, active protection due to Imunify360, access to LiteSpeed and LSCache.

Users who have the desire to transfer their WordPress websites from other hosts to KnownHost servers, can do that absolutely at no cost here.

Speaking about the software demerits, they do not currently offer Windows hosting, having Linux-based subscriptions only. The plans also include limited email hosting along with limited bandwidth. Free domains are unavailable here as well.

If you are right about to host a WordPress website with KnownHost, you will be offered to choose from the following plans that are specifically tailored for this CMS:

  • Managed Entry WordPress ($5.98/mo) – 50GB NVMe storage, unlimited email accounts and premium bandwidth, 1 WordPress website, up to 100K visits per month;
  • Managed Business WordPress ($9.98/mo) – 100GB NVMe storage, up to 200K visits per month etc.;
  • Managed Corporate WordPress ($19.98/mo) – 150GB NVMe storage, 5 WordPress websites, up to 500K visits per month etc.

If you are not satisfied with the terms of the selected subscription, you can get the refund within 30 days after the day of its purchase.

10. WebHostingPad – Best for WordPress and High Traffic Websites

Product Name:WebHostingPad
Websites managed:54,650
Test plan:No
Cheapest plan:$4.49/mo
Refund:30 days

WebHostingPad – is the best hosting for WordPress and high traffic websites based in the USA.The company has shared plans that are specifically optimized for WordPress and come with a pre-installed WordPress software, making it easy for you to set up and manage your WordPress site.

One of the undeniable merits of WebHostingPad for your WordPress website is their easy-to-use control panel. It makes the process of website management simple. The same is about the completion of administrative tasks.

The company also stands out from the crowd due to its intuitive cPanel control panel, letting users easily manage their projects even with no coding awareness. If you already run a website on another hosting, there is a great opportunity to switch to WebHostingPad servers for free.

Other advantages of using the service include free SSL Certificates, powerful speed-optimized servers, unlimited email accounts and 1-click WordPress installation. The software also guarantees free domains and analytic tools, eCommerce integration, malware protection, extra add-ons and other privileges.

Apart from pros, the software has a number of cons. These include limited disk storage space and bandwidth, insufficient customer support options, expensive renewal fees etc. these demerits, however, do not have serious impact upon the software performance and trustability.

When using WebHostingPad for your WordPress website, take your time to pick the most suitable subscription from the WordPress Hosting package. The company offers competitive pricing for their plans and it frequently provides various discounts and promotional offers to help you save money. Here are the plans to choose from:

  • WordPress Basic (starts at$2.99/mo) – free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate, automated & anytime backups, twice higher Power Plan memory etc.;
  • WordPressPro (starts at $3.99/mo) – free trusted CA SSL Certificate, twice higher computing power, fast and robust servers;
  • WordPress Premium (starts at $5.99/mo) – free trusted CA SSL Certificate, three times higher computing power, unlimited email accounts etc.

The money-back guarantee is viable for 30 days here as well.

11. ScalaHosting – A Top-Rated Cloud and Website Hosting Provider

Hosting Name:Scala Hosting
Websites managed:Over 700,000
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Hosting Plan:$2.95/mo

ScalaHosting is included in the list of the most popular and robust website hosting companies. With over 13 years of niche expertise, they offer a broad range of hosting solutions to come up to versatile needs of users. This includes shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, reseller plans, business email hosting and more.

One of the undeniable highlights of the service is its SPanel, which is user-friendly and does not require any coding proficiency at all. Due to the built-in file manager and FTP tools, uploading websites, emails, domains, databases and other modules is quick and easy here for everyone. Thus, ScalaHosting SPanel is the all-in-one solution that delivers impressive functionality, making it possible to control the entire website performance – from email management and up to DNS settings – in the same interface.

ScalaHosting servers are located in the US and Europe, featuring noteworthy speed and performance. They are above average. The most impressive test results constitute 37 ms for shared hosting and 30 ms for VPS hosting. According to recent test results, the uptime rate is quite high, featuring 99.9%, while the 6-months average server load time constitutes 528 ms.

The hosting provider provides significant resources allocation. All shared hosting plans (except for the cheapest one) come with unlimited bandwidth. Additionally, ScalaHosting provides impressive HTTP/3 for all plans, starting with basic subscriptions. The company has advanced SEO and analytic tools included in its plans that help effectively optimize a website with regard to specific search engine criteria.

Other features that are worth user attention include the availability of automated backups, opportunity of website migration and domain name registration, SSL Certificate connection and advanced SShield cybersecurity protection, White Label Hosting, unlimited email accounts. One-click WordPress installation is available here as well.

As to the demerits of the platform, it is possible to mention the absence of the built-in website builder that could be a nice solution for instant project creation, hosting and its further promotion. What’s more, the Call-in SSD performance is available here in terms of VPS plans only. Finally, the subscription renewal prices are quite high for ordinary users.

ScalaHosting pricing policy is quite versatile and comes up to diverse user categories and hosting needs. There are two groups of subscriptions here. Web Hosting plans correspond to WordPress hosting subscriptions. They range between $3.95/mo and $29.95/mo. These are the starter prices though. The cost of subscriptions upon renewal becomes much higher. This is another drawback of the hosting provider.

Another group of plans – Fully Managed VPS Hosting – includes 4 options. Here they go:

  • Start – $29.95/mo+built-in features worth $78.95/mo, the plan offers 2 CPU Core, 4GB RAM, 50GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Advanced – $63.95/mo+built-in features worth $78.95/mo, the plan offers 4 CPU Cores, 8GB RAM, 100GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Business – $121.95/mo+built-in features worth $78.95/mo, the plan offers 8 CPU Cores, 16GB RAM, 150GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Enterprise – $179.95/mo+built-in features worth $78.95/mo, the plan offers 12 CPU Cores, 24GB RAM, 200GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth.

If there is anything you don’t understand about the pricing options or some of the aspects of using the hosting provider services, take your time to contact the customer support team 24/7. It comprises quite an extensive Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Email and Priority Support for premium subscribers.

12. GoDaddy – The Largest Domain Registrar + Hosting Company

Hosting Name:GoDaddy
Websites managed:40,740,208
Test Plan:Yes (for website builder)
Cheapest Plan:$5.99/mo
Refund:30 days

GoDaddy – is a veteran among website hosting companies having over two decades of experience in the field and more than 9 million websites launched during all these years. However, website developers and online business owners recognize the company mostly for its domain registration services. The major characteristics and features that the company entices its users, involve Automatic daily malware scans and unmetered malware removal and hack repair, unlimited storage and bandwidth, a free domain and business mail, unlimited visitors for eCommerce packages, SEO optimizer, unlimited products, premium WooCommerce extensions available, appointment scheduling, real-time shipping rates, cPanel and Plesk Control Panel interfaces, Linux and Windows server hosting.

Transferring your business site hosting to GoDaddy, you acquire $100 worth of Google AdWords for every spent $25. Besides, the offer includes $50 in Bing ads and Facebook ads. In addition, GoDaddy features 1 GB MySQL databases with high storage volume in all three plans.

Additionally, unlike the standard shared hosting plans where much everything beyond the storage space and one-click installer costs extra, GoDaddy offers free backups. The company allows users to schedule backups, make them on demand, download, and restore the site from a backup with only several clicks.

Another perk of GoDaddy’s shared hosting provider is the automatic malware scanning feature. Moreover, the higher-priced plans provide complete malware removal, hack repair, and simple malware scanning. Other free tools cover staging and SEO tools which are yet included in the Deluxe plan or above. Furthermore, choosing an E-commerce plan with pre-installed WooCommerce as a part of WP installation, the superb WooCommerce extensions appear at your full disposal, too.

We can’t include customer support into the list of advantages since sometimes it may take a couple of business days till you get a solution to the problem. Other cons of this hosting company are the absence of restoration fees, not impressive loading speeds, and probable uptime issues.

Let’s go over the current prices for GoDaddy shared hosting plans provided you obtain them for three years:

  • Economy – Priced at $5.99/mo, you get 1 website, 25 GB storage, 10 databases, unmetered bandwidth, free one-click WP install, daily backups, 2 free Microsoft 365 mailboxes, a free domain, and a free SSL certificate.
  • Deluxe – At the price of $7.99, you get everything included in the Economy pack, yet the available websites are 10, the storage is 50 GB, the databases are 25, and the Microsoft mailboxes are three.
  • Ultimate – Priced at $12.99/mo, this tier includes everything included in the Deluxe pack, yet the available websites are 25, the storage is 75 GB, the databases are 50, and the Microsoft mailboxes are five. You also get increased processing power.
  • Maximum – Paying $19.99/mo, you obtain everything included in the Ultimate pack, yet the available websites are 50, the storage is 100 GB, the databases are 100, and the Microsoft mailboxes are five. Expect enhanced processing power and speed.

The free trial period spreads over only the website builder, while the WordPress hosting plan is offered with a 30-day refund guarantee.

13. iPage – One of The Oldest Web Hosting Provider in the World

Hosting Name:iPage
Websites managed:1 million
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$1.99/mo
Refund:30 days

iPage – website hosting company attracts users with its unlimited hosting plans packed with premium features at quite affordable prices. The main advantages of this provider include unlimited storage and bandwidth, a graphic-based comprehensible control panel, free listing, free security suite, unmetered MySQL databases, the possibility to host unmetered sites, one of the highest uptime guarantees in the market (99.99%), a plethora of useful extensions, a powerful website builder, and a free security suite.

iPage ensures a top security level and premium performance with SiteLock. The latter scans for any vulnerabilities and malware to block automated bot attacks upon detecting any. Besides, SiteLock provides a CDN and firewall. However, the feature is included for free only in the Essential Plan for WordPress hosting. Other than this, it comes as an extension.

Another feature we can’t omit is the Google Analytics integration. Although it comes in a pretty basic version, it allows tracing visitor statistics quite vital for your business, such as where the site visitors come from, how they interact with the site, etc. Extra analytics tools via Webalizer and AWStats are also available.

iPage offers Roundcube email hosting in both WP and shared hosting plans. Although the email storage by default is 500MB, you can always buy credits if you need them. In addition, your email hosting will come with SSL, IMAP/POP3 support, setup step for email clients (Gmail and Outlook), and autoresponders. Finally, iPage will provide you with free Constant Contact email marketing campaigns for three months!

Just like in the cases of many other websites hosting providers, iPage has some hidden costs, which is definitely a downside. It issues extra fees once a user renews the plan or registers a new domain. Other cons include slow loading and the vDeck dashboard. Though the latter is quite intuitive and well-structured, most users, who are used to the traditional cPanel may find it tricky to use.

iPage shared hosting plan Go is priced at $1.99/mo. It covers unlimited storage, sites, a free standard email address, a free SSL certificate, and a site builder.

Generally, this hosting provider is catered to beginners, small businesses, startups, and generally those users who are on a limited budget.

The 30-day refund policy is definitely enough to comprehend if iPage is what a client was looking for or not. Based on this theory, the company doesn’t offer any trial period.

14. Dreamhost – Hosting Provider

Hosting Name:Dreamhost
Websites managed:633,564
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.95/mo
Refund:97 days

Dreamhost – is a famous well-constructed website hosting company that offers robust WordPress hosting plans. Furthermore, along with SiteGround and Bluehost, Dreamhost has been recommended by the website. This company aims to deliver credible, fast, and optimized hosting for WordPress users. That’s why it is enriched with amazing features, including a 100% uptime guarantee (though we are deeply inclined to think no hosting company can manage to deliver stable 100% uptime), unmetered bandwidth, data storage, MySQL databases, and Subdomains, the possibility to host unlimited websites, a credible, profound website building tool, auto-updates and backups, free email hosting.

One-click installs are available for installing various apps, including WordPress, shopping cart software, CMS software apps, and photo galleries, at one click of a mouse. You don’t even need to know any coding to use anyone’s script.

One of Dreamhost’s perks is that it offers absolutely free hosting for non-profit organizations operating in the United States. This can be a charity or a church. All that it will need to affirm lifetime free hosting is the right documentation from the IRS (the IRS-issued 501(c) (3) determination letter).

The list of cons can’t be as long as that of pros. And yet, we don’t have the right to conceal the extra costs set on many tools you can see in the dashboard, just as the additional costs for exploiting the premium WordPress hosting. The company’s text-based cPanel isn’t always as intuitive as you’d wish.

The Pricing goes as follows if you become a Dreamhost subscriber for three years:

  • Shared Starter – At the price of $2.95/mo, the plan offers one website, free domain, WP pre-installer, free automated WP migrations, WP site builder, free SSL, and fast SSD storage.
  • Shared Unlimited – At the price of $3.95/mo, the shared pricing tier provides unlimited websites, a free domain, WP pre-installer, unlimited email, and everything else from the introductory plan.

The plethora of available features and the tremendous 97-day refund guarantee make this host ideal for all WordPress site owners no matter how large the site is or how much traffic it generates.

15. Hostpapa – America’s #1 WordPress Hosting Company

Hosting Name:HostPapa
Websites managed:190,079
Test Plan:No
Cheapest plan:$2.95/mo
Refund:30 days

HostPapa – HostPapa is a Canadian-based website hosting provider mostly catered to American users. The company has been steadily rising in its popularity since its foundation in 2006 thanks to the series of features (for WordPress hosting as well) involving the impressively high 99.98% uptime and 569 ms loading speed, extensive support options, a credible site builder, hosting for an unlimited number of websites, unmetered SSD storage, and bandwidth.

You also get free domain registration, such advanced WP features like unlimited email accounts and add-on domains, 4x more CPU and MySQL resources, SEO optimized plugin, domain privacy, proactive security features with such tools as server monitoring and firewall. Intrusion detection, network monitoring, Let’s Encrypt SSL, and brute force detection are included.

HostPapa is an environmentally conscious hosting company that offers everything a novice website owner may need. In addition, it is the only hosting provider that truly integrates sustainability into its corporate mission. The company uses 100% renewable energy sources for everything it does, including the servers on its customers’ sites are hosted on.

The uptime guarantee is high – 99.9%; the cheapest shared plan includes 100 email addresses, while the upgraded tiers offer unlimited ones. And all these emails have superb security features.

Another advantage of this hosting provider is its multi-lingual support. Besides English, it’s available in Spanish, French, and several other languages, with 18 total. This feature is especially useful if you aim to set up and host a website with an international presence.

Furthermore, although you want to start with a shared hosting plan, you can upgrade it to a VPS or Reseller plan.

By the side of so many pros, it’s natural that certain aspects of the host may be granted as downsides. The high renewal prices, for instance, are certainly a drawback.

Get the pricing for Optimized WordPress Hosting plans here:

  • WP Start – The introductory plan is priced at $2.95/mo for the shared hosting plan and for the cheapest Optimized WordPress Hosting plan. The package involves one website, free domain, free SSL, 100 GB SSD, 100 emails, plus all essential features;
  • WP Plus – The cost of the plan constitutes $5.95/mo. It comes with the opportunity to host 10 websites, 100 email addresses, 100GB of disk storage space, free domain registration, opportunity to connect a standard SSL Certificate along with WP staging, core WP features, pre-installed Jetpack Free etc.;
  • WP Pro – At the cost of $5.95/mo, the tier includes all features present in the Plus tier, plus an enhanced security suite, automated website backups 1 GB, 6x performance, speed, Wildcard SSL Certificate, domain privacy (free for the first year of use), daily malware scan with removal assistance (free for the full duration);
  • WP Ultra – The cost constitutes $12.95/mo and includes all the features available on a WP Pro plan plus more server resources, domain privacy (free for the full duration), fully managed web application firewall.

HostPapa has data centers in three locations – Canada, the United States and Europe.

There’s no trial period in the platform, but the company ensures a well-working 30-day refund policy.


If you aim at hosting your WordPress website on a budget yet on the best conditions till it gets off the ground in terms of revenue generation, consider obtaining a shared WordPress hosting plan by any of the reviewed companies. Each review we presented to your attention was based on our tests and analyses. They all proved secure, reliable, affordable, and effective.

However, we came to the conclusion that a WordPress website owner simply can’t go wrong with Hostinger, Bluehost, or HostGator WordPress Managed plans. They all offer fast page loading, strong uptime, nice support systems, and some of the most affordable introductory costs. Surely, the choice is yours, but don’t forget that they all provide a refund. Choose one, test it, and if it doesn’t meet your expectations, request your money back and pass to the next one.

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