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Best Hosting For a Small Business Website

Take up a business, and you’ll need to quickly engage as many customers as possible to make your brand grow. Today, there’s no better solution for it than launching an Internet site. It should be reliable, fast-loading, and professionally built to attract your targeted audience and let your clients find their way to your product or service.

The starting minimum includes buying a domain, developing a website, and, surely, its launch on a quality hosting server. However, every small business usually encounters a problem with a restrained budget at this point.

So, it’s natural for startups and small companies to look for free or low-price options. In this article, we are going to describe the top-level hosting providers that do offer beneficial solutions for minor businesses.

Below are the results of our complete test drive of all the six hosting providers we recommend to small businesses. Their compact overviews will keep from tiresome comparisons of different hosts. Just pick the one that suits you the most and be sure to enjoy its service.

HostGator – Best Web Hosting for Small Businesses

Product Name:HostGator
Official Website:
Launch year:2002
Hosted sites:2,258,915
Free trial:No
Starting price:$2.75 p.m.
Money-Back Guarantee:45 days

We give the palm to HostGator – Best Web Hosting for Small Businesses for many reasons. This is a world-class hosting company with extended experience and a strong reputation. About a million customers have chosen its professional services. Its popularity is based on such essential features as reliable servers, a variety of plans, and comprehensive support.

We recommend HostGator as the #1 hosting provider for a small-scale business. But our goal is to supply you with relevant info so that you get the provider’s profile in its true colors.

HostGator Pros

One of the main pluses of HostGator is that you access the broadest choice of plans, no matter if you want to host your website on a shared, WordPress, VPS, or dedicated hosting server. In each category, you are free to choose from several packages. Each of them is supplied with enough features to make you appreciate the ratio between its value/price.

  • All plans include unmetered bandwidth.
  • Truly fast servers.
  • 99.97% uptime.
  • 1 year of free domain + SSL certificate.
  • Quality support 24×7 for all plans.

HostGator Cons

Although HostGator offers fantastically fast servers, it employs only one data center. However, a common user might not even sense it. Be also aware that this is not the cheapest solution in the market.


You can host a simple site on a shared hosting server for $2.75 p.m. The Business plan here will cost you $5.25 p.m. The cheapest WordPress package is $5.95. All these are not bad solutions for a small company that does not plan to consume too much traffic at its start.

Bluehost – Small and Medium Business Web Hosting

Product Name:Bluehost
Official Website:
Launch year:2003
Hosted Sites:4,580,097
Free Trial:No
Starting price:$2.95 p.m.
Money-Back Guarantee:30 days

One of the world’s most recognizable brands is Bluehost. WordPress recommends it as the best solution for its services, and WordPress users also choose Bluehost, thanks to its outstanding integration features with the popular platform.

Bluehost Pros

When launching an eCommerce website, Bluehost must be the best solution for you. It offers purpose-designed packages for online stores and WP Pro plans, besides four standard plans for WordPress hosting. The cheapest one includes a free domain for 1 year, 10Gb SSD storage, free CDN, and SSL certificate. Expect excellent support from the provider.

Bluehost Cons

The provider is US-based, so it employs only US servers. Their speed is not bad, but there are better variants in this respect. Your site will soon outgrow the capacities of any of the cheapest plans.


The Basic shared hosting or WordPress hosting package at Bluehost will cost you as much as $2.95 when ready to subscribe to the company’s services for 12 months. However, we would rather recommend Choice Plus for $5.45. You’ll get enough tools for starting, and your site won’t feel their deficiency soon after its growth.

IONOS – Cheapest Hosting Company for Small Business

Product Name:IONOS
Official Website:
Launch year:1988
Hosted Sites:12 million
Free trial:No
Starting Price:$0.50 p.m.
Money-Back Guarantee:30 days

1&1 IONOS is a top-reliable hosting company from Germany. It’s famed for its truly cheap services. However, the company can boast solid uptime of 99.9% as well as speedy servers. As for feature supplements, be sure that this company will provide you with enough tools, no matter which type of hosting you need and how specific your eCommerce site is.


Surely, the best thing about IONOS for a small business is its pricing policy. The company allows starting at very low prices. The provider offers a big set of business solutions, with numerous marketing tools and unique extensions. Other benefits include:

  • Windows-based servers;
  • excellent loading speed;
  • 1-year free domains and SSL;
  • free email account;
  • unlimited storage;
  • scalable plans;
  • ASP.NET hosting.


Do not expect too much from the IONOS cheapest plans. Chances you’ll need to purchase extra tools to ensure enough performance for your growing site. The company offers great add-ons, but you’ll have to pay for them separately.


The provider will let you launch a simple site for as much as 50 cents! However, this Business plan will cost you $10 p.m. after one year of subscription. Other plans won’t have such a leap. Thus, the Essential package discount price is $4, and the regular one is $6. – A Provider With Top Fast Servers

Official Website:
Launch year:1999
Hosted Sites:193,424
Free trial:No
Starting price:$5.95/mo
Money-back guarantee:30 days

Choose as your hosting company, and you’ll get a very fast-loading website armed with all the necessary tools for eCommercial activities. This company from the USA has dedicated solutions for specific domains like real estate or dental businesses. Pros

The company offers excellent packages for shared and WordPress hosting. Any of them will include unmetered bandwidth and SSL security. servers are capable of 99.99% uptime. The provider is also ready to supply your website with numerous extras like smart site-building instruments, advanced SEO tools, etc. Cons

The provider is great for newcomers. However, the renewal price may disappoint you with its upsurge. There are no free SSL certificates or CDN. offers only shared and WordPress hosting solutions.


The basic package for web or WordPress hosting will cost you $2.75. The other two options are $3.95 and $5.95. But you will definitely need to invest more to ensure your website’s smooth work and stable growth.

GoDaddy – A Strong Website Builder with Worthy Hosting Features

Product Name:GoDaddy
Official Website:
Launch year:1997
Hosted sites:41,374,286
Free trial:Yes (for website builder)
Starting price:$5.99 p.m.
Money-back guarantee:30 days

Many users know GoDaddy as a domain registration service company. However, it offers hosting services as well. The company has updated its hosting packages recently, and now, you can consider subscribing to one of them since they have many benefits for startups and minor businesses.

GoDaddy Pros

GoDaddy offers a broad choice of hosting plans. Choose any, and your benefits will include:

  • 99.9% uptime;
  • unmetered bandwidth;
  • a year or more of a free domain, 1 SSL certificate, and email;
  • fast loading;
  • many useful extras for businesses.

GoDaddy Cons

First, GoDaddy is far from the cheapest hosting solution in the market. Be ready to pay additional fees for quite ordinary features, let alone specific add-ons and plugins your site might need.


The cheapest hosting package at GoDaddy is $5.99. At your disposal will be three more plans for both web and WordPress hosting. The optimal choice here might be the Ultimate plan for $12.99, designed for high-traffic websites.

GreenGeeks – Reliable Small Business Web Hosting

Product Name:GreenGeeks
Official Website:
Launch year:2008
Hosted sites:-
Free trial:No
Starting price:$2.95/mo
Money-back guarantee:30 days

GreenGeeks – is a reliable small business web hosting, which positions itself as the top global green energy host. As an eco-friendly company, GreenGeeks is mostly concerned about the environmental protection and reduction of energy consumption.

GreenGeeks Pros

Along with the eco-friendly approach, GreenGeeks provides a diversity of hosting solutions. They are available in the plans offered by the company. Currently, you can opt for GreenGeeks shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated and WordPress hosting. Other software highlights include:

  • eCommerce engine;
  • Cloudflare CDN and scalable CPU;
  • enhanced SEO and security features;
  • sufficient amount of disc storage space and bandwidth for all plans;
  • multiple data transfer options;
  • professional customer support;
  • built-in website builder.

GreenGeeks Cons

GreenGeeks doesn’t have many disadvantages. The system does not charge domain name fees and it doesn’t have set up prices. However, if you don’t like anything about the plan you have selected, the company offers the 30-day money back guarantee available for all the plans. Another demerit is absence of 24/7 phone support. Other options are still available here to help users find answers to their system-related questions.


GreenGeeks has three premium subscriptions, which are affordable for everyone. The cheapest Lite Plan currently costs $2.95/mo. The price of other plans constitutes $4.95 and $8.95 per month.

Scala Hosting – Hosting Provider for US and European Business

Product name:Scala Hosting
Official Website:
Founded in:2007
Hosted sites:Over 700,000
Free trial:No
Starting Price:$3.95/month
Money-back guarantee:7 days

If you live in Europe or the USA, don’t hesitate to choose Scala Hosting to store your websites. The company offers multiple hosting solutions for different types of projects. The most popular options include VPS and app hosting, shared and dedicated servers, business email hosting, reseller plans and even White Label hosting.

Scala Hosting Pros

Scala Hosting has won user attention due to its innovative SPanel that was introduced as an alternative to traditional CPanel. This is the all-in-one solution available for VPS servers that lets you control website functionality. The hosting provider offers free domain registry, SSL Certificate connection, 99.9% uptime rates, fast page load speed, automated backups, site migration and more.

Scala Hosting Cons

You won’t find many disadvantages when using Scala Hosting, but they exist. Thus, the company does not have an integrated website builder (as opposed to its multiple niche competitors). It has affordable pricing, which, however, increases upon the end of the starter period.


Scala Hosting offers two groups of subscriptions – Web Hosting (also applicable for WordPress plans) and Fully Managed VPS Hosting Plans. Each group includes more detailed subscriptions. The cost starts at $3.95/mo. As mentioned above, the prices will grow as the renewal period starts.

a2hosting – Fast Hosting for Entrepreneurs

Product Name:a2hosting
Official Website:
Launch Year:2003
Hosted Sites:Over 464,959
Free Trial:No
Starting Price:$5.99/mo
Money-Back Guarantee:30 days

a2hosting – is a fast hosting for entrepreneurs, which offers professional customer support, several hosting packages along with cost-effective pricing solutions. The host is also known for its advanced uptime rate and speed solutions, which are provided in terms of its Turbo Boost and Turbo Max subscriptions.

a2hosting Pros

A2hosting is a worthy choice, when it comes to hosting commercial and non-commercial projects. Among its benefits, you will come across the following:

  • Free website migration for Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost and Turbo Max subscriptions;
  • WordPress hosting;
  • Website builder;
  • Industry-leading security options;
  • 99.9% uptime commitment.

a2hosting Cons

The company currently does not offer Windows hosting, although they plan to introduce the corresponding package soon. What’s more, the advanced Turbo Server feature is not viable for cheap subscriptions. If you have an idea to upgrade to one of the short-term plans, you will eventually have to invest more as compared to getting a long-term subscription.


a2hosting is a moderately-priced hosting provider. The most affordable shared hosting subscription will cost you $5.99/mo granted that you upgrade to the annual plan. Getting a 3-year subscription will help you save more. The host has this option as well.

LiquidWeb – Cloud Web Hosting Solutions

Product Name:Liquid Web
Official Website:
Launch Year:1998
Hosted Sites:4,472,906
Free Trial:No
Starting Price:$15/mo
Money-Back Guarantee:30 days

Liquid Web – is the company that offers advanced cloud web hosting solutions. They have over ten data centers in different countries of the world. Along with cloud hosting, users can opt for VPS, reseller and dedicated hosting plans.

Liquid Web Pros

The host boasts helpful and multifaceted customer support with several available options. They also offer unmetered bandwidth, high uptime rates and cost-effective subscriptions. Additionally, Liquid Web subscribers will get:

  • User-friendly website builder;
  • SSH access and WP-CLI;
  • Git available on all subscriptions;
  • eCommerce platform;
  • advanced server specifications;
  • HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Liquid Web Cons

It is difficult to call Liquid Web a simple hosting provider, especially for non-techies. Its subscriptions are quite expensive and not transparent as well. Whatever plan you select, you will initially see month-to-month prices only. However, these prices are introductory. This means that they will increase after the renewal. Another demerit is that Liquid Web does not offer shared hosting yet.


Liquid Web does not have a free plan or a free trial. There is, however, a money-back guarantee that lasts for 30 days from the moment of registration. The cheapest subscription costs $15/mo. This is not quite affordable for everyone.

HostPapa – US-Based Small Business Hosting

Product Name:HostPapa
Official Website:
Launch Year:2006
Hosted Sites:197,483
Free Trial:No
Starting Price:$3.95/mo
Money-Back Guarantee:30 days

HostPapa – is the US-based small business hosting, which provides a range of robust tools, features and plans to comply with any user requirements. As an international company, they deliver high end hosting services worldwide. Along with the USA and Canada, it has data centers in Africa, Europe, Middle East etc.

HostPapa Pros

HostPapa is a trusted and feature-rich hosting provider, which comes with a broad range of advantages. The most impressive of them include:

  • WordPress hosting;
  • business email;
  • intuitive control panel;
  • fast server speed;
  • free website migration;
  • over 400 free applications.

HostPapa Cons

It goes without saying that HostPapa offers a broad range of advantages. Just like any other host, however, it has a number of demerits that may prevent users from choosing its plans. Thus, the company offers moderate start-up prices for its subscriptions, while the renewal costs are quite expensive. What’s more, the system does not have automated backups for many hosting plans except for the Business Pro subscription.


HostPapa does not have a free trial or a free plan yet there is a 30-day money-back guarantee for all subscriptions. The cost of the most affordable subscription starts at $3.95/mo. This includes free website migration and domain name.

iPage – Cheap Hosting with Domain and SSL Included

Product Name:iPage
Official Website:
Launch Year:1998
Hosted Sites:Over 1 million
Free Trial:No
Starting Price:$1.99/month
Money-Back Guarantee:30 days

iPage – is a cheap hosting with domain and SSL included, which is included in the list of the oldest hosting companies in the world. The company has over 20 years of niche expertise, ensuring safe, easy and fast server performance.

iPage Pluses

The host comes with multiple features and tools that contribute to the efficacy of the hosting process. The major of them are as follows:

  • eCommerce support for web store creation and hosting;
  • built-in website builder;
  • unlimited domains;
  • integrated website analytics;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • search engine ad credits;
  • easy WordPress installation.

iPage Minuses

Along with its numerous advantages, iPage has a number of demerits that may affect users’ web hosting experience. Instead of traditional cPanel, the company has a vDeck dashboard. It also features lower web page load time as compared to its niche rivals. Additionally, the company charges extra fees for registering new domains and subscription renewal.


iPage is quite a reasonably-priced hosting provider. Although there is no free trial here, users can upgrade to the cheapest plan that costs $1.99 per month. If you are not satisfied with the terms of the test plan, you can get a refund within 30 days from the moment of registration.

How to Define the Best Hosting for Your Business

When you decide to launch a new website, picking the best hosting is one of the must-have steps to undertake. But what hosting exactly do you need – shared, dedicated or any other? Are you looking for private or managed hosting? What parameters do you expect to get and what budget do you plan to invest?

These questions may confuse anyone, especially if you are a beginner. To avoid potential problems, check out the guide below:

  1. Take Your Time to Pick Hosting Type. There are several types of hosting (shared, dedicated,VPS etc.) you may choose from with regard to your website parameters and requirements. Check whether the host you are interested in offers this kind of hosting.
  2. SSL Security. Possibility of SSL Certificate connection is a must for your website. This is the surefire way to protect your website from unauthorized third-party access. The feature is crucial for business and eCommerce projects.
  3. Decide on the Features and Resources Required. Before you select a hosting provider, take your time to decide what resources exactly your website needs. This includes the number of professional email addresses, amount of disk space, bandwidth etc.
  4. Customer Support. If you are a beginner, you may have lots of questions regarding your website hosting. That is why availability of customer support is important.
  5. Trustability. Hosting should be reliable to make sure your project is live 24/7. It shouldn’t accidentally go down as this will have a negative impact upon traffic and business performance in general. Thus, it is important for any hosting to ensure maximum security and reliability along with ongoing website functionality.
  6. Extra Services. It is desirable that your host should provide regular data backup, opportunity to update server-side software and fix bugs, when required. This will help eventually save effort and time, when it comes to website maintenance.

Listed above are the most essential hosting-related features. They have a direct impact upon the cost of your project hosting and the type of plan you will go for. Think them over to make the best choice.

Bottom Line

It goes without saying that hosting choice matters a lot, when it comes to quality small business website performance. There are multiple aspects to keep in mind when making the final solution. You need to consider your project parameters as well as the characteristics of the hosting provider/package you would like to go for.

Fortunately, the selection of hosting providers is quite extensive out there. They differ in features, tools, available hosting types and packages. Services reviewed above work best for small business projects. Each of them stands out from the crowd in terms of functionality and integrated toolset. Take your time to explore and compare them to make the best choice for your website.

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