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Best European Web Hosting Providers

Your website is to be launched in European cyberspace any day now, isn’t it? Be careful with your host choice. Placing a site just anyway may cause the retarded growth of your business and cost you too much in the long run.

No matter which project is on your mind, there’s an adequate hosting solution for you, and there are enough top-class hosting companies ready to provide any website in Europe with a suitable hosting type and necessary site management tools.

When it comes to web hosting plans, you might get lost trying to pick the best solution for your project among those loads of providers and offers. However, not all of the services present in the market truly merit your attention.

Happily, you have entered our blog, run by a team of experts ready to guide you through this process. So, this article is your chance to save time and go straight to the best web hosting companies available in Europe in 2023.

Which Web Hosting Provider Is The Best?

On the one hand, you and only you may define which hosting services are the best for your future website. How much storage does it need? Which marketing, security, and other tools are indispensable for it?

Then, not the least important factor for your choice is the price, and you might be interested in picking a host that offers freebies and low-cost services.

On the other hand, there are general rules that every website owner should follow when choosing the best host. Since we speak about web hosting for Europe, the first thing to pay attention to is the data center locations of your chosen provider.

The closer they are to the area of your targeted audience, the better. Other must-have criteria include high uptime, automatic backups, restore tools and more. So, below are the Top 6 web hosting providers with the UK or Europe-based data centers and the best quality services you can find in 2023.


Product Name:1&1 IONOS
Launch year/residence:1988/Germany
Hosted sites:349,326
Free trial:No
Cheapest solution:$1/mo
Refund guarantee:30 days

IONOS by 1&1 is a highly reliable hosting company from Germany present in the industry for 30+ years. The provider may become your universal solution since it registers domains, offers a website builder, email services, and many more. The provider can work out an optimal solution for your business, eCommerce, blogging, or whatever website. IONOS has uniquely cheap offers. The trustworthiness of the company is seen in the number of the IONOS-based websites – today, it has reached 12 million accounts.


1&1 IONOS has many benefits, like 99.9% uptime, great scalability, and fast-loading, reliable servers. By subscribing to any plan, you can expect such freebies as a one-year free domain and SSL protection certificate and at least one email. Other pluses include:

  • An abundance of hosting plans and extra features
  • IONOS offers solutions for the most common shared and VPS hosting types. However, you can purchase a dedicated server here as well. There are business-oriented plans and specific plans for WordPress sites. IONOS supports cloud and ASP.NET hosting services as well.

  • Windows servers
  • Unlike many hosting providers, IONOS supports Linux-based and Windows servers. This will broaden your options and give you access to a wider set of applications and software.

  • WordPress-friendly provider
  • Among numerous IONOS plans, there are dedicated offers for WordPress websites. You are free to choose a basic or Pro WP package. Managed WordPress solutions can be worked out for your website.

  • Enhanced security
  • One of IONOS’s strongest points is the security level of its servers. The provider supports Wildcard SSL certificates, HTTP/2, PHP 8.1, and geo-redundancy within all the packages.

  • Usability
  • With the help of IONOS services and tools, even a beginner can easily build, customize, and host a website. The provider offers its easy-to-manage cPanel. All processes can be run almost intuitively thanks to its clear and comfy interface.

One more advantage of IONOS is surely its pricing policy. Let’s have a more detailed view of it.


You would scarcely find another host that can let you start a business site for as much as $1 per month. IONOS does offer such a plan for shared and WordPress hosting. The cheapest VPS solution will cost you $2 p.m. (with a 1-core processor, 512 MB RAM, and 10GB SSD storage.) When aimed at a dedicated server, be ready for prices starting from $45 p.m. Free plans/trials are absent, but you have the option of 30-day money-back.

2. ScalaHosting

Product name:Scala Hosting
Launch year/residence:2007/USA
Hosted sites:Over 700,000
Free trial:No
Cheapest solution:$2.95/mo
Refund guarantee:Anytime

Although ScalaHosting is based in Dallas, USA, numerous customers in over 120 countries prefer to use this company’s VPS services. Besides Texas-based data centers, the provider has top-tier data centers in Canada, Singapore, and all across Europe. When searching for an advanced VPS / Cloud VPS solution for your website, opt for ScalaHosting.


The average uptime of the ScalaHosting servers is 99.89%. The host offers lots of freebies, including a free domain for 12 months and free migrations. However, these are not the only benefits of the provider. Pay attention to the following strong points in the first place:

  • ScalaHosting VPS Control Panel
  • The company offers a comfortable SPanel VPS Control Panel within its VPS plans. So, you won’t have to purchase a traditional cPanel as an extra service – like you would need to do in the case of other providers.

  • Automatic daily backups to a separate server
  • Be sure to get this critically important option within all managed packages from ScalaHosting. Restoring your data will be very easy to manage, thanks to the provider’s built-in SPanel.

  • Choice of data centers
  • ScalaHosting allows choosing a data center not only by its location but also by infrastructure providers. So, at your disposal will be Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Linode, Vultr, and, of course, AWS data centers.

  • Advanced support
  • Expect complete support with daily monitoring of the functional stability of your website and the server on which it is hosted. A big plus of ScalaHosting Customer Support is that it is available in several languages.


ScalaHosting offers common shared-hosting plans as well. So the cheapest plan you can pick here will cost you $2.95 p.m. The same price is available for WordPress hosting. There are four Managed VPS hosting plans on offer. They include:

  • Start: $29.95 p.m.;
  • Advanced: $63.95 p.m.;
  • Business: $$121.95 p.m.;
  • Enterprise: $197.95 p.m.

For all plans, there’s a money-back option – it is available for thirty days.

3. Nestify

Product name:Nestify
Launch year/residence:2014/France
Hosted sites:5,657
Free trial:No
Cheapest solution:$12/mo
Refund guarantee:60 days

Is your goal a managed hosting? At your disposal is a Paris-based hosting company specializing uniquely in fully-managed hosting solutions for publishers, agencies, and other businesses. The company is relatively young – its launch year is 2014. However, the company has won popularity thanks to its focus on the high performance and security of its hosted websites.


Nestify is all about managed hosting, so its main benefits are related to this key characteristic of the hosting provider.

  • Page speed optimization
  • Be sure that Nestify is capable of working out a dedicated solution for your project, no matter its complexity. Your website’s speed will be ensured thanks to multiple preset features of Nestify, like AWS, the unique auto restoration function, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, and more.

  • Daily backups
  • All plans at Nestify support daily backups. Thus, every piece of your data will be 100% restorable.

  • Expert-level support
  • All managed plans from Nestify include advanced support with regular monitoring of your website’s performance. Expect to get expert help 24×7.

  • Free Trial & A 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Besides the free trial option available, the provider offers a record-long money-back guarantee. A full refund is available for two months.


Nestify will work out a managed plan for WordPress, WooCommerce, large enterprise, or agency hosting for your website. The cheapest solution is $12 per month. Obviously, there’s no upper limit here – the top-advanced hosting solution for your website may cost $1,299+. There’s a 60-day money back.

4. Hostinger

Product Name:Hostinger
Launch year/residence:2004/Lithuania
Hosted sites:3,211,113
Free trial:No/Free plans are available
Cheapest solution:$1.99/mo
Refund guarantee:30 days

Hostinger ranks among the top hosting providers. This is a Lithuanian company founded in 2004. It owns other well-known brands like Zyro and Weblink. The provider’s services include shared, VPS, and cloud hosting. The range of plans will satisfy any website owner, from a first-time entrepreneur up to an established enterprise.


Hostinger is definitely a host to take note of. Its key benefits include at least:

  • Excellent uptime
  • Hostinger can boast high-performant and reliable servers. Their work is ensured by top-tier data centers with an average uptime of 99.97%.

  • WordPress affordable solutions
  • Hostinger offers four clear plans for WordPress-based websites. You can quickly evaluate them and choose the one that suits you. The platform is WordPress-friendly in general.

  • A free plan
  • Not many providers – even from the top ratings – offer free hosting plans today. Hostinger does. Its feature kit is quite limited, but this may be an excellent solution for a startup or low-budget business owner.


You can subscribe to one of the three shared hosting plans at Hostinger, available for $1.99, $2.99, and $3.99 p.m., respectively. The VPS services start at $3.49 a month. There are three cloud plans, with the cheapest one you can get for $9.99 p.m. There’s a free plan and a refund guarantee available for 30 days.

5. SiteGround

Product Name:SiteGround
Launch year/residence:2004/Bulgaria
Hosted sites:190,658
Free trial:No
Cheapest solution:$3.99/mo
Refund guarantee:30 days

The SiteGround – hosting solutions have been available since 2004. This trusted Bulgarian company offers all-budget shared, cloud, and reseller hosting plans. Among them, there are dedicated services for WordPress – and WooCommerce-based websites. By the way, SiteGround is among the hosting platforms recommended by WordPress.


With the standard uptime of 99.9% and servers located all across Europe and worldwide, SiteGround also has the following important advantages:

  • Daily backups
  • For a business website or a blog, regular backups are a must. Be sure to get this option, no matter which SiteGround plan you subscribe to.

  • Free options
  • SiteGround does not offer a free domain, but a free CDN is included in all its packages, with a free email, unmetered traffic, and unlimited databases.

  • Fast-loading pages
  • In fact, you can host a site in whatever spot on the globe since SiteGround runs servers on four continents. You can expect exceptional website speed from this provider.


The cheapest packages for share, WordPress, and WooCommerce sites will cost you €3.99 per month. When searching for a reseller or agency hosting solution, be ready to pay at least €6.99 p.m. The Jump Start cloud hosting is offered at €80 p.m. SiteGround guarantees the full refund within 30 days.

6. Cloudways

Product Name:Cloudways
Launch year/residence:2004/Malta
Hosted sites:270,331
Free trial:No
Cheapest solution:$14/mo
Refund guarantee:30 d

Cloudways, a Malta-based host with offices in Spain and Dubai, has been in service since 2014. The main focus of the company is managed cloud hosting for platform-specific sites, that is, for websites built on WordPress, Joomla, Presta, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.


Cloudways has many unique features. It offers an original approach, the main benefits of which might include:

  • Affordability
  • Cloudways offers competitive prices for cloud services. Since we speak about managed plans for hosting with advanced features, the provider is an excellent option against the background of hosting companies offering similar services.

  • Security & data protection
  • Security is the key plus of Cloudways. The company supports free SSL certificates and offers dedicated firewalls within all its plans. It guarantees regular security patching, daily backups, the staging option, and many more.

  • Free trials
  • Cloudways supports free trials. All plans can be tried for free for 3 days.


Within its pricing system, Cloudways offers two modes: Standard and Premium. When you opt for the Standard one, you can start with the cheapest plan at $14 p.m. The Premium prices start from $28 p.m. Pay attention that the company supports hourly billing as well. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. KnownHost

Product Name:KnownHost
Launch year/Residence:2006/USA
Hosted sites:-
Free trial:No
Cheapest solution:$3.47/mo
Refund guarantee:30 days

KnownHost – is the US-based hosting company, which works best for any website type and budget. It can be effectively used to host small and medium business projects as well as personal ones. The software offers a diversity of hosting plans to choose from for Shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting.


KnownHost grants access to multiple features that contribute to effective, smooth and powerful website hosting/promotion. These are:

  • Free Website Migration
  • If you have hosted your website with another company yet decide to switch to KnownHost for some reason, they make it possible to switch to their servers absolutely for free. Thus, you won’t have to allocate more funds here – just pick a subscription and proceed to your website transfer.

  • Free DDoS Protection
  • All KnownHost subscriptions come with free DDoS protection. This helps prevent scams and malicious attacks on the company servers and, thus, on your website. You may feel safe about your project performance, online safety as well as confidentiality protection.

  • Multiple Data Center Locations
  • Even though the company itself was founded in the USA, its data centers are scattered around the world. To be precise, you can find them on three continents. This simplifies the choice of the closest location for you and your target audience.

  • Fully Managed Hosting Services
  • The company takes care of quality server maintenance, regular updates, data backups and utmost safety of your projects. According to recent estimations, they ensure a 99.9% uptime guarantee to keep your website up and running.


KnownHost has several types of packages to choose from that can fit any budget and requirements. The most affordable solution – Shared Hosting – includes plans that start at $3.47/mo. WordPress subscriptions start at $5.98/mo, being a nice pick for WP websites. The company also has separate plans for Reseller, VPS, Cloud and Dedicated hosting. The most expensive group starts at $159/mo. Whatever subscription you will go for, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Likewise, you can save big when buying plans for 1,3,6 or 12 months.

8. DreamHost

Product Name:DreamHost
Launch year/Residence:1996/USA
Hosted sites:633,564
Free trial:No
Cheapest solution:$2.95/mo
Refund guarantee:-

Dreamhost – is the best offer for any business hosting as the company offers several types of professional solutions to pick from. The software is characterized by high uptime rates (up to 100% in some cases), automatic WordPress updates, regular backups, rich infrastructure with SSD storage and intuitive control panel. This makes its application suitable for all user categories.


DreamHost includes a number of special features that make it stand out from the crowd, namely:

  • Built-In Website Builder
  • Along with quality hosting services, DreamHost offers a built-in website builder. This helps solve several tasks at a time – you just set up, customize and host projects in one place without looking for a third-party host. Thus, you save time, budget and your effort.

  • WordPress Focus
  • DreamHost has a distinctive WordPress focus and a broad range of tools included in their WordPress hosting subscription. The company comes with the pre-installed WordPress CMS and it also ensures free regular backups and automatic updates.

  • Exhaustive List of Resources
  • DreamHost plans all include unlimited bandwidth, disk storage space, email addresses, MySQL databases and other parks required for smooth yet reliable website hosting. If you need assistance or have any questions regarding your project hosting issues, go ahead to contact the support team – they are available 24/7, offering different services.


DreamHost doesn’t offer any complex pricing solutions – everything is understandable here from the start. Users may choose from three packages for Shared, VPS and DreamPress (targets WordPress subscribers) hosting. The cheapest plan will cost you $2.95/mo here, while the most expensive package starts at $ 16.95/mo.

9. WebHostingPad

Product Name:WebHostingPad
Launch year/Residence:2005/USA
Hosted sites:54,650
Free trial:No
Cheapest solution:$4.49/mo
Refund guarantee:30 days

WebHostingPad – is the best solution for marketing experts looking for reliable, multifaceted and affordable hosting. The company has plans for various hosting types, each of which includes unlimited email accounts, disk space, MySQL databases, user-friendly control panel and expert customer support. Extra tools and features are also included in the plans with regard to their type.


With WebHostingPad, you will get access to the extensive selection of tools, special features and advanced hosting options. Some of the most remarkable aspects are listed below:

  • Zero Marketing Credits
  • The company makes it possible to reach and choose special marketing credits for Bing, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. They are available at no cost here, helping drive traffic to your project to enhance the efficacy of website hosting.

  • Website Builder
  • If you plan to set up and host a full-featured project at a time, WebHostingPad is a great tool to go for. Along with reliable hosting services, the company grants access to its integrated DIY website builder. Versatility of templates and design customization tools available in stock helps launch and manage a personal or a business website even if you are a non-coder.

  • Free Project Transfer
  • WebHostingPad makes it possible to move websites from other hosts to their servers at no cost. This doesn’t take much effort and time and you don’t have to be a coding expert to do that.

  • Knowledgeable Customer Support
  • Website hosting is quite a challenging process, especially for beginners. WebHostingPad simplifies the process for everyone due to their reliable and trusted customer support realized via email, phone or live chat. Much useful info is available in the software forums and blogs.


WebHostingPad pricing is average. The company has subscriptions for Shared, VPS, WordPress and Dedicated hosting. The cost starts at $1.99/mo to reach $99.95/mo and higher. Additionally, there is a Free Website Builder plan here that makes it possible to create and host web projects at no cost. A 30-day money refund is available here as well.

10. HostPapa

Product Name:HostPapa
Launch year/Residence:2006/USA
Hosted sites:190,079
Free trial:No
Cheapest solution:$2.95/mo
Refund guarantee:30 days

HostPapa – is the best hosting company for beginners, which grants access to a number of advanced web hosting tools. This allows setting and completing personal/business tasks of diverse complexity levels. The host offers unlimited domains, several types of hosting packages along with the opportunity of eCommerce hosting.


The software generally has multiple benefits that include fast and secure servers, a straightforward control panel, over 400 free extensions, business email, opportunity of website migration, free website migration, 24/7 support, unmetered data transfer, Cloudflare CDN & SSL and more. Special attention should be given to the following features:

  • Eco-Friendliness
  • HostPapa is committed to environmental sustainability. As a green web host, they invest in renewable energy sources to power their data centers. By choosing HostPapa, you have a chance to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and eco awareness.

  • Advanced Functionality
  • HostPapa provides a wide range of features to enhance your hosting experience. These include one-click app installations, website builder, SSL certificates, automated backups, email hosting, and more.

  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Whether you have a small personal blog or a growing eCommerce website, HostPapa offers scalable hosting solutions to come up to any needs and requirements. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan as your web design preferences change. As a result, your website can accommodate increased traffic and resource requirements.

  • Security Measures
  • HostPapa considers security a priority and implements various measures to protect your website and data. They provide free SSL certificates to encrypt data transmissions and help protect your visitors’ info. Additionally, they have robust firewalls and intrusion detection systems to prevent malicious attacks.


HostPapa offers competitive pricing plans, making it an affordable solution for individuals and businesses of all sizes. They have several hosting packages to come up to various needs, although, free trial is unavailable here. Prices for the Shared hosting start at $2.95 per month, including such services as free domain and website migration. The 30-day money-back guarantee is provided here as well.

Final Verdict

By compiling this list of the best hosting providers for European websites, we intended to supply you with diverse hosting solutions so that you can make a fast and error-free choice. Our rating includes providers with different pricing models. However, they are equal in one thing – they supply European websites with sure-shot hosting services. Do not doubt that our expert team has examined loads of providers claiming the same excellence of hosting options for the area.

Surely, we have selected the above-mentioned companies because of their data centers’ optimal locations and the ability to ensure great speed for websites. But one more reason to place IONOS and the other four at the top was their quality/value ratios. That is, we paid thorough attention to all providers’ plans and chose those companies that offer the best-equipped hosting packages at the most beneficial price. Finally, these are top-trusted brands, so you can securely use the services of any of them.

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