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Best Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is definitely a priority for a business if it wants to be successful in 2022. The right choice of an email marketing service greatly influences the success of the marketing campaign especially if it’s schemed to promote a small business. Although email marketing is cost-effective, the stats prove it ensures around a 4,300 percent ROI (return on investment) for businesses in the States alone. Email marketing gives its users full control and easy management while also helping them establish direct contact with consumers.

Luckily for business owners, there are plenty of email marketing services in the market to choose from. If you need one, pay close attention to several features which are a must for a quality service. For instance, a reliable and effectively working service must have a user-friendly interface (preferably with a drag-and-drop system) and let its users create highly entertaining newsletters. It must ensure marketing automation to send targeted and personalized bulk emails effortlessly. Furthermore, using an effective email marketing service you must be allowed to manage your contact list and segment them into groups, as well as track the performance of the marketing campaign with no problems.

To ease your task, we have reviewed the market to find the most reliable and effectively working email marketing services in the world for 2022. Each of them comes packed with multiple features, is easy to use, and guarantees your messages won’t end up in the users’ spam boxes. So, with all this in mind, we’ll introduce the six best email marketing services of 2022.

MailChimp – Best Email Marketing Provider for Beginners

Product Name:MailChimp
Official Website:
Usage Stats:1,800,000+
Test Plan:Free Plan available
Cheapest Plan:$11 per month

MailChimp – is one of the world’s leading email marketing solutions. The best thing about this service is its super-easy interface which lets the user put together a professional email campaign in mere minutes. That makes the service so popular and convenient for beginners. Other advantages of MailChimp include award-winning customer support, perfect real-time reporting, over 300 app integrations, an amazing template editing tool with 100+ email templates and a clear interface, and a free feature-rich plan.

Nevertheless, MailChimp has certain features which can be considered downsides for some users. First of all, the company reserves the right to suspend or even cancel a user’s account. If a user receives too many spam complaints and unsubscribes notifications, MailChimp can cancel the account even without notifying the user about it beforehand. The ready-made templates by MailChimp are quite pretty but they are basic. If you want a standout template, you will have to either import it from aside or improve the suggested ones.

For new marketers who strive to get online and use their big ideas to build an audience, MailChimp offers a free plan. The plan includes 1-step automation, forms & landing pages, a website builder, creative assistant, a domain, a marketing calendar, effective surveys, and email support for 30 days. The free MailChimp plan provides up to 2,000 contacts, 10,000 sends per month while the daily limit is 2,000. Other than this, the company has schemed Essentials, Standard, and Premium plans with significantly more features included to achieve premium email marketing results.

Sendinblue – Best Email Marketing to Pay by Email

Product Name:Sendinblue
Official Website:
Usage Stats:230,000
Test Plan:Free Plan available
Cheapest Plan:$25 per month

Sendinblue – is a relatively young email marketing platform established in Paris in 2012. Initially focused on invoices, subscriptions, and other transactional emails, the company has advanced into providing mass email services with a brand newsletter platform since then. Apparently, more than 30 million emails and SMS are sent through Sendinblue daily in over 14 countries nowadays. The service can boast of reliable reporting, solid email automation, transactional email and SMS marketing tool, a WP plugin, list management, amazing eCommerce tools (integrations with Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify are available, too), competitive prices along with an option to pay per email count and a free plan (though limited) available.

What refers to the downsides that Sendinblue has yet to improve, we can’t but mention the relatively smaller range of templates which are lovely yet not modern. The landing page integration is not an easy one, either. A beginner with no experience in using email marketing services might find it somewhat complicated.

Sendinblue offers four plans one of which is entirely free and one is priced per features you want it to include. The Lite plan costs $25 per month and the Premium plan is priced at $65 per month. The free plan offers up to 300 emails daily, 1-user chat, and unlimited contacts.

So, if you are searching for a sophisticated tool yet your budget is limited, Sendinblue is a worthwhile option to consider.

GetResponse – The User-Friendly Email Marketing Tool with Customizable Plans

Product Name:GetResponse
Official Website:
Usage Stats:43,000+
Test Plan:Free Plan available
Cheapest Plan:$10.50 per month

GetResponse – is a Swiss email marketing company with over 43,000 active users globally that altogether send around a billion messages per month. The company doesn’t yield to any other service in the market in its functionality and flexibility. The basic pros of GetResponse include affordable pricing (plans start at only $10.50 per month), Conversion Funnel lead generation feature that allows to set up webinars and sales funnels (especially advantageous for users running eCommerce sites or promoting events), intelligent list automation, great design, and spam testing, live chat option, Google and social media ads tool.

However, the drag-and-drop interface that lets you create landing pages feels a bit fiddly while the split testing functionality doesn’t impress (it’s available only for subject lines and content). Other than this, we have nothing to complain about.

GetResponse has four plans to choose from. The Start plan is free with no hidden fees. It offers up to 500 contacts, unmetered newsletters, a website builder, 1 landing page availability, signup forms, and a custom domain. Other plans with more robust offers are priced up to $69.3 and more depending on the term you subscribe for and the number of contacts you want to include.

MailerLite – The Cheapest Email Marketing Service for Small Businesses

Product Name:MailerLite
Official Website:
Usage Stats:51,000+
Test Plan:Free Plan available
Cheapest Plan:$10 per month

MailerLite – is a Lithuanian email marketing software that makes an emphasis on having a dynamic and young team of workers to guarantee its users with smart and fresh ideas to constantly enhance the simple and modern email marketing platform. MailerLite offers its services globally, hence it has incorporated a huge team of multilingual customer support and interface. Besides its premium team, the company ensures a clean and intuitive interface, a robust and fast editor, flexible and well-structured templates, fantastic deliverability rates, a range of marketing tools including signup forms, landing pages, reports, and autoresponders. Add a lifetime free plan to all this, and you get a hard-to-beat option of an email marketing service.

Anyway, MailerLite has some improvement to do with the analytics features and advanced automation options. The free plan lacks any email template, as well, so you need to obtain it separately just as the domain. Generally, the free plan is for those users who have up to 1,000 subscribers and want to send up to 12,000 emails per month. For more functionality, pass to paid plans.

MailerLite is a perfect choice for freelancers and small businesses who seek a budget-friendly email marketing solution with a simple learning curve and worthwhile functionality.

ActiveCampaign – Email Marketing Service with Excellent Automation

Product Name:ActiveCampaign
Official Website:
Usage Stats:183,000
Test Plan:14-day trial
Cheapest Plan:$9 per month

ActiveCampaign – is an effective American email marketing service that helps users achieve better results with fewer emails. To provide such results, the company has concentrated on marketing automation, hence using this service, you can automate almost anything, surely based on the behavior of your users. The main advantages of this email marketing provider include responsive and impressive templates, a clear interface, effectively automated workflows, reasonable pricing system, an excellent landing page builder, decent email deliverability rates, built-in CRM to link up to all the email marketing data the user has and deliver multi-channel marketing.

However, before choosing ActiveCampaign, you should be aware of the company’s main downsides, too. First of all, the service doesn’t have any free plan. Secondly, it is not catered to beginners since, despite being clear and comprehensible, the interface is not easy to use if you have absolutely no experience. Furthermore, the service can appear a bit costly if you just seek basic email automation since ActiveCampaign features more advanced automation features that most other services lack. Generally, ActiveCampaign is mostly catered to big businesses and power users to provide them with complete control over all automated workflows.

Unfortunately, ActiveCampaign doesn’t offer a free plan like other services in the market. The introductive plan Lite is quite richly packed and is priced at $9 per month. The company offers a 14-day free trial period with no extra fees for the setup.

Constant Contact – The Most Experienced Email Marketing Service

Product Name:Constant Contact
Official Website:
Usage Stats:63.000
Test Plan:60-day trial
Cheapest Plan:$20 per month

Constant Contact – has been serving the email marketing number since 1995 and has gained the trust of thousands of users worldwide. This is a user-friendly and effective email marketing solution perfect especially for small businesses and those users who don’t have much experience in the field. It offers more than 100 fully customizable templates with pre-built email designs, over 3,000 apps and integrations to connect Constant Contact with other effective business tools (Shopify, Zapier, etc.), clean and comprehensible interface, effective event management, social media campaign integration, a high deliverability rate, a website and online store builder with robust features.

The basic downside of Constant Contact, meanwhile, is its high pricing. At such a high price as $20 per month (the Basic Email plan), the service doesn’t offer anything impressive. No spam testing is provided while the automation of the services is on the basic level.

However, the free trial period of this email marketing service is longer than those of the rest in this review. Here the company gives a user 60 days to see if Constant Contact meets their business requirements. The starting plan costs $20 per month and includes unmetered email marketing sends, more than a hundred email templates, social posting, real-time reporting, customer list growth tools, and responsive support via live chat and phone calls. Let us remind you that Constant Contact is the only service from the reviewed ones here that provides a 30-day refund guarantee.


When choosing an email marketing service, remember that it is actually the ongoing heart of the whole online business operation, and you can test it only by using it on your real customers. So you can’t be mistaken.

The companies we choose based on the feedback by users were tested on features, deliverability, pricing, and analytics. ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, and GetResponse offered the broadest array of features to their users. These services know well what’s necessary to make a business’s email marketing effective and deliver it.

In terms of deliverability, ActiveCampaign, MailerLite, Sendinblue, and Constant Contact are ahead of others. They ensure active spam tests to ensure the security of all emails sent. Mailchimp, unfortunately, can’t be praised for efficient deliverability since it lacks a private IP.

Pricing is not less important, since small businesses and startups usually have limited budgets and can’t afford expensive options right from the start. Mailchimp, Sendinblue, GetResponse, and MailerLite offer free life-time plans. Though these are limited packages, they are still quite good for working out your email marketing campaign. Later you can always upgrade your plan to get even more features at your disposal. The paid plan by ActiveCampaign is the cheapest of all (only $9 per month) while those of Constant Contact and Sendinblue are the most expensive ones.

And finally, in terms of analytics, all the reviewed 6 companies did well. All of them will provide you with the foundation to understand how your email marketing campaign works (clicks, opens, bounces, unsubscribes, etc.).

So, which option to choose out of the described six email marketing services is up to you. They are all effective in what they are supposed to be while the prices are the most reasonable in the market.


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