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Cloud hosting is a good alternative for those who are not eager to be tied to a single server. The system acts as a virtual server using different sources to pull out the necessary resources to store the site. The core advantage of a cloud solution is that your project will never go down if the server goes down. As a rule, it has a server network to ensure flawless performance whatever happens.

Although cloud hosting is a bit more expensive if compared to shared hosting services, it provides a good balance between power and affordability. Users can choose from dozens of offers available on the web. Opting for the right one might look like a great challenge.

The key factors to consider when choosing a cloud-hosting provider include price and features it delivers. At the same time, users should consider some baseline aspects that include:

  • Bandwidth – the amount of bandwidth defines how much info your website can deliver through server connecting as well as its traveling speed. The more bandwidth you have, the better the performance your website will showcase even when the traffic is extremely high.
  • RAM – random-access memory is the digital brain of the cloud hosting. If your website needs to handle multiple processes at the same time, you are supposed to look for enhanced RAM to cover several gigabytes depending on the site functionality.
  • OS – Cloud hosting relies on its operating system. It affects all vital processes and manages virtual server infrastructure. In other words, cloud operating system is the virtual heart that handles executive processes as well as back-end software and hardware resources.

The above-mentioned are some baseline aspects. Now we are going to have a closer look at best cloud-hosting offers and features they bring.

Bluehost – The Best Cloud Hosting

Bluehost - The Best Cloud Hosting

Bluehost – is the best cloud hosting solution. It comes as an easy-to-use platform with an array of resources to deliver power and outstanding performance to the end user. Customers will benefit from secure and fully managed hosting environment in addition to the best speed and scalability:

  • Performance – the latest tests revealed nearly perfect uptime rate that is up to 99.99%. At the same time, the platform appears to be one of the fastest in the market when it comes to page load speed. The average speed rate is 424ms.
  • Low-Maintenance Service – the system stores data mirrors across various devices. If one of them drops down in case of the trouble, the others will pick up the slack until the error is eliminated. The platform pulls out enough resources to ensure great speed and performance despite the traffic and possible breakdowns.
  • WordPress Credentials – even though we are speaking of cloud hosting, we simply cannot miss the fact Bluehost is the best WP-oriented hosting provider. Customers can benefit from a single-click WP setup in addition to automated upgrades, WP themes, plugins, add-ons, etc.
  • Simple Plan Extension – Bluehost makes it easy to switch between plans every time your project craves for more capabilities. All you need is to ramp up the payment according to a new plan and start using it at once.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting Cost: They include Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro plans with up to 6GB of RAM and multiple SSD storage options costing $7.99, $10.99, $14.99 and $23.99 per month respectively. You can take the advantage of extra discounts and save a couple of bucks if pay for 24 or 36 months in advance.

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Hostpapa – #1 America’s Cloud Hosting Provider

Hostpapa - #1 America's Cloud Hosting Provider

HostPapa – is one of the best American-based independent hosting providers. It delivers several server solutions depending on the project you want to launch. Users may choose from shared and dedicated hosting in addition to WP-optimized packages as well as separate server facilities for eCommerce needs. The company uses cloud-based technologies and boasts good performance. The key features are as follows:

  • Ease of Use – the platform is extremely easy to use. You do not need to be an expert. A simple cPanel makes it easy to figure out how the system works. Users can manage all instruments and services from a single dashboard with no need to switch between different screens.
  • Full-Cycle Platform – HostPapa is not only a hosting provider. It is a platform created to let you build, launch, and maintain your live projects. The system offers special marking packages that contain email instruments for business as well as website building tools.
  • Custom Website Builder – build ready-to-go sites using an intuitive drag-and-drop website editor with pre-designed layouts and simple customization tools. No coding skills are necessary.
  • Solid Performance – HostPapa is a good option in terms of website performance and stability. The platform has performed a 99.98% uptime rate over the last 24 months in addition to 759ms page load speed.
  • Free Features – each user gets a free 1-year domain. SSL encryption. Unlimited bandwidth, website migration or domain transfer are also included in the price.
  • Green Server Solutions – HostPapa is a 100% green hosting provider. It means that the platform utilizes renewable energy sources that include solar and wind energy to deliver hosting facilities to the end-user.
  • Servers for eCommerce – if you need to host your digital store, you may opt for a separate Online Store hosting plan. It is designed for shops of different sizes. You may sell unlimited products while the HostPapa team is ready to help with the store configurations.

HostPapa cloud hosting cost: there are three basic plans that can be upgraded whenever needed. Users initially may choose from a Starter ($3.95/month), Business ($3.95/month), and Business Pro plan ($12/95/month). The renewal prices are generally higher. So, make sure you check the prices in advance. There is also VPS hosting that can cost users up to $299.49 depending on the resources. If you look for an eCommerce solution, the price tag is between $19.99 and $139.99 per month.

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Hostinger – The Cheapest Cloud Hosting Solution

Hostinger – The Cheapest Cloud Hosting Solution

Hostinger – is a quality server solution provider with multiple affordable cloud-hosting plans to choose. The company has been over 15 years around on the market. It has a good reputation among users, flexible hosting packages and tools to optimize your website performance. The core features are as follows:

  • Ultimate Speed and Control – Hostinger specialists will take care of the server management and configuration. All you need is to choose a plan and experience the benefits of 3x higher speed. Your visitors will certainly appreciate almost instant page load time. You can also handle the management process through the control panel without being a technical geek.
  • Extension Capabilities – the system reserves much space for growth and extension. You can launch a small project with the entry plan and then move to a more scalable solution with just a click. You can always count on a more powerful package as your project grows bigger.
  • More Speed with Cache Manager – Hostinger has an integrated caching technology that boosts the website speed. It will certainly have a positive effect on your site SEO ranks, customers’ experience and other vital aspects.
  • One-Click Activation – cloud hosting is very easy to asset up and activate. The process does not require special skills. Simply click the button and get online.
  • Manage Your Resources – although Hostinger uses isolated virtual resources, users still have a total control over all instances, limits, etc. in addition to the dedicated IP.

Hostinger cloud hosting cost: the platform comes with 3 fast cloud-hosting solutions. They include Startup, Professional and Global packages. All three plans come with unlimited bandwidth and a dedicated IP address. The Startup plan costs $7.45 per month with 40GB of space and up to 3 GB of RAM. The Professional plan will cost you $14.95 per month with 80GB of space and up to 6 GB of RAM. The Global plan price starts from $37.00 with 200GB of space and up to 16 GB of RAM.

Liquid Web – Fully-Managed Hosting for Business

Liquid Web – Fully-Managed Hosting for Business

Liquid Web – is a US-based hosting company with 4 data centers located in the United States and Europe. The platform offers robust server solutions available in three major options. Users may choose from self-managed, fully-managed, and cPanel included hosting packages to make the most of the provided resources. The system uses advanced technologies to deliver maximum flexibility either you only think of launching a startup or already run a well-established business.

The key features are as follows:

  • Great Performance – Liquid Web is the sole owner of its data centers located in different parts of the world. The company promises the 100% uptime rate thanks to its advanced infrastructure featuring service-level (SLA) agreement, automatic image compression, SSD storage, and other features that ensure great performance.
  • Improved Security and Speed – the system uses up-to-date instruments to ensure enhanced security and speed. They include Cloudflare integration, Akami CDN, and load balancers that guarantee stable website operation. Essential security means include DDoS attack prevention and detection, FireWall environment, cloud, and off-site backups, etc.
  • Hosting for WP and WooCommerce – Liquid Web delivers powerful resources to host your WP-based sites featuring 75% higher capacity due to reduced query loads. eCommerce projects will benefit from Jilt integration – a tool to reduce cart abandonment. Free store migration, web store plugins and themes are included in the package.
  • Simple Server Management – the platform is easy to use. Users may benefit from fully-managed cloud-based hosting with a chance to add an extra storage block or download add-ons. Or they may totally rely on a hassle-free WP-optimized package. No matter what you choose, the cPanel delivers full control over the assets and resources.

Liquid Web cloud hosting cost: hosting plans can be divided into two groups. The first one is for individuals with simple sites or stores. It contains three major plans: high-performance VPS with root access costing $15 per month plus WP and WooCommerce plans costing $19/month each. The second group is for well-established companies and growing startups. Here you may opt for dedicated and VPS packages, hosting clusters for multi-site management, servers with higher performance, managed WooCommerce plans, etc.

HostGator – Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

HostGator - Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

HostGator – is a cloud-based platform that delivers a fast and safe hosting solution to website owners. The main advantage is that you take control of the hosting facilities while the system uses cloud-based technologies to prevent possible breakdowns or downfalls using several could servers at the same time. It is easy to use and manage in addition to round-the-clock support. The main hosting features are as follows:

  • Good Performance – the latest tests have shown A+ speed. The platform has servers in different locations including US, where it shows really great results according to Bitcatcha check.
  • Great Uptime – HostGator has proved to be one of the best hosting providers in reference to the uptime rate, which is currently 100% thanks to its implemented cloud-based server solutions.
  • Flexible Server Solutions – the system delivers hosting solutions for different needs. Users may choose from WordPress-optimized, VPS and dedicated hosting.
  • Ease of Use – the system has its own cPanel that is different from typical brick-to-mortar dashboards with tons of settings that are hard to figure out. A fully manageable system comes with general and extra tools in one place making it simple for users to fine-tune hosting as well as keep an eye on main website performance measurements.
  • Site Migration – the system has its custom migration team that will help to transfer an already existing website from one hosting to another. The service also includes the transfer of already registered domain names.
  • Scalability – HostGator is flexible enough to make necessary upgrades. Users may change the plan with a click to select packages with more capacity and better assets in case of traffic increase. The system ensures seamless migration between plans.
  • Security Features – the platform handles system updates automatically. No manual control is needed. The hosting provider uses up-to-date technologies to detect and eliminate possible digital threats.

HostGator cloud hosting cost: They include Starter, Premium, and eCommerce plan costing $3.46/month, $5.39/month, and $8.30/month respectively. All plans include free domain and free SSL.

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1&1 IONOS – Most Popular European Hoster

1&1 IONOS - Most Popular European Hoster

1&1 IONOS – is a cloud hosting platform hosting provider that has successfully implemented the pay-as-you-use model. The key feature here is that all sources used are dedicated to a particular user. You are free to scale them upon request. The server setup takes approximately 55 seconds to configure and launch. Good performance will ensure smooth app or website operation despite the traffic load.

The key 1&1 IONOS advantages include:

  • Fast Setup – to get started with the launch of a new server, you will need less than a minute. Users have a chance to configure it and create their own ready-to-go hosting infrastructure with the required capacity.
  • 100% Compatibility – users are free to choose any software or operating system. Go to the control panel and find additional server applications and templates to be launched with a click.
  • Ease of Use – the platform has designed an intuitive control panel with all tools you may need to scale your servers, add new ones, launch additional apps, etc. Users will have full access to hosting API, which makes it simple to integrate third-party applications.
  • Certified Data Centers – 1&1 IONOS ensures great performance thanks to its certified servers located in different parts of the world including the USA, UK, and Europe. They meet all the highest security and performance standards established by ISO 27001 certification.
  • Security Means – apart from extra 2FA security layers and two-factor authentication, the system uses advanced SIEM and IDS/IPS technologies to protect your projects and servers from the slightest hint on frauds, DDoS attacks or other cyber threats.

1&1 IONOS cloud hosting cost: as we have stated earlier, the system uses pay-as-you-use model. It means you pay online for used assets. The rice will depend on the server type. The platform offers Standard and RAM optimized server packages. Each includes up to 9 different options with SSD and GB rates. The standard server starts from $0.0069/hour to $5/month. The RAM optimized server price varies from $0.0250 per hour up to $18/month.

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GoDaddy – AWS-Powered Hosting

GoDaddy - AWS-Powered Hosting

GoDaddy – is a web hosting and domain registration company that delivers a set of its custom server solutions. Although the platform has shut down its own server cloud, it has moved its Shared and WordPress hosting to AWS (Amazon’s Hosting Provider) to let its users benefit from good performance, security, and other features included in each plan:

  • Good Performance – the system guarantees 99.9% of uptime in addition to certified servers located in the United States and Europe.
  • Enhanced Customer Support – users are free to contact the US-based support team available round the clock.
  • Security Means – GoDaddy uses special means to prevent DDoS attacks. Users may count on automated backups and updates. It also has a separate security team that detects and eliminates any kind of suspicious activity.
  • Seamless Plan Upgrade – every time your project requires more memory or bandwidth, you are free to level-up your plan with a click. Users will find themselves in an intuitive and flexible control panel with all necessary functions including a single-click app integration, domain installation, etc.

GoDaddy cloud hosting cost: GoDaddy might seem to be pretty expensive considering its sentry price for basic WP and Shared plans. You may start using its hosting for $5.99 per month with only some baseline features included in the pack. N the other hand, all pans come with unlimited bandwidth and free one-year domain. The maximum server solution with all options in one will cost you $19.99 per month.

iPage – Customizable Cloud-Based VPS Hosting

iPage - Customizable Cloud-Based VPS Hosting

iPage – is an affordable hosting company that delivers its cloud-based VPS server solutions. The platform promises increased power, enhanced flexibility, and simple management tools. Along with the hosting, you get pre-installed scripts, free domain and managed customer support. The list of core features is as follows:

  • Hosting Customization – users will get root access to customize their hosting solution. You will be able to install additional applications as well as choose the software you need.
  • Server Speed Booster – the system uses mirrored SAN storage to ensure high speed and stable hosting performance in addition to memory allocation.
  • Scalable Servers – when you realize your project requires more assets, cloud-based functionality makes it easy to switch between packages opting for a more powerful plan.
  • Comprehensive Support – users have several ways to get support and professional assistance in case of any issue. You may use Live Chat or an international phone for an instant response.

iPage cloud hosting cost: iPage offers three major cloud-based VPS plans that include Basic, Business, and Optimum packages. They will cost you $19.99, $47.99, and $79.99 per month respectively. Each plan comes with a number of dedicated IP addresses, custom cPanel, and a 1-year free domain.

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A2Hosting – 20X Faster Cloud Hosting

A2Hosting - 20X Faster Cloud Hosting

A2Hosting – is a powerful server solution provider that uses fast SSDs blended with the SwiftServer Platform to ensure 300% faster speed. The platform boasts its Turbo Servers for a faster page load speed in addition to 99.9% of uptime, great support, and affordable plans.

  • High-Speed Servers – the system has successfully implemented the SwiftServer Platform that guarantees 20x higher page load speed. Users may optionally benefit from faster SSDs in addition to Turbo Servers that guarantee stable and fast website operation. Customizable Server Solution – A2Hosting lets you design the hosting environment you need instead of being stuck in a single plan with assets you won’t even need. Take the opportunity to create your own account with customer features that apply to your particular project.
  • Advanced Control Tools – all hosting solutions come with control tools to reboot or shut your server whenever needed. You may also have it re-loaded in case of new OS or apps to be installed.
  • Reliability – Users may also count on up-to-date security patches, 99.9% uptime rate, and multiple data centers located across the globe.

A2Hosting cloud hosting cost: the three major plans include LITE, SWIFT, and TURBO. They cost $7.99, $9.99, and $18.99 per month respectively. Each plan can be easily customized. Here you may choose the bandwidth you need as well as the number of cores, disk space, and memory. Once you have added any of the assets, you will see the final price before. Users can enable or disable special features as well as choose an appropriate server location.

InMotion – Zero-Downtime Hosting

InMotion - Zero-Downtime Hosting

InMotion – is a platform that delivers its cloud-based VPS hosting to meet both individual and business needs. Mainly designed for enterprises, the system’s server solution comes with easily managed VPS hosting, intuitive control panel featuring Web Hosting Manager to keep all assets under control. The platform claims to deliver enhanced power and performance. Let’s have a look under the hood:

  • Zero Downtime – InMotions promises literally no downtime, as it uses redundant hardware clusters to ensure stability.
  • Managed Servers – users have full control over the system updates, latest security patches, applications, etc.
  • Compatibility – the system will work great with any of the web technology you use. It is compatible with industry-leading CMS including WordPress, Django, Magento, and others.
  • Unlimited Features – each of the InMotion plans let you host unlimited websites and domains letting you host projects for yourself as well as your customers.

InMotion cloud hosting cost: there are three major plans to choose from. They include VPS-1000HA-S costing $44.99 per month, VPS-2000HA-S costing $84.99 per month, and VPS-3000HA-S available for $149.99. All plans include fully licensed custom cPanel, free SSL and SSD, etc.

Bottom Line

Cloud hosting solutions come as a more flexible tool with clear pricing. You always know what you pay for, as you can see the amount of disk space, RAM, bandwidth, etc. At the same time, cloud-hosting providers never use necessary resources within a single server. They are spread among several units to ensure a flawless website operation despite possible breakdowns.

Flexibility is the feature that makes cloud-hosting solutions so reliable and at the same time powerful. While starting price can be similar to some of the regular VPS hosting providers, users can benefit from extended resources.


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