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Website Builders – Best Affiliate and Partner Programs Reviewed

The notion of affiliate marketing is currently gaining popularity in many business spheres – from website development and up to eCommerce. This is a contemporary, profitable and quite effective digital marketing strategy where individuals or businesses, known as affiliates, promote products or services of other companies and earn a commission for every sale or action generated through their marketing efforts.

Before we explore the importance of affiliate marketing in web design, it makes sense to find out more about the strategy itself as well as about its pros and cons. So, let’s get started.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based digital marketing strategy that allows businesses to expand their reach and boost sales by partnering with other users. These affiliates promote the merchant’s products or services to their own audience through various widespread online channels like websites, blogs, social media, email marketing or video content. In return for their promotional endeavors, affiliates earn commission fees.

The core concept of affiliate marketing revolves around the affiliate link, which is an URL containing a unique tracking code that identifies the affiliate responsible for driving the traffic and conversions. When a potential customer clicks an affiliate’s link and completes a purchase or desired action on the merchant’s website, the affiliate is rewarded with a predetermined commission. This commission structure is typically agreed upon in advance. It can vary widely depending on the industry and the specific affiliate program.

Why Do Website Builders Offer White Label Solutions?

Affiliate program – is one of the most widespread and profitable online marketing practices that makes it possible to reach several objectives at a time. You get a perfect opportunity to start and promote your web business and you get a superb chance to generate profit with it. The very process of affiliate marketing via the use of website builders implies the application of a certain website for traffic generation for other websites.

As a website owner, you can encourage other users to join the affiliate program of the service you cooperate with to get the revenue for this partnership. Obviously, the more customers will join the system in the long run, the higher your profit will be.

The eventual sum you will get is usually calculated in percentage granted for each new client, who joins the system due to your recommendations and effort. Likewise, the revenue may be generated from the number of website hits, online sales volume and other parameters, which depend upon the terms of the partnership program.

Why Do Web Designers Need Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Web designers can notably benefit from integrating affiliate marketing programs into their business strategies. To start with, this solution offers an additional revenue stream that can help grow their income. Web design projects can be sporadic, making it challenging to maintain a consistent cash flow.

Affiliate marketing provides a reliable source of income as designers earn commissions for promoting products or services related to their niche. This financial stability eventually makes it possible to focus on their business and keep working on providing improved services to their clients.

Secondly, affiliate marketing can add credibility to a web designer’s professional development. By carefully selecting affiliate products or services that align with their expertise, designers can present themselves as trusted niche authorities. When you recommend high-quality software, tools or services to your target audience, you do not only invest in your profit, but also build trust with clients. As a result, you get more referrals and long-term customer interaction.

Finally, affiliate marketing programs can serve as a valuable learning experience for web designers. Engaging in affiliate marketing teaches you valuable digital marketing skills, including content creation, SEO optimization and conversion tracking. You can further apply these skills to your web design projects, increasing their competitive value. You also learn to better understand your target audience to properly tailor your services.

Affiliate Marketing Advantages

If you are not yet sure whether it makes sense to apply the affiliate marketing strategy to your business, you may be interested in learning the list of advantages it offers:

  • Targeted Marketing. As a web designer, you may be interested in targeting a specific audience. Consequently, you need to offer the services/products that absolutely cater to specific interests and inquiries, thus increasing the likelihood of conversions.
  • Performance Tracking. Affiliate marketing grants access to robust tracking and analytics tools that refer to your niche. Thus, you get the possibility to monitor the performance of your campaigns in the real-time mode to better optimize your business strategy, track ROI and adjust commission structures as required.
  • Increased Brand Exposure. Successful affiliate partnership gives your business extra exposure on websites/platforms you have not been previously featured on. This eventually boosts your brand recognition and reputation.
  • Broad Reach. Affiliates often have established websites, blogs or social media followings, letting advertisers tap into these existing audiences and extend their reach beyond their own marketing efforts. Thus, you get a perfect opportunity to reach a wider audience.
  • Various Promotion Methods. Affiliates can use a variety of promotional methods, including content marketing, social media, email marketing etc. This allows increasing your brand visibility.

To sum it all up, affiliate marketing fosters mutually beneficial partnerships. Advertisers benefit from increased sales or leads, while affiliates earn commissions for their efforts. This contributes to the development of long-term business relationships.

Affiliate Marketing Disadvantages

Along with a list of advantages, affiliate marketing is also characterized by a number of demerits users should be aware of to decide on further strategy application. The most important if the are as follows:

  • Competition. The affiliate marketing environment is highly competitive, especially when it comes to the web design niche. Thus, it is quite challenging for affiliates to withstand this competition, while advertisers may also find it difficult to recruit top-performing affiliates.
  • Dependence on Affiliate Performance. Advertisers rely on the affiliates’ performance to generate sales or leads. If affiliates are ineffective at marketing or fail to properly promote products, this may result in disappointing results for advertisers.
  • Management Complexity. If you are a business working with multiple affiliates, it may be difficult and time-taking for you to manage these partnerships and track performance.
  • Risk of Reputation Damage: Affiliates’ actions and marketing methods may have a negative impact on the advertiser’s brand. If affiliates engage in spammy practices, this may potentially harm the advertiser’s reputation.
  • Lack of Control. Advertisers may have limited control over the way the affiliates promote their products or services. This may eventually result in branding/messaging inconsistencies.

The potential drawbacks listed above should always be taken into account, when deciding to set up the affiliate marketing campaign. This is required to mitigate possible risks and enhance your chances for business success.

A Website Builder for Affiliate Marketing: What Should It Offer?

Website builders differ in their niche specialization, applicability, services and tools provided as well as pricing policy. Any website builder may potentially be suitable for affiliate marketing, however, offering a range of tools and features to meet the requirements of the target audience. If you plan to integrate this very strategy into your web design niche, make sure it offers the following parameters:

  • Ease of Use – The website builder should be user-friendly, even for individuals with limited tech skills. Intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces and customizable templates make it easy for users to build and design their affiliate websites without coding knowledge.
  • Integration with Affiliate Networks – Users should be able to easily incorporate affiliate links, banners and tracking codes into their website’s content.
  • Integration with Email Marketing – Integration with email marketing services makes it possible to effectively build and manage email lists.
  • Robust Content Management – Regularly content update matters a lot for the effective development of your affiliate marketing strategy. Users should be able to create, edit and organize their content with little or no effort at all.
  • A/B Testing – The feature helps users optimize affiliate content, landing pages and CTA (calls-to-action) for better conversion rates.
  • Affiliate Link Management – A website builder should provide tools to easily organize and update links.
  • Analytics and Reporting – Users should be able to track website traffic, click-through and conversion rates as well as other key performance metrics. This data is vital for further optimization of your affiliate marketing strategy.

What you need to join the affiliate program is to sign up for it and follow the terms it provides. To find the best solution offered by website builders, it makes sense to explore the most popular options available. And that’s exactly what we are going to do right away.

Website Builders Affiliate Programs Comparative Chart

Free TrialFree planFree plan15-day free trialFree 14-day trialFree 14-day trialFree planFree planFree plan (website builder)Free trialFree 14-day trial
Price$10.80/mo$22/mo$6/mo$16/mo$29/mo$14/mo$10/mo$5.99/mo for hosting and $9.99/mo for a website builder$24.90/mo$9/mo
Payment PeriodOnce a monthOnce a monthOnce a monthTwice a monthOnce a monthOnce a monthOnce a monthAs soon as you get $300 in your accountUpon request
Ways to ApplyApplication formApplication formApplication formApplication form (reviewed up to 5 days)Application form completed via the Impact Affiliate NetworkApplication formApplication form completed via the ShareASale Affiliate NetworkApplication form completed via the CJ Affiliate NetworkApplication formApplication form
Commission FeeFrom $135.3From $10060% per lead (up to $216 for each referral)From $100From $15050% of subscription payments for the first 12 months30%10%$100 for each referral30%
Minimum Withdraw$300$300No minimum amount requirements$400$29$50Minimum amount set up in your account$300 and/or 3 premium plans$50
Maximum ProfitUp to $420 for each deal – no maximum limitUnlimitedup to $216 for each referral – no maximum limit$100-$200 per client depending on a subscriptionUp to $3000 per a referralUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Payment OptionsPayPalPayPal, wire transferPayPal onlyDirect deposit, PayPalPayPalPayPal or StripeCheck, direct deposit, PayoneerDirect deposit, check, Payoneer (for affiliates based outside the US)PayPalPayPal, Webmoney
Target AudienceBloggers, webmasters, business consultants, internet marketing experts, web designersWeb designers, entrepreneurs, online marketing expertsBloggers, photographers, web designers, business ownersContent Creators, Squarespace Circle members, bloggers, web designersEntrepreneurs, educators, influencers, content creatorsBloggers and writers, educators, web developers, YouTubers, media networks,social media influencersEntrepreneurs, web developers, online marketing expertsOnline marketing experts, web developers, businessesWeb designers, internet marketing experts, bloggersFreelancers, web design studios, bloggers, website and community owners, professional webmasters
Payment Hold45 daysFour qualifying subscriptions14 days20 days14 days
Cookie Duration30 days45 days45 days30 days90 days120 days45 days90 days365 days

1. SITE123

Product Name:SITE123
Payment period:-
Сommission Fee(CPA):from $135.3
Withdraw minimum:$300
Payment hold:-
Cookie duration:-

SITE123 Affiliate Program – is a cost-effective and rewarding money-making solution that aims at website owners, who drive traffic to the website builder through the content advertised via their web projects. These include websites, blogs, articles, tutorials, email newsletters, social media etc.

The program is created for entrepreneurs, bloggers, internet marketing specialists, web developers, business consultants and representatives of other professions willing to make profit with SITE123. Anyone can join the program, open an account and start receiving commissions fees for client referrals.

Key Features of SITE123 Affiliate Program:

  • High Commission Fees. The website builder offers one of the most rewarding and highest-paying affiliate programs. Actually, you get a fixed commission for every conversion. The longer the duration term of the subscription is and the more conversions you manage to make – the higher the commission will be.
  • Conversion Tracking. Affiliates have access to tracking tools and analytics to monitor the performance of their referrals (clicks data, earnings etc.) along with conversions. This is how you will be able to see the referrals who make payments and your profit.
  • No Intermediary Fees. SITE123 does not charge any intermediary fees, which eventually increases your affiliate profit. You get the full payment without any third-party interference.
  • Easy-To-Use Banners. The software designs and integrates convenient and easy-to-use banners that attract user attention and increase the conversions.
  • Customization and Integration Tools. SITE123 allows affiliates to customize their referral links and integrate them seamlessly into their content or websites.

How To Apply for SITE123 Affiliate Program

Applying for the affiliate program is quite easy with SITE123. What you need is to just go to the affiliate website and click the “Join Now” button. Then you will be offered to fill out the application form. The support team will review your request to give the feedback within the shortest time possible.

There is no subscription fee for joining the program. Likewise, there are no intermediary or account setup fees. Just register an account in a few moments and you will be instantly provided with a personalized affiliate link to offer to your potential clients. A customer will have to click the link, register with the system and buy a hosting package. After that, you will receive a fixed commission fee. This is quite easy, indeed!

How Much You Can Earn With SITE123

As soon as you join the Affiliate Program, you will receive a unique link potential clients should use so that you could get a commission fee. The platform charges a fixed payment sum for each user referred. The final cost of each deal will depend upon a plan a client will subscribe to. The higher it is, the more the price will be.

Thus, if a user registers for an annual Advanced Plan, you will get $135.3. Sign up for the 2-year plan will increase the cost to $154, while registration for a 3-year plan will bring you $204.6. The maximum sum of the commission fee you can get with the system may reach $241.8 per each deal. You will be able to withdraw the money from your account after you get $300.

SITE123 does not charge any fees for registering with the Affiliate Program. There are also no account set up fees or subscription fees here. The system does not set any restrictions as to the number of clients you can refer. The more – the better.

2. Wix

Product Name:WIX
Payment period:once a month
Сommission Fee(CPA):from $100
Withdraw minimum:$300
Payment hold:45 days
Cookie duration:30 days

Wix Affiliate Program – is meant for those system enthusiasts, who wish to promote the world’s leading web building platform, getting multiple revenues for joining the program. Being one of the undeniable leaders of the web design niche, Wix makes it possible to launch and manage different types of websites. This is the system that works great for all user categories – from first-timers and up to web design experts.

Everyone can join the Wix Affiliate program to promote the system on their websites and earn commission fees for that. To do that, you should sign up for the Affiliate Program (the process is easy and quick – just fill out the online form to do that) and start driving new users from your website, encouraging them to join the system.

Key Features of Wix Affiliate Program:

  • High Conversion Fees. The system offers Affiliate Fees for the conversions (sales) made with your link as well as for every new user, who buys a Premium Package via the Tracking Code the system generates when you join the program;
  • Unlimited Number of Referrals. The system does not set any limits regarding the number of referrals you can drive to the website. As a result, the more traffic you drive and the more clients subscribe for a Premium Plan, the higher your profit will be.
  • Dashboard Access. When joining the Affiliate Program, you get access to the Dashboard, from which you can effectively create and manage your campaigns. What you can do here is tracking traffic volume, checking payment parameters, customizing reports, viewing detailed project stats and getting access to multiple sections (Experts Webinars, News & Resources, Experts Hub, Tools & Guides, Experts Blog etc.).
  • Commission Structure. The Wix Affiliate Program typically offers a commission structure where affiliates earn a commission for each sale or subscription generated through their referral links. Commissions can vary based on the type of premium plan the referred customer signs up for.
  • Tracking and Analytics. Affiliates have access to tracking tools and analytics that allow them to monitor the performance of their referral links and campaigns. This includes data on clicks, conversions and earnings.
  • Promo Materials. Wix provides affiliates with a range of marketing materials, including banners, text links, and widgets, to help them promote Wix services effectively.
  • Cookie Tracking. The software uses cookies to track referrals, ensuring that affiliates receive credit for conversions that occur within a specified time frame after the initial click.
  • Payout Threshold. Affiliates have to reach a specific earnings threshold ($300) before they can request a payout.

How To Apply for Wix Affiliate Program

You can apply for your Affiliate account on a corresponding page of the official website. The system will notify the potential Affiliate about the Confirmation/Rejection decision within the 10-day period. Mind that websites containing abusing, promotional, illegal, offensive, abusing or any other unlawful content, may not comply with the terms of the Affiliate Program and, thus, may be rejected to join it.

All the Affiliates that are allowed to join the program, will get an individual Tracking Code for accurate reporting, tracking and Referral Fee control. This will give you the permission to start promoting the website builder by plugging in Wix creatives and publishing the system links on your website, which will redirect clients to the system, encouraging them to join it. The system additionally offers an opportunity to choose landing pages covering a variety of topics (small business, tourism, portfolio etc.) your website visitors will access right from the start.

How Much You Can Earn With Wix

Speaking about the payments, each Affiliate will get a fixed revenue for every new Wix Premium Plan User, who joins the system via the Tracking Code provided. Thus, the system pays $100 for each new premium user.

Wix will prepare the updated periodic reports, providing the sales activity of the Referred Users driven by the Affiliate. This is needed to calculate the refund amount, which will be securely protected by the system. You can get your financial refund during 45 days after the end of each calendar month.

To get the refund, you have to generate not less than $300 in commission fees during a month. This is also one of the terms of your further participation in the Program. The system reserves the right to change the Minimal Transaction Requirement any time without notifying you about the reasons for the decision. Mind that if you don’t manage to achieve the requirement, Wix can terminate your participation in the Program. If this happens, you won’t be able to apply for a partnership for 6 months.

All the payments are made in the US dollars via the PayPal system, wire transfer or any other option Wix considers the most appropriate for each particular case. If the system has any concerns about the fraudulent actions made by the Affiliate, it has the right to delay the payment up to 180 days to clear up the situation.

3. Pixpa

Product Name:Pixpa
Payment period:Once a month
Сommission Fee(CPA):60% per lead (up to $216 for each referral)
Withdraw minimum:-
Payment hold:-
Cookie duration:45

Pixpa – is a no-code portfolio website builder that was created with the needs of creatives in mind. This especially concerns artists and photographers. Offering advanced editing features, intuitive interface and abundance of design customization tools, it works great for the development of portfolio websites as well as projects for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

The Affiliate Program targets users who wish to direct genuine traffic through their websites, email lists, social media platforms and offline networks. The good things about it are complete absence of minimum payout, availability of custom affiliate dashboard with key metrics and a broad range of resources to help users with their projects.

Key Features of Pixpa Affiliate Program:

  • No Profit Limits. The system does not set any limits on your earnings, letting you get the commission fee for every referral. The more referrals you have – the higher your profit becomes.
  • Performance Control. As an affiliate, you get access to website performance tracking tools that make it possible to control the amount of traffic sent, trial signups, customer referrals etc. These and other metrics are available in the affiliate account dashboard. This is also the place where you can see the reports on earnings, pending balances and payouts. The system will send email notifications that concern your account activity.
  • Creative Resources. Pixpa allows using its high-performing creative elements like texts and banners to maximize conversion and click-through rates. They also share discount coupons with their affiliate partners to provide special offers to the audience and to encourage them to join Pixpa.
  • Cookie Tracking. With Pixpa, you have an opportunity to track cookie records to make sure you receive credits for all conversions made within the specified time frame after a user clicks the affiliate link.

How To Apply for Pixpa Affiliate Program

Joining the Pixpa Affiliate Program is completely free. What you need is to fill out the application form. The support team will review it and will further notify you about the decision regarding the approval/disapproval. If it’s ok, you will be able to start promoting the system by sharing a unique affiliate link through your blog, website, emails,social media and other channels. The more you promote and the more referrals you get, the more you earn.

How Much You Can Earn With Pixpa

The system offers 60% share for each lead you generate during the first year of participating in the program. All in all, you can earn up to $216 per referral. Their number is not limited, though. This means that your profit is unlimited as well. The more referrals you will get – the higher the eventual profit will be.

Mind that there are no limits regarding the minimum withdrawal sum. After the validation term, you will be paid automatically. The only demerit here is that the system offers PayPal payments only. No other payment options are currently available.

4. Squarespace

Product Name:Squarespace
Payment period:once a month
Сommission Fee(CPA):up to $200
Withdraw minimum:$400
Payment hold:Four qualifying subscriptions
Cookie duration:45 days

Squarespace Affiliate Program – is a perfect way for your website to earn commission fees on sales referred to Squarespace via specially tracked links. This helps effectively grow your business, empowering millions of users to create impressive, rewarding and impactful web presence.

Mind that not all websites are allowed to join the program. The system does not accept websites that are not relevant to the topics/products they deal with or those that contain offensive/objectionable content. Participation in the program is absolutely free for everyone.

Key Features of Squarespace Affiliate Program:

  • Marketing and Promo Tools. As soon as you become an affiliate, you will be offered access to multiple resources (articles, videos etc.) that will help you find out more about the available products and services. The system will also let you download graphic assets and other design resources to help you create engaging content.
  • Different Plans. Squarespace subscriptions and features they include vary a lot based on needs of affiliates and potential referrals. Your profit will partially depend on the selected plan.
  • Consistent Communication. The software sends a monthly newsletter to affiliates to keep them informed about the latest system features and updates.
  • Performance Transparency. You have control over your referrals’ behavior and personal account parameters to understand the efficacy of your work.
  • One-Time Application. You don’t have to apply for the program several times, if you have more than one website. Just list all of them in the application form and get an opportunity to advertise Squarespace on any of them, granted that they are approved by the service.

How To Apply for Squarespace Affiliate Program

Applying for the Squarespace Affiliate Program is free. What you need is to fill out the application form and wait up to 5 days until the company approves it.

After you join the program on a corresponding web page, the system will provide you with custom banners or links you will further be able to post on your website. As soon as a user makes a purchase via this link/banner, the system will get the notification to assign a commission fee.

As an affiliate partner, you will be able to earn payouts for every eCommerce or website subscription you will get from every new Squarespace customer. To find out the detailed terms of participation and the amount of qualified referral fees, you should apply for the program.

How Much You Can Earn With Squarespace

Squarespace allows earning from $100 to $200 per each new subscription. The fee will depend on the plan a referral picks. The system does not impose any limitations as to the number of users they will convert. In fact, the more people you will refer to the system, the larger the sum of the payout will be. The minimum withdrawal sum currently constitutes $400.

5. Shopify

Product Name:Shopify
Payment period:twice a month
Сommission Fee(CPA):from $150-$3000
Withdraw minimum:$25
Payment hold:14 days
Cookie duration:30 days

Shopify Affiliate Program – is an advanced and rewarding solution for users and regular clients of the world-popular eCommerce software. Currently, the system partners with over 800,000 businesses around the world, including the renowned brands like the New York times, RedBull, Tesla Motors, Mozilla and more. The software will work great for merchants, who will be able to smoothly present their work to the potential customers with minimum support investment, skills and experience. By joining the program, you can bring your eCommerce business to the brand new level, gaining multiple advantages from it.

Key Features of Shopify Affiliate Program:

  • World-Class Product. Shopify Affiliate Program makes it possible to offer your clients cooperation with the best eCommerce industry leader, which will provide them with customized solutions and experiences that match their individual marketing needs.
  • Several Partnership Options. Shopify offers four types of Partners you can choose from based on your needs and program chosen. These include Referral Partners (those, who have signed up for a Partner Account on a Shopify partner program page and promote the service by creating unique referral links or acting as VAP – Value Added Partners directly with merchants in the system’s Development Store), Developers (those, who have registered via the system’s Developer Program and are responsible for creating apps of themes), Experts (VAPs, who have entered the Shopify Experts Program and are included into the Shopify Experts Directory List) and Plus Partners (those, who comply with the terms of the Shopify Plus Partner Program).
  • Special Perks. The system partners have the right to get special discounts on a wide range of software services needed for product design, business development, project management and testing.
  • Financial Rewards. The system offers the revenue share, which is calculated individually based on the Partnership type and plan you go for and the number of referrals you drive to the system. You can find the detailed refund terms and reward alternatives here.

How To Apply for Shopify Affiliate Program

To start with, Shopify sets a number of requirements about who is allowed to apply for the affiliate program. To be approved for participation, you have to:

  • Run an active affiliate blog or website;
  • Have an established and niche-relevant audience;
  • Publish content related to Shopify’s services (like blogs, videos or online courses);
  • Have preliminary experience of working with Shopify or any other eCommerce software;
  • Be aware and agree to the terms of Shopify Partner Program Agreement.

If you are ok with all the above listed points, you are welcome to fill out the application form. However, you will encounter certain issues here as well. Since June 2022, Shopify’s affiliate program is powered by the Impact affiliate network. This is a trusted third-party affiliate tracking platform that provides Shopify affiliates with extra tracking options, real-time reporting tools and monthly commission payments.

When you hit the Apply Now button on Shopify’s affiliate landing page, get ready to be redirected to the Impact website. This is where you will have to sign up, providing explicit information about you and your website. Later on, you will have to apply for the Shopify affiliate program as well. This also takes some time. In most cases, you application will be reviewed within 5 business days.

How Much You Can Earn With Shopify

Shopify calculates the fees Partners obtain under the Reference Plan on the monthly basis upon the Receipt of Payment provided by the Merchant in case the web store is active and the Partner has completed at least one Revenue Generating Activity throughout the previous 12 months.

Fees are calculated by the system under the terms of the App and Theme Plans based on the revenue generated via the app or theme development. Fees applicable to the Bounty Plan or Channel Program users are also calculated once a month based on the receipt of payment provided by the Merchant for the previous two consecutive months.

To be precise, Shopify pays $150 for each qualified referral. As a member of Shopify Partner Program, however, you can get higher fees – around $500-$3000 for every new POS Pro Merchant referred by a Partner. To find out the details, read the terms of the program in advance.

The system has two Payment Periods, when it distributes the fees to the Program participants. This happens twice a month: the first Payment period extends during the first half of a month, while the second period extends during the second part of the month. In case the sum of the payment is less than $25 by the end of the Payment Period, Shopify reserves the right to withhold the payment until the end of the next payment period.

In case the system has any fraud concerns, it may postpone the payment until the risk analysis consideration or even withhold it throughout the period of investigation. The system also has the right to refuse from making the payments in a number of cases specified in the terms of the Partner Agreement.

6. Webflow

Product Name:Webflow
Payment period:once a month
Сommission Fee(CPA):50%
Withdraw minimum:-
Payment hold:-
Cookie duration:90 days

Webflow Affiliate Program – is a simple and convenient way to make money for referring users to the website builder. The program initially targets bloggers, writers, educators, YouTubers, entrepreneurs, media networks, social media influencers and other users, who wish to publish their content on the web and make profit by using the available Webflow advantages.

Key Features of Webflow Affiliate Program:

  • Cookie Tracking. Webflow employs a cookie tracking feature to attribute referrals to affiliates. This ensures that affiliates receive credit for conversions that occur within 90 days (this is the terms specified by the platform) after a user clicks their affiliate link.
  • Support and Resources. Webflow affiliates receive support from Webflow, including access to marketing resources, FAQs and potentially a dedicated affiliate manager or support team. You can contact the Webflow PartnerStack account (if you are an affiliate already) or Webflow support for extra info.
  • Training and Education. The website builder provides training materials or resources to help affiliates effectively promote their services and maximize profit.
  • Affiliate Strategies. The system grants access to lots of options that help you drive traffic through your affiliate link. Among the strategies you can use, the following ones are the most popular: blogs, educational videos, podcasts, online courses, social media, workshops and conferences, email newsletters, vlogs, microsites, UI/UX/Components kits etc.

How To Apply for Webflow Affiliate Program

Applying for the program is easy and fast. Just follow the link provided on a corresponding page and wait until you are approved. Thus, you’ll get a unique affiliate link you will be able to share on your blogs, websites, educational and general videos, social media, online courses,email newsletters, vlogs, web conferences and workshops, podcasts and other resources.

You will also get access to the affiliate dashboard. This is where you will come across all the required information about the affiliate link itself, traffic, conversions and payments. This will help you control the efficacy of program application.

How Much You Can Earn With Webflow

The commission fees for using the Affiliate Program constitute 50% of all payments made during 12 months. This concerns every customer you eventually refer. There is no limit on the final sum. The more users you manage to attract, the more you will earn.

7. Weebly

Product Name:Weebly
Payment period:once a month
Сommission Fee(CPA):30%
Withdraw minimum:$50
Payment hold:20 days
Cookie duration:120 days

Weebly Affiliate Program – is another popular solution provided by Weebly website builder. It works great for freelancers, who focus on the development of custom-made projects. The marketing network the system provides is also known as ShareASale program that acts as the intermediate between the website builder and a webmaster.

It offers the affiliates a variety of real time tracking, reporting tools as well as regular monthly commission fees. What’s important, the program is absolutely free for everyone, who has an intention to join it.

Key Features of Weebly Affiliate Program:

  • Huge Database. Weebly boasts a huge database of subscribers (over 20 users), which means that you will surely get lots of referrals. This will have a positive impact on your earnings.
  • Reliable Tracking. The system grants access to your personal affiliate dashboard, where you can pick and use reliable tracking tools to control our performance and your referrals’ behavior.
  • Worldwide Accessibility. Weebly Affiliate Program is open for users from all countries of the world. As a top-class company, they offer ongoing support and assistance to help you solve all the issues you encounter while using the software.
  • ShareASale Cooperation. Weebly Affiliate Program is hosted with ShareASale platform that provides real-time statistics like conversions, revenue, clicks etc.

How to Apply for Weebly Affiliate Program

As mentioned above, Weebly partners with ShareASale platform – a third-party company that hosts the program. This means that all signup payments are made by the company as well. To get started, you first need to create a ShareASale account and then click the Weebly affiliate program button to view all the details.

You will be offered to fill out a registration form to specify the required details. Right after that, you will get a confirmation link to activate the account. Generally, it takes around 2 business days for the Weebly team to review your application. If it’s ok, you will get your referral links from the ShareASale platform.

How Much You Can Earn With Weebly

Among the benefits of the Weebly partnership program, it makes sense to mention the 30% commission fees charged for each driven user. The system does not impose any limits on the number of clients you can invite or the amount of commissions you can earn. Another feature is the 120 Day Cookie Window that grants greater flexibility and lets you get paid even when users hesitate to make conversions for a long time.

Weebly program also lets you make the most out of your website traffic by using high EPCs of the website builder. You can get more earning opportunities due to the regular bonuses the system provides.

The system makes payments to the affiliates on the 20th day of each month via direct deposit, check or Payoneer system. However, to receive your payment, your commissions fees should be equal to or exceed $50.

8. GoDaddy

Product Name:GoDaddy
Payment period:once a month
Сommission Fee(CPA):10%
Withdraw minimum:Minimum amount set up in your account
Payment hold:-
Cookie duration:45 days

GoDaddy Affiliate Program – is a great advertising and marketing solution provided by one of the largest global domain/hosting providers. It allows getting the revenue for qualifying purchases they make through the generated affiliate links. It’s up to you to decide what GoDaddy product to use for promotion. The list includes websites, domains, SSL security, professional email, hosting, WordPress, Microsoft 365 and more.

Key Features of GoDaddy Affiliate Program:

  • Payment Options. GoDaddy supports a variety of payment methods to make the process easy and convenient for affiliates. The system allows getting payouts via checks, direct transfers and Payoneer system.
  • Marketing Materials. There are over 200 affiliate banners and images users may choose from along with lots of other resources to promote GoDaddy’s services.
  • CJ Cooperation. CJ (Commission Junction) is one of the best affiliate networks that allows tracking sales and access marketing materials GoDaddy has to offer to its affiliates.
  • Cookie Control. GoDaddy uses cookie control options to attribute referrals to affiliates. This means that when a potential referral clicks your affiliate link in any material you prepare, a cookie is placed in the browser. As a result, you receive credit for any subsequent purchases made within 45 days – this is the time specified by the system.

How to Apply for GoDaddy Affiliate Program

If you are at least 18 years old and have your own website, GoDaddy considers you eligible to apply for its affiliate program. To get started, you need to sign up for the program. As far as it’s powered by the CJ Affiliate Network, you will be redirected to this very platform. If you are not yet a CJ member, you will have to register for the account here as well. Done? Then search for GoDaddy in the advertisers section and click the Apply to Program button.

The next step is to fill out the online form here you will be asked to specify information about your website and your personal data. The system will review your application and will then notify you about the decision. If everything is ok and your website is approved as a program participant, you will be redirected to the integrated dashboard with a toolset required for the program.

How Much You Can Earn With GoDaddy

With GoDaddy, you can make profit by promoting their services and products as an affiliate member. The company charges a one-time 10% commission fee for advertising its eCommerce solutions, domain names, websites, hosting services etc. The more referrals you get – the higher the profit will be. The affiliate link tracking lasts for 45 days.

9. Webnode

Product Name:Webnode
Payment period:As soon as you get $300
Сommission Fee(CPA):$100
Withdraw minimum:$300 and/or 3 premium plans
Payment hold:-
Cookie duration:90 days

Webnode Affiliate Program – is quite a nice solution for users willing to make profit by promoting the services/products the website builder offers. As a multi-faceted system, Webnode grants access to multiple resources and templates that help you set up, customize, manage and then advertise full-featured websites. The affiliate program is applicable to all premium plans the system has, irrespective of their cost and value.

Key Features of Webnode Affiliate Program:

  • Unlimited Purchase Tracking Time. It doesn’t matter when a user makes the purchase. You will get paid as soon as it happens. Even if a referral decides to buy a premium plan in 6 or 12 months, you will still get paid. The process is tracked by the system automatically.
  • Unlimited Purchases Allowed. The company does not pose any restrictions on the number of purchases completed. The more referrals – the better. You get paid each time a new referral makes the purchase.
  • DirectLink Availability. You don’t even have to use special codes and links to participate in the Webnode Affiliate Program. With DirectLink, you have an opportunity to add your domains to further use them for user referral. As soon as they are approved, the system will track every user referred for your website automatically.
  • PPC Promotion. It is possible to promote Webnode in search engines via PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns yet you still cannot use your affiliate link as a final URL. The use of the brand name “Webnode” as a keyword in PPC ad texts is not allowed as well.

How to Apply for Webnode Affiliate Program

To start promoting Webnode and make profit, you first need to create a new affiliate account with the website builder. If you have one already, just log in and apply for the program. The system managers will review the application to further notify you about its approval/disapproval. If your application form is approved, you can either use the affiliate link Webnode generates specially for you or work with the DirectLink system to start your ad campaign.

How Much You Can Earn With Webnode

Webnode offers you $100 for each first purchase of its premium plan by a referral. It doesn’t matter when the purchase is made. As soon as this happens – you get your commission free. You will be paid as soon as you get $300 (or 3 qualified purchases) in your account. The system does not limit the number of referrals you can get. The more new projects – the higher your profit is.

10. uKit

Product Name:uKit
Payment period:anytime
Сommission Fee(CPA):30%
Withdraw minimum:$50
Payment hold:14 days
Cookie duration:365 days

uKit Affiliate Program – is a beneficial profit generation solution offered by one of the best small business website builders. It makes it possible for professional web developers, freelance designers and other niche experts to earn the financial reward for the users they drive to the system.

Key Features of uKit Affiliate Program:

  • Various Referral Sources. uKit allows using different traffic sources to advertise its products and services. These include websites, teaser ads, doorway pages, social media, targeted ads, newsletters etc. At the same time, it prohibits the use of CashBack means, ClickUnder system, PopUnder tool and context ads. Mind that referral links should not be spread as spam as well.
  • Integrated Analytics System. uKit grants access to your personal affiliate dashboard with all the tools and features needed for proper analytics tracking. This includes control over your referrals as well as over your affiliate performance.
  • Payout On Requests. The system does not have a particular date when you are allowed to get your payout. Instead, it makes payments on its affiliates’ request – just make sure the sum in your accounts exceeds $50.
  • Fast Support Team. The company team is always ready to provide you with qualified support and on-time assistance to help solve any affiliate program-related issues.

How to Apply for uKit Affiliate Program

The registration procedure is simple and quick. You should reach the affiliate page to read the detailed info about the program and to fill out the online form there. However, you need to sign up for a uKit account first. This is done either via your social network account or by means of completing the registration form. As soon as you are done with your online form, the system managers will review and approve/disapprove it. If it’s ok, you will get a confirmation link to activate the account and to start promoting uKit on your website.

How Much You Can Earn With uKit

The website builder provides 30% compensation for each newly registered referred user that is calculated on the basis of the total amount of payments this user invests into the system. uKit does not set any limits as to the maximum payment amount. The more – the better.

Based on the terms of the program, you get full access to the Affiliate Control Panel with multiple promotion and marketing tools. Additionally, the program involves lots of revenue generation options, the amount, diversity and terms of which depend upon the plan chosen.

The website builder makes the payments upon webmaster’s request, granted that the sum of the payment exceeds $50. The money is stored in the system for 14 days. Payments are made via PayPal or Webmoney systems.

Which Website Builder Affiliate Program Is The Best?

Web design niche does not remain static – its options and advantages keep emerging on a regular basis, giving users the unlimited freedom of creation and advanced design customization options. No wonder, most users decide to test the unlimited merits of website builders to start and grow their business opportunities. In this respect, using the merits of Affiliate Programs introduced by website builders frequently proves to be a reasonable solution.

  • SITE123 Affiliate Program is a cost-effective and easy money-making solution for bloggers, entrepreneurs, web marketing experts and business consultants, who intend to use SITE123 to reach their goals.
  • Wix Affiliate Program is a trusted partnership program that works great for a broad target audience and provides a variety of revenue generation options at worthy terms.
  • Pixpa Affiliate Program is one of the best solutions for businesses and creatives involved in portfolio development.
  • Squarespace Affiliate Program lets you earn commission fees on sales made with the website builder by means of using unique tracked system links.
  • Shopify Affiliate Program is a perfect solution for eCommerce website owners, who are just starting their business or plan to promote it to gain traffic and high commission rates.
  • Webflow Affiliate Program is a fast, risk-free and easy way to generate profit by referring new users to the website builder, using its multiple advantages.
  • Weebly Affiliate Program works great for freelancers, who are interested in developing custom-made web projects and generating profit by using the merits the system has in stock.
  • GoDaddy Affiliate Program is worth user attention as the platform offering web design, hosting, domain and marketing solutions all in one place.
  • Webnode Affiliate Program is a rewarding profit sharing option, which allows driving traffic to the website builder and getting referral commission fees for each sale completed.
  • uKit Affiliate Program has much to offer to its users as its terms allow enhancing marketing and website promotion opportunities.

All the Affiliate Programs listed above are worth user attention, offering limitless profit generation opportunities to users, who have got used to working with them. Just take your time to explore all the terms and services they provide in detail to make the best choice.

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