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Bandzoogle vs Wix

Bandzoogle vs Wix

Bandzoogle and Wix are website builders, which have much to offer to their target audience. Each of them focuses on a certain niche and, thus, comes with a feature set that works great for the completion of specific tasks.

The systems differ in terms of design approach, functionality, pricing policy and ease-of-use. However, both of them are certainly worth the attention.

A Quick Snapshot:

Bandzoogle.comBandzoogle – is a specialized DIY website builder, the area of specialization of which goes down exclusively to the development of music websites. The system comes with a collection of quality music templates, while its interface is designed to come up to the needs of musicians. There is also the out-of-the-box option that allows for easy and fast synchronization with external music services.

WixWix – is the world-known cloud website builder, which allows creating different types of websites. This is the all-in-one system, which encompasses such features as ease-of-use, quality templates, depth and flexibility of design customization, advanced functionality, synchronization of external services, blogging and eCommerce options to mention a few.

There are numerous reasons to make Bandzoogle vs Wix comparison. It can seem interesting because of the difference in the niche specialization of both services. It’s just impossible to go without intriguing conclusions. So, we’ll analyze the competitors to find out, which service is generally more interesting. Let’s go!

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1. Ease of Use

  • Bandzoogle. This is an easy-to-use website builder that comes with a classic WYSIWYG editor. Quick sign up process, template selection, web page settings adjustment and website publication – this is the way the system works. The interface is logically-structured, its design is stylized to come up to the needs of the niche audience, that is, the musicians.

    Bandzoogle Content Editor

    The basic editor sections come with video links, which show the way they should be used. FAQs are detailed, provided on a decent level and are available in the “Help” section. If a person has used any other website builder of this class, it will be easier for him/her to master the interface almost in no time. Newbies will need 1-2 days to get used to the interface and master its features in the best way possible.

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  • Wix. The website builder has clear and visually appealing interface. It can be called user-friendly, especially for newbies. Complex tasks that can be solved by means of using the functionality features of the service seem a bit simple and non-serious. Generally, this is a positive feature. Regardless of the rich choice of settings and available elements, the interface is easy to master due to its convenient structure. It is intuitively understandable and triggers interest.

    Wix Musician Editor

    A newbie will master the system in around one day, while an experienced user will need only around an hour to do that. Customer support section is available at all screen interfaces and comes with all the required information. What’s more, it is visually appealing, which makes the process of system exploration convenient and pleasant. The service has a blog with a rich selection of useful and interesting articles.

    Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is a notable feature of the system that has to be singled out here. The system is used for the automatic formation of website structure and design based on the information a user provides. It will be of great help to those people, who have never been involved in the web design process before and don’t know anything about it. To use the feature, you should enter the data regarding your niche specialization, business name, its location and desired functionality.

    Wix ADI for Musicians

    The rest of the work is done by Wix ADI in the automatic mode. You will get a readymade website with a brand color palette and, maybe, with the required content, if your business is available in the social networks. This is an alternative way to create a website in terms of the service. You can edit the result with regard to your needs by using those tools that are also applied in the standard web creation mode.

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Bandzoogle vs Wix. The platforms are both user-friendly, convenient and simple. They have logically-structured interfaces, which, however, are percepted by users in different ways. The dashboard structures differ a lot, but you can explore any of them from scratch in less than one day, if you have such a desire. Generally, Wix seems more pleasant and visually appealing, while its powerful ADI tool ensures the simplest website building experience one can ever get.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

  • Bandzoogle. The service is positioned as a specialized website builder for different types of music websites. When it comes to the web building process, though, it turns out that you can create business websites with blogs, forums and opportunity to sell music tracks/videos here. These features are presented in the specific design of the dashboard and templates and come with an opportunity of synchronization with social networks and music services.

    Bandzoogle Theme Editor

    The functionality is built up here by means of adding widgets to the web pages. There are various web page templates to solve different tasks (event, contacts, music page etc.), which provide a decent choice of widgets. You can manually create your web page structure, divide the working area into the columns, set up SEO settings, fonts, colors of different elements as well as formats of some of them. There is certainly a player here, an opportunity to block content access, sell products via PayPal, collect statistics and adjust settings of marketing mailouts.

    Bandzoogle Add a Track

    If your website development strategy implies the need to launch and manage email marketing campaigns, Bandzoogle lets you do that with ease. Just access the Mailing List section, pick one of the suitable email templates and start working on your email marketing campaign. What you can do here is scheduling newsletters, tracking their efficacy, staying in touch with the target audience.

    Another notable Bandzoogle feature is the opportunity to track your website performance and analyze the must-have website nuances, such as traffic amount and sources, locations users come from, page views statistics etc.

    Additionally, the website builder comes with a powerful integrated eCommerce engine that lets you effectively create and manage free full-featured web stores, where you can sell physical/digital items for your fans and other musicians. There are various options that let you get the most out of your music storefront. These include an opportunity to pick from over 25 currency types, connect your store to your PayPal account to make deals, integrate with external distribution platforms, choose from multiple niche-specific eCommerce templates, integrate external widgets etc.

    Bandzoogle eCommerce

    There is also a chance to edit CSS template codes and add your own HTML code, thus creating simple form structures. If needed, you can add flash videos to the website to increase its presentation attractiveness. Generally, the service provides a nice choice of functions, which are more than enough to create a website of a rock group, for example.

  • Wix. This is the all-in-one website builder, which allows creating forums, blogs, business websites, portfolios, online stores, landing pages and other website types. It’s possible to realize all these features in terms of the system. Many specific features can be realized here by means of installation of apps from the brand App Market (most of them are free and there are currently 287 quality applications here by now).

    Wix Musician App Market

    For example, you can add a nice forum to the website, an online form builder, an online chat, a restaurant menu, a form to book tickets or rooms in hotels, marketing tools, social network comment integration features, various audio and video files, event posters, an online store to sell digital and standards products (including paid downloads), Spotify, Soundcloud or Bandsintown synchronization etc. There are almost no limitations here.

    Wix Musician Blog

    Wix Music App available in the App Store makes it easy to launch and manage quality music websites. The widget lets you integrate the audio player into your project with no problems at all. This will allow your fans to listen, download and stream their favorite tracks and even purchase them directly at the website. What you can do with the app is uploading your music tracks, playlists and albums to further present them to the target audience, add audio files in various formats and even sell the tracks in the real-time mode. You can also customize the audio player with regard to your general website style and special needs. Tracking the statistics is also possible here.

    Stock editor options are on the top notch level as well. You can set a background video, add a player, online store, blog, promo boxes, full-screen slideshows, various lists, charts, stripes, boxes, tabs and lots of other elements. This design can be enhanced by the display effects, set up of detailed design elements, positions and dimensions of each block, their clarity and millions of other features.

    Wix Free Effects - Strips

    The website editor is very flexible. It supports the combination of buttons and resembles a simplified Photoshop variant. You can change the size and shape of a template in one click only, add stock images, choose button shapes, upload one of the Google fonts etc. There is also an opportunity to set up a website version for visually impaired people, privacy policy and the terms of using your resource as well as to add the co-authors of a website. These are multiple benefits you can avail when using Wix.

    The website builder also stands out from the crowd due to its powerful integrated blogging and eCommerce engines. The first one allows adding a functional and customizable blog to your music website, while the second one makes it possible to launch and manage a full-featured music web store, where you’ll be able to offer multiple digital/physical music items for sale.

Bandzoogle or Wix. When it comes to functionality, Wix is much more powerful due to the more flexible web page editor, a rich choice of widgets and availability of an impressive App Market, offering plenty of integrable and customizable widgets. Building a website with Wix is simpler and faster than starting it with Bandzoogle as you will eventually get a better selection of tools needed to handle the task, including the required widgets, blogging and eCommerce features

3. Designs

Number of Themes:116500+
Free Themes YES YES
Responsive Design YES YES
Sort by Industry: YES YES
CSS Code Editing: YES NO
  • Bandzoogle. The system comes with a rich collection of music-related templates (there are 116 themes here). Their quality is generally on a decent level. Some structures are repeated several times in different colour designs and demo data, while the design versatility level is quite high here. All the templates are sorted out by themes – music genres and business niches.

    You can edit several stock templates to come up to different situations, store them in a library and then quickly change the design your website when needed. It’s also possible to edit the CSS code. Design customization options are pretty broad and easy to use, although, almost everything goes down to the choice of colors and fonts in the prevailing amount of cases. Generally, the service comes with a powerful set of templates and convenient individual design customization tools.

  • Wix. This website builder offers top notch templates in various niches, namely online stores, photos, videos, music, business, hotels, events, design, food and restaurant, health, art, landing pages, blogs, education and fashion.

    Wix Musician Templates

    It makes sense to point out music templates. As of today, there are 48 of them. The quality of themes is high, designs are versatile and you won’t find two similar samples here. Generally, each design category is subdivided into subcategories. For example, the business category includes templates related to consulting, automobiles, law and finance, animals, apps and technologies, marketings and advertising. There are many templates here and they cover a broad range of activity spheres. You can also choose a blank template, that is, the structure without any demo content that has to be filled with the required information from scratch. There is a pretty important nuance that is also worth mentioning here. The system does not allow changing a template in the process of designing a website, because of a rich choice of themes it offers. That is why, you have to choose the most suitable option right from the start.

    Wix Suitable Option

    Design customization options are very extensive. You can choose any element and then customize its design, shape, dimensions and position as you need. Mobile-optimized templates are edited apart from the basic themes for more detailed design approach. Generally, templates are a strong point of the service. Their quality, assortment and settings are close to the ideal, if compared to the niche competitors.

    Take a look at Wix Portfolio Examples to see the real users’ Wix websites.

Bandzoogle vs Wix. Speaking about the design aspect, Wix boasts a more extensive collection of professional templates, including those created for music websites. The website builder also offers, a wider assortment of structures and templates, customization options, including those of mobile website versions. The quality rate is nice in both cases, but Bandzoogle still lags behind Wix because of its narrow specialization, repeated structures and inability to work on the mobile version of a website independently from the basic one (this is the out-of-the-box mobile responsiveness).

4. Customer Support

  • Bandzoogle. The service comes with a broad range of customer tech support options, including a forum, live chat, FAQ, email support. The dashboard also offers all the required educative video tutorials. There are no many of them here, but their quality is on a worthy level.

  • Wix. The website builder has a Forum and a separate customer Support Center, which does not only include system FAQs, but also the links to all the services of the ecosystem of the website builder, including payments, domains, separate apps (Wix Bookings, Hotels, Forum, Music, ShoutOut, Restaurants etc.). The service also supports the YouTube channel that offers a rich choice of video tutorials on how to use the system to the advantage. The feedback communication is done through the email, irrespective of the questions you are concerned with, be it tech support, business partnership, Wix website development and what not.

Bandzoogle vs Wix. Both systems offer a worthy level of customer tech support, but it is realized in different ways. Bandzoogle places an accent on live chat and forum, while Wix focuses on multiple text (FAQ, Wix Blog, Stories and Lounge) and video tutorials. Both systems support feedback communication with customers via email and are available in social networks. The website builders differ a lot in this comparison parameter, but the quality of customer support elements is impressive in both cases.

5. Pricing Policy

Bandzoogle offers a 30-day trial period, while Wix has a Free Plan. In both cases, you have to pay a certain sum of money to use all the features of the system to the advantage. Let’s note, however, that Wix often has discounts up to 50%, so, it’s quite possible to pay twice less for any of the paid plans at least once a month (on a holiday occasion or any notable system date). Bandzoogle doesn’t offer any discounts. This means that you may count only on the full subscription cost under any usage terms.

Let’s compare the pricing policy now. If you choose between these two services, then you really need a music website. You may just wish to create a promo website and let your fans listen to your songs for free. In this case, it makes sense to use Wix as it is more affordable and does not contain any restrictions as to the number of pages and photos even on the most affordable pricing plan. However, if your intention is to sell your music or concert tickets, then it is reasonable to explore the systems in details. As far as all the Bandzoogle paid plans allow selling digital products, we’ll compare the system with eCommerce plans Wix offers.

Bandzoogle and Wix Pricing Comparison Chart

Pricing Plans:✔ Lite ($8.29/mo/mo);
✔ Standard ($12.46/mo);
✔ Pro ($16.63/mo).
Standard Plans:
✔ Combo ($13/mo);
✔ Unlimited ($17/mo);
✔ Pro ($22/mo);
✔ VIP ($39/mo);
Business/eCommerce Plans:
✔ Business Basic ($23/mo);
✔ Business Unlimited ($27/mo);
✔ Business VIP ($49/mo);
✔ Enterprise ($500/mo).
Features:✔ Electronic Press Kits (EPK);
✔ Commission-Free Music Store;
✔ Sell Tickets, Videos, PDFs;
✔ Album Pre-Orders;
✔ Fan Data;
✔ Video Headers;
✔ Sell Physical Products;
✔ Free Domain Name;
✔ Automatic Inventory Tracking.
✔ Free of Use;
✔ Hundreds of Professional Themes;
✔ Online Store;
✔ Bonus Domain Name;
✔ Bonus Online Forms Builder and Site Booster;
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth;
✔ More Than 200 Free Apps;
✔ No Transaction Fee.

Both advanced paid plans make it possible to publish the unlimited number of web pages, products, photos etc. Thus, any functionality restrictions are absent in both systems. Consequently, you have to make your choice based on the cost and general quality level of the service as well as its unique features as opposed to those of the opponent.

So, Wix eCommerce plan costs less, especially if you buy it with a 50% discount. Cheaper Bandzoogle plans come with restrictions concerning the amount of the materials added (pages, tracks, photos, disk volume etc.) and are partially devoid of the required functionality. So, it doesn’t really make sense to consider these offers seriously.

Wix Musician eCommerce

Wix eCommerce plans are more versatile and they come at various costs to fit any budget and needs. If you use the 50% discount, you can save big, when opting for one of these plans. Cheaper Bandzoogle subscriptions come with restrictions concerning the amount of the materials added (pages, tracks, photos, disk volume etc.) and are partially devoid of the required functionality. So, it doesn’t really make sense to consider these offers seriously.

Cheaper Wix plans can be used to create any website types (blogs, business websites, forums, landing pages, portfolios etc.), except for online stores. This means that you can create a website that focuses on your creative work and upload tracks to be freely available to attract user attention. You can also create a musician’s portfolio so that your fans could get access to it as well. This will not cost you much. In some cases, you won’t even have to pay for that.

Comparison of top plans doesn’t make Bandzoogle a leader. Wix offers much more opportunities at lower cost, including new features, templates (not only music-related), around 300 free apps, a more flexible web page editor as well as advanced marketing and eCommerce functionality. Whatever website you decide to build, Wix seems more appealing in this comparison. This also concerns one of the most notable parameters for the majority of users – the cost.

Bottom Line

When choosing between Bandzoogle and Wix, you should initially consider initial specialization of each of these systems. Additionally, you should also mind your web design needs, skills, target audience and result you intend to avail in the long run.

Bandzoogle.comBandzoogle – is a DIY website builder that has distinguished itself as one of the best systems to start and manage quality music websites. The system has a strong music focused and, thus, it comes with a rich set of music-specific features, tools and customization options. Dark interface editor, which is associated with the twilight of a concert hall, thematic templates and the slogan of the service that sounds like “From Musicians for Musicians” – all these features contribute to the impressive perception of the system by users.

WixWix – is the all-in-one website builder, which is a great pick for most users, who intend to create various types of projects. Music websites are not an exception. The platform abounds in hundreds of professional designs, high end customization tools, functional features, pricing and customer support options.

So, which system is the winner of the comparison and which of them works best for the development of music websites? This depends upon the task you set right from the start. If you need a niche project that will exclusively focus on music, then Bandzoogle is a pretty good choice. In case you intend to set up and manage a more feature-laden website, then Wix should be the top choice due to its universal web design approach.

Bandzoogle vs Wix: Comparison Chart Wix
1. Easiness8 of 1010 of 10
2. Features8 of 1010 of 10
3. Design8 of 1010 of 10
4. Support9 of 1010 of 10
5. Pricing8 of 1010 of 10
Overall:8.2 of 1010.0 of 10

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