Bandzoogle vs Squarespace: Which is Better?

Bandzoogle and Squarespace are cloud website builders, which are intended for quite different purposes and, thus, target diverse user categories. The integrated functionality of the systems is mainly explained by their initial focus and specialization. Each platform, however, has much to offer to its subscribers, making it possible to achieve the goals it is meant for.

Bandzoogle – is a specialized website builder, which focuses on the development of music websites. It delivers an extensive range of industry-specific features, tools, designs and customization solutions that are a must, when it comes to starting projects for musicians.

Squarespace – is the all-in-one DIY website builder, the integrated feature set of which works great for the development of all types of web projects, including music websites. The system offers abundant functionality for this purpose and it does not require coding proficiency.

As soon as you face the need to launch a music website, the choice between Bandzoogle and Squarespace will matter a lot. The comparison of both systems should help you define their special parameters, pros and cons as well as notable distinctions that might affect the web design process and its outcome. Let’s analyze the competitors right away to see what each system has to offer!

Bandzoogle vs Squarespace: General Overview

Bandzoogle vs Squarespace: General Overview

Bandzoogle has distinguished itself as a specialized website builder. Its only focus is development, customization and promotion of music websites. According to the slogan of the project highlighted by its developers, Bandzoogle is a system “From Musicians to Musicians”. This defines the major objective of using the platform. The website builder grants access to multiple high quality music templates, niche-specific tools and features that contribute to your project performance.

The foundation of the website builder dates back to 2003. That’s when it was first introduced to the market. Since that time, Bandzoogle has been extensively used to start websites for musicians, while its popularity has notably increased over time. Statistics tells about 80,810 websites started with the system and this number keeps steadily growing. The website builder offers quality customer support, as well as affordable pricing to come up to diverse user requirements.

Squarespace deserves user attention as one of the most popular web design platforms out there. The DIY website builder is applied for myriads of purposes, letting its subscribers launch and promote all types of web projects. Music websites are not an exception. You don’t have to be a coding pro to work with the system – it is intuitive, convenient and easy-to-use for everyone.

Just like Bandzoogle, the website builder was launched in 2003. However, its customer base has notably overcome its competitor. According to recent estimates, Squarespace powers over 4,856,859 websites and this number undoubtedly speaks for itself. The system has much to offer to the target audience as it features an effective combination of simplicity, functionality and affordability.

Bandzoogle and Squarespace both make it possible to start websites for musicians. They come with distinctive integrated functionality, which guarantees quality result. Bandzoogle, however, has a narrow niche focus, which does not let you get the most out of your music project. As opposed to it, Squarespace abounds in features, tools and design customization solutions to adhere to any needs. Just have a look at statistics to make sure about that on your own.

Bandzoogle vs Squarespace: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Bandzoogle vs Squarespace: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Bandzoogle initially targets non-techies, who are interested in music and look for a simple yet functional specialized tool to start a website. The system has a WYSIWYG editor that lets you control each step of the web design process to make the required edits on time. Registering with the platform is easy, quick and hassle-free. What you need to do afterwards is to pick a suitable design and customize it with regard to your needs and requirements.

Bandzoogle Editor

The website builder has a logically-structured interface, which is understandable to each and every user. What’s important, all sections of the integrated editor come with video links that give you a hint on their correct application. All in all, it takes around a couple of days to master the system and to get used to its features.

Bandzoogle offers an extensive range of customer support options that contribute to easy system exploration. These include an informative FAQ, a forum with multiple sections, a live chat, email support and other options. There is also access to quality educational video tutorials that provide visual guides on how to get the most out of the system.

Squarespace requires a certain time investment to be mastered to the advantage. If you have never worked with website builders, you may find the system quite complicated yet it is possible to explore its integrated functionality in several days. The sign up procedure is simple and quick – just complete the registration form to create an account. The system will suggest picking a template then and will redirect you to the dashboard, which abounds in tools and features.

Squarespace Editor

Just like Bandzoogle, Squarespace has an integrated WYSIWYG editor, which makes music website creation fast, clear and hassle-free for everyone (see the best Squarespace website examples). As soon as your website is ready for publication, check all the parameters well. There is no preview option here, which makes it impossible to control the way your project looks before its publication. To see the result of your work, you need to publish the project first and to make edits afterwards, if required. That’s not the best option for first-timers yet this requires more precise user attention to the web development process.

Squarespace customer support is on a high level as well. You get access to the informative Help Center with lots of text and video tutorials, FAQ section, how-to guides, blog and extensive Knowledge Base. If you face the need to discuss some issues with the support team in person, the website builder allows doing that via email or Live Chat.

As to the ease of use, Bandzoogle initially seems to be a simpler solution for beginners, but this is mostly because of its clear niche focus. Squrespace, on the contrary, unveils more possibilities and design customization options to its subscribers. This, correspondingly, takes more time and effort investment yet it also guarantees better result.

Bandzoogle vs Squarespace: Design and Flexibility

Bandzoogle vs Squarespace: Design and Flexibility

Functionality is what both website builders excel at. Bandzoogle and Squarespace deliver a set of tools and features that are a must, when it comes to music website development. As the all-in-one platform, Squarespace unveils more extensive options as opposed to Bandzoogle with its narrow niche focus. To define the system, which has more to offer, though, it makes sense to compare their major parameters. That’s what we are going to do right away.


Bandzoogle has an integrated eCommerce engine, which makes it possible to sell your products/services online. As a music website owner, you will be able to offer for sale your tracks, albums, posters, accessories, souvenirs and even tickets. The system lets you choose from over 25 currency types, synchronize with third-party distribution platforms, connect your PayPal account, integrate external widgets, select suitable eCommerce templates and adjust other related parameters.

Bandzoogle eCommerce

As a music-focused website builder, Bandzoogle lets its subscribers sell music (digital singles, EPs, album downloads etc.) directly from their websites with no commission fees. This is easy and quick due to the built-in visual editor that lets you control all the steps of the web store creation process.

To enhance your music sales, the software offers a list of features that contribute to the success of the endeavor. These include payment integrations (opportunity to connect PayPal or Stripe), sales reports (to be able to access the required data from your account), email automation, opportunity to create discount codes and mark items as “on sale” to encourage fans for active shopping etc.

As a music store owner, you will also be able to sell digital music downloads along with physical products. You customers, in their turn, will avail an opportunity to make album pre-orders to buy the download link right after its release.

Another advantage is a chance to create printable music download codes to further sell them at concerts or to share with fans when needed. Users, who will join the mailing list, will get free music as a bonus. Finally, a digital music store is the place where users can preview clips before buying them. These are always the things most fans appreciate.

Nothing special is required to set up a music store with Bandzoogle. Just register an account, pick one of mobile-ready templates, customize the design, color scheme and fonts, and build your web page layout.

The next step is to enable the integrated music feature, upload tracks you intend to offer for listening or for sale, add track/album info, connect payment services and finally publish a web store!

Squarespace boasts a powerful eCommerce platform available by default. It works great for launching a small or a medium online store to offer your music business-related items/services for sale. There is an opportunity to select an eCommerce template here, set up and customize a show window, sell up to 100 products, assign shipping/tax/payment parameters, manage product lists and orders, embed Google Maps and online forms etc. Connection of Google Analytics and other stats tracking tools allows controlling your website statistics to check its current performance. Another advantage is the opportunity to import the products from your BigCartel or Shopify store, for example, if you have the one.

Squarespace edit product

Both systems rank quite high in terms of eCommerce. Squarespace, however, offers more extensive web store creation/customization/promotion opportunities due to its powerful eCommerce engine. Bandzoogle somewhat lags behind the competitor as its eCommerce functionality is limited because of the narrow niche specialization of the system.


Bandzoogle blogging options are mediocre. There is an opportunity to set up a Blog page/section on your music website, but don’t expect a lot from it. To do that, access the “Edit Content” section, pick a blog page connection feature and add it to your project. As soon as you are done with that, you may proceed to blog customization. What you can do here is adding, editing and updating blog posts, integrating media files, enabling the commenting feature etc.

bandzoogle post

Squarespace has a powerful blogging platform, which allows running quality and feature-rich blogs (see examples). The platform lets you add and edit new posts, update the existing publications, schedule new articles, customize blog/post URLs, integrate videos, audios and images, set up GEO tags, enable user comments etc.

Likewise, you can connect Google Analytics to check your blog stats when required. In case you intend to manage your blog with a team of co-authors, Squarespace grants such an opportunity.

It is also possible to migrate a blog from any other platform (WordPress, Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr etc.), if you have the one already and plan to update it further.

Squarespace Blog

Speaking about blogging, both website builders support the feature yet Squarespace has more to offer to music website owners in this respect. Along with baseline blogging options and tools, the website builder offers blog migration and multi author support features, which notably extends blog development options.

Third-Party Integrations

Bandzoogle positions itself as a solely music website builder and, thus, it offers multiple integration options. What’s more, the entire functionality of the system centers around widget connection and arrangement. Bandzoogle web pages include blocks that have to be filled with required content (texts, events, news, music, albums, images/videos etc.). Additionally, you can choose and add external widgets based on your project performance. Some of the most popular integrations you may select for this purpose include GigSalad Review, Airbit, GigSalad Quote Form, Twitter, Instagram Gallery, Bandcamp Player, Topspin Store and Bandsintown to mention a few.

Squarespace ranks high in terms of integrations. The website builder lets you choose from numerous widgets and add-ons, which may add to your music website presentation. Thus, you can choose and integrate Google Maps, contact forms, Google Analytics, social sharing buttons, email marketing tools etc. Special attention should be given to the Unfold App (a free storytelling tool meant for social account posting) and Acuity Scheduling Platform (an effective business management tool).

When it comes to integrations, Squarespace definitely has more to offer. The website builder provides a broad spectrum of widgets and add-ons that can boost your project performance in all aspects (web design, marketing, promotion, user generation etc.). Bandzoogle also lets you integrate external services, but most of them are related to the music industry only.

Template Selection and Customization

Bandzoogle template collection includes music templates only. There are over 116 high quality designs here, which have similar structure yet differ in color schemes, font combinations and demo content. For user convenience, the templates are sorted out into two large categories – business niches and music genres. The system allows choosing and editing several templates you plan to use and to save them in your own library to be able to select any of them, when required. Bandzoogle also allows for CSS code editing to let you create unique music website design.

Bandzoogle Template

Squarespace grants access to flexible and powerful design customization options. Its collection of themes currently includes over 150 free designs. All of them are responsive and niche-specific. Music templates are available here as well. The use of the website builder does not require any programming awareness. However, code editing is available here.

The platform comes with a Cover Page Builder encompassing over 29 ready-made themes for professional website development. Due to the integrated drag-and-drop editor, creating your website layout is not a problem here, while the advanced Style Editor grants access to unique design customization options, such as background modification, selection and customization of fonts, styles, colors, images etc.

Squarespace Templates

When discussing the template editing aspect, Squarespace still holds its winning positions. The website builder comes with a rich template gallery, integrated Style Editor, Cover Page Builder and rich toolset required to create a truly unique music website design. Bandzoogle restricts its design customization options to the creation of music objects only.

Website Editor

Bandzoogle editor is quite intuitive and simple as the website builder itself was created for musicians, who are obviously not aware of programming nuances. Before getting started, users will be shown an introductory video on how to get started. What’s more, the software offers educational videos for any possible problem a user may encounter.

The interface of the editor is simple and intuitive as well. All the options and settings are positioned here in a logical order to be always at hand. If you need to edit a simple website element like a post or an image, you can do that directly on the page. To edit more complex elements, you will be redirected to the full-screen interface. The main content blocks are invisible here, but you can make other complicated edits, if required. In most cases, though, this does not pose any problems even for beginners.

Squarespace also comes with a convenient drag-and-drop editor that allows for simple project creation and customization. Proficient web developers can make use of advanced HTML code embedding options and Markdown markup support.

When using the feature, you will be able to edit special blocks of the built-in visual editor. What you should know, though, is that iframe block and JavaScript code embedding is viable for Business plan users as well as for the subscribers of other advanced plans. Thus, they mostly work well for professionals.

Are you a beginner? Squarespace lets you edit your web project with no coding at all in its innovative Fluid Engine that has recently replaced a classic editor. The new tool also uses the drag-and-drop technology along with a grid system. The latter offers more block arrangement options, content customization and background setup solutions. As a result, you have an opportunity to create a website faster and easier than before.

The Fluid Engine is built into most website sections by default, but there are still some sections that use the old classic editor. This mostly concerns event descriptions or blog posts. Keep that in mind, when working on your project creation and customization.

As for website editing, Squarespace notably overcomes its competitor. Its innovative Fluid Engine makes it possible to easily edit website sections with no coding required. At the same time, web design pros can embed HTML codes for more flexible design customization. Bandzoogle, which mainly targets inexperienced users and is applied for music website creation, offers limited website editing solutions.

Bandzoogle vs Wix: General Pricing Comparison

Bandzoogle vs Wix: General Pricing Comparison

Bandzoogle lets you test its features during a 30-day trial period before deciding on the suitable premium subscription. As soon as you make the choice, you will be able to pick one of the following paid plans:

  • Lite ($8.29/mo) – 10 pages, 100 mailing list members, commission-free music store, tracks and photos, Electronic Press Kit;
  • Standard ($12.46/mo) – 20 pages, 500 photos, 1000 mailing list members, 50 tracks, opportunity to sell physical merch;
  • PRO ($16.63/mo) – unlimited pages, photos and mailing list members, opportunity to sell videos and other media files, automatic inventory tracking, tracks, discount codes, SoundScan reporting, album pre-orders, custom fonts, video headers.

Whatever subscription you will go for, you will get a free domain name that never expires, unlimited disk storage space, integrated hosting. If you don’t like the selected plan for some reason, you can get your money back.

Squarespace doesn’t have a free plan yet there is a free trial that lasts for 14 days. This is enough to test the feature set of the platform before upgrading to one of its paid plans. Upon the end of the trial, you will have an opportunity to choose a premium subscription to comply with your requirements:

  • Personal ($16/mo billed annually) – 2 contributors, unlimited bandwidth and storage, SSL Security, free custom domain, integrated website metrics, 24/7 customer support, SEO features etc.;
  • Business ($23/mo billed annually) – unlimited contributors, 3% transaction fees, advanced website analytics, professional email from Google, premium blocks and integrations, CSS/JavaScript design customization, fully-integrated eCommerce etc.;
  • Commerce Basic ($27/mo billed annually) – customer accounts, domain checkout feature, powerful eCommerce analytics, Instagram synchronization etc.;
  • Commerce Advanced ($49/mo billed annually) – abandoned cart recovery, gift cards, advanced shipping and discounts, APIs for order and inventory, limited availability labels etc.
When discussing the pricing policy, Squarespace offers more versatile plans to choose from. It has four premium subscriptions as opposed to three Bandzoogle plans. The range of features and services included into the plans is also more extensive, adhering to various user needs, financial level and web design requirements.

Bandzoogle vs Squarespace: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Bandzoogle vs Squarespace: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Bandzoogle comes with standard SEO settings users can set up on their own. To adjust the parameters, just access the “Pages” section and go ahead to fill out the required fields available there. Among the parameters you will have to point out there, the following ones should be the first to mention: meta tags, 301 redirects, keywords, titles, descriptions etc.

Squarespace is good at SEO optimization. There is a separate section in the system dashboard you can fill out as required. These include meta tags, titles, descriptions, keywords. The website builder automatically generates post and product headings, making it impossible to edit them manually. These newly generated headings are further used as SEO titles. An important feature is that Squarespace lets you hide some of the web pages or the entire website from indexing until you are sure that it is ready for publication.

Squarespace SEO Settings

When comparing the SEO parameters, Squarespace proves to be a more SEO-friendly website builder. Along with the opportunity to specify baseline parameters, it allows hiding a website from indexing, while being under construction. It’s up to you to decide when to make it available for the search engine bots. This enhances the success of your project optimization.

Which One Is the Best for Music Website – Bandzoogle or Squarespace?

Which One Is the Best for Music Website - Bandzoogle or Squarespace?

Bandzoogle is a website builder, which is initially created with the needs of musicians in mind. The system has everything required for the development, customization and promotion of a feature-rich music project. It offers a rich gallery of industry-related templates that works great for individual musicians as well as for bands. It also delivers blogging and eCommerce functionality, making it possible to sell tickets, merch, accessories and other digital/physical products. Crowdfunding solutions are available here as well, which unveils extensive sponsorship opportunities.

Squarespace is a great solution for a music website as it encompasses an impressive range of tools and features that are a must for this type of website. There is a collection of pre-designed music themes, which are free and responsive by default. Access to third-party services is available here as well. The system comes with built-in blogging and eCommerce engines, Logo Maker, Acuity Scheduling platform, Unfold Storytelling tool and other high end features that contribute to professional project development.

When choosing the system for music website creation, Squarespace seems to be a more multifaceted solution. The website builder grants access to multiple features and tools that can contribute to all nuances of the project development process. Bandzoogle, in its turn, focuses on music websites only, overlooking other important aspects.

Key Differences Between Bandzoogle and Squarespace

Ease of Use:Bandzoogle is a simple and convenient cloud website builder. It was created with the only goal in mind – to make music website development smooth and hassle-free for everyone.Squarespace is a cloud website builder with drag-and-drop editing functionality. It allows running different types of web projects, including websites for musicians. The system does not imply coding proficiency, which is important for non-techies.
Functionality:As a specialized music web design platform, Bandzoogle offers distinctive industry-related functionality. The website builder grants access to multiple tools, integrations and services that are crucial for website development. There is an opportunity to connect a blog and a web store to your project, integrate third-party music apps and services, choose and customize niche templates etc.The platform has a simple WYSIWYG editor, multiple social integrations, built-in blogging and eCommerce platforms, Logo Maker and other tools that guarantee easy music website creation. When starting a project with the system, you can also use an advanced Cover Page Builder, Style Editor, Google Maps embedding feature, stats tracking tools, Acuity Scheduling Platform, Unfold App and other high end solutions.
Design:Bandzoogle offers a collection of free responsive designs related to the music industry. They are customizable and contain widgets/blocks you should select and fill with related content.Squarespace has a rich and impressive collection of free, responsive, customizable and industry-specific designs. There is also access to powerful customization tools here, Image and Style Editors, Logo Maker and other features that contribute to personalized design creation.
eCommerce:The website builder has a built-in eCommerce engine, which allows starting a web store to sell music tracks, albums, tickets and merchandise. There is an opportunity to compile and manage product catalogs, set up payment/tax parameters here.The system comes with an integrated eCommerce platform. It lets you run small/mid-size digital stores to sell services/products.
Blogging:Bandzoogle lets you create a blog page and update it when needed. This is a nice way to engage user attention.With Squarespace, you can set up a quality blog due to the availability of the integrated blogging platform. You can adjust blog parameters here, schedule and manage posts, enable user comments etc.
Small Business:The system can be used to set up small business projects, granted that they are related to the music industry.The website builder works well for small business websites, offering multiple widgets, integrations, media files along with powerful Acuity Scheduling Platform and stat tracking solutions.
Pricing:Bandzoogle offers a free 30-day trial and 3 premium plans. Their cost starts at $8.29/mo.Squarespace has a free 14-day trial and 4 paid plans. Their cost starts at $16/mo.
SEO:Websites started with Bandzoogle provide baseline SEO settings. This is enough to promote your project online, targeting the right audience.This is a SEO-friendly website builder. Users are given an opportunity to fill out the major SEO parameters for effective music website promotion. The system also allows hiding your project (or its pages) from indexing by the search engines.
Customer Support:Live Chat, FAQ, community forum, email support, video guide.24/7 Live Chat, Email Support, FAQ section, Ticketing System, Community Forum

Comparison Conclusion: Which One Is Better?

Are you right about to launch a music website? Then the choice of a suitable tool becomes a crucial step to start with. You need a multifaceted platform that will combine industry-related features with extensive design customization, SEO, marketing, eCommerce and blogging options. The system should also provide affordable pricing options to fit your budget and special requirements. This is where Squarespace ranks really high.

As opposed to Bandzoogle with its solely music focus, Squarespace guarantees individual web design approach and deep flexibility that do not compromise with affordability and convenience. No coding or web design expertise is required to work with the system – everything is intuitive and understandable here, while powerful integrated options and rich toolset ensure high end result. These are the major reasons to recommend Squarespace for music website creation.

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