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Best Website Builders for Lawyers

Best Website Builders for Lawyers

It goes without saying that lawyers, who are busy almost 24/7 handling legal issues, just don’t have time and skills to start and manage professional websites.

Likewise, they are not ready to hire specialists to complete the task for them as this is quite expensive, not to mention the fact that they should know how to update their ready-made website afterwards. This is where website builders come into play.

Website builders work best for DIY website creation. These services are specially developed with the needs of newbies in mind and offer multiple advantages like absence of coding skills, user-friendly interface, thematic templates, responsive design, convenience, affordability, SEO-friendliness etc.

They cannot be left unnoticed when it comes to choosing the best website builder to create stunning law firm website design. With a functional website builder, your lawyer’s website will feature harmonious combination of great visual appeal and impressive functionality.

Websites for lawyers created with website builders offer a variety of niche-specific features and tools you can use to bring their functionality to the top notch level. They provide the most important info about your business, area of expertise, list of services, professional achievements, news, events and what not.

What’s more, you will be able to notify customers about your plans, professional news and any changes that happen in your career. You can also connect social network accounts to your website to let users explore your services, initiate discussions and publish any other information your current and potential clients may be interested in.

Are you right about to select a website builder to start a lawyer’s website? Then you might be encouraged to browse the most popular, full-featured and easy-to-use services listed above. It’s high time now to review each of these systems that may cover the entire spectrum of your web building needs.

Wix – The Best Website Builder for Lawyers and Law Firms

Wix - The Best Website Builder for Lawyers and Law Firms

Wix – is the most full-featured lawyer’s website builder.The service is completely code-free and it works great for the websites of law firms and legal agencies that need to establish reliable web presence to gain the attention of the target audience. Here are the major highlights of the website builder:

  • Law Firm Templates. Wix has a separate category of mobile-ready “Finance and Law” templates, where you can select the best design that comes up to your niche specialization most of all.
  • Wix ADI. The system will use the content you’ll submit to automatically design a website for you.
  • Standard and Mobile Editors. Apart from using Wix ADI, you can manually develop and edit a website in the standard system editor or create a separate mobile version of it.
  • Client Interaction Widgets. Wix App Market offers a set of free and paid widgets and apps you can use to interact with clients and partners (Callback, Contact Management +CRM, Book Appointments Online, Live Chat, Wix Forms, 123 Form Builder, Events Calendar, Comments, Wix Bookings, Google Event Calendar, Scheduling Pro, Inffuse Testimonials, Latest News, Wix Chat etc.).
  • Blogging Engine. Wix allows connecting a blog to your lawyer’s website to stay in touch with your partners and clients.
  • Forum. The website builder also lets you integrate Wix Forum into your project to initiate discussions with users, create new branches, sections, topics etc.

Cost: Wix pricing policy is versatile and depends upon the terms and features included into the chosen plan. You can test the website builder and the features it offers for the unlimited period of time at no cost at all. Wix free plan is never-expiring, which lets you improve your web design skills and explore the nuances of the system. As soon as you decide to bring your website performance to the new level or publish it on the web, you’ll have to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions the website builder implies.

uKit – Easiest Law Firm Website Builder

uKit - Easiest Law Firm Website Builder

uKit – is the best website builder for small law firm. This is the perfect choice for private attorneys and law agencies that wish to launch small- or medium-sized landing pages and websites. The major advantages of the website builder are listed below:

  • ich Collection of Legal Templates. uKit offers a category of templates, which are responsive in nature and come up to various fields of legal activity (law company, legal assistance service, administrative law firm, attorney firm etc.).
  • Live Chat. Integration of this widget grants more chances to stay in touch with clients, who may need online support, customer assistance or any other topic-related tips any time of the day.
  • CallBack Widget. It makes it possible to receive callback requests from the visitors of your website at the most convenient time for them.
  • Free SSL Certificate. To enhance your website security and preserve your clients’ confidentiality, you can connect a free SSL Certificate to your website.

Cost: uKit offers the most affordable pricing policy in the niche, with its cost ranging from $4 and up to $12 per month. There is a 14-day trial, which lets you test the paid features of each subscription at no cost at all.

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WordPress – Hosted Platform & Attorney Site Builder

WordPress - Hosted Platform & Attorney Site Builder

WordPress – is a renowned Content Management System, which has gained worldwide popularity as the most popular and full-featured system designed for blog building. The service can now be used to launch different types of projects, including websites for lawyers. Abundance of integrable templates, plugins, design customization options, code editing features and relative ease of use have made the system one of the best contemporary DIY web building solutions. Listed below are the features that make WordPress a decent web building option.

  • Built-in and External Law Firm Templates. You can browse a collection of built-in templates for your lawyer’s website, but it is also possible to find free and paid themes online.
  • Quality Integrable Plugins for Lawyers. Among the best plugins for your lawyer’s website, the following ones are worth to be mentioned first: WP Lawyer, Strong Testimonials, SecuPress, Co-Authors Plus, Lexicata, Booking Calendar, Disqus Comments, WP Customer Reviews, The Events Calendar.
  • Client Interaction Plugins. Separate attention should be devoted to WordPress client interaction plugins, including Client Portal Plugin, WP Customer Area, Request Callback Plugin, WP Notification Bar Pro, Easy Social Share Buttons etc.

Cost: WordPress is initially a free CMS, which allows creating and building websites without investing into the process. To publish a website, you’ll have to get hosting and domain name for it. The final cost will depend on that of the hosting plan you will go for. For example, the cheapest Siteground or Bluehost plan will cost you $2.95 per month. Additionally, you may have to pay for quality templates and plugins you’ll wish to integrate into your website for lawyers.

Bookmark – AI-Powered Website Builder for Lawyer Websites

Bookmark - AI-Powered Website Builder for Lawyer Websites

Bookmark – is a popular AI-based website builder, which can become a perfect alternative for creating DIY websites for attorneys. The platform is easy-to-use as it offers intuitive navigation, simple dashboard and variety of design customization tools. To launch a website with Bookmark, you don’t have to possess coding skills or invest a notable budget. Just mind the features you can’t go without, when working with website builder:

  • AIDA Assistant. Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant will automatically create a lawyer’s website for you in a matter of minutes based on the business data you will initially submit.
  • Focus Options. Focus offers a set of pre-designed blocks you can customize and then integrate into your website by using content modules (texts, links, maps, buttons, quotes, social network buttons, contact forms, feedback forms etc.).
  • Exceptional Ease of Use. With AIDA, you can create a full-featured website with quality content in several minutes only – just customize it and publish!

Cost: Bookmark offers a free plan and two paid plans. The cost of paid subscriptions constitutes $11.99 and $24.99 per month, if you decide to make annual payments. In case you wish to pay monthly, the cost of the paid plans will be somewhat higher and will constitute $15 and $30 per month correspondingly.

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Ucraft – Personal Website Builder for Lawyers

Ucraft - Personal Website Builder for Lawyers

Ucraft – is a drag-and-drop website builder, the feature set of which is enough to create and manage a website for lawyers. The system makes it possible to effectively present your brand, services list and business specialization by utilizing a collection of designer tools, logo customization option, responsive templates and other features users appreciate. Here are the major features Ucraft is known for:

  • Responsive Industry-Focused Templates. There are multiple personal and business themes you can choose from the Ucraft template gallery.
  • Multilanguage Support. The feature lets you create several language versions of your lawyer’s website to grow your customer base and establish business relations with partners from abroad.
  • Articles App. You can use the application to build blogs, news websites, portals and other resources for better interaction with clients.
  • Multiple Integrations. You have an opportunity to connect the services you use with Ucraft’s integrations to cover a broad spectrum of marketing, promotion, design, client interaction and analytics needs (Disqus, Intercom, Uservoice, Facebook Messenger, LiveAgent, Zendesk Chat, Jovosite etc.).
  • Free Logo Maker. By using the feature, you can create your company logo (if you don’t have the one) and integrate it into your new website to stand out from the crowd and improve your visibility on the web.

Cost: Ucraft has a free landing page creator feature and several paid subscriptions. The cost of the pricing plans starts with $10 and goes up to $69 per month based on the terms and features offered. If you are not sure about your choice, you can test the plans for 14 days without any fees.

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SITE123 – Online Service to Create a Site for Law Firms

SITE123 - Online Service to Create a Site for Law Firms

SITE123 – is a simple DIY website builder, which provides impressive design customization freedom along with extensive range of features and tools needed to start and manage all kinds of websites including those for law firms. The system does not require the knowledge of programming languages or coding expertise. Its intuitive web design approach and drag-and-drop editor make the process of website development easy, secure and hassle-free for everyone. Have a look at the major SITE123 features that can help you start a feature-laden website for lawyers:

  • App Market. The website builder grants access to myriads of widgets and add-ons available in its integrated App Market. Just browse through the widget collection the system offers and pick those that can boost your website performance. Some of the most popular widgets you may choose for your project include Live Chat, Analytics Tools, Social, Galleries and many more.
  • Blogging. SITE123 offers a powerful blogging platform that allows creating and connecting a feature-laden blog to your attorney website. Blog availability can drive user attention, offering them informative law-related articles you can publish and update whenever you wish. Likewise, you can create versatile sections and categories with articles that tackle your niche.
  • Logo Maker. If your law firm/business doesn’t have a logo representing it on the web, SITE123 makes it possible to design the one that will completely come up to your requirements and business needs. No coding or web design experience is required to create a unique and personalized logo with the system. The website builder offers an integrated set of logo design tools and elements you can choose from to design your company logo.
  • Multilingual Support. The platform has an integrated multilingual support feature, which allows creating lawyer websites in several language versions. This is much more convenient than starting separate projects in those languages you need to get in touch with international clients or partners from abroad.
  • Social Media Integration. If you have an intention to enhance your website reputation in the social networks, SITE123 lets you share your website-related info in the social networks. This is where you can share industry news, updates, events, plans and other business-related info.
  • Integrated Form Builder. SITE123 has an integrated online form builder, which allows creating all kinds of online forms that may help boost your lawyer website performance. The system offers several custom online form layouts and elements you can choose to design your online forms with regard to the business specialization and niche focus.
  • Customer Interaction Tools. The website builder has multiple customer interaction tools in stock. You can pick and use them to make the process of interacting with customers more convenient and interesting. The feature can also help boost user engagement rate.

Cost: SITE123 is not only one of the simplest website builders, but it’s also one of the most affordable web design platforms. The system offers a completely free plan you can use to test the feature set of the service. As to the paid options, the website builder has four subscriptions. The cost of the cheapest plan constitutes $10.80 per month.

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IM Creator – Free Website Builder for Nonprofits

IM Creator - Simple Free Website Builder for Nonprofits

IM Creator – is an advanced DIY website builder for non profit lawyers. The system works great for the development of full-featured projects that come with high end design, which makes them stand out from the crowd. The system is a great pick for users with diverse web design background and coding proficiency. Whether you are a beginner or a website creation expert, you will definitely be able to explore, master and use the system to start a website for lawyers with it. The list of |IM Creator highlights is pretty extensive and include the following features:

  • Responsive Templates. The website builder doesn’t have a separate collection of templates for lawyer websites yet there is an opportunity to pick a theme for your non profit lawyer website. All the designs the system has in stock are responsive, free and absolutely customizable. Apart from manual website editing the system allows for HTML integration, which increases the chances to get a completely personalized project.
  • Blogging. IM Creator basts a powerful blogging engine, which lets you connect a blog to your lawyer website to further manage it with regard to your needs. Blog availability encourages for more active user communication, traffic growth and higher customer engagement rate. It’s up to you to decide when to update your lawyers website with new blog posts or schedule them for further publication if it’s more convenient for you.
  • Image Integration Option. When using IM Creator, you can get access to the integrated image collection, which is quite rich and absolutely free even for nonprofits. Additionally, there is an opportunity to use free web design resources you can add to your project with regard to its niche focus. If you lack time to browse the collection on your own, the system lets you use the search filter to simplify the selection process and cut down the search time.

Cost: IM Creator definitely stands out from the crowd due to its pricing policy. The undeniable highlight of the system is the opportunity of free website creation for those users, who intend to launch nonprofit projects. These website owners get a chance to create a full-featured project without any budget at all. The cost of paid plans starts with $8/mo, which is also a pretty worthy investment.

Bluehost – Website Hosting for Law Firm & Lawyers

Bluehost - Website Hosting for Law Firm & Lawyers

Bluehost – is a credible, functional and one of the most popular hosting providers you can pick to store your lawyer website. The platform has distinguished itself as the top website hosting, which is officially recommended by WordPress as the best system of this type. Bluehost offers a powerful feature set, high end tools and secure hosting options to host projects of any size, functionality and complexity level. The list of Bluehost merits encompasses the following points:

  • WordPress Installation. Bluehost allows for safe, quick and convenient one-click WordPress installation. This eliminates the need to invest time and effort needed to download and install the CMS on your own. Additionally, all the platform users get an opportunity to install WordPress in conjunction with Bluehost, which is an advantage in itself as the CMS does not provide such an option separately.
  • Bluehost Marketplace. The platform comes with a collection of widgets, extensions, apps and scripts, integration of which can boost your website functionality. This is where you can pick multiple WordPress lawyer templates, marketing and eCommerce tools, image collections and other related widgets based on your website niche specialization.
  • Flexibility and Security. When using Bluehost, you can be sure about your website safety as the hosting provider uses special tools to prevent potential website-related risks. These include Spam Hammer, Spam Experts and more. Hotlink protection is also available here to boost your project safety level and flexibility.
  • Fast Page Load Speed and High Uptime Rates. If you feel that your lawyer website lacks loading speed or you would like it to load faster, hosting it with Bluehost will be a great idea. The platform will ensure better performance of your project along with its enhanced flexibility.

Cost: Bluehost is one of the most affordable hosting platforms that encompasses advanced functionality. The cost of the cheapest plan the system offers constitutes $2.95/mo. This is definitely a worthy investment that will surely pay off.

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Bottom Line

A qualified lawyer will not go without a personal website to boost law firm recognition and build customer base. If you have long-lasting goals, launching a website will become not a whim, but a necessity. This is possible for users with diverse web design background by using website builders. These tools come with pre-designed responsive templates, abundance of design customization tools, intuitive dashboards and quality customer support. This cannot but contributes to reaching the desired result.

When you face the need to choose the best website builder for a lawyer’s website, you certainly have many questions. Exploring and testing the most popular web building services is a surefire way to find the platform, which will completely come up to you web design needs and skills. Systems reviewed in the article are initially worth your time and attention. Make sure to test them to select the platform that will live up to your expectations.


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