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Best Website Builders for Lawyers

A quality website is a must-have for any lawyer or an attorney, who sees the mission in client attraction and business advancement. If you are ready to get the one of your own and don’t wish to hire web designers, who charge high fees for their services, then you can easily cope with your website creation process yourself by means of using website builders that are able to create an attorney or law firm website.

These services are specially created with the needs of newbies in mind and offer lots of benefits as friendly interface, tematic templates, responsive design etc. They cannot be left unnoticed when it comes to choosing the best website builder to create stunning law firm website design. Fortunately, there are two website builders you can make use of to successfully cope with the task. These are Wix and uKit.

Best Attorney (Law Firm) Website Builders Overview:
Website BuilderWix (review)uKit (review)
Best for:Law firm, attorney websiteLawyer agency
EasinessEasy to learnGood for newbies
Lawyer Website Design:Predesigned templates for law firm websitesReady-made themes for legal services
Technical Support:Email ticket support24/7 email and live chat support
Additional Options for Lawyer Website:ForumLiveChat and callback widgets
SEO Options:SEO Wizard (all youn need for the good SEO)Promotion widget (helps to set up SEO settings)
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

Key Features of an Attorney Website Builder

Let’s see in details what key elements for a good law firm website builder are in a must:

  • Convenience and Ease of Use. Website builders are simple and convenient enough to ensure intuitive web building process for everyone, who doesn’t have coding skills or web design experience. There is no need to waste your time and effort learning web design nuances. Just follow the instructions and launch the website in less than no time.
  • Thematic Templates. One of the major reasons that make website builders stand out from the crowd is the availability of thematic templates. You can choose the one for your company when using a law firm website builder. What’s more, the majority of these templates are responsive and optimized for different types of mobile devices.
  • Affordable Cost. If you compare the plans and prices charged by website builders with other web building tools, you can’t but notice how affordable they are. Some website builders offer trials for no cost at all to help users decide on the most suitable service they are going to work with.
  • SEO Advantages. Website builders do not only feature lots of benefits, but they also come with advanced SEO characteristics that make it possible to increase your company visibility and availability in the global network.

Now let’s see, does Wix or uKit fit all these terms and conditions? I have tested both website builders and welcome you to see the result.

Wix – The Best Website Builder for Lawyer


Wix is a cloud website builder that was specially created for newbies, who don’t have any experience in website development and promotion. The service is completely code-free and has many quality templates known for their simple customizability. The website builder works great for the websites of law firms and legal agencies that need to establish reliable web presence to reach the attention of the target audience. It’s super easy to use the system, which opens a wide array of web building opportunities to newbies and web design pros.

Wix Features for Lawyer Websites

  • Law Firm Website Designs. Websites launched with Wix look really sophisticated and stunning. They can certainly create positive impression upon your potential business partners and clients. The website builder can boast a rich collection of niche-specific templates, including a separate “Finance & Law” category, where you can select the template, which comes up to your business requirements and niche specialization most of all.

    Wix - Attorney Website

    Thus, you can choose between the templates for financial consultants, legal services and firms, attorneys, advisors, accounting and investment companies, insurance agencies, strategic and business consultants, strategic managers, financial forums, investment funds and other types of business and legal websites. All the templates created with Wix are of high quality and mobile-optimized by default to let your clients and partners browse through them with maximum ease, convenience and search efficacy.

  • Useful Free Apps. Wix offers its clients a convenient and handy App Market, where everyone can find free applications to be integrated into an attorney website (paid apps are available there as well). There are many of them here and it’s up to you to decide, what app exactly will come up to your needs. Among the apps you will certainly need are LiveChat, Blog Subscription Updates App, Testimonials, Quick Online Forms, Social Widget Buttons, Online Subscription Forms, ShoutOut Mailouts, Online Calendar, Google Maps, Professional Planning App, Simple Schedule, Poll, Comments etc. These and other applications provided by Wix App Market can help enhance your interactions with clients, thus contributing to your business success.

  • Wix-Apps-Market

  • Blog. There is a convenient and handy Wix Blog available in the App Market. By connecting this blog to your attorney website, you will be able to stay in touch with your clients and partners, interact with them by means of writing blog posts and commenting on them, participate in online discussions, add photos, videos and encourage your current and potential clients to deal with you and reach other objectives you have. Having a blogging community of your own allows sharing the interests with like-minded people, which is very important for attorneys and law firms.

  • Wix Blog Editor

  • Forum. Wix allows adding its forum completely for free and in less than no time. Having a forum is a benefit for an attorney firm, because it makes it possible to create enough space for communication and discussion of burning niche-related issues. Launching a forum from the Wix App Market does not take it longer than a couple of minutes. It is convenient and easy to use and it works well on all the mobile devices.

    Wix Forum Main View

    It is you, who can modify the settings, create new topics for discussion and manage the forum as you need. You can create the unlimited number of posts and sections, delete the unwanted posts, user comments, change the design and send notifications to other members. Users will be able to add their posts, comments, photos and video messages after a short registration process. It is also possible to subscribe to other forum users, whose posts are worth the attention.

  • WIx SEO Wizard. Wix is known for its powerful SEO Wizard, which enhances search optimization results of your website. SEO Wizard comes with easy step-by-step tutorials, which are understandable to people with any expertise level. The tool provides you with valuable info on how to enhance and boost your web presence by pointing out the available nuances that require improvement. SEO Wizard allows tracking your SEO results and provides their regular updates for better comparison. What’s more, you can learn more about SEO as it is by making use of informative videos, tutorials and articles.

Wix Cost

Wix Paid Plans:
Connect Domain$4.50/mo;

When it comes to the cost aspect, Wix has much to offer everyone, irrespective of the business needs, budget and expertise level. If you are a newbie willing to test the system to find out its major features, then you can make use of a free plan, which has no time limits at all. For serious projects like attorney or law firm websites, there is the necessity to upgrade to higher plans.

It is up to you to decide on the most convenient and affordable payment option, of course. However, if your goal is to launch a full-featured attorney website, there is no sense in selecting the Connect Domain Plan, which is the cheapest option at the moment. Instead, you’ll require one of the advanced plans listed above. They differ in price and features offered, but all of them provide free hosting, premium customer support, Google Analytics tools, individual domain connection option and other features you’ll certainly appreciate when launching an attorney website of your own.


Wix is a universal website builder and it can be used to create websites of any types. Your attorney or law firm website is not an exception. This system is so easy-to-use for everyone that the entire web building process won’t take it longer than a couple of days. The result will be worth the time and effort you will spend. Websites created with Wix have impressive look and trusted feel, which attracts the attention of users right from the start. With a simple intuitive dashboard, a set of business and legal templates, design customization tools and premium features, you will surely achieve decent result you’ll be proud of.

Wix Website Builder Review – Read our expert Wix review for further details.

uKit – The Easiest Platform for a Law Firm Website


uKit is another popular WYSIWYG website builder, which is in demand with users these days. The system is launched with the needs of small business owners in mind and makes it possible to create excellent designs. No coding skills are required to create a stunning attorney website design with uKit. The system is the ideal service for private attorneys and law agencies that wish to launch small- or medium-sized promo websites.

uKit’s Features for a Lawyer Website

  • Intuitive Interface. uKit can boast an intuitive interface, which doesn’t have to be learnt for a long time to be understood by everyone. It is logically-structured and any person, irrespective of web design skills or expertise, will cope with it in less than no time. It’s easy to understand the features the system offers. Just follow the guidelines and tips to launch your attorney website from scratch. This is effective, fast and easy for everyone.

  • uKit - Attorney Website

  • Lawyer Website Design. The website builder has a rich collection of high quality templates belonging to different niches and you can find dozens of lawyer website design themes to meet any niche you specialize in. The range of legal templates is quite impressive and you can choose themes for your law company, legal assistance service, administrative law firm, attorney firm etc. Website design is responsive in all the templates by default, so, you clients won’t face problems when browsing a website on their mobile devices wherever they and whenever they wish.

  • uKit Lawyer Website Design

  • Free SSL Certificate. uKit website owners have a great opportunity to connect SSL Certification to enhance their website security. This is a very crucial aspect for website safety and security of confidential client information. SSL Certified websites are not only more reliable and trusted, but they are also better indexed by the search engines. This is an extra benefit for your attorney website.

  • uKit SSL CRM Integration

  • Live Chat. Integration of the Live Chat widget into your attorney website gives you more chances to stay in touch with clients, who may need online support, customer assistance or any other topic-related tips any time of the day. This is also a nice solution for customers and business partners, who will be sure that they will get connected with you right when they need that most.

  • uKit LiveChat

  • CallBack Widget. uKit is ready to offer you a useful Callback widget that allows receiving callback requests from the visitors of your website at the most convenient time for them.

    uKit-CallBack widget

    The widget makes it possible for a client to send a text message to your phone, specifying the time of desirable communication. This is convenient both for you and your clients.

uKit Cost

uKit Paid Plans:

uKit pricing policy somewhat differs from that offered by Wix. The system currently offers four subscription plans and a 7-day free trial period. There is no free plan here, but the trial week is more than enough to test the features of the platform and make your choice. All in all, uKit is very convenient and easy-to-use. This is exactly what a newbie needs.

The plans are evidently affordable and they offer a broad range of features to choose from. What matters most is that uKit plans are a nice choice even for people with minimum budgets. They include a decent set of features each website needs to be effective. These include reliable customer support, unlimited bandwidth and hosting, responsive customizable legal templates and other premium features needed to create a decent attorney website.


uKit is a worthy choice for everyone, who values quality, convenience, ease of use, functionality and affordability most of all. The website builder allows creating decent attorney websites due to the availability of responsive legal templates, widgets that can be integrated into your website to give it advanced performance, powerful design customization tools, affordable pricing plans and other features you can use to the advantage to launch an attorney website from scratch.

uKit Website Builder Review – See the detailed uKit review for deeper understanding of how does it work.

How to Create a Lawyer Website

If you are right about to set up your law business or already run it, then you might be interested in the opportunity to get a website of your own. Actually, you may hear lots of ongoing discussions concerning the pros and cons of having an attorney website.

Attorney website builder

No matter how persuading these arguments sound, you should have your own opinion. To help you get the one, we have compiled the list of reasons that speak in favor of establishing your online presence:

  • A lawyer website will make you reachable any time of the day. This helps save your time and effort as well as those of your clients. Even if you have your law office, you don’t have to be present there all the day long. Instead, you can schedule appointments and meetings on the web and then leave to settle your problems, knowing that your current and potential clients will always have a chance to find your contacts and get in touch with you via your website 24/7.
  • Quality websites, designed in a professional way, always build client trust. Most clients believe that if an attorney doesn’t have a website, he/she is not serious about the business. If the website is available, however, this boosts client credibility.
  • A website is a place, where clients may leave their comments, reviews and testimonials. They can be further browsed by other users, who are just going to use your services, to find out more about your company and professionalism.
  • Website is primarily a valuable information source each client needs to learn more about you. This is the place, where users may read info about the niche you specialize in, your credentials, company news and what not. Just make sure you update the website on time to keep your clients aware of everything they might be interested in.

Launching an attorney website with a website builder of your choice is super-easy and quick. A few steps only are enough to successfully complete the process. These include:

  1. Register with the System. The signup process is quick and simple. It takes a couple of minutes only and is completed right at the website. After the registration, you are redirected to the dashboard with all the tools required to work on your project.
  2. Choose a Template. As mentioned above, website builders have quality templates and you should choose the one for further customization. If there is a template making it possible to create a decent attorney website design, choose it without any hesitations to simplify the web building process.
  3. Upload Content. Website builder templates generally contain niche-specific demo content. Replace it with that of your own, adjusting it as needed.
  4. Connect the Domain. Most website builders allow connecting your own domain name granted that you decide to upgrade to one of the paid plans of your choice. You can use free subdomain, of course, but if you really aim at effective SEO promotion of your law company, then you won’t go without a paid plan.
  5. Publish Your Website! As soon as you are done with the steps discussed above, you are ready to publish and promote your attorney website!

Must-Have Elements for a Law Firm Website

Any niche website comes with specific features and elements typical for it – those that are the most important for the clients. An attorney website is not an exception. Here is the list of must-have elements this website type is unthinkable without:

  • About Us Page. This is the page, where you can tell everything you consider important about your company. You can tell the story of your professional advancement and provide other related info that may help boost client interest, encouraging them to get in touch with you.
  • Services. The list of services is a must for an attorney website. The thing is that your niche areas may differ from those of your competitors and your clients should be aware of that. There are attorneys, who specialize in a certain field only (like immigration or family law, for example) as well as those, who deal with different types of cases.
  • Testimonials. Client testimonials help build your client trust granted that they are written by real clients with no post-moderation. The more positive reviews and testimonials your company has, the higher the chances to gain new clients prove to be.
  • News. Whatever company news you have, it’s quicker and easier to share them at your website. Clients usually appreciate the possibility to be aware of vital information they are interested in, so, this section is quite important.
  • Blog. If your aim is not only to establish online presence, but to provide users with information they may find useful, then adding a blog is a smart move. This is where you can publish niche articles to make it possible for users to find answers to their questions.
  • Live Chat. Live chat support is a valuable addition to any attorney website. The thing is that most people are not that informed in legal aspects and they might need qualified assistance any time of the day. Live chat experts should be available online to help people solve their problems, especially if you are out of the office quite often, being unable to react on time.
  • Contacts. There is hardly an attorney website without the contacts section. How else can your clients get in touch with you in a simple and comfy way? Just make sure you provide enough contacts to simplify users’ search.

Bottom Line

It’s crucial for any attorney or law firm to have a website today. This is a valuable source of information for your clients and a powerful marketing tool for your business. This website can help beat the competitors, grow your client base and boost your reputation.

The simplest way to build an attorney website today is to use a website builder. These platforms are easy and understandable for newbies, but proficient web designers have already got used to using them to create client websites as well. They come with a nice set of features and tools required to build a decent website. Offering rich galleries of responsive templates, these services come up to the needs of most users. Wix and uKit are the most popular platforms you should make use of to build your attorney website.

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