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Asocks Review

Asocks – is a provider of residential and mobile proxy rental services legally registered in the British Virgin Islands. The provider is officially operated by the IP Security LTD company. With over 7 million IP addresses from over 150 countries in the pool and targeting down to the city and ASN level, Asocks lets you pay only for the traffic, not for specific IPs or their locations. You get access to the entire IP pool and can utilize the API or download large proxy lists.

Asocks is useful for scraping competitor websites, checking the quality of advertising campaigns, monitoring the status and performance of web services in different parts of the world as well as for the completion of various SEO, SMM, SERM tasks. It also works great for promoting social media accounts, obtaining the best prices on branded products etc.

What’s important, the payment is made in the Pay-As-You-Go format from a single balance with Asocks, which differentiates it from competitors. If you are interested in using Asocks as your proxy provider, let’s review it in details now.

What Is It Good For?

What Is It Good For

Asocks is an ideal solution for businesses and individuals looking to harness the power of rotating proxies for a wide range of applications. For businesses engaged in web scraping and data extraction, Asocks provides a reliable way to gather market intelligence, monitor competitors and extract valuable data without the risk of IP bans.

Additionally, Asocks is invaluable for advertising verification, website monitoring and various SEO, SMM and SERM tasks. Businesses can verify their ad placements across different platforms, ensuring that their campaigns reach the intended audiences without discrepancies.

By using Asocks for website monitoring, companies can check the uptime, performance, and functionality of their web services from different geographical locations, providing a comprehensive view of their online presence. For social media management, Asocks enables the safe automation of multiple accounts, facilitating activities such as automated posting, engagement, and growth strategies, without the risk of account bans due to IP issues.

What’s more, Asocks offers significant advantages in bypassing geo-restrictions and enhancing online privacy and security. Users can access region-specific content and services that may be restricted in their location, allowing for a more open and unrestricted internet experience.

Asocks Pros & Cons



Over 7 million IP addresses in the network, including residential, mobile, and corporate addresses;
Average connection speed on proxies is around 10 Mbps;
Proxies automatically rotate every 15 minutes, with about 3% of addresses updated in each iteration. This reduces the risk of blockages and enhances operational stability;
Supports both HTTP and SOCKS5(H) protocols;
A vast selection of locations in over 150 countries and specific cities;
Simple and intuitive control panel;
API available for integrating proxies into your applications;
Export proxy lists in TXT and JSON formats. The current list, formed according to your criteria, is accessible via a special URL;
Great response time, not exceeding 0.6 seconds;
Suitable for various business needs, including mass scraping with minimal risk of blocks and CAPTCHA displays;
Your proxies are used exclusively by you, secured by password or whitelist. The service is not under any jurisdiction, so user data and logs are not shared;
Incredibly low prices with pay-as-you-go billing, no prepayment packages.
Requests sent through Asocks proxies are not encrypted, which means data is transmitted in plain text and can be easily monitored. Users concerned about privacy may need to use additional security measures like VPNs;
Users cannot customize the export format of proxy lists beyond the provided IP-address format;
Asocks does not allow users to choose specific telecom operators for their proxies;
The service is provided on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis, with no official guarantees of availability, although it maintains a high uptime rate;
While the service offers up to 100 ports under the standard plan, users needing more ports may incur additional charges and must negotiate limits with support;
Ports 25 and 465 are blocked, making it impossible to send emails through Asocks proxies, which can be a limitation for some users;
Refunds are only available within 3 days, and the amount refunded is recalculated based on the volume of traffic used;
There are no ongoing discounts or promotions, which might make it less attractive to some users compared to competitors who offer bulk purchase discounts;

Due to the automatic rotation every 15 minutes, about 3% of the proxies become unavailable, which could disrupt certain long-term tasks if not managed properly.

Asocks Functionality

IP Security LTD was officially introduced to the market in 2022, but in reality, the owners of Asocks have extensive experience in this field and have built a substantial network of residential proxies. As mentioned above, it includes over 7 million active addresses in over 150 countries. The official uptime guarantee for proxy servers in the pool is approximately 99.7%. The addresses are constantly rotated, with a typical rotation cycle of about 15 minutes, during which approximately 3% of the proxies are updated.

While it is possible to download large lists of addresses, due to the forced rotation, it still makes sense to choose data retrieval via API (all necessary tools for this are provided, including implementation examples in the most popular programming languages). There are no specific rates or subscriptions. You simply add funds to your balance and spend them as you go. Funds on the balance do not expire. The price is the same for all types of proxies – mobile, residential, corporate and mixed (when no specific connection type is selected).

Let’s dive deep into Asocks functionality now.

Control Panel

Asocks Control Panel

The dashboard is available in 6 language options. When you access the main page of the control panel, you will come across the following tabs (in your personal account):

  • My proxies
  • Balance
  • API
  • Profile
  • Traffic history
  • Live chat support
  • Links to other sections of the website (Privacy Policy, FAQ, etc.)

A useful feature is a button for opening a live chat with technical support. At the bottom of the left panel, there are links to other contact channels with service representatives.

Main pages include:

  1. Main Dashboard Page. The most important and frequently visited tab is the first one. It displays expense details, consumed traffic, and the remaining balance on the account.
  2. Proxy Link Page. This page provides an interface for accessing the entire pool of IP addresses. Proxies are divided into the following lists: residential, mobile, corporate and all. Access to a specific list can be obtained via a link (which can also be used for API requests) or you can download the file directly from the panel (in TXT or JSON format);
  3. Proxy Port Generation Page. This interface allows you to fine-tune the parameters of new proxy ports. You can select the type of proxy, country, state (region), city and ASN (Autonomous System Number). Additionally, you can choose the connection retention type (with high or low trust level), the behavior when a specific proxy is disconnected and the authorization rules (based on login+password combination, whitelist, or a combination of both).
  4. My Proxy Ports Page. This page essentially duplicates the main page (showing information on currently active ports and previously created, including archived ones).
  5. Whitelist Page. This page is intended for setting security parameters when connecting to proxies. Here, you can specify a list of your IPs (from your work or home PC, server, etc.) from which you will connect to the rented proxies.
  6. Balance Section. This is the place to top up your account and track your payment history. You can quickly add funds to your account using various payment methods and view your transaction history. This ensures that you always have sufficient balance to continue using Asocks’ services without interruption.
  7. Traffic History Page. This section provides detailed logs of your data usage over time. You can monitor your traffic consumption, view usage trends, and generate reports. This info is crucial for managing your proxy usage and ensuring you stay within your budget.
  8. API Page. The API page offers comprehensive documentation and tools for integrating Asocks’ services into your applications. Here, you can find API keys, usage instructions and examples of implementations in various programming languages. This allows for seamless automation and integration of proxy management into your workflow.
  9. Profile Page. In the Profile section, you can manage your personal information, update your contact details, change your password, and set preferences for notifications and language settings. This ensures that your account is always up-to-date and secure.
  10. White List Addresses Page. This page is essential for setting up secure connections to your proxies. You can specify IP addresses from which you will connect to your proxies, adding an extra layer of security. This ensures that only authorized devices can access your proxy services.

The dashboard also includes quick links to important resources such as the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and FAQ. These links provide easy access to essential information about your account and the services offered by Asocks.

Getting Mobile and Residential Proxies with Asocks

Right after its launch, Asocks did not differentiate between various proxy types. Now, however, the situation has changed and users can choose between mobile and residential proxies.

The most important issue is that access to these different types of proxies does not require separate subscriptions or payments for different packages. You get an all-in-one service with charges deducted from a single balance.

If you do not set up specific filters, random addresses from different locations and types (a full mix) will be provided by default. To narrow down the criteria for proxy selection, you need to set up a filter, also known as a port. The same result can be achieved using API requests.

Key proxy settings include their retention/rotation modes, which are detailed below.

Proxies are issued in a simple list format (downloaded as a TXT file) or in JSON format (with ready-made markup for API parsing). The list is compiled in the format:

IP-address: port number, for example,

To avoid exporting proxy lists every time after automatic rotation, it is best to use the system-provided URL, which will already contain the necessary parameters.

Example URL:


You can create a new port on the “Proxy Port Generation” page of the dashboard.

Create New Port

New accounts, which are in the testing status, can create no more than 5 ports. The number of ports will increase to 100 as you top up the balance. If you require more ports, you can contact the support team to agree on new limits. Mind that additional ports may be provided at extra cost, however.

Targeting and Locations

You can select Asocks proxies with precision down to the city and ASN, which makes it possible to filter and target at any level of specificity. Targeting can be configured using API requests (by inserting the necessary parameters into the URL, as shown in the example above) or using filters (ports).
Experienced web masters and entrepreneurs will certainly appreciate the following targeting-related features:

  • Availability Indication: Next to each country, the approximate availability level of addresses is shown. In many popular countries, an infinity sign is displayed, indicating that exhausting addresses in these locations is highly unlikely.
  • Filtering Options: The list can be filtered alphabetically by country names or by the number of addresses (the more addresses, the higher the country is on the list).
  • Exclusion of Low-IP Countries: There is an option to remove countries with a small pool of IPs from the list.
  • Previously Used Locations: You can display locations that have been used previously.
  • Tier-1 Countries: There is an option to show a separate list of Tier-1 countries.
  • Search Functionality: An integrated search form allows for quick and easy location finding.

Mind that Asocks does not offer the ability to choose particular telecom operators.

Automated Rotation

The rotation of IP addresses within Asocks is completed automatically – approximately every 15 minutes. This is what makes the download of offline proxy lists quite a challenging task. The thing is that a part of them (around 3%) will become unavailable after this time interval expires.

You can also choose the method of proxy address replacement in the settings:

  • High Trust: The system will select new IPs from the same subnet mask or ASN. For the end websites, it will appear as if your ISP simply has dynamic IPs.
  • Low Trust: The system will select new IPs as geographically close as possible (from the same location or city, but without being tied to the same ASN or subnet).

When an outgoing IP address is disconnected, it is possible to define the behavior in one of the following ways: by terminating the connection, rotating the IP addresses as new ones disconnect and rotating the IP address with each new request.

Proxy List and API Export

Proxy List and API Export

You can export the current proxy list in the following ways:

  • As a TXT file;
  • In JSON format (with ready-made markup);
  • Via API.

Interaction via API is only possible with a token, which can be obtained in the dashboard under the respective settings section. In most cases, exporting in TXT or JSON format will be sufficient for various tasks, including connecting proxies to specialized software for scraping or SMM activities. Mind that it is impossible to customize the export format. The only available option is:


Renting Extra IP Addresses

With Asocks, you don’t have to worry about renting individual additional proxies. All IP addresses in the pool are at your disposal. You just need to sort them based on your criteria or let the system handle it for you.

The service sets a limit on the number of ports – no more than 100 per account under the standard plan only. However, if you need more parallel ports, you can always discuss that with the managers on an individual basis. What you need to pay for is the traffic volume only.


Asocks does not provide official service availability guarantees; it is offered on an “AS IS” or “AS AVAILABLE” basis. However, according to service availability statistics, Asocks maintains an average uptime of around 99.7%. This is an excellent uptime for rotating residential proxies.

The approximate bandwidth for each proxy is up to 10 Mbps, which is sufficient for streaming high-quality videos. In reality, the bandwidth is not strictly limited and can be higher. It’s important to understand that the actual throughput will depend on various factors, including the type of proxy, the available bandwidth at the exit point, and your own connection.

The number of parallel connections (ports) is up to 100 in the basic version, with the possibility of expansion upon agreement. Each account can have up to 130 IP addresses whitelisted (these are the addresses of devices from which you connect to the proxies).

Ports for sending emails (25 and 465) are blocked on all proxies. As a result, it is impossible to send spam through Asocks.


Asocks proxies support two protocols: HTTP and SOCKS5 (read the features in this review). The SOCKS5 protocol is more anonymous and is quite difficult to trace on the network. It openly states that it protects access to proxies from unauthorized individuals. Only you can connect to the proxies in your list, as access is restricted either by whitelist addresses, passwords, or both simultaneously.

However, the requests you send over the network through Asocks are not encrypted; they are transmitted in plain text and can be easily tracked. Therefore, if you want to securely hide your presence on the network, it is recommended to use VPN services (view the list here) or other means to mask digital footprints.

In case you violate the service’s usage rules, Asocks administration reserves the right to block accounts. Therefore, it is essential to review the Terms of Service and privacy policy in advance.

Tech Support

Asocks - Tech Support

Technical support specialists are available 24/7 to assist with your inquiries. You can reach out through the following channels:

  • Built-in Online Chat (Available for both authorized and unauthorized users. Primarily addresses general questions);
  • Ticket System: Send information about issues and your questions to the dedicated email address: support@Asocks.com;

Most technical questions can also be clarified in the help section. Tech support is available in English and Chinese languages.


Asocks - Pricing

Currently, Asocks accepts the following payment methods:

  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin or USDT);
  • International bank cards (via CloudPayments service).

The balance is topped up instantly and maintained in USD.

Payment is made on a Pay-as-you-go basis in the following ways:

  • $3 per GB;
  • You can add any amount of funds to your account balance as needed;
  • As you keep consuming traffic, the funds are deducted from your balance (calculated in increments of 1 KB);
  • There is no expiration date for the funds on your balance (they can be stored indefinitely).

There are no current discounts or promotions. However, this is the most affordable price on the market. Many competitors offer such pricing only with packages costing $5,000 to $20,000.

If you are already using another proxy service, you can request to transfer up to 100% of your traffic through technical support.

Refunds are available within 3 days. In case of a refund, the amount will be recalculated based on the volume of traffic used.

Bottom Line

Asocks is quite a new but high-quality service for obtaining rotating residential and mobile proxies (learn the difference here). The proxy provider excels at its tasks, offering a user-friendly personal dashboard, API, targeting, list exports and other essential features. The service is legal, reliable and it offers an affordable pay-as-you-go pricing model, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

The automatic rotation every 15 minutes helps reduce the risk of IP bans and maintains a high level of stability. Despite its relative youth in the market, Asocks has quickly established itself as a dependable and effective solution for businesses and individuals needing robust proxy services.

Overall, Asocks is an excellent choice for those seeking efficient, legal and cost-effective proxy solutions, with a strong emphasis on user experience and service reliability.