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Best Website Builders for Artists

The easiest way to create an artist website today is to use a website builder. These services are so simple, user-friendly and convenient that any person can use them to build a quality and appealing website. What’s important, you don’t have to be a web design expert to make a website of your own today. With a quality website builder, your artist’s website will look not worse (or even better) than a website designed by a professional.

This is not to mention the functionality aspect, which will also be on the top notch level. Most website builders, especially those that are designed for creatives, come with ready-made artist templates, which just have to be customized to be given the desired look. This is quite easy to do due to the variety of advanced tools and features these systems offer.

If you have made the decision to use a website builder to launch your artist’s website, then you should spend some effort and time to explore the characteristics and features of the most popular services. Let’s compare some of them now.

Website Builders for Artists – Key Features Chart
Website BuilderWix (detailed review)uKit (detailed review)
Best for:any kind of creativesmc-s, comperes, dj-s
EasinessIt takes some time to cope withBest for non-techies
Templates for Artists:Ready-made templates for creative peoplesResponsive artists templates
Technical Support:Real time, forum and email support24/7 live support
Additional Options for ArtistsOwn blogging engineStunning photo galleries and sliders
SEO:Wizard for the best SEOSite Promotion widget for visual SEO understanding
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

Must-Have Features of an Artist’s Website Builder

A high quality website builder for artists and people of other creative professions features:

  • Ease-of-Use. Ease-of-use should be one of the most important characteristics of any artist’s website builder. It is meant for people, who are not experienced in web building and often lack time to master the web design basics. So, convenience and simplicity matter a lot here.
  • No Coding! There is no need to possess coding skills to launch an artist’s website with these services. The process is intuitive and hassle-free. Even if you have never used website builders before, you will learn how to do that in no time by following the tips the service offers. Just choose a template, customize it and fill it with your own content. That’s very simple, indeed!
  • Portfolio and Niche Templates. An artist’s website is unthinkable without a portfolio. This is that very thing most users look for at these websites. A portfolio gives a chance to see the most successful works of an artist and compare them with the works of other creatives. What’s more, the ability to see a portfolio saves users’ time and helps build their trust. Website builders frequently come with pre-designed templates for artists and other creatives and they may also offer an opportunity to create a portfolio.
  • Affordability. Free website builder for artists – is not quite the truth. Sure, you can use them for free, but all in all you should pay at least for your domain name. Art website builders generally offer several plans, each of which comes with its terms. Some services even provide free or trial plans that make it possible to explore and test the features of the system prior to upgrading to one of the paid plans that corresponds to your needs most of all. Paid plans, in their turn, are not that expensive and it really makes sense to invest into one of them to get a professional artist’s website to reach your goals.
  • Search Engine Promotion. Having launched an artist’s website of your own, you’ll certainly wish to make it in demand with your potential clients. It’s impossible to reach this goal without proper search engine ranking. Website builders contribute to better website promotion and can help boost the position of your website in the search engine results.

There are different website builders that comply with user requirements and come with features mentioned above. However, some of them meet the needs of creatives more than others. Let’s review them in details now.

Wix – The Best Website Builder and Hosting for Artists

Wix Website Builder

Wix was launched in 2006 and it quickly became one of the top website builders. Wix has a huge library of stunning templates in a long list of categories ranging from music and photography to creative arts and one-page templates.

Wix Artist's Website Template

With the newest Wix ADI technology you can create own website even if you’re a newbie in website building. The only things that you need is to correctly answer to all question from the system’s interface. Than wait less 1-2 minutes and… voila! Your website is ready. The design and basic content are being generated according to your social profiles that were found by Wix ADI. Your next work is placing the rest of your images, videos or texts to the new website.

Wix ADI website creating

Wix has five subscription plans. The best option for artist’s website is ‘Combo‘ plan. It costs $8/mo with annual subscription. You may also use the cheapest ‘Connect Domain‘ plan ($4.50/mo), but in this case your website appears with Wix ad banner.

Wix Website Builder - Pricing

You can start using Wix immediately after registering for free and upgrade any time later, when you’re ready to publish.

uKit – The Best Platform to Create a Promo Website for Artists

uKit Website Builder

uKit is a code-free website builder that offers artists everything they might need to create beautiful portfolios to present works online to the public. There are no limitations to the creative ways you can express yourself, as uKit caters for creatives of all genres — photographers, painters, designers, illustrators, musicians, and many other.

uKit Artist's Website Template

All the content you add to your website including galleries, presentations, and dynamic slideshows is optimized to look great on all devices, be it a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. This way, your followers and prospective customers will always be able to enjoy your works, whatever the screen size.

It’s good to mention that uKit lets you create full-fledged websites that will not only showcase your artworks, but also perform other functions including gathering information from your website visitors through email forms and LiveChat, blogging, and even eCommerce.

uKit offers thee pricing packages. All of them propose a full-featured set of tools and instruments for creating an attractive website. They differ only in some extra features. The cheapest ‘Premium‘ plan costs $4/mo, the priciest – ‘Pro‘ – $12/mo. Besides, for $50 you may order a custom website design from uKit professional designers.

uKit Pricing

uKit has no free version, but during 7-days trial period you may test all website builder’s features and than make your choice.

How to Create an Artist’s Website by Yourself?

The answer – using website builders. They make it possible to easily modify and adjust the designs of web pages in the visual editor. It’s also much simpler to manage the content of your website without any coding skills, qualifications and experience. What you need to create an artist’s website is to choose a functional and quality website builder and a template you will further customize with regard to your requirements and preferences.

So, how should an appealing artist’s website look like?

Considering the fact that the major task of these websites is to present your talent in the most favorable way, it makes sense to focus on the structure of the resource. All the pages and elements should be smartly positioned to focus the attention of a user on the list of services an artist is ready to offer.

Let’s face it, the photos and videos from the events you have conducted will tell much more than a long and detailed description. However, you have to select the materials wisely to highlight your strong points and talent. To become effective and appealing, artist’s website should include the following features:

  • Simple navigation that focuses the attention of users on the preview of your materials and the list of services they may order;
  • Availability of the contact data;
  • Simple but appealing design, devoid of unnecessary graphic elements.

Publishing the best photo and video materials on the homepage is also a smart decision. This creates positive impression upon the users interested in your services, encouraging them to get in touch with you.

Bottom Line

No matter what kind of artist you are, you can easily put your aesthetic vision to work as you design your website using a DIY website builder. Considering the features of both website builders we have just discussed, we can conclude that Wix excels uKit in terms of functionality. However, you also need more time to master it properly.

Do you need a quality artist’s website in the shortest time possible? In this case, uKit is a better alternative. It allows building and customizing a website in a few days or even hours without any coding knowledge and skills. The result will meet your expectations. Good luck!

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