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Aircus Website Builder Review

Aircus Homepage

Interesting how things have changed since our last review of Aircus website builder about a year ago. Then, it was a one-page builder with limited functionality for creating simple static sites. Over the past year Aircus has made some great improvements, and is now offering a better feature set that allows creating multi-page websites.

Whether you lack the time, money or technical skills to create a website, Aircus can help you design and publish your site in minutes – no coding necessary. Is it a good option for you? In this article we’re taking a closer look at the areas that may impact your decision.

#1 Ease of Use

Aircus is easy to use. The setup wizard will run you through creating your first page and configuring site settings. Once you’ve finished the first step, your information will be displayed on one page in the corresponding sections. Your first page is ready. Now you can start customizing your website using the builder’s intuitive editing menu.

Aircus Editor

Similar to Pixpa, Aircus doesn’t provide drag-and-drop/WYSIWYG editing. Widgets and design elements are being added through points and clicks, rather than dragging and dropping.

All in all, it’s quite easy-to-navigate, the dashboard is well organized, the editor is dead simple.

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

Aircus is a basic page builder that comes equipped with simple tools that let you customize your website to a certain extent. It isn’t feature-rich, yet it is great at what it has to offer.

There’s a collection of ready-to-use widgets you can add with a few clicks: contact form, map, menu, heading, galleries, videos, comments, social media and more. You can also embed code.

Unfortunately, Aircus doesn’t offer any blogging or eCommerce solutions. At best, you can link your website with a third-party blog or store, like WordPress, Blogger or Ecwid for example.

#3 Designs

The builder offers 4 simple designs which don’t look impressive. They are fairly outdated. Each theme has several color versions which don’t make any difference, actually. The worst thing is that there’s no way to change fonts, which are also, let’s face it, very bland.

Aircus Designs

Aircus limits you to creating a website using the ready widgets and building blocks it provides, hence it likely won’t appeal to the super techie users who want control over every single aspect of the site.

The good news is that all Aircus-based sites are responsive.

Aircus Mobile Screenshot

#4 Customer Support

I failed to find any support resources. Though the builder is rather simple, it never hurts to have a knowledge base. In case you face any issues when building your site with Aircus, contact their team directly via email.

#5 Pricing Policy

Aircus doesn’t display its pricing publicly, that’s really annoying. There are ‘premium features’ in the control panel, and to enable them you have to send a request. Perhaps, a decade ago that would work, but today, with so many free website builders out there it doesn’t seem like a good decision.


I wish Aircus supported drag-and-drop and WYSIWYG editing and displayed its pricing.

Aircus Review: Conclusion

Even though Aircus has been improved since my last review, I still can’t recommend this website builder for creating any website type. It could be a decent landing page builder, like Carbonmade or, but really needs updating, especially when it comes to templates.

It’s free and easy

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