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Adobe Muse vs WordPress

To start with, comparing Adobe Muse versus WordPress is not actually about comparing the software themselves, but rather about comparing two different approaches to website creation. If you know a thing or two about website creation, it’s highly unlikely that you would end up with these last two options – Adobe Muse and WordPress – as they are too different to be compared against each other, though they share the same goal – to help you build a site.

Muse is Adobe’s answer to designers who want to create a complete (but simple) site without the need for a developer. WordPress is more for people who want to set up a functional, dynamic website.

Ease of use

Adobe Muse. If you do a lot of work in Illustrator or Photoshop, you will find Muse’s interface quite user-friendly. But if you never worked with Adobe’s products, getting started with Muse will definitely take you some time.

Adobe Muse Interface

Though the platform looks clean and simple, I would say it’s not that self-explaining, and you will still need to watch multiple tutorials to learn best practices.

WordPress. WordPress, just like Adobe Muse, is only simple to those who worked with it previously. But if you are a newbie, you will certainly spend some time on learning the workflow.

WordPress CMS

Adobe Muse vs WordPress. Neither option is straightforward and works out-of-the box. Unlike hosted website builders like Wix or uKit which offer everything you need under the same roof (hosting, templates, widgets, etc.), Adobe Muse and WordPress do not offer that straightforward workflow.

Feature Set and Flexibility

Adobe Muse. Adobe Muse offers a platform of design resources to help you draw your website. Its feature set has dramatically improved since the platform’s launch, but still it is more a static website creator for sites with a focus on visuals rather than functionality.

Adobe Muse Sitemap Editor

WordPress. WordPress needs no introduction. This open source content management system lets you build literally any kind of web presence. The strength and beauty of WordPress is in its flexibility and scalability. With thousands od plugins and extensions developed exclusivley for WordPress, you can build an interactive, engaging, dynamic website.

WordPRess plugins

WordPress vs Adobe Muse. It is beyond doubt that WordPress is the clear winner when it comes to the potential growth of your site compared to Adobe Muse. Muse is a great tool for creatives building informational sites but not for interactive, feature-laden sites. Muse is more geared towards landing page creation.

Who is it for? Graphic designers vs coders

Adobe Muse is just one of the many new platforms aiming at graphic designers. Sites like Webydo and Webflow share the same mission – to help designers bring their ideas to life without having to rely on manual coding.

But is this the future of web design? Can we seriously compare platforms like these with full-fledged content management systems like WordPress, for example? Will graphic designers be replacing coders soon?

Adobe Muse Featured

Of course they will not. Just because someone has to start the cycle with code to build and support code-free Do-It-Yourself site builders. Though here at SWB we all love site builders, we do not think these are the future of web design. That’s rather an analogy to consider. If you just need to build an informational 3-page site, Adobe Muse can be a great option (especially if you have already worked with Adobe’s products). But if you build complex websites for your clients, you will benefit more from WordPress, that’s obvious.

Another option is probably a combo. You can start with WordPress and then add your own custom designed elements created with Muse. Having WordPress as backend is always a smart choice. What you think?

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  • C Stein

    Thanks for the article. I’ve been building with wordpress for years and only recently came across Muse. Most of the sites I design are for small business and they are generally pretty static. I’ve always been a proponent of WordPress, but if I’m being honest, it may be overkill for a lot of the sites I build. The one thing I was thinking was security. I spend a lot of time trying to keep wordpress sites updated and secure. A muse built site, however, because it is only html driven, will inherently be more secure…. not to mention faster because it doesn’t have the database backend. All that to say, I agree that for complex sites, wordpress is still the way to go. But I thinking that having a Muse skill set will be a very good asset for someone who builds simple, static sites.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your so informative comment! Your experience of using Adobe Muse surely helps other users to make a right choice.
      With regards,
      Howard Steele.

      • Jude Lindquist

        To quote your article:
        “Adobe Muse vs WordPress. Neither option is straightforward and works out-of-the box. Unlike hosted website builders like Wix or uKit which offer everything you need under the same roof (hosting, templates, widgets, etc.), Adobe Muse and WordPress do not offer that straightforward workflow.”

        This is not true. Muse offers hosting (, templates and widgets.

        To quote you again:
        “Muse is a great tool for creatives building informational sites but not for interactive, feature-laden sites. Muse is more geared towards landing page creation.”

        Again, not true. Muse is responsive and has its own CMS. Muse websites can include slideshows, videos, type animations, image animations, etc…hardly just a landing page creator.

        And regarding your comment about coders being replaced? The majority of them will be ultimately replaced, with the exception of the coders who develop software such as Muse. If something can be automated such as coding, it will. It’s just a matter of time.

        • Hi and thanks for so deep comment!
          Concerning to Muse hosting: while other website builders (those I’ve mentioned in my post) have hosting option that is included in their service, Adobe Muse gives to you a choice where to host your website. But you have to pay for that freedom. And for newbies in website building this could be yet another issue.
          Abobe Muse allows to create websites of different types, but it’s not a good deal to build, for example, an online store, it could be built much quicker with specialized platforms like Shopify or Volusion.
          All the best,

  • Eduardo Moran Al Mundial

    Muse is a beautiful tool full of opportunities to exploit creativity and animation skills and design thanks to the compatibility of incredible tools like Adobe Animate (the new Flash in html5). As a graphic designer I can say that many are not interested in entering the world of coding, it is simply an area that is not attractive to designers because it is far from what we are passionate about … design. But Muse has given the opportunity not to have to depend on the whims, or irresponsibilities … or the inability of a programmer or developer who has the mentality of: “while the page works then I was successful (leaving aside the Precision of the design that is delivered to him.) Personally I love Muse … let me exploit to the maximum my abilities as a designer … I can achieve perfect compositions … polished and beautiful animations … but it is urgent that all The designers know adobe Animate … know the basics of html, style sheets, and a little javascripts to get to JQ … Muse is to make consumer pages, very commercial, very focused on the show … pages that are Focused on presenting a product and make it very spectacular … and if we add the thousands of payment or free widgets to create incredible effects and easy to implement functions … I insist, for this you have to be clear good practices … if you know what the negative consequences of what you intend to do … you assume the risk and if you know more or less expertly the potential and the shortcomings of the program .. you can reduce the negative impact in weight … times Of download … compatibility of nevagadores … this program MUse and Animate of adobe … have come to stay …. and if you know edit video and audio … effects with adobe and its tools … your pages Will be memorable, recognized … differentiated and well paid … I assure you.

    • Nickster

      Muse is indeed the future of websites built by professionals because these days it’s all about attractive content and security. We build deep and beautiful sites with it. It can do everything WordPress does, but less hackable, especially when combined with Business Catalyst, which also means the site does not need as much maintenance. Muse is not for the faint-hearted… there is a lot of design power and allows for serious responsive page layout control…but you can build a basic site quickly.

      • Eduardo Moran Al Mundial

        It is correct, MUSE is not an “easy” tool, the fact that it does not have to use direct code does not mean that a programmer or expert developer can make incredible pages … this is where the reality of the professions will put everyone in their place . A good designer with talent … can not be overcome by an expert programmer who has no design skills … this time, history has shown that … in the past, a designer could be supplanted by a programmer who could Create a web page, we designers just kept looking because we were not a generation where we would have trained with the code and programming an ugly page by a programmer was much better than having nothing. Now with these tools … the designers can create beautiful pages spectacular and we did not need a programmer to ruin our designs … with this it is clear that … “A program like Muse can replace a programmer to create Pages, but … a designer can not be replaced … because creativity can not create a program … you have to have a talented and creative person “I love Muse and little by little … it will be a tool Which will give us a world possibilities … we have to complement our creative life with more tools such as video editing, audio, 3D, Animate HTML5 and a bit of encoding ….