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Adobe Muse Alternatives

When it comes to choosing a website builder to launch a website, most users feel puzzled because of the rich number of decent services that make it possible to create quality, functional and visually appealing websites.

Some systems are web-based, while other have to be downloaded and installed on your computer prior to being used for web building purposes. One of the most trusted desktop apps is Adobe Muse. The service comes with a visual editor and allows creating web pages almost with no coding skills and expertise.

At the same time, web design approach offered by Adobe Muse somewhat differs from that provided by popular website builders. Adobe Muse may seem too complicated for non-tech savvy users as it implies the necessity to perform multiple actions.

To make your website accessible on the web, you’ll need to buy hosting for a website, upload it and handle lots of technical aspects. This often proves to be a waste of time and effort. No wonder, many people, who intend to create quality websites that feature excellent performance, start looking for a simple, easy-to-use and affordable Adobe Muse alternative.

Adobe Muse Alternatives Comparison Chart:

NameBest forEase of UseFeaturesDesignPrice
WixAll types of websites Friendly editor;
Interactive help
Wixx App Market;
Blog and forum;
Strong eCommerce
500+ templates;
Mobile editor;
Numerous effects
$8.50/mo for Combo plan
Cheaper than
Adobe Muse
uKit.comBusiness websites Smart site blocks;
Intuitibe editor;
Discount timer widget;
CRM integration
Responsive Design;
Template change;
Parallax effects
$4/mo for Premium plan
Cheaper than
Adobe Muse

If you are currently in the market searching for a decent website builder that may become a nice substitute to Muse, it makes sense to consider two website builders: Wix and uKit. Both services are professional and convenient enough for people with diverse web design skills. Let’s have a closer look at each of them now.

Adobe Muse Alternative #1: Wix

Wix home page

Is Wix Easier Than Adobe Muse?

Wix is a universal website builder, which is rightfully considered the best service to create different types of websites. Whether you need a quality portfolio, a business website, an online store, a promo website etc., launching it with Wix won’t take much effort and time.

You don’t have to be a web design pro to cope with the project successfully. By following simple tips and recommendations, you’ll be able to design a unique website from scratch without any coding skills at all.

Wix Website Builder Review – read it for deep understanding what is Wix.

What Are The Key Wix Features?

Wix has many beneficial features, but there are several of them that make the service stand out from the crowd. One of such features is Wix ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence.

The tool allows launching any website type from scratch by simply filling out your business-related info and providing your social account data (if any). Based on this information, Wix ADI will automatically generate a website for you that will come with the ready made content and will look in the professional and unique way.

Wix ADI Interface

The next special Wix feature is the availability of multiple applications in the AppMarket. Whatever website type you are going to launch, you will surely find lots of free and paid apps to make your project unique and interesting for everyone.


All applications are of high quality and can be integrated into your website with ease. Apart from these features, the system is also known for its Wix Code tool that makes it possible to create professional and complicated web applications, SEO Wiz tool, professional customer support and other features that deserve user attention.

What About Wix Design and Templates?

When it comes to templates, Wix can really boast one of the most stunning collections of themes. There are hundreds of them here and you will certainly find the one that meets your objectives and special preferences. All the templates are subdivided into niche categories based on the industry they refer to.

All in all, there are dozens of template sections offering decent and high quality themes. Some of them are Business, Design, Music, Video, Photo, Online Stores, Hotels, Education and Culture, Restaurants and Food, Health, Blog, Landing Pages etc.

Wix Templates

Templates are free so, you can choose the one you really like. If any of the existing themes doesn’t meet your needs for some reason, you can select a blank template and build your own website from scratch with regard to your special preferences.

The themes are mobile-optimized to be accessible on any mobile device. Mind, however, that you won’t be able to change the template during the web design process. So, take your time to make a smart choice.

Is Wix Cheaper Than Adobe Muse?

Yes, Wis is cheaper than Adobe Muse. Wix is quite an affordable system for everyone and it offers several plans to meet any web building needs. At the same time, there is a free plan, which allows testing all the system features (for eCommerce functionality – with limitations), but still cannot be used to launch serious and large projects. Paid plans provide much more options. These are:

  • Connect Domain ($4.50/mo);
  • Combo ($8.50/mo);
  • Unlimited ($12.50/mo);
  • eCommerce ($16.50/mo);
  • VIP ($24.50/mo).

If you decide to upgrade to the Connect Domain plan, though, mind that it comes with an ad banner that cannot be removed from your website. So, it makes sense to subscribe to other paid plans to avail advanced opportunities.


If you are looking for a decent Adobe Muse alternative, then Wix is definitely on the top of the list of popular website builders. As opposed to Muse, it doesn’t require coding skills or any other extra steps to launch a website and make it accessible on the Internet. The web building process is quick, easy and, what matters a lot, intuitive.

You don’t have to be a web design pro to create a website that will drive the attention of users and will present your business in the most favorable light. A stunning variety of Wix features, its simplicity and convenience make the system a trusted niche leader.

Adobe Muse Alternative #2: uKit

uKit home page

Is uKit Easier Than Adobe Muse?

If you are looking for an easy Adobe Muse alternative, then uKit is also a smart choice. The website builder is known as the easiest service to build business websites, but it can also be used to launch other website types.

uKit is so convenient and easy-to-use that even a newbie can master it with no hassle and waste of time. It really deserves the attention of users looking for the unsurpassed web building experience.

uKit Website Builder Review – read it for deep understanding what is uKit.

What Are The Key uKit Features?

Being the easiest website builder available in the contemporary web building niche, uKit offers plenty of opportunities for web designers. Thus, the system is known for its extensive collection of widgets that can be easily integrated into any website to give it advanced functionality.

uKit Site Editor

The service has an impressive selection of widgets, which include User Comments, Timeline, Online Chat, Social Networking Buttons, Timer, Service Calculator etc. The widgets come with content, which can be replaced with that of your own in less than no time.

uKit External Widgets

Another feature uKit is known for is the CallBack widget. It allows your clients to set up the exact date and time, when they will be available and open for communication. This contributes to the effective cooperation. What’s more, uKit has powerful blogging opportunities. Thus, the system allows connecting a blog to your website to grow customer trust and encourage users for online communication.

If you are concerned with your website safety, then uKit has a great feature to offer you. This is an opportunity to connect SSL Certification for free to boost your website safety level. This is a crucial aspect for most users.

What About uKit Design and Templates?

uKit has a rich collection of responsive thematic templates. There are dozens of them here. Whatever template you will go for, you’ll be able to preview its mobile and desktop versions to understand how it will look on any device.

uKit Free Templates

uKit developers have taken care of the searching convenience of their clients by subdividing the themes into niche categories. Some of the most popular of them include IT Services, Automotive, Landscape Design, Games, Cafes and Restaurants, Furniture, Sports, Education, Travel, Real Estate, Photography etc. Unlike Wix, uKit allows changing templates during the web building process without losing the content. Most users (especially newbies) value this feature.

Is uKit Cheaper Than Adobe Muse?

Yes, uKit is much cheaper than Adobe Muse. As opposed to Wix, uKit doesn’t have an unlimited free plan, but it still allows testing its paid plans for free during 14 days. The trial version matters a lot, when it comes to testing the features of a plan you are going to subscribe to. Currently, the system has four paid plans, each of which has much to offer you:

  • Premium ($4/month);
  • Premium+ ($8/month);
  • eCommerce ($9.6/month);
  • Pro ($12/month).

What makes uKit plans stand out from the crowd is their cost. Even the most advanced plan is more than affordable for everyone, providing a broad spectrum of features. Whatever paid plan you will go for, you will be certainly satisfied with the cost aspect.


uKit is the easiest website builder you can find in the market these days. The system features great correlation of price, quality, functionality, safety, convenience and ease of use. There is no need to learn complex coding basics to use the system. Instead, you just have to select a template and start customizing it with regard to your needs. The web building process is super intuitive and simple for everyone, while the cost of the paid plans will certainly surprise you.

Bottom Line

Adobe Muse is a quality desktop application, which has a visual editor simplifying the web building process. However, the system is not quite easy to use for people lacking web design skills and it also implies the necessity to perform extra actions to make a website accessible on the web. If you are looking for a decent Muse alternative, then it makes sense to try a popular website builder like Wix and uKit.

These systems are specially created with the needs of users in mind. They are a nice choice for non-techies, but they also work great for proficient web developers. Both website builders are easy-to-use, convenient and super effective. They ensure smooth and successful web design experience, triggering decent result.

Wix is the best universal website builder, which allows launching different types of websites and provides multiple features that cannot be found in any other website builder.

uKit, in its turn, works great for building small business websites, although, you can also use the system to launch other websites. There is no need to understand web design or coding aspects, choose hosting and upload your website to it. Everything is done directly in the system, which ensures decent result and hassle-free web building experience.

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