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Best Adobe Muse Alternatives

adobe muse alternatives

Adobe Muse – is a website builder software, which is initially focused on the needs of users, who have a certain web design background, degree of coding awareness and experience in the development of complicated projects. The system will hardly work for non-techies, who lack web design proficiency, but that’s not even the most crucial reason to switch to another web design platform.

What’s important, Adobe has discontinued Muse support. It means that no system updates will be released anymore and no customer support assistance will be provided to the system users any longer. This is exactly what makes Adobe Muse an outdated website builder and this is the reason to start looking for another web design platform for those, who are still using the system for website development needs.

How to Choose The Best Adobe Muse Alternative For You

Have you just made up your mind to create a full-featured website and look for a perfect Adobe Muse alternative to get started successfully and with ease? There are multiple web design tools available out there. They comply with versatile website development needs and match any budget and web design preferences/requirements.

When it comes to picking the most suitable web design solution, you may encounter multiple questions and problems. How to choose the right platform? Which of them will work best for your special web design needs and endeavors? What are the factors to keep in mind when making your choice?

To pick the most suitable Adobe Muse alternative, you should initially consider your web design goals and requirements. As far as the software is mainly geared towards professional website development, it makes sense to pick the system, which has the same implications and focus.

Another thing to keep in mind is the functionality of the system you will go for. It is crucial that it should cover your web design needs, providing the required set of tools and features. At the same time, the platform should not be quite complicated. The best decision is to select the one that will encompass convenience, intuitive web design approach, functionality and simplicity.

It is also important to give preference to the system, which provides features that Muse currently lacks. This issue has become of great importance after recent Muse support discontinuation, which has made some of the platform’s features unavailable. Finally, you should think about the cost aspect, which has notable meaning when it comes to choosing a worthy Muse substitute.

The Different Types of Adobe Muse Alternatives

While picking the most suitable alternative to Adobe Muse, you may face the need to choose from several types of systems. These include:

  • Simple website builders, which work well for the development, customization and promotion of standard web projects meant for commercial and non-commercial use;
  • eCommerce website builders that focus exclusively on the creation and management of online stores;
  • CMS (Content Management Systems), which work best, when it comes to building more feature-rich projects like blogs and large web portals.

Whatever web design intentions and goals you have and whatever type of software you are interested in, you will certainly be interested in reviewing the most popular Adobe Muse alternatives. Let’s get started now.

1. Wix – The Best Adobe Muse Alternative

Product Name:WIX
Official Website:
Number of Websites:4,565,423
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $13/mo

Wix – is the best Adobe Muse alternative, which is amazingly simple, understandable and convenient for everyone. There is no need to possess programming knowledge to create a full-featured project with Wix – simple and easy pop-up and integrated tips will let you launch a unique website from scratch without any coding skills at all.

Wix template collection includes over 550 free, mobile-ready, niche-specific and completely customizable themes. The website builder offers two website editing options – Wix ADI and Standard Wix Editor. While the innovative Wix Artificial Design Intelligence tool will help you automatically design a website by using the previously submitted content, the Standard Editor will make it possible for you to create your own project from scratch by manually editing it.

Wix Corvid tool allows launching and setting up complex web apps that look and function professionally. There is no need to fight with codes and complex web design tools here – what you need instead is to follow the tips provided in the interface to create your own applications.

As to other Wix advantages, have a look at some of them now:

  • Blogging Platform. Due to the integrated blogging engine, you’ll be able to build and edit full-featured blogs.
  • eCommerce Options. With Wix, you can create and manage small or mid-sized online stores with regard to your eCommerce needs.
  • App Market. The website builder grants access to the wide range of free and paid widgets/applications/extensions that make it possible to give your website strong niche focus.

Wix is more than affordable website builder. To test the system, you can make use of the free plan that never expires. For users, who decide to upgrade to higher plans, the system offers two types of premium subscriptions. These are Standard and Business/eCommerce. Each group of plans, in its turn, offers several more detailed subscriptions. Their cost starts from $13/mo.

2. Webflow – Great Software Alternative

Product Name:Webflow
Official Website:
Number of Websites:169,567
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:$12/mo

Webflow – is a great software alternative, which is a perfect substitute to Adobe Muse. The website builder was created with the needs, requirements and skills of experienced web designers in mind. It provides powerful integrated design customization options and functionality that make it a worthy pick for web design pros.

With Webflow, you can reveal your coding skills to develop quality websites that cover your needs. In this respect, Webflow is similar to contemporary CMS and complex Adobe software programs. This means that users, who have got used to working with Adobe Muse, can switch to Webflow without losing their website development focus.

The website builder also comes with a professional template editor that grants access to two project editing modes – Designer and Editor. It’s up to you to choose what option exactly will work best for your website, taking into account your coding proficiency and design needs.

As to the rest of Webflow pros, here they go:

  • Dynamic Content Creation. With Webflow, you can create any content types based on your project specialization.
  • Powerful Integrations. The website builder lets you integrate your project with Lightbox Gallery, Lottie and After Effects to get the most out of your website design and performance.
  • Advanced CSS Editing. The system lets you use high end CSS editing skills to give your website deep flexibility and customizability.

Webflow pricing policy is moderate. The website builder has a free plan, which never expires, and several pricing options that differ with regard to your project parameters and web design requirements. The cost of premium plans starts from $12/mo.

3. WordPress – Free CMS (Hosted Alternative)

Product Name:WordPress
Official Website:
Number of Websites:28,183,568
Free plan:Completely free
Paid plan:Paid themes and hosting

WordPress – is the best free CMS, which proves to be a perfect hosted alternative to Adobe Muse. The system is mostly worth the attention of experienced web designers, whose skills and programming knowledge help them make use of the entire feature set of the platform. WordPress also enjoys popularity with those users, who are just starting the exploration of the web design niche and don’t wish to use website builders for some reasons.

WordPress ranks high, when it comes to plugin integration options. Apart from a set of built-in plugins, WordPress allows integrating multiple free and paid plugins available on the web. They are divided into categories based on their implication and functionality. You can find lots of plugins to match your website, irrespective of the niche you focus on.

The CMS also boasts a rich template collection. The selection of themes available in stock is not quite extensive in WordPress. However, you can search much more of them on the web to further customize them as you wish. WordPress templates may be also free and paid.

The list of WordPress highlights also includes:

  • Blogging Engine. When it comes to blog development, though, the system is one of the leaders of the web design niche.
  • Code Editing. The system implies the awareness of coding skills and basics to start professional web projects with it.
  • Extensive User Community. Users’ needs for quality assistance are satisfied by the extensive user community, which has grown a lot since the date of the system’s foundation.
  • Free Hosting Choice. WordPress doesn’t have its own integrated hosting, but each user has an opportunity to select any hosting of his/her choice.

WordPress is a free open-source Content Management System. However, if you have the need to create full-featured projects, you won’t go without investing into plugins, widgets and high quality templates. Additionally, you’ll need to take care of hosting as WordPress doesn’t have an integrated hosting solution. Actually, the best hosting provider, which is also the official recommendation of the system itself, is Bluehost. Apart from a wide array of services, it offers three plans, the cost of which starts with $2.95/mo and reaches $5.45/mo.

4. Mobirise – Free Website Builder Software

Product Name:Mobirise
Number of Websites:293, 247
Free plan:Free Software
Paid plan:Hosting and extensions

Mobirise – is a free website builder software, which stands out from the crowd due to its amazing simplicity, convenience and intuitive web design approach. The system was initially designed with the needs, skills and requirements of non-techies in mind. It works best for starting and managing portfolios, small business websites, landing pages, promo websites and other types of content-based web projects.

The website builder does not imply coding awareness and this is, probably, one of its most remarkable advantages over Adobe Muse. The entire process of website creation here takes around half an hour and can be completed even by a beginner.

Mobirise includes a collection of integrated themes composed of content blocks that can be arranged and modified to your liking to create a truly unique project. The system also provides multiple design customization tools out-of-the-box you can use to adjust website parameters, style specifications, integrate media files etc.

Along with the merits listed above, Mobirise has a number of other advantages over Adobe Muse. some of them are as follows:

  • Diversity of Content Blocks. Mobirise websites are block-based, which allows for deeper project customization – choose from over 800 pre-designed elements depending upon the content of your project.
  • AMP Website Builder. The website builder provides integrated AMP feature that lets you start and manage websites that load fast and are optimized for mobile browsing.
  • Hosting and Domain Name. As a downloadable software, Mobirise required hosting and domain name choice to make your website available on the web.

Mobirise is absolutely free for everyone. However, you have to invest into some integrations, domain and hosting. What’s more, the system makes it possible to opt for its Premium Pack, which encompasses paid extensions and themes. The cost of the kit currently constitutes $129.

5. Blocs – Ultimate Mac Builder Software

Product Name:Blocs
Official Website:
Number of Websites:-
Free plan:Free trial version
Paid plan:From $80

Blocs – is an ultimate Mac builder software, which is a nice substitute to Adobe Muse software. The website builder works well for starting impressive portfolio projects, landing pages, small business websites, eCommerce projects, blogs etc. Even though, the system does not imply deep coding proficiency or availability of the FTP manager, it still takes time and effort to explore and master it to the advantage.

The system allows creating websites that come with block and bricks structure. This means that you can pick and adjust content blocks to create your website layout. Further customization is also a matter of your preferences. Due to the integrated WYSIWYG editor, the process of website editing becomes fast, convenient and simple.

Blocs offers multiple benefits that make it prevail over Muse in terms of flexibility and functionality. These are:

  • HTML-Based Website Structure. The website builder does not have a cloud dashboard for instant content editing, which triggers the need for HTML code customization.
  • Coding Proficiency. It is desirable to possess at least basic coding skills to customize your web project to the advantage.
  • Design Creation. As far as the system does not include ready-made designs, there is a need to develop them by using stock editing tools or get paid themes at the official company website.

Blocs allows testing its functionality by using the downloadable trial version for free. To go live with your ready-made project, you’ll need to upgrade to one of two premium licenses. Their cost constitutes $80 and $360 correspondingly. Additionally, you will have to invest around $100 per year into hosting.

6. SITE123 – Cheap SaaS Alternative to Adobe Muse

Product Name:SITE123
Official Website:
Number of Websites:27,209
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $10.80/mo

SITE123 – is a cheap SaaS alternative to Adobe Muse, which is a perfect solution for beginners with little or no web design expertise. No web design background or coding skills are required to work with it. SITE123 is a great pick for building portfolios, blogs, small business websites and online stores as well as for quality personal web projects.

The website builder includes a collection of ready-made templates, which are responsive, customizable and free. SITE123 also boasts deep integration options, granting access to a set of high end integrations, such as Galleries, Analytic Tools, Online Form Builder, Galleries, Live Chat and more.

The platform is rich in features that make it prevail over the competitor. The most remarkable of them encompass:

  • Multilingual Support. With SITE123, you can create several language versions of your website based on your requirements and niche specialization.
  • App Market. Take your time to browse the integrated App Market of the system to get access to multiple free and paid widgets/extensions/add-ons (Live Support Chat, Marketing Tools, Webmaster Tools, Forms, Booking and more).
  • Logo Maker. The website builder comes with a high end Logo Maker tool, which lets you design and integrate a quality logo into your project to boost your brand reputation and credibility level.
  • eCommerce. The system lets you start and manage a quality small/medium web store for effective customer generation.
  • Blogging Platform. SITE123 makes it possible to run a blog, no matter what specialization you want it to have.

SITE123 is one of the cheapest SaaS website builders available in the modern web design market. There is a free plan here that lets you test the integrated feature set of the service for the unlimited period of time. Premium subscriptions are available here as well, with their cost starting from $10.80/mo.

7. Dreamweaver – Web Development Tool from Adobe

Product Name:Adobe Dreamweaver
Official Website:
Number of Websites:4, 308, 178
Free plan:Free 7-day trial
Paid plan:From $14.99/mo

Adobe Dreamweaver CC – is a professional offline web development tool from Adobe, which is used to create, customize, publish and manage different types of websites and offline applications. The software comes as a part of Creative Cloud service, delivering a broad range of design-related advantages. The popularity of the platform with Adobe fans has notably increased after the system has announced the discontinuation of Muse support. This is when many Muse users have decided to switch to Dreamweaver as to a worthy Adobe product.

The use of the system requires coding proficiency – to avail high end result, you will have to work in the advanced code editor of the system. At the same time, Dreamweaver simplifies the process of website editing due to its automatic code completion tool that writes the codes for you after you start submitting them.

Dreamweaver seamlessly integrates with other Adobe products that are used for a variety of web design purposes. This becomes possible due to extensive Creative Cloud Library and Adobe Stock Marketplace integrations. InDesign CC, Photoshop CC, Dimension CC and Animate CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and third-party integrations (Bitbucket, Business Catalyst, GitHub etc.) are available here.

Listed above is not a complete set of Dreamweaver advantages. Other merits of the software include:

  • Adobe Stock Marketplace. This is the place to browse, if you are looking for a nice collection of quality illustrations and images to download to your web project directly from Creative Cloud.
  • Multi Language Support. The software supports several languages, namely Polish, Dutch, English, Swedish, Turkish etc., which allows creating more feature-laden projects.
  • Cross-Platform Products. With Dreamweaver, you can develop multi-purpose products (websites and applications) for different types of devices.
  • Quick and Easy Deployment. The platform offers a broad range of templates and layouts to let you create and customize HTML web pages, such as blogs, portfolios, web stores and many more.

Adobe Dreamweaver is not a free web design software yet it lets you test its integrated functionality during the 7-day free trial. Premium plans (personal and enterprise) start from $14.99/mo. There are also separate subscriptions for educational establishments here.

Bottom Line

Adobe Muse is a quality desktop application, which has a visual editor simplifying the web building process. However, the system is not quite easy to use for people lacking web design skills and it also implies the necessity to perform extra actions to make a website accessible on the web. The choice of the best Adobe Muse alternative is frequently a challenge, unless you know what services to pay attention to, when proceeding to the website development process.

These systems are specially created with the needs of users in mind. They are a nice choice for non-techies, but they also work great for proficient web developers. All the platforms are easy-to-use, convenient and super effective. They ensure smooth and successful web design experience, triggering worthy result.


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