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Adobe Muse Example Websites

Adobe Muse is undoubtedly one of the best platforms, which was specially developed to cater to the needs of web designers, who aim at creating genuine masterpieces. Although, the software implies the awareness of certain graphic skills, it is still easy to use and understand it.

The amazing set of features and options makes it possible for knowledgeable web designers to develop websites without using the help of web developers. This is an ideal tool for creating static and informative websites, the mission of which is to strike the users with their design.

Are you excited to have a look at the examples of websites created with Adobe Muse? This is exactly what we are going to do right now! Listed below are the best samples of projects, which were developed on the base of this platform.

Example 1. Get Supply is a website of the company dedicated to the production of custom apparel, which proves to be one of the best examples of how a site created on Adobe Muse can look like. The design of the website is the reflection of the business specialization of the company. It is well-structured and attracts the attention of users by the successful application of modern web design trends.


The site abounds is photos and videos that demonstrate the apparel production process, thus making a user feel involved in it. A large slider found at the top of the homepage provides the important information about the company and its contacts in a concise, but understandable manner. This is what most users appreciate nowadays. It seems like the site does not need any improvements – so clear and easy-to-navigate it is! All the elements are in their places, giving the users the unsurpassed website browsing experience.

Example 2. Bag Along is another credible sample of a website created on the base of the Adobe Muse platform. Simple, understandable, interactive and easy-to-navigate, the site clearly represents the message of the company selling an innovative hands-free device, which makes picking up litter a cinch. A “drag-to-rotate” feature is a highlight of the website, which instantly drives the attention of a user to this product. The homepage involves a number of photos, which clearly demonstrate the benefits of using the device


The fact that Adobe Muse was created with the interests and needs of professional web designers in mind, makes the user expect more graphic design features from the websites created with this program. This is exactly what Bag Along lacks to some extent right now. The rest of features are quite ok and meet the web browsing needs of users.

Regardless of the amount of elements and versatility of content, there should be at least one feature, which will make the design of the site outstanding (in this case, it is the “drag-to-rotate” option we have mentioned above).

Example 3. Casey Herman is an Adobe Muse-based website of Casey Herman, a talented graphic designer and a deep thinker. The website is structured in a way, which makes users feel encouraged to continue browsing through its pages.


Right from that start, visitors get to the homepage that features a large photo and a name of the owner. As they continue to scroll down the page, they are offered the examples of owners’ works. This is very convenient and helps a user define whether the further cooperation is possible or not. One of the most successful examples of personal websites, the elements of which are all in their places! What else a user needs to make a reasonable decision?

Example 4. Tro Design is an impressive website that has been recently featured as the Adobe Muse SIte of the Day. And it’s no wonder, because the website really looks stunning and deserves the attention of users.

Tro Design

This the the website of a healthcare design firm. It looks appealing and functional right from the start, contributing to the trustworthiness, popularity and recognition of potential clients. A large homepage slider featuring the portfolio speaks for itself. The availability of featured news also provides visitors with recent events happening in the company. Whatever info about the firm a user needs, it is found in the major menu sections. This includes general information about the company and its mission, work principles, portfolio, blog, career center and contacts, of course.

This is a pretty nice sample of a website representing business in the global network. The website delivers useful information about the company offers, social network account links, career center etc. These are notable features, taking into account lots of niche competitors offering similar services nowadays.

Example 5. Car Logik is a website, which was created with Adobe Muse in the best traditions of contemporary website building. This is the place, where the responsible car-sellers meet well-informed car-buyers. The design of the website stands out in the crowd due to the extensive use of whitespace, which does not distract the attention of the user by the unnecessary clutter, but points out the message of the site. The site abounds in high-quality images and provides the required information is a clear and understandable way.


Finding contact info at the corresponding page is quite complicated because of the large image that distracts the attention of users and makes them look for the contacts somewhere below. The blog has not been updated for a long time. With only one post published around a year ago, it looks quite dull.


The examples of websites reviewed in this article prove that Adobe Muse is a number one tool for those users, who can boast some graphic design skills and experience. If you are lucky to be one of these people, then you are welcome to use the tool to create a real masterpiece, which will not leave your visitors indifferent. Otherwise, the feature-intense and somewhat complicated platform may become a real challenge for you. Keep this in mind when choosing the software for your web design needs!

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