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Best Adobe Muse Website Examples

Adobe Muse – is undoubtedly one of the best offline platforms, which was specially developed to cater to the needs of web designers, who aim at creating genuine masterpieces. Although, the software implies the awareness of certain graphic skills, it is still easy to use and understand it.

The amazing set of features and options makes it possible for knowledgeable web designers to develop websites without using the help of web developers. This is an ideal tool for creating static and informative websites, the mission of which is to strike the users with their design.

Are you excited to have a look at the examples of websites created with Adobe Muse? This is exactly what we are going to do right now! Listed below are the best samples of projects, which were developed on the base of this platform.

Important note: Adobe has been discontinued Adobe Muse support since March 26 2018, but you still can use Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe Portfolio to create inspired web projects.

1. Sea Island Media

Sea Island Media

A single glance at Sea Island Media creates an impression of professionalism and credibility. This is the website of the creative marketing studio working on the development of high end media content projects, including photos and videos. The website looks decent and appealing – all the required elements are on their places here. The home page enlists the major areas of studio’s specialization, high quality images as well as Recent News section.

There is also a high end portfolio of projects created by the studio. The Blog is available here as well to provide informative niche-related posts users may be interested in. It is possible to get in touch with the specialists by using the contact details available in the Contacts Section or via the social media buttons accessible at the website.

2. Lonely Hunters Dog Training

Lonely Hunters Dog Training

For everyone, who has an intention to train his/her dog, Lonely Hunters Dog Training is a great place to start. This is the website of Eleanor Post – the dog training specialist – who offers a variety of programs to choose from. The choice should be based on the breed of a dog as well as on the results you expect to avail. By scrolling down the homepage, you can find out useful information about the dogs Eleanor works with, the services she offers in each particular case and the types of training programs you may choose from.

Do you have any questions left? Or, maybe, you wish to get in touch with the trainer herself? Then use the Contact option available on the bottom of the homepage as well as in the corresponding section of the menu.

3. Imvelo Safari Lodges

Imvelo Safari Lodges

Imvelo Safari Lodges is a Zimbabwe-based company, which sees its mission in organizing interesting, exciting and unusual trips for the tourists from all over the world. They are ready to introduce multiple safari camps and lodges to let their clients feel the atmosphere of the place, see wild animals in their natural environment and just enjoy their vacations.

The website delivers exceptional informational value and attracts user attention from the first moments of visiting it. The content it provides is more than enough to get the exhaustive data about the company, safari trips they organize, the services they offer etc. The resource targets users from all over the world. Thus, there is an opportunity to pick the language the content will be displayed in. Another highlight of the website is the availability of high quality photos and videos depicting wild animals that inhabit the locations travelers would like to visit. This definitely encourages further project browsing.

An extensive drop down menu grants access to various info users may be looking for. The major web pages include About Us, Our Lodges, Ecotourism, Zimbabwe, Safari Snapshots etc. Travelers, who plan to book a safari trip, have an opportunity to check the availability of lodges and camps to book convenient accommodation. If you need more info, there are several contact options you can make use of. Imvelo Safari Lodges is a worthy sample of a business website started with Adobe Muse!

4. ABS Metal Recycling

ABS Metal Recycling

ABS Metal Recycling is a business website belonging to the multi-location metal recycling company, which was founded in Austin, TX, USA. They buy scrap from various sources, including companies, individuals and municipalities, which helps them acquire a bulk of material for further recycling.

The company website looks informative and logically-structured. There are several pages that provide exhaustive information about their services, goals and recycling options. However, the design of the resource is quite simple. You won’t find intricate elements, multiple sections or categories to browse here. All the elements are in their places. The major pages include About Us, Responsibility, Locations, Commercial and Consumers.

At the same time, the project is still under development, with new pages being added to the menu. The contact info is available in the footer to be within reach for everyone. This is a nice Adobe Muse-powered business website, which was initially created with the needs of the target audience in mind.

5. Napoli’s


Napoli’s is a small restaurant chain located in West Virginia. The company owns several dining venues in addition to a rich menu. Founded in 1966, the brand has been serving high-quality meals related to Italian cuisine. Visitors mat try everything from pasta and pure Neapolitan pizza to sandwiches, salads, and beverages. Apart from restaurant sites, the company offers a food delivery service. So, the website was supposed to highlight both specialties from the menu in addition to a functional quality page.

The online menu looks professional although a bit out-of-date. On the other hand, customers can see the meal they offer as well as the price tags and other details including ingredients. Each product card has an add-to-cart feature already integrated into the website while the checkout process looks pretty fast thanks to the in-built eCommerce functionality.

6. Computer Overhaul

Computer Overhaul

Computer Overhaul is a good example of how users can handle complex website projects with the help of Adobe Muse. The company represents the team of New York’s most trusted computer service and trade-in specialists. In addition, they buy used laptops, smartphones, and other devices from customers who need to get their cash on the spot. Computer Overhaul experts deal with different gadgets including gaming consoles, wearables, etc.

The idea was to create a project that actually contained two websites simultaneously. On the one hand, we have a homepage with general info and details for customers who want to sell their devices. It looks very dated while the page formatting is a bit off-putting. On the other hand, they have a fully-functional digital store that is hosted on a subdomain and offers a variety of products divided into categories, which are displayed in the header menu. The webshop looks more up-to-date and stylish with featuring product options and simple navigation.

7. Brewer’s Best Kit

Brewer’s Best Kit

Brewer’s Best Kit is the real godsend for all beer fans and demanding gourmets. The company supplies ingredients, special equipment, and recipes to brew the most outstanding IPAs, ciders, lagers, and other kinds of beer right at home. Established in 1992, it has grown into a big distributor with its own supply and retail chain. Customers are free to order different kits that come with more than 50 different varieties of ingredients to make the most of the made-at-home beer.

As for the website, it looks very informative. Apart from the homepage with three major specifications, users may benefit from a detailed FAQ, CO2 volume and temperature conversion charts, kegging instructions, etc. As a result, Brewer’s Best Kit is not just an ingredient supplier but also a comprehensive knowledge base developed on Adobe Muse for professional brewers and amateurs.

8. 400 Beach Seafood

400 Beach Seafood

400 Beach Seafood is a legendary indoor and outdoor dining venue located in Florida. The restaurant has become a family-owned business. Today, it serves local specialties that include seasonal salads with seafood, oysters, grilled fish, different combos, and more. Visitors may find down on the open-air terrace or inside the restaurant enjoying a huge selection of wines and custom-made cocktails.

The website looks pretty stylish compared to other restaurant sites built with Adobe Muse. It makes a good first impression with a bright and engaging homepage where visitors may choose services they look for (table registration, banquets, catering, etc.). Among crucial downsides, we should note the absence of the website’s favicon. The good news is that there is a chance to download menus in PDF files.

9. OMP Muotoilua

OMP Muotoilua

OMP Muotoilua is the design and architecture agency. The company is situated in Finland, which means minimalistic and functional design concepts. Founded in 2015, the studio has now several of its own techniques that offer ready-made design ideas for homes, cottages, apartments, and other types of properties. The idea is to create a simple, stylish, and functional environment despite the living space limitations.

The website itself looks very stylish and clean just as Scandinavian home design in its origin. The homepage contains several major architecture concepts that represent the company’s service. There is a high-quality Abut page introducing the OMP founder. However, it would be nicer for the website to have a multilingual version, as all content is in Finnish. Besides, the author has forgotten to indicate website Title and Description. But that is hardly the problem of Adobe Muse functionality.



DESIGNWERK is a German design studio and printing house. It is mainly specialized in delivering corporate services to companies and startups. The main competencies include a book cover and logo design, corporate brand books, web design, and more. DESIGNWERK cooperates with leading German publishing houses and editorial organizations.

The website represents the European approach in what we call dare and minimalistic design. Once you have entered the website, you start liking it although it contains not a word in English. Weird color combinations create a complete look while the menu implementation is a bit strange though functional. It may take users some time to get used to it. But on the whole, Adobe Muse did a great job here.

11. Tree VFX

Tree VFX

Tree VFX is a web designer and animation portfolio built with the help of Adobe Muse. The website introduces Danny – visual effect artists and illustrators. According to the available info in the “About” section, Danny is an experienced pro when it comes to VFX supervision, motion design, and animation, which are his main specializations.

As for the website itself, you will not find lots of sections here. The portfolio consists of three major ages. The first one is the Homepage with all Danny’s works displayed there. Each work is available as Vimeo video with name and a short description on it thanks to Adobe Muse integration capabilities. The second page introduces Danny’s working experience and the types of services he provides. There is a cool contact button widget to get in touch. The third page introduces detailed contact info. The website has social media buttons to follow Tree VFX on Facebook or Instagram.

12. Bamberger


Bamberger is a private non-commercial bowling association. It introduces a gathering of like-minded people who love playing bowling. The website was created to form a community and share live results, upcoming events, bowling rules, live standings, etc. So, the task for the Adobe Muse website builder was pretty easy.

The project itself has nothing special in terms of design or functionality. It has a homepage with several major content-based sections. They mainly deliver text info, chats, tales, and other blocks that depict live standing, record holders, best players throughout the entire season, and other vital data in addition to the club’s Privacy Policy delivered on a separate page.

13. Howard & Wayman

Howard & Wayman

Howard & Wayman is a Mexican-based company that provides accounting assistance to enterprises and entrepreneurs. It boasts over 30 experienced specialists in the accounting and legislative fields. They help to arrange proper workflow and organize documentation, help with tax policies, and make all the paperwork for the business owner letting him or her concentrate on the prior business goals.

The company works with different enterprises from different niches. It could mean a complicated website with multiple pages and fields to cover. It appears that Adobe Muse makes it possible to create minimalistic projects that may look very professional. Here we have all major sections that introduce the H&W team as well as their main specializations, contact info with integrated Google Map, and publications. The overall impression is good although the banner on the main page looks a bit strange as if it is about to vanish. Maybe it is a question of the image quality but not Adobe Muse functionality.

14. Black House Badges

Black House Badges

Black House Badges is a small business that deals with producing badges of different types. Customers are free to offer products of any size and color. They will get badges with different printing and images on it. The company delivers its goods to educational and non-commercial organizations. The products are popular with event promoters, bar and restaurant owners and other business representatives. Some may think there is not much to expect from the site related to badge production and selling. Well, Black House Badges looks a bit messy from the start.

However, when you dive deeper into the product search process, you realize that each product page is close to perfect. Customers will see detailed info on every item while the page description includes a size chart in addition to info on what the product is made of. The menu sections include the bestsellers, contact info, product categories, real-life product examples, and more.

15. City of Laredo

City of Laredo

City of Laredo is local social and governmental project dedicated to Laredo, Texas. It represents a community of city residents and official representatives. Users may stay in touch with the latest Laredo news as well as find out all necessary info to complete official formalities. Site sections contain useful info on all available governmental and social departments in addition to the list of services they provide.

From the functional point of view, the website is intuitive and easy to use. It has a document search feature and Google search bar to quickly find the required issue. The homepage contains additional image and text blocks with regularly updated info as well as some other handy widgets like calendar, newsletter subscription form, upcoming event info, contact data, etc.

16. Phil Armor LPC

Phil Armor LPC

Phil Armor LPC is a personal website of Phil Armor, a certified psychotherapist, a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He initially sees his mission in helping families and individuals resolve their problems, offering a unique approach to each and every client. With over 15 years of private practice expertise, Phil is ready to provide qualified solutions to a variety of problems. Just visit the website to find out more about him, his personal success story, objectives, services and privacy protection terms.

Phil Armor LPC is a one-page website, which contains enough info current and potential clients may be looking for. When scrolling down the page, you will come across Phil’s bio and major goals statement, his story, practice approaches and contacts. What’s interesting, the website is presented in a letter-like style, which creates a more trusted feel and encourages users to contact the author.

At the same time, there is no need to waste your effort browsing for the project to find the required section, the menu found in the sidebar will help you switch to the required part with one click only. To get in touch with Phil in person, you just need to fill out the contact form available on the bottom of the page or use the Google Maps location and other contacts specified there. A convenient and handy solution for everyone!

17. 3D Wall Panels

3D Wall Panels

3D Wall Panels is a simple yet informative business website, which specializes in the production of 3d TV boards, wall panels, privacy screens and headboards. All the products are manufactured in their workshop on order, based on the individual requirements and demands of customers.

The one-page website itself is quite simple and easy to browse, but it doesn’t have to be complicated and overwhelmed with elements. Actually, it delivers that very info current and potential customers may need to place an order. When scrolling down the website, you will come across the description of the major products a supplier offers, their parameters, specifications, delivery and pricing details as well as quality photos. Contact info is provided on the bottom of the page next to the Google Maps widget that specifies the physical location of the company. That is quite convenient and useful for the majority of customers. A good Adobe Muse business website sample, which focuses on client needs.

18. 7 Road Light

7 Road Light

7 Road Light is a website of a non-profit organization created with Adobe Muse. It sees its mission in serving community organizations and schools by offering unique urban mentoring and intervention programs to prevent substance misuse and offensive behavior.

The website looks informative and easy-to-browse, which matters a lot for non-techies looking for the niche info. The drop-down menu grants access to the main pages, including About Us, Services, Key Info, Contact Us. While browsing them, you will find out answers to all the organization-related questions you may encounter, when exploring the business. As far as 7 Road Light is a non-profit website, it implies an opportunity to donate to its development online. You can do that in a separate section. All in all, the resource looks quite valuable, providing crucial services any community will appreciate.

Bottom Line

The examples of websites reviewed in this article prove that Adobe Muse is a number one tool for those users, who can boast some graphic design skills and experience. If you are lucky to be one of these people, then you are welcome to use the tool to create a real masterpiece, which will not leave your visitors indifferent. Otherwise, the feature-intense and somewhat complicated platform may become a real challenge for you (in this case you may try to use more easier website builders like Wix, uKit or Weebly). Keep this in mind when choosing the software for your web design needs!


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