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Best Adobe Dreamweaver Website Examples

Adobe Dreamweaver Website Examples

Adobe Dreamweaver CC – is a professional offline web development software, which mostly targets experienced web designers. The platform comes with a powerful integrated set of features that make it possible to complete multiple tasks. It works best for launching different types of complex feature-laden websites as well as offline applications.

Provided as a part of Creative Cloud service, Adobe Dreamweaver has gained immense user popularity after Adobe has announced Muse support discontinuation. This is when many former Muse users have decided to switch to Dreamweaver as to one of the most popular and advanced Adobe products. What you should know, though, is that the software is quite complicated and that is why, it was created with the needs of web design pros in mind. Non-techies will find the platform overloaded with advanced features, so, it really makes sense to look for simpler web design alternatives like Wix or uKit, for example.

If you possess coding knowledge and still have an intention to work with Adobe Dreamweaver, take your time to browse some of the best samples of websites launched with the website builder. They will give you the idea of what the software has to offer and what features it has in stock. Let’s get started now.

1. Wired


Wired is a website that encompasses multiple stories divided into several niche topics with regard to the most popular user preferences. This is the place, where everyone can browse the regularly-updated hand-picked selection of important and interesting content from around the web.

The website looks quite logically-structured and easy-to-browse. To simplify the process of story selection, all the posts are available in several thematic categories, namely Technology, Science, Culture, Gear, Business, Politics and many more. There is also a convenient search filter option here and access to social network accounts. This helps stay aware of all the website updates and recently added posts. The website also makes it possible to sign up for the newsletter to get the updates in the shortest time possible. All in all, the website comes with stylish design, being one of the best Adobe Dreamweaver samples.

2. Glamour Magazine

Glamour Magazine

Glamour Magazine is one of the best online magazine samples powered by Adobe Dreamweaver. This is a great destination to reach for all those users, who are interested in celebrity and fashion news. The magazine is updated with new stories on a regular basis to keep the readers informed about everything that is going on in the world.

The website has stylish contemporary design, which completely comes up to the general focus of the platform. All the news, articles and stories here are divided into several categories to simplify users’ choice. These include Makeup, Hair, Skin, Fashion, Entertainment, Beauty Club and many more.As you scroll down the page, you will come across new posts related to each topic, which deserve your attention most. A convenient search filter option will help you find the content you are currently interested in, while social network buttons as well as newsletter availability will help you stay updated with recently added info. This is a truly worthy sample of a website powered by Adobe Dreamweaver.

3. CN Traveller

CN Traveller

CN Traveller is a contemporary travel-focused online resource, where everyone can find the info about most popular destinations, travel recommendations, news and updates. This is a great project for all the travel enthusiasts looking for the niche content to help them with their upcoming vacations.

The website contains much info, which is related to the travel topic. This content falls into several categories with regard to its focus. Among the categories you can browse, the following ones are worth the attention most: Inspiration, Destinations, Places to Stay, Style & Culture, Food & Drink and more. This is where you will come across useful guidelines, travel tips, videos and industry news. All the topics are updated on a regular basis to keep readers aware of the most burning issues and themes. Each user has an opportunity to sign up for a newsletter to stay informed about all the updates. The overall website design is impressive, with lots of bright and quality images of popular tourist destinations. This definitely encourages for further website browsing and evokes readers’ interest.

4. House & Garden

House & Garden

House & Garden is a web resource, which is completely dedicated to the home-related topics. It’s the best pick for everyone, who is looking for trendy home decor ideas, modern culinary tips, multiple lifestyle and travel recommendations.

The website looks stylish and modern, with quality images and regularly updated content that refers to the Home and Garden topic. To make website browsing simple and more convenient for each and every subscriber, all the posts are divided into niche categories. These include Houses, Decoration, Gardens, Recipes, Travel & Lifestyle, The List and More. A handy search filter available on the homepage will help you find the posts you are interested in. As you scroll down the page, you will discover multiple posts related to each of the topics the resource focuses on. If you like the website and wish to stay updated with recent news and posts, there is an opportunity to sign up for the newsletter. This is a really worthy project started and managed with Adobe Dreamweaver!

5. Tatler


For everyone, who is interested in fashion and beauty news, Tatler will definitely prove to be a perfect web resource to browse. The website centers around culture and lifestyle news, providing interesting and updated information only.

As you start browsing the website, you initially come across several topics available on the homepage, namely in the menu section. Among the topics you can browse, the most interesting ones include Bystander, Style, Address Book, Beauty, Royals, Living and more. Top Stories and Newly Added posts are also available here for instant access. All the posts come with high quality niche-related images, which absolutely captivate user attention and encourage for further website browsing. If you cannot find the post you would like to read because of their extensive choice, you can make use of the search filter field to sort out the topic-related content. The system also delivers an opportunity to sign up toits newsletter to receive the latest pictures, beauty news, fashion inspiration ideas and exclusive perks right after their publication. That’s very handy and convenient for each and every user.

6. Krest Technologies

Krest Technologies

Krest Technologies is a website of one of the divisions of Vision Krest Embedded Technologies that sees its mission in training students and professionals in the field of technology. They mostly focus on projects in the Embedded systems, Power Electronics, Power Systems, Machines, Electronic Drivers etc.

The website provides easy navigation and logical structure – it is very convenient and handy to find the info you require. Just scroll down the page to come across the related content about the organization, its mission, available training programs, workshops, courses etc. You can also find this information, while browsing the menu sections, such as About Us, Paper Publishing, Plagiarism Check, B.Tech & B.E.Projects, M.Tech & M.E.PRojects, Workshop, Contact Us. Whatever info you need, it is within reach here. What’s more, you can view live comments and reviews posted by the students. This will give you the first hand understanding of the company’s credibility. Nice job!

7. APC College

APC College

APC College presents complete information about Acharya Prafulla Chandra College, which is located in West Bengal. This is the top place to reach for everyone, who is interested to find out more about the place to further apply for the submission. Current students, their parents and teachers will also find useful information here.

The website contains all the required college-related info in one place. Just browse the menu sections to find the content about the college, its administration, academics, admission rules, facilities, students, library, research, activities, photo galleries etc. Contact info along with embedded Google Maps is available here as well. This helps find the exact location of the college, saving your time and effort. All in all, this is a nice sample of an educational website built with Adobe Dreamweaver.

8. BusinessWindo


BusinessWindo is an advanced business platform that provides extensive opportunities to young and motivated users willing to start their careers or promote the existing businesses. The service offers professional consultations and provides niche assistance to the entrepreneurs, who intend to learn the ways of overcoming the most widespread business formalities-related problems.

The website of the company has modern, stylish and somewhat strict design. Blue, white and grey colours dominate in the website palette, which highlights the business specialization of the project. The website has logical structure, with all the must-have elements, sections and tools being on their places. While browsing the project, you will encounter info about the services offered, company registration videos, contacts and social network accounts. This is a great presentation of the website that provides useful content to everyone, who plans to deal with the company afterwards.

9. Satkar Soft

Satkar Soft

Satkar Soft is a Digital Marketing & Web Solution agency, which delivers a broad range of services related to the IT niche. The company specializes in Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Online Reputation Management (ORM), Video Production.

The entire website design is closely associated with the industry aspects. There are multiple graphic elements, light colors, digital motives and tech-related images prevailing in it. This creates a pleasant and somewhat even amusing impression, encouraging users for further website browning. To find out more about the company and the services it offers, you are offered to browse menu sections containing all the required information. This info tackles general company info, services provided, portfolio, packages, clients and contacts. The data is well-structured, being within reach of users. The website looks nice and informative – that’s exactly what most visitors need!

10. Obafrica AM

Obafrica AM

Obafrica AM specializes in providing the explicit info about African stock markets and all the financial aspects related to the topic. The organization partners with the Africa Picking Fund – a long-term investor in African companies that offer attractive valuations and nice development prospects.

The overall website design is simple and plain yet it’s quite convenient to browse it. All the web pages are concise yet they encompass all the required information about the organization and its performance. To come across the content you are looking for, you are welcome to browse the following menu sections: Home, About Us, The Fund, News and Contact. They contain all the content you might be interested in. The website itself is available in two language versions – English and French, thus, targeting more users, who are genuinely interested in the topic. This is a nice sample of a simple website powered by Adobe Dreamweaver.


Adobe Dreamweaver is not the simplest web design platform available out there and reviews of websites launched with the system are the best proof of this fact. The offline software is initially geared towards the needs, requirements and web design skills of proficient web developers, who are involved in the creation of complex custom-made projects.

The system delivers a bunch of integrated features and tool that contribute to effective and professional website creation. It takes time to explore and master the platform along with its functionality, even if you are a web design expert, not to mention newbies. If you are a non-techie looking for a simple website builder, it makes sense to pick more intuitive systems. Just have a look at Wix website examples or uKit website samples, for instance, to figure out what exactly these popular website builders have to offer.


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