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Best Adobe Dreamweaver Alternatives

Adobe Dreamweaver Alternatives

Adobe Dreamweaver – is a powerful visual editor developed for experienced pros. It offers a set of enhanced web design tools available within the software downloadable package. The product comes as a part of Adobe commercial package and delivers different features to create unique website mockups.

Despite all the benefits Dreamweaver has, the software is rather complex. In addition, it has gone pretty out-of-date over the years. Moreover, the platform is rather a visual editor than a full-cycle website builder. It does not offer hosting or domain within its package. It is mainly aimed at building mobile-friendly themes with in-depth coding skills.

For this reason, users might want to benefit from simpler and more flexible solutions with all options already included in the plan. Some popular website builders come with expanded functionality even at lower or zero price. So, let’s have a look at Dreamweaver alternatives that may turn out to be a better option.

How to Choose The Best Adobe Dreamweaver Alternative For You

When starting the search, you should initially realize what exactly you expect from the platform and what objectives you eventually intend to achieve. This will affect the right choice of the system. Actually, you will have to select from all-in-one web design platforms that cover a broad range of web design tasks and specialized systems geared towards the completion of a certain goal. Define your website specialization in advance to look in the right direction from the start.

The next issue to consider is your web design expertise rate. The systems differ not only in their niche focus, but also in their complexity levels. If you are just a beginner, it makes sense to look for a simpler service, but if your programming knowledge is above the average, why not give it a try and choose a more feature-rich platform?

Another aspect that has a notable impact upon your choice is pricing policy. The cost of premium subscriptions/software varies a lot from one system to another. It depends upon multiple factors, such as the terms and services included, integrated functionality, tool sets, customizability of platforms etc. Thus, it makes sense to compare several services you are interested in (their pros, cons, special parameters etc.) to come up with the best solution.

The Different Types of Adobe Dreamweaver Alternatives

The choice of web design systems that can be used as Adobe Dreamweaver substitutes is quite extensive. To pick the system that complies with your actual web development needs, you should be aware of the major software types. Here they go:

  • Online website builders, which are cloud-based all-in-one solutions that cover a wide range of web design tasks and comes with integrated hosting/domain/functionality;
  • Offline website builders, which require download/installation/hosting and domain choice before being used for website development purposes;
  • CMS (Content Management Systems), which are complex and feature-laden web design platforms that work best for the development of powerful web projects.

Depending upon the software type you give preference to, you should analyze and review the most popular niche representatives. This is how you can compare their tools, features, advantages, disadvantages as well as notable distinctions that let you make the right choice. Reviewed below are the most renowned Adobe Dreamweaver alternatives.

1. WIX – The Best Free Adobe Dreamweaver Alternative

Product Name:WIX
Official Website:
Number of Websites:4,565,423
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $13/mo

Wix – is an ultimate website builder with millions of active users and supported online projects. It is the most flexible solution to newbies who want to create amazing sites with zero coding. The platform comes with enough tools to let you create literally any website type from landing pages and small business websites to digital stores and more.

  • Simple but Powerful Editor – Wix totally relies on drag-and-drop functionality making it super easy to create websites and pages despite the structure and complexity. Besides, experienced users will be able to customize their websites with some unique and custom-designed elements.
  • Artificial Intelligence – the system uses its Wix ADI platform that creates websites automatically based on users’ preferences, project types, and features you may need. You get a ready-to-go site with all the necessary tools and options already integrated.
  • Wix Velo (Corvid) – the tool for advanced web application development. An intuitive visual builder lets users deal with front-end development or modify over 100 UI elements. The instrument can be used to modify and customize some of the blocks as well as the entire website.

Wix price: the platform is initially free to use. You may test it without spending a dollar. But if you want to benefit from the all-in-one solution with a free domain, a full set of stylish platforms, and access to all apps, the Combo plan is a great idea to start with. It costs $13 per month in case of billed annually. Wix also offers separate plans for eCommerce projects starting at $23 per month.

2. WordPress – Free Dreamweaver Alternative (CMS)

Product Name:WordPress
Official Website:
Number of Websites:28,183,568
Free plan:Completely free
Paid plan:Paid themes and hosting

WordPress – is the #1 CMS platform that delivers maximum flexibility and web design freedom. The platform is absolutely free to use although you will need to take care of domain and hosting. Luckily, various hosting providers offer WP-optimized server solutions that turn WordPress into a full-cycle and multi-purpose website building platform.

  • Open-Source CMS – you are free to customize your websites whatever you need. The system does not require special skills. All you need is a bit of HTML knowledge. Even if you do not have those skills, WordPress is still a good option to create different website types.
  • Endless Plugins – WordPress is probably the best platform in terms of customization. It comes with thousands of different plugins to optimize, promote, protect, improve, or modify your project. All plugins are easy to set and install. Oh, and most of them are free to use.
  • Thousands of Responsive Themes – enormous template collection includes both free and paid premium themes to meet users’ demands. Besides, users are free to customize each layout or even edit the source code.

WordPress price: the CMS itself is absolutely free to use. However, you will have to pay for the domain and hosting. The best way is to opt for WordPress-optimized providers such as Bluehost. It offers seamless WP integration, auto-updates, backups, a 1-year domain, and powerful WP hosting starting at $2.95 per month while the Choice Plus plan with unmetered bandwidth for unlimited websites will cost you only $5.45 per month.

3. Webflow – Responsive Web Design Tool

Product Name:Webflow
Official Website:
Number of Websites:169,567
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:$12/mo

Webflow – is a software that lets you create professional and responsive websites. The platform is pretty complex as it mainly focuses on experienced web developers and designers. At the same time, it has a powerful visual editor that makes it possible to create web pages and even digital stores without coding or typical templates.

  • Webflow CMS for designers – the tool makes it possible to design any content structure. Using CMS, users may add content manually or using API and then customize it in collaboration with editors, content managers, etc.
  • Powerful Web Editor – the system delivers the power of CSS and HTML coding in the visual canvas. Besides, you can create different interaction elements, animations, and other things to keep visitors engaged. Moreover, you may choose a ready-made theme and edit it as well.
  • Inline Editing – feel free to update or modify your website pages anytime with no need to switch between several screens. All changes will be automatically saved in real-time.

Webflow price: users may currently choose from three major plans. They include Basic, CMS, and Business costing $12, $16, and $36 per month respectively. The price depends on the website type and complexity.

4. Mobirise – Free Web Design Software Like Dreamweaver

Product Name:Mobirise
Number of Websites:293, 247
Free plan:Free Software
Paid plan:Hosting and extensions

Mobirise – is an offline website builder. It means that you may use it either you have an internet connection or not. Users are supposed to have the software downloaded and installed to get full access to its features. The platform is easy to use and lets you cope with different tasks without technical skills.

  • Intuitive Editor – the editor uses drag-and-drop functionality. The page structure consists of blocks you may easily move, rearrange or edit using advanced settings.
  • Bootstrap-powered Software – Mobirise makes it possible to create responsive and mobile-friendly projects that run equally well on different devices despite the carrier and OS.
  • 100% Compatibility – the downloadable package can be used with Mac or Windows OS.
  • AMP Builder – the feature introduces the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) builder. It helps to create content-based websites that are loading faster across various devices. Each article gets an AMP icon from Google while the search engine choses them first to be shown.

Mobirise price: the website builder itself is free. However, you will not be able to use all of its features as well as access the selection of templates. The priced lifetime license contains all the Mobirise perks. The standard price for the Full Website Builder Kit is $4019. However, the system currently offers 97% discounts with a chance to but the full package at only $99.

5. Pinegrow – A Professional Visual Editor

Product Name:Pinegrow
Official Website:
Number of Websites:312,525
Free plan:No
Paid plan:From $12/mo

Pinegrow – is an advanced website editor developed for professional web designers and programmers. The platform comes as a downloadable software with a bunch of great features to create responsive websites on Mac, Windows or Linux.

  • Powerful Visual Tools – you will get a set of tools to move, edit, modify or add new HTML and CSS elements. Opt for the repeater to insert a chosen element to modify the entire layout with a few moves.
  • Multi Review and Editing Mode – users have a chance to check how the website runs on different devices. The system will automatically analyze all stylesheets to detect possible breakpoints.
  • Custom CMS – the system can be used as a custom CMS platform for static HTML pages. It will make the content and website element management simpler.

Pinegrow price: Pinegrow offers several billing models. They include monthly and annual subscriptions as well as lifetime licenses. The second option is probably the best one while the price for Pro license starts from $99. The package is currently available at a 50% discount.

6. Brackets – Lightweight, Open-Source Text Editor

Product Name:Brackets
Official Website:
Number of Websites:-
Free plan:Free to use
Paid plan:-

Brackets – is a super lightweight and simple text editor. The software was designed and build for coders and web designers as well as for front-end developers. It offers a set of easy-to-use visual tools to modify the source code as well as create new scripts or elements from scratch.

  • Lightweight but Powerful – you can work with multiple pieces of code in a single window. Apply your personal ID to do coding without popups. Use the CSS selector to apply to any element right within your browser. He system has support for inline editing as well.
  • Brackets users may download different extensions at no cost. They come with multilingual Brackets support, comment generators, custom color themes, etc.
  • Live Preview Mode – your project can be seamlessly connected with the browser in real-time. It lets you make all changes live and see how they affect the overall project.

Brackets price: the software is free to use. You may downloadable it from the official website as well as all the available extensions.

7. Aptana Studio – Open-Source Web Development IDE

Product Name:Aptana Studio
Official Website:
Number of Websites:-
Free plan:Free to use
Paid plan:-

Aptana Studio – is a powerful and fast web development IDE. The open-source platform has been rebuilt. It now offers a set of new features after the latest Studio 3 version has been rolled out. The system boasts more than 6,000 000 of downloads. It is mainly designed to let developers create web applications as fast as possible.

  • Comprehensive Coding Assistance – the software comes with integrated coding first aid kits in the face of HTML, CSS, PHP, and JS assists.
  • Built-In Debugger – a great feature for the automated debugging process. The system has integrated Ruby & Rails and JavaScript debugger to detect and eliminate possible breakpoints.
  • Customizable IDE – users are free to customize the IDE app and create an applicable development ecosystem with the help of the scripts from the list of custom commands.

Aptana Studio price: the software is totally free to use.

8. BlueGriffon – Modern and Free HTML Editor

Product Name:BlueGriffon
Official Website:
Number of Websites:-
Free plan:No
Paid plan:2 licenses - $75 and $195

BlueGriffon – is a drag-and-drop premise platform that was created to let web designers and developers create PUB docs and web pages from scratch. The system uses WYSIWYG functionality. The downloadable license contains web page templates, stylesheets, and other features.

  • Auto Updates – you do not need to take care of system updates. All features will be modified once the new version has been rolled out.
  • Landing Pages & Web Forms – users will be able to create their own forms from scratch as well as use ready-made landing page templates and modify the mockup.
  • Import/Export – the system comes with a content export/import feature to download your own templates and elements or upload web page files.

BlueGriffon price: the product is available in two major downloadable licenses with lifetime prices. They include the Basic license that costs $75 dollars and the EPUB license that costs $195. Pay attention that the final cost does not include VAT that will be redeemed during the purchase.

9. Apache NetBeans – Open Source IDE for Windows, Mac, Linux

Product Name:Apache NetBeans
Official Website:
Number of Websites:-
Free plan:Free to use
Paid plan:-

Apache NetBeans – is an open-source website building platform that helps to develop mobile and web applications. It comes with integrated debugging functionality in addition to deployment management, code editing tools, etc. The system supports several languages and has an advanced development interface.

  • Advanced Code Editor – the editor is able to highlight different pieces of the source code both semantically and syntactically.
  • Multi-Language Apps – NetBeans offers ready-made templates in addition to coding wizards, and editors to develop mobile and desktop apps in Java, PHP, and other programming languages.
  • Plugins – the software can be expanded with the help of custom plugins. The list of add-ons and widgets is available on the Apache NetBeans plugin portal.

Apache NetBeans price: the software is free to use and download. It refers to not only older but also newly updated versions.

10. openElement – Powerful & Intuitive Editor

Product Name:openElement
Official Website:
Number of Websites:7,683
Free plan:Free to use
Paid plan:-

openElement – is a multi-purpose web platform. It helps website owners to modify their websites, implement effective SEO optimization tactics, modify the source code, and change some of the website elements with a powerful code editor. In addition, it delivers database management instruments as well as some other handy features:

  • Drag-and-Drop Technology – the website editor comes with a built-in drag-and-drop functionality making the customization process easier.
  • Responsive Design – create mobile-friendly web pages and layouts. Preview projects from multiple devices.
  • SEO – the software makes it possible to minimize the code and optimize media content (images and videos). It results in improved users experienced and higher search engine ranks.

openElement price: users may download the software absolutely free with zero charges or renewal fees.

11. Google Web Designer – Program for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Product Name:Google Web Designer
Official Website:
Number of Websites:9,317
Free plan:Free to use
Paid plan:-

Google Web Designer – is a visual tool developed for beginners who want to work visually without actually diving deep into the source code. The platform is mainly good for designing ad banners or simple HTML5 websites. Although it won’t work for bigger projects, it may still come in handy considering the following features.

  • Standalone Software – Web Designer is a separate Google product that is totally compatible with all major OS. It can be used with Windows, Mac or Linux at the same productivity level.
  • Fluid Layouts – a simple tool to work with elements dimensions. It lets you set the width, height or other parameters in percentage. The same technology applies to the positioning of some elements.
  • 3D Authoring – a great tool to check how each of the elements looks like from all sides. The feature actually lets you overview the elements in 3D from different angles.

Google Web Developer price: the program is free to download and use with no limitations.

12. TOWeb – Responsive Website and Online Store Creation Software

Product Name:TOWeb
Official Website:
Number of Websites:12,454
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:$49 per license

TOWeb – is a simple website builder designed specially for newbies. The software is pretty straightforward, which is a plus for non-technicians. To get started and go online, you only need to install it, choose a template, add content, and go live. In addition, users will appreciate some handy extras.

  • Responsive Websites – TOWeb makes it easy to create a single HTML5 or CSS3 website that will run equally well on any mobile device. The system comes with integrated RWD approach that improved mobile accessibility.
  • Free Templates – choose any of the available free templates that can be used right here right now or modified before the deployment. Each layout can be customized with the help of WYSIWYG technology.
  • eCommerce Functionality – the system offers some baseline options to create your digital store and start selling online without complex configurations. Simply add a shopping cart, display products, and integrate any of the available payment options.

TOWeb price: the platform offers three paid plans in addition to its free package. The price for an entry plan starts at $49 per license while the most advanced package feat eCommerce functionality will cost you $199 per license.

13. CoffeeCup – Responsive Web Design Tools and HTML Software

Product Name:CoffeeCup
Official Website:
Number of Websites:13,648
Free plan:No
Paid plan:From $199 per license

CoffeeCup – is a proven veteran on the website building arena. The software made its debut back in 1996. Thousands of site owners are using the software to create mobile-friendly projects with ease. Although the system looks a bit dated as well as some of its templates, it might still be a cheaper alternative to Dreamweaver considering some of its features.

  • Advanced technologies – the software comes with support for HTML5 and CSS3 letting you create responsive pages that run well across multiple devices.
  • Responsive Themes – CoffeeCup has its own theme shop with responsive templates. Although some layouts look a bit old-fashioned, you may find some good options that are free to use. Some templates are paid, so keep an eye on the price when looking through all themes.
  • App Store – users can get additional apps including Form Builders, responsive email designers or even Bootstrap builders. The bad news is that all apps are paid.

CoffeeCup price: users can download separate licenses for Mac and Windows. The price is the same and it starts at $199 per license. When we say “starts” we mean that you may need to pay additionally for some of the themes and apps available in the local store.

14. Microsoft Expression Web – Full-Featured Professional Tool

Product Name:Microsoft Expression Web
Official Website:-
Number of Websites:-
Free plan:Free Version
Paid plan:-

Microsoft Expression Web – is a full-featured professional web design tool, which was specially developed for experienced users. It works great for creating websites from the ground using the latest development technologies. Mind, however, that Microsoft deleted the software from their servers in June 2020 yet it is still possible to download the free version of the program from the Internet archive. The downloadable software comes with multilingual support and a range of extra features.

  • Multiple Programming Languages – Expression Web will work out whether you build websites and pages using HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS or other programming languages. The system meets all necessary technical standards.
  • Flexibility – the platform can be easily integrated with other Microsoft products including Visual and Expression Studio.
  • Comprehensive Support – although Expression Web is pretty much the same as Dreamweaver, jumping to new software will hardly be a hassle. You will find a massive info hub with documentation, details, tutorials, guides, and other sources to make the most of the software.

Microsoft Expression Web price: Since the software is no longer supported by the company, it does not charge any fees for downloading the free version of it from the archive. You can use the software for as long as you need without paying for it.

15. Blocs – Dreamweaver Alternative for Mac

Product Name:Blocs
Official Website:
Number of Websites:-
Free plan:-
Paid plan:From $80

Blocs – is a worthy Dreamweaver alternative for Mac. This is an intuitive, fast and powerful visual web design software, which makes it possible to create different types of responsive websites without a line of code. Projects built with the system are comprised of pre-built content sections you can arrange as you need to form the required website layout.

  • Enhanced Design Customization – The software offers intuitive visual styling controls to let you fine tune the details of your project to start truly modern and impressive websites. Likewise, it is possible to apply animation/parallax scrolling effects on each element with a few clicks only.
  • Powerful Interactions – Blocs lets you control and expand your website functionality via integration of powerful and versatile interactions. These can be used to send emails, present videos and images in lightbox popups, create mega menus etc. Additionally, you can access the Blocs Store to pick and integrate custom made add ons, widget and extensions specially created for Blocs.
  • Out-Of-The-Box Functionality – The platform provides a wide rage of features to let you build a stunning responsive website. You can make use of the icon and font managers, shape dividers, social cards, automatic sitemap generation tool, page comments, Writer Mode, image/anti-spam protection, auto backup, CMS integration and other high end features.

Blocs price: the software doesn’t have any trial versions or subscriptions. There are two lifetime licenses you can opt for. The cost of the basic Blocs 4 license constitutes $99.99.To get access to powerful extended features of the system, you’ll need to opt for the Blocs Plus license, the price of which is $149.99.


Does anyone still use Dreamweaver?

The number of Dreamweaver users is dropping down drastically. The system is very dated although some dedicated users can still take use of it.

Is Dreamweaver obsolete?

Yes, it is. While new platforms are getting advanced development technologies, Dreamweaver seems to get stuck on the same level.

Is there a free version of Dreamweaver?

No, there is not. You can only purchase it as a separate software or as a part of the Adobe product package. However, there is a 7-day free trial.

What can I use instead of Dreamweaver?

That depends on your technical background and goals. Newbies will appreciate Wix or WordPress as an easier and more flexible solution while devoted fans will like Microsoft Expression Web that is free and generally similar to Dreamweaver.

Can I use Dreamweaver without coding?

Yes, you can. But the main software benefit is in full web design freedom that can be only implemented with the help of coding and programming. Otherwise, there is no sense in using it.

Is Dreamweaver a WYSIWYG?

No, it is not. Dreamweaver is mainly a code editor with some slight hints on WYSIWYG functionality.


Adobe Dreamweaver is a web building software that once has been extremely popular. But the technologies evolve rapidly. Some new website builders arise with more advanced functionality and enhanced flexibility.

They offer up-to-date templates and design tools in addition to a range of customization features Dreamweaver simply does not have. The main question here “Is it really worth that money?”. Of course, not. If you are at the stage of choosing the platform, you’d better opt for a tool that fits your technical background and project goals.


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