90 Second Website Builder Review

90SecondWebsiteBuilder.com Review

90 Second Website Builder – is a platform to create mobile-friendly websites on the go. It comes as a downloadable software featuring a simple drag-and-drop editor with a bunch of tools that require minimum technical skills. The software has a vast selection of different page objects that include various forms, shapes, menus, buttons, and other blocks you might want to have on a web page. At the same time, it reserves enough space for programmers to edit the source code as well.

The platform has released its latest 15th version that is already a part of a renewed website builder under the WYSIWYG Web Builder name. However, users are still able to download the 14th last 90 Second Website Builder version as well as upgrade older products. It means that you still have a chance to try multiple responsive grids and layouts without coding.

Let’s see if it still worth opting for or it is better to try the new platform in the face of WYSIWYG Web builder.

90 Second Website Builder
  • Intutivie page builder.
  • No coding skills required.
  • Free version upgrade.

Pros and Cons

The software will fit users with absolutely no technical skills. It offers a selection of simple tools that make it easy and fast to create mobile-friendly pages and customize them with an array of elements, blocks, and features. The bad thing is that 90 Second Website Builder is not an all-in-one solution. You will need to take care of hosting and domain separately.

90 Second Website Builder Pros:
90 Second Website Builder Cons:
Easy to use – the platform has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to create page layouts as well as add different elements.
Video Player Tools – if you need to create an engaging page and display videos on it, the system offers tools for Vimeo and YouTube integration in addition to HTML5.
One-Time License – as downloadable software, 90 Second Website Builder does not have monthly subscriptions or plans. You pay only once for a lifetime license and use it whenever needed.
eCommerce Functionality – a few downloadable platforms have this feature. The software lets you integrate PayPal functionality to sell products online.
Visual Effects – to make your site even more engaging, you can make the most of CSS3 animation, Parallax effect, and other visual layers.

Manual updates – you will need to handle all updates on your own, especially after the 15th version has been rolled out.
Limited eCommerce options – 90 Second Website Builder will hardly work out when creating a fully-featured digital store.
No real-time editing – there is no inline editing. Every change you make should be saved manually.

The main downside here is that the 14th version delivers a full set of paid features to already existing users. If you download the software for the first time, you will not be able to purchase the paid license. The only chance is to upgrade from earlier platform versions.

90 Second Website Builder
  • Responsive websites.
  • jQuery website builder.
  • Video playing tools.

What Is It Good For?

90 Second Website Builder will work just fine for mainly for small business websites. The platform will suit users who plan to host websites on their own servers thanks to the built-in FTP function. It makes it possible to publish site files on any server you want. All you need is to find a web hosting provider that ensures FTP access.

While the system has an entry eCommerce functionality, it might be good for developing tiny digital stores. However, you should not count on expanded online selling features. Those who want to sell and promote products on the web should opt for more eCommerce-oriented platforms.

Ease of Use

90 Second Website Builder is available as a downloadable license. It means that you will need to have the software installed on our computer. The process is fast and hassle-free. The platform itself does not require programming skills although it may take some time to get used to it especially if you have never tried the software before.

Getting Started

To download the 14th version or upgrade the existing license, you will need to visit the official website. It says that the 15th version is no longer available here. However, users may still access all previous versions of the 90 Second Website Builder. Choose the one you need, click on the link and download zip files.

90 Second Website Builder Choose Version

On the next stage, simply follow installation tips. The process is the same as installing any other software. You will hardly face difficulties. Once the installation process has been finished, click on the web builder icon on the desktop to run the program. The system will ask you to activate the serial number if you have it. If not, you will only be able to use the free trial package. Click on the necessary button and find yourself inside the website editor.

90 Second Website Builder Activation

Web Editor

When you enter 90 Second Website Builder, you find yourself inside a typical web-building platform. It looks pretty clear and intuitive. You feel like you are working with a standard Word document with some slight differences. Apart from general settings located in the upper panel, here we have page elements and blocks in the left sidebar.

90 Second Website Builder Web Editor

All elements are divided into 2 major categories:

  • Toolbox – it includes layout and control elements, media integration options, navigation menus, PayPal functionality, jQuery/Bootstrap options, etc.
  • Blocks – the section includes a collection of page elements such as headers, footers, contact forms, features, photo galleries, dividers, and other blocks you might need to create a fully customizable web page.

Adding new elements is very easy thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality. Pick the one you like, hover it to the page, and start editing.

Going Live

Now you will need to take care of the hosting and domain in advance. The good news is that the system comes with the built-in FTP option making it easy to have all your site files downloaded to your own server.

90 Second Website Builder Going Live

Simply click on the “Publish” button, insert necessary changes, choose a local folder on your PC, and download the ready-to-go webpage. There is a preview mode that depicts the way your website looks in the browser. The main downside here is that you won’t be able to preview how the site runs on mobile devices or laptops.

90 Second Website Builder
  • Drag-and-Drop web editor.
  • A selection of blocks.
  • Responsive Toolbox elements.

Features & Flexibility

90 Second Website Builder is mainly a web-building tool designed to create responsive layouts. It is not a full-cycle platform. The software is more a construction tool with its features mainly focused on the web editor and building functionality. Nevertheless, it still has some worthy extras that can make the difference if compared to the platforms alike.

Customizable Blocks

Apart from the drag-and-drop editor itself, users get a chance to edit each block or page element. It makes it possible to change the page structure, replace some of the block parts, edit content, change block styles, add events, CSS3 animations, etc.

90 Second Website Builder Customizable Blocks

Responsive Layout Grids

As we have mentioned earlier, the software does not have a mobile preview mode. That might not even be necessary considering its responsive layout grids. The main idea is to ensure proper web page objects and elements’ running depending on the device a site has been accessed from. The system automatically accommodates the layout.

Source Code Editing

If you have enough programming skills, you may edit the source code of each particular block or element. There is also a chance to add your own piece of HTML code using a relevant container from the Toolbox.

90 Second Website Builder Source Code Editing

jQuery Web Building Options

Users will get a chance to create websites in the mobile app style. jQuery toolbox comes with a selection of elements that include progress toolbars, sliders, spinners, tabs, and other items that will perfectly suit any mobile device despite the screen dimensions.

Video Streaming Tools

If you need to add a video to make the site more engaging, 90 Second Website Builder offers several handy tools that include Video, YouTube, and HTML5. The system lets you insert the video link as well as choose the playing mode, show related videos, enable controls or full-screen button, etc.

eCommerce Options

You should never consider 90 Second Website Builder as a fully-manageable eCommerce platform. On the other hand, it comes with slight PayPal integration options to let website owners sell online. Baseline built-in features include “Add to Cart, “Donate”, “Buy Now”, and some other buttons that can be customized and seamlessly connected with the existing PayPal account.

90 Second Website Builder eCommerce Options

Social Media Buttons

Adding social media elements is very easy. You may change the location of each block related to a particular social media platform as well as add links and connect buttons with the existing social media accounts to let visitors share your content.

90 Second Website Builder Social Media Buttons

90 Second Website Builder
  • PayPal Integration.
  • Social media sharing.
  • Mobile-friendly layout grids.

Web Design Tools

Although 90 Second Website Builder has a collection of over 200 templates, you should not consider them as a good solution for your project. The theme database has not been updated for years. It includes layouts that look out of date and old-fashioned.

The best bet is to create your own site from scratch or opt for the latest 15th version in the face of the renewed WYSIWYG Web Builder with a wide selection of up-to-date and constantly updated templates. As for the 14-the version, it still lets you customize the way your site looks like.

90 Second Website Builder Web Design Tools

First of all, users may edit the source code or add their own HTML elements. Secondly, the system comes with a selection of property options. Users can choose the type of a block layer, manage the element’s dimensions, add CSS3 animation, enable forms, etc. Secondly, there is a chance to add a Parallax effect and some other standard visual perks.

90 Second Website Builder
  • CSS3 animation.
  • Access to the source code.
  • Parallax effect.

Customer Support

Despite the fact, the latest 15th version under the WYSIWYG Web Builder has been officially rolled out, both new and existing users of the 14th version may still count on good enough support. It is mainly available in the face of a local Help Center and online support:

  • Online Support includes a collection of video tutorials, FAQ section, a comprehensive knowledge base, Help Desk, and user’s guide with all issues you may need to resolve.
  • Help Center comes with a huge selection of articles and text guides in addition to Keyboard Shortcuts and the Getting Started online guide.

The bad news is that the software does not offer any way for instant support like Live Chat, phone or something like that.

90 Second Website Builder Customer Support

90 Second Website Builder
  • Huge knowledge base.
  • FAQ and introductory sections.
  • Video tutorials and guides.

Plans & Pricing

90 Second Website Builder 14th version is no longer available for sale. You may access it only as an already existing user of older versions with a chance to upgrade. As a new user, you can only benefit from a free trial license. To access all website builder features, you will need to opt for the new WYSIWYG Web Builder featuring the 15th software version.

90 Second Website Builder
  • Lifetime license.
  • Free-trial version.
  • Upgrade at zero cost.

WYSIWYG Web Builder vs 90 Second Website Builder

You would probably ask why one should ever opt for 90 Second Website Builder considering the availability of the recently rolled out brand-new WYSIWYG Web Builder. Well, we cannot see any reason for that unless you do not want to pay one more time for actually the same functionality with some slight differences:

Ease of Use

The web editor is pretty much the same in both versions. They all have drag-and-drop functionality while WYSIWYG Web Builder comes with a vaster selection of blocks, page elements, and toolbox options.

Moreover, the 15th version comes with the inline editing letting you save all changes in real life without the need to save them each time you want to make site updates. With both platforms, users need to find hosting and register domains separately.

Feature Set

This is where WYSIWYG Web Builder wins. Firstly, it offers more design customization options with more than 150 predesigned effects. It also has a collection of ready-made modules and comes with an intuitive media file management system. Users additionally get over 200 extensions the 14th version does not have.


While 90 Second Website Builder has a collection of the old-fashioned template that has not been updated for a long time, the 15th version comes with a list of more stylish and up-to-date layouts. They are divided into different categories and include portfolios, B2B business sites, forums, and even digital stores.

License Cost

The 14th version is not available for sale, while WYSIWYG Web Builder offers a lifetime license for only $49.95. There is also a 30-day free trial to test the new software although it hardly differs from previous versions in terms of functionality.

90 Second Website Builder Review Conclusion

90 Second Website Builder is a web-building platform that has already gone out-of-date. Despite some of its good features, it is hardly a good option to create stylish and engaging websites. The selection of templates looks pretty poor in terms of web design. There is no solid customer support while the platform itself has evolved into a brand-new website builder. As a result, you might want to opt for a version that meets the latest web development standards instead.

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