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If you can point, click, drag and drop, you can create a website. Today we bring you another drag-and-drop website builder for creating websites in a fast, code-free way – 90 Second Website Builder.

This downloadable application has a look and feel of BlueVoda whose interface is very similar to Microsoft apps such as MS Word. However, while BlueVoda users can host their sites only at VodaHost, 90 Second Website Builder customers are free to use any provider.

1. Ease of Use

To start building your website you need to download and install the 90 Second Website Builder software onto your computer. You can start with a free 30-day trial version. The process is painless and requires no credit card information.

90 Second Website Builder Editor

The builder itself is pretty similar to MS Word, but with more functionality. It supports drag-and-drop editing.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

The builder is rather flexible, yet it still lacks some important business features found in competing services, such as blogging or membership for example. Here are the most remarkable features:

  • photo galleries;
  • landing pages;
  • built-in image editor;
  • drawing tools allowing you to create various shapes directly in the editor;
  • basic eCommerce;
  • social media feeds;
  • animation and transition effects (CSS3) and more.

90 Second Website Builder Tools

All in all, it offers enough tools to design a simple website that requires no custom coding. There’s no limit to the number of websites/pages you can build.

3. Designs

The builder has over 200 starter templates. These are fully customizable: you can move things around, delete what you don’t need, add things you like, change the background etc. The templates are somewhat outdated. Review

It seems as though the builder stopped updating the library a few years ago. So if you want something really beautiful, your smartest decision will be to start with a blank canvas, thankfully this option is also available.

Users can also create mobile-friendly versions of their desktop sites with the same drag-and-drop ease using the The Mobile Theme Editor.

90 Second Website Builder Mobile Editor

The Editor includes pre-built mobile templates and over 1600 smartphone style graphics. Please note: we’re not talking about responsive design.

4. Customer Support

First, there’s a huge collection of video tutorials. These are very helpful and to the point. If you decide to use 90 Second Website Builder to build you site, I highly recommend that you watch their tutorials before adding this or that feature. By doing so you’ll save lots of time.

You can also refer to the User’s Manual, send a support ticket or contact one of the experts over phone.

5. Pricing Policy

You can download this website builder and use it for free during a 30-day trial. If you like the software, you can pick one of their one-time payment packages: Basic – $49.95 (software only); Premium – $69.95 (instant download+ membership); or Ultimate – $89.95 (instant download + CD + hosting).

90 Second Website Builder Pricing

The first three options don’t include hosting. You’re free to publish your website to any web host. The third option includes one full year of web hosting service with BlackWire hosting. You’ll have the option to renew the hosting at the end of the year for $59.40 annually.

6. Disadvantages

The builder lacks modern themes. There’s no built-in blogging solution.


You can certainly create and publish a decent website using 90 Second Website Builder. But it doesn’t seem like a good idea with so many more advanced, modern in-browser site builders out there. The builder’s latest blog post is dated Nov 30, 2016 and attempts to prove that responsive design isn’t that important.

 It’s free

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  • berry

    I totally agree. Being a small business owner who migrated from MS Front Page, this application, I find it to to be the best of the best I have tried. All the others were way to complicated. You either had to pay for support or wade through tons of forums and messages to figure things out. 90 Second Web Builder had tutorial video that cover just about every aspect of the application. The video are done with the end user in mind and are so well put together learning this software is nearly effortless. I spent month with Dream Weaver and never actually generated a single publishable website. It was just way too complicated. With the video and 90 Second Web Builder I had completed my first 50 page website in just two weeks. The majority of that time was watching the video and doing what the guy was showing me. Once I had played with the most popular features I was off and running. the 50 pages only took a few days to generate. I really love the fact if you want to make a change on all the pages at once, you can, assuming you set up the layers and master objects when you are your project. This is great stuff and if you looking for a do it yourself program for the beginner, this is it. My sites look great and professional. Seriously, I can enough good stuff about this software and the people that put it together. All A+ in my book. No, I don’t work for them! lol I just love the product. The owner, Greg even answers email and usually with one day… You can’t beat that!

  • FightFool

    What the most of you dont know, is that 90 seconds website builder is the same as WYSIWYG web builder, the original one. They totally copied the design and everytime WWB comes with an update, they do to!

  • Smartless

    Stay with the original, WYSIWYG Web Builder. Greg Hughes, the guy behind BlackWire Marketing, LLC
    must have a deal with Pablo Software Solutions, the makers of WYSIWYG Web
    Builder, to license their product in his name. Why use a copy-cat product?
    Also, Greg has become less than friendly lately. The tone in his help-desk
    ticket responses is crass and arrogant. It never used to be like that. Anyway,
    I’m switching to the original. Same price too.

    • Bazar de Boston

      Arrogant is a compliment, this Greg Hughes is a liar, and I’m doing the same looking for a better alternative!

      By the way, this 90 Second Website Builder is full of bugs and they won’t admit that!

  • Erica Kensho

    Application showed a lot of promise, but there are MANY quirky issues that I wouldn’t exactly call “bugs”, but they definitely show the author is out of touch with modern web design. The program has been around forever, so it includes a lot of useless junk that nobody would ever use today, but for some reason they’ve chosen to keep it in. There are some real significant issues that make it hard for me to recommend this program, although they may not be big problems for other people.

    For one, the way you assign CSS styles is very poorly implemented. There is a “style manager” that allows you to create styles (kinda, sorta) but you can’t just start typing your CSS commands. The styles are created in an editor, which has a limited number of things you can adjust, and the way those styles are applied to objects in the program is very weird. For example, you can apply a style to both a text block (to get some effects) and to highlighted text (to get other effects) but there is no overlap.

    Also (and this was a huge problem in my view) the author apparently built the interface modeled after MS Office products back in the 2000’s. As such there is NO WAY to adjust font size or line height precisely. You are limited to the pre-chosen sizes, which are in POINTS, and there is no way to choose a size if it’s not available in the menu. So, for example, if you want a size between 36 and 40, you’re out of luck. What’s even more problematic IMO, is that you can’t use modern methods of sizing, such as pixels, ems or percentages. This is kind of unforgivable in a professional site builder, because it makes it impossible to really get the exact layout you want. YES, you can go in and manually adjust the code, and override the CSS with inline and !important, but then you’re creating a lot of headaches for the future, or anyone else who comes along and wants to edit the site. Plus, once you start changing things that way, the whole WYSIWYG concept is out the window.

    The way the author has chosen to implement responsive design is interesting (to say the least.) Basically, he has set it up so that every object exists on every breakpoint, and they can be hidden through CSS. Some objects can be resized in a breakpoint specific way, but here’s the problem… hidden objects have effects on the page layout that is REALLY frustrating. You basically have to make sure that all hidden objects are above the lowest visible object, or you’ll find weird things start happening. This was something I figured out through trial and error, because I’d long since given up looking for support from the author, and that’s the final (and biggest problem) with WYSIWYG Web Builder.

    The Author, Pablo, seems to suffer from a severe persecution complex. He does not take any kind of negative criticism (no matter how constructively deliver) in an… shall I say… adult fashion. He has a contingent of loyal followers who, as long as they are willing to not disagree with him, he will help in the forums. But if you suggest there might be a better way to do something, or that his program lacks standard features that are common in virtually all modern website builders, he gets very defensive and starts rationalizing why “nobody has ever needed them before.” It’s basically his way or the highway, which is sad because the program has a lot of potential, and he’s clearly put a LOT of work into its creation. If he was just open to doing things in a way other than “his way”, he could have a real gem on his hands. Instead, he charges way too little, and complain about how it’s a “labor of love” and if you don’t “appreciate his hard work” then it’s not the right program for you.

  • snappir

    Some web hosting companies use this application as part of the features and plugins included with a package. As soon as I saw the picture of it on one of the web hosts, I immediately recognized PABLO’S WYSIWYG Website Builder. Stay away from this copycat version. It is A Ripoff.
    Get the real one. There is no membership bullshit. And the real one is a one of the best website builders, when you need flexibility and creativity vs Weebly and Shopify and all other template based crap.