8B Review

8b – is a newly launched website builder that comes as a totally free solution for newbies to launch a website. The platform might work great for those wanting to launch a small business online at no cost with no or minimal coding skills. It comes as an easy-to-use browser-based software with a good selection of templates for various categories and business niches.

The website builder has some great instruments to edit your future site via mobile devices. The path from signing in to publishing a ready-made project will hardly take you more than a couple of hours. 8b delivers even more than you can expect at zero cost although it still looks a bit limited in terms of flexibility and business expansion. This time we will examine all features and perks delivered by this new drag-and-drop platform.

8B Review
  • Absolutely free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good for small business.

1. Ease of Use

Initially designed to help newbies and non-technicians, the 8b website builder offers simple tools to build professional and mobile-friendly sites from scratch. The system has an intuitive interface that does not require much coding. Creating a website will take you several simple steps:

  1. Sign in quickly using your Google or Social account and press “Get Started” button.
  2. You will be instantly transferred to the page with templates divided into categories. They range from traveling, consulting and gaming to photographer’s portfolios, real estate, and restaurants.
  3. After you have chosen a template, you can edit and customize it with the help of a simple theme editor.
  4. Once you are done with editing, press the “publish” button in the menu and go online with your website.

As for the editor, 8b has a typical drag-and-drop function. On the one hand, it might look pretty mundane especially for experienced web designers. On the other hand, newbies will find such straightforwardness a benefit, as no coding or programming skills are required. All you need is to click on the section or element you want to change.

8b editor

The dashboard offers simple instruments to change each section or text. For example, you can mark the header and change the font or title. The system will offer a selection of custom images or you can download your own.

If you need to add a new element, simply click on a cross on the right and select the block you need. They range from features, testimonials, and galleries to timelines, contact forms, articles, etc. In other words, customizing your page will hardly be a challenge. On the other hand, all sections look typical and alike. Users should not expect much of exclusiveness although the dashboard has all baseline elements you might need to get started.

Settings on the left include some general instruments. Here you can change website styles as well as create new pages and projects or deploy the project by pressing the “publish” button. The great news is that 8b editor may be accessed via mobile devices as well to create sites on the go. However, you will not be able to edit pages without the Internet connection, as 8b is a browser-based platform.

8B Review
  • Simple Theme Editor.
  • Mobile Website Builder.
  • Fast signing in.

2. Features & Flexibility

As we have mentioned before, users should not expect much of flexibility from a website builder that is completely free. On the other hand, some paid platforms fail to deliver at least baseline features that 8b certainly has.

  • No-Cost Website Builder – the system is currently free to use for both companies and individuals. It refers to firms and non-profitable organizations. Any user can access the platform and publish a project at no cost. It is obviously one of the biggest 8b advantages.
  • Simple Theme Editor – it can be used in the desktop mode as well as a mobile website builder to customize pages and make changes on the go via tablets and smartphones.
  • Google AMP – this feature is to ensure fast performance and improved user experience. The software works with Google AMP to ensure good loading speed and mobile friendliness.
  • Unlimited Projects – you can use 8b software to create as many sites as you want without limitations.
  • Good Template Collection – although the platform does not boast a vast selection of layouts, you will find a template you need. They are divided into various categories for small business companies, hobbyists, individuals, non-profit organizations and digital shops.

This is where the beneficiary features end. The platform looks pretty limited in terms of SEO settings. You may only edit the page title, description, and URL. No review modes or keyword indication are available. At the same time those settings are available only for the whole page but not for spate blocks or elements. For instance, you will not be able to set H1, H2 and H3 headings for your homepage.

8b features

There are no custom widgets or add-ons. Users will not be able to integrate their websites with mailing services. The platform automatically links contact forms to the email you have indicated when signing in. That might be a challenge in terms of user acquisition. The lack of at least baseline eCommerce features also looks frustrating considering the availability of online shop templates. There is no shopping cart to add. All you can do is to place the link under the “buy” button directing your customers to a separate website or a landing page.

Summing up this section, 8b is good only for small websites with no plans for future extension. On the other hand, the system lets you build as many websites as you need. You can always start a new project for free.

8B Review
  • Unlimited websites.
  • Simple page customization.
  • Google AMP integration.

3. Designs

8b currently offers templates and themes from 18 different categories. All of them are free. They look pretty stylish and trendy. At the same time, they can fit any screen size and dimensions despite the type of mobile device. Templates run great on tablets and smartphones.

Users do not need to implement much of web design. Working with fonts, styles, and colors is very simple thanks to intuitive interface and dashboard with all needed tools in the pack. Simply mark the section you need and change typography and styles. You may download your own images or choose from customer galleries that refers to a particular template category.

8b templates

We have mentioned 8b mobile website builder that lets you edit your project on the go. The feature might work well considering its ease of use. It is actually the same as working in desktop mode. All you need is to tap a section to edit instead of using a mouse on your PC.

The templates are typical with no exclusive features or built-in widgets. However, they look very professional and smart. A good solution for small websites at no cost.

8B Review
  • Different Template categories.
  • Mobile-friendly layouts.
  • Good template customization.

4. Customer Support

Considering the fact 8b is a relatively new platform, it is hard to evaluate the level of its support team. However, the company lacks some obvious ways for customers to get in touch. For instance, you will not be able to contact 8b specialists via Live Chat or phone for instant resolution.

On the other hand, you may write them via email. The platform has launched its YouTube channel with some of its video tutorials on how to build websites of different types. In addition, you can enter the 8b community on Facebook. Although it currently has about 450 subscribers, it might still be a good way to ask questions or look for a solution.

8B Review
  • Growing Facebook community.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Customer support via email.

5. Pricing Policy

The platform is currently free to use. It means everyone may sign in and start building a new website from scratch despite the location. Nothing is known whether the company is planning to introduce paid plans in the nearest future. Stay in touch with our blog and we will keep you informed.

8B Review
  • No hidden fees.
  • Free templates.
  • Zero cost website building tools.

6. Pros and Cons

8b is a good option for small websites and limited budgets. You can go only with your small business project at no cost. The platform has some obvious hits like fast performance, simple editing, good templates, access via mobile devices, etc. However, it will not work for growing and more complicated projects due to some cons.

You can start building a website even without registering with the system.
Easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder.
Totally free with no hidden fees or renewal charges.
Good for small business, portfolios, non-profit organizations or hobbyists.
Good website performance thanks to Google AMP.
Unlimited websites to create for free.
Lack of SEO features to get higher ranks.
No Custom App Store or built-in widgets and add-ons.

Moreover, you should know that there are no third-party services to integrate at the moment.

8B Review
  • Fast and simple drag-and-drop website builder.
  • Intuitive interface good for newbies.
  • Templates cover wide range of categories.


8b is making its first steps in the field of web building tools. However, it certainly has great potential in references to users who need a fast and free tool to create small business sites with no coding skills. The platform has a solid set of baseline features. It is easy to use and edit while the selection of templates covers different business and other niches.

While it might work well for small sites, more complex projects will certainly require a richer feature set in terms of SEO settings, eCommerce, marketing or promotion. This is where you might need to look for more enhanced paid website building platforms.

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