IONOS (1&1) vs Bluehost: Which is Better?

ionos vs bluehost

The future promotion and success of your website depend directly on the hosting platform you choose. Many companies provide hosting services, but not all can give you what you need for real success. This article will discuss two big web hosting companies like IONOS (1&1) and Bluehost.

They are some of the best hosting providers that offer high performance and the lowest prices. High bandwidth, minimal response time, huge storage reserve, email accounts, and domains are just some of the full capabilities of these hosting companies.

We’ve analyzed both hosts and put together an honest review to make it easier for you to choose your favorite and avoid making mistakes when you start.

IONOS (1&1) vs Bluehost: General Comparison

1&1 began operations in 1988. The company sought to enable everyone to understand the world of IT and use it in their lives. 1&1 developed new and secure products, and along with that, continually optimized and updated its processes. One of them changed its logo to the now-familiar IONOS 1&1 in early 2020.

Bluehost started the activity in 2003 and provided the best innovations and automation for your site to the present day. The company’s main goal is to realize the maximum potential of the Internet on the user’s site. It does not matter if you are a pro or a novice user, everyone can use the Internet and achieve success in the shortest time with the best web hosting.

Both companies have good reputations and extensive experience in providing hosting services. Undoubtedly, millions of users worldwide approve of these services, but there is a difference between them that is worth understanding when choosing a service. For example, the prices for IONOS 1&1 plans start from $0.5/month, while Bluehost’s is $2.95/month. The services offer their users the same cPanel panel and roughly similar values in response time and uptime. The hosts also provide SSL and server monitoring.


Pros and Cons

As much as you want to get started sooner, you need to choose the best terms to promote and develop your site. IONOS (1&1) and Bluehost have many advantages, but with different disadvantages.

BluehostIONOS (1&1)
Free SSL encryption;
Unmetered data transfer, storage, and domain hosting;
User-friendly building tools with automatic WordPress;
Customized cPanel;
Customer support with 24/7;
Generous storage.
Less control over automatic data backups;
Impossible to use both SiteLock CDN and HTTP;
No cloud hosting is available.
One of the cheapest hosting providers in the market;
IONOS (1&1) offers free private registration which makes them an automatic favorite;
Security suit offered for free.
Frequent upselling;
Difficult to get multiple domain hosting;
Poor VPS hosting features;
Relatively skimpy storage options.

Comparison of Features

IONOS (1&1) provides cheap hosting services, but most of the features of its plans will not be necessary for newbies. On the other hand, Bluehost offers the features that every user will need regardless of their experience with hosting services and the price plan.

To get a profound look at each provider, we’ll get into the hosting types offered.

Types of Hosting

Bluehost offers a wide range of hosting plans, providing the best conditions for novice WordPress users and entrepreneurs. You can use the services for shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, as well as dedicated hosting and reseller hosting. However, Bluehost has stopped excluding cloud hosting from its list of services.

At the same time, IONOS (1&1) provides economic hosting plans for newcomers with limited budgets. You can access web-hosting, shared-hosting, WordPress-hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud storage with this service.

A detailed analysis of several types of hosting will give us a more detailed list of features and benefits provided by these companies.

Shared Hosting Features

IONOS (1&1) and Bluehost provide technologically optimized and cost-effective shared hosting plans. Bluehost’s budget plan starts at $2.95 per month and includes 50GB of SSD storage, custom themes, and 24/7 support. The economic and straightforward program gives you access to a website maker with full WordPress integration, drag-and-drop, various templates, and a free SSL certificate, domain, and CDN.

The Bluehost – Pro plan costs $13.95 per month and includes unlimited SSD storage and unlimited websites to host and high-performance processors. Along with the program, the user gets access to a website builder and can get a free SSL certificate, CDN, domain, domain privacy, Office 365 (for 30 days), and automatic backups.

To get a plan from IONOS (1&1), users will have to pay $4 per month. The Essential entry-level plan provides a free domain name that you can keep for as long as you use IONOS (1&1) services. The plan also offers 10 GB of disk space, 10 e-mail accounts, 10 databases, and the ability to handle about 50 visitors per minute per site.

VPS Hosting Features

Comparing the performance and price of VPS plans, Bluehost offers high-performance and quality connectivity hosting. It guarantees 100% support and the highest uptime compared to other VPS hosting plans. The VPS hosting plan starts at $19.99 (Standard) and includes 1TB bandwidth, 30GB SSD storage, 2 cores, 1 IP address, and WHM/cPanel. At the same time, IONOS (1&1) can counter the more economical VPS M plan option for $7 and includes 2 cores, 80 GB SSD storage 1 IP address, and WHM/cPanel. Also, every new user or entrepreneur can take advantage of the VPS S plan for $2, but only for 30 days, and will get a package with 1 core, 10 GB of SSD storage, 1 IP address, and WHM/cPanel.

Undoubtedly, IONOS (1&1) offers cheap hosting packages mainly for business start-ups, but can’t deliver the best bandwidth and latency values, as Bluehost shows. The latter, meanwhile, provides better uptime and network support, which will clearly affect the future success of your business.

IONOS (1&1) outperforms Bluehost in economy plans but is also behind in quality comparisons.

Shared WordPress Hosting Features

IONIS (1&1)Bluehost
Free domainOn some plansOn all plans
Free CDNOn some plansOn all plans
Automatic WordPress installationYesYes
Automatic WordPress updatesYesYes
Number of websites1-Unlimited1-Unlimited

Comparison of Usage

Another essential aspect when choosing the best hosting service is the ease of use. No matter how good and service, without a user-friendly and practical interface or instructions, a huge selection of functions will be more of a headache for beginners rather than help.

Bluehost is one of the most convenient and friendly hosting services for beginners. It has intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards. Bluehost uses the traditional and well-known cPanel, from which you can manage your hosting resources and customize your site the way you want it. Besides, the company has optimized the dashboard and made it even better.

WordPress Installation

In Marketplace and My Sites, you can manage domains, WordPress installation, and many other tasks. In turn, IONOS (1&1) offers economical pricing plans and offers cPanel in which customers can perform all the site’s basic functions. The same cannot be said for Bluehost, which took the simple task management out of its cPanel, turning it into an advanced tool.

Performance Comparison

One of the most important parameters of the site is the uptime and network speed. If your site will slow down or hang up, then no one will want to stay on it, and therefore you will not be able to develop and achieve the desired success.

Uptime is measured by the desire of users to have access to the selected site at any time. Bluehost does not give guarantees or precise figures about uptime and can rather discourage at first. However, with some tests, we have analyzed that a surge of traffic from hundreds of users at a time to the site could not slow it down in any way and gave 100% uptime. We do not exclude that this figure is not static and will change over time. We have analyzed the service and concluded that Bluehost is in the first place in uptime and shows the best values in the industry.

At the same time, IONOS (1&1) claims that their uptime is not less than 99.9%. However, after a small test, we were convinced that this data is far from being exact. Using traffic for 50 users, we were able to slow down the site a bit, and with the help of Pingdom, we detected an apparent slowdown.

Undoubtedly, IONOS (1&1) provides favorable conditions, but with an apparent slowdown in the process while Bluehost shows better results.

Security Comparison

Security is another important parameter to check when choosing a hosting provider. IONOS (1&1) and Bluehost do an excellent job of protecting websites by offering reliable security services (basic SSL certificates) for free in their plans.

Bluehost provides integrated W3 caching, CDN, and SiteLock for WordPress packages. The service offers full backups of data and resources automatically.

IONOS (1&1) works behind the same principle as Bluehost and provides quality protection.

Both companies constantly monitor for any threats that might affect the client’s site in any way. So we can say it’s a draw.

Site Migration Comparison

Comparing site migration with these companies, you can notice that free migration is available only on Bluehost. If you want to migrate your site to another IONOS host (1&1), you need to buy an advanced version of MyWebsite Creator for $15/month.

At the same time, Bluehost allows you to transfer your already created site to WordPress for free with the help of the service specialists. You will need to make a few simple steps to do this:

  • Create an account and choose a pricing plan.
  • Go to the “Migration Services” tab.
  • Check the site for compatibility with the host.
  • Redirect to Bluehost Migration plugin.
  • Wait for Bluehost staff to respond and host migration soon.

Bluehost is without a doubt the winner in this comparison with IONOS (1&1).

Website Builder Comparison

Bluehost WordPress dashboard

New users of the Bluehost service can create their first website from scratch during the first days of using it. The easy-to-understand and user-friendly website builder provides a full list of features for creating a blog and forum, an online store, and training courses.

Lack of practice creating personal websites will not be a problem for you, as Bluehost offers a selection of the most famous and convenient CMS and programs like Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla.

The service’s advanced designer provides each user with a package of free services, including free domain and hosting, unlimited databases and downloads, automatic data backup, goMobi, and Weebly website builders. Also, Bluehost provides unlimited storage and high bandwidth.

IONOS website builder

IONOS (1&1) offers a good set of web solutions for newbies, and the MyWebsite Now website builder is suitable for starting. It is the most comfortable website builder for newbies and is ideal for creating their site in a few minutes without using many resources. Also, IONOS (1&1) has a more advanced version of this website builder called MyWebsite Creator. It is suitable for those who want to use advanced tools and make a professional website for their business.

We analyzed all the features and conditions for creating the site and marked that Bluehost beats IONOS (1&1). Proprietary design optimized for beginners offers more advanced settings and features to create a professional business website.

Customer Support Comparison

Whether it’s the first time you set up a website, a blog, or an online store, everyone has questions that need answers fast, and that’s why hosting service support is available 24/7. Both IONOS (1&1) and Bluehost provide a lot of helpful information, blogs, and guides, which help to improve everyone’s understanding of websites and hosting settings. Bluehost has a separate educational section with concise and well-structured knowledge, including instructions and answers to questions, tutorials, techniques, and a blog with interesting articles. All information is categorized so you can find the topic you need in seconds.

For a quick answer to your question, use the hotline support number or send a chat message:

Bluehost support

You can contact Bluehost support 24/7 through dedicated methods:

  • Telephone Call – (888) 401-4678;
  • Email – A form is provided in the Bluehost account;
  • Live Chat – Yes;
  • Ticket – Yes;
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest.

IONOS Hosting (1&1) provides a large base of information and organized data on its website. All articles and instructions are divided into sections and briefly describe each user’s problem. This company offers a good collection of information resources, but customer support is not up to par. You will have to wait a long time to answer your question in the chat room or dial a number, which can be bad for a quick solution to your problems.

Nevertheless, you should try and try then you will be contacted. You can get here:

IONOS support

  • Telephone Call – (1)-484-254-5555;
  • Email – A form is provided in the IONOS (1&1) account;
  • Live Chat – Yes;
  • Ticket – Yes;
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn.

In this comparison, we conclude that Bluehost does a much better job of supporting users and newcomers.

Pricing Comparison

One of the most important things to set your site up for success is to choose the right hosting plan. And, the price for the plan also affects the choice, so let’s compare the plans for the services of both hosting companies:

IONIS (1&1)Bluehost
Shared hosting$4/month$2.75/month
WordPress hosting$4/month$2.75/month
VPS hosting$7/month$19.99/month
Dedicated hosting$65/month$79.99/month

At first, it might seem that buying IONOS (1&1) plans is more profitable than Bluehost, but if you check the services and features, you will understand everything at once. Bluehost offers advanced hosting services in all areas and outperforms IONOS (1&1), and loses by half in the low prices of VPS and Dedicated Hostings.

IONOS (1&1) vs Bluehost: Conclusion

Following an in-depth analysis of IONOS (1&1) and Bluehost services and features, we concluded that Bluehost is the best hosting service to help you build a successful website without any problems. The provider offers optimized and fast hosting, a handy dashboard, high-quality security, free moving your site to another domain, and many other hosting options.

You get a comprehensive list of cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality website hosting services when you choose Bluehost.


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