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XPRS Site Builder Review

IM Creator website builder has been helping non-tech savvy users build their own websites for several years already. And here at SWB we recommended it to creative individuals who put visual impression first, mainly because of the builder’s outstanding templates.

As trends and techniques change fast in the website design industry, the guys behind IM Creator have recently published their revamped editor with new features under a new brand name – XPRS. We’ve put XPRS under the microscope.

#1 Ease of Use

With XPRS, you don’t even need to create an account to start building your site. You can see how it all works simply by clicking the Start Now button on their homepage and following the prompts. Only when you feel that XPRS might be a good option for you, you will create an account to save your work.

XPRS website builder interface

The new editor makes a great impression – it’s dominated with the website preview making it easy to see the final product of your work. It’s quite fast and logically structured. Naturally, it will take you awhile to get used to a new interface and to discover all hidden features of the builder, but as for the first impression, the platform is very promising.

Adding new pages, managing the menu and layout – all is intuitive and fun. The interface is translated into many languages.
XPRS website builder - managing website

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

With the new builder, you can structure your site into clean, horizontal sections using so-called ‘stripes’ – preset elements coming in a variety of desings, styles and layouts.

You can easily delete any section, add a new one, move it up or down or change its height – the editor is very well-thought-out. We especially loved the way you can change the height – see screenshot.

XPRS website builder - managing stripes

As with any other site builder, you can also add individual elements into the page, and those who need extra flexibility, may use the Pro features of the editor. Specifically, you can add custom code into the header.

XPRS website builder - Pro settings

XPRS uses Shoprocket as their eCommerce solution. To start selling on your site, simply click the image of the product you want to sell and select the ‘Sell this product’ option. Once you have finished the wizard (set the price, currency etc.), add the ‘Buy now’ button.

XPRS Add Product

Once you have added your first product, you will receive your login credentials for your cart’s dashboard where you will be able to track and manage your inventory.

#3 Designs

XPRS has a library of beautiful, modern designs in different categories: wedding sites, landing pages, stores, real estate, restaurants, fashion and creative arts, among others.

There is also an interesting category – ‘4min sites‘ which has 10 website templates. As we can suppose from its title – you can build your website with those templates in four minutes.

XPRS - 4min Templates

The way your chosen theme looks when you select it in the gallery is just the beginning. You can modify each theme endlessly using pre-designed elements like stripes and also by injecting custom code.

All templates are mobile-friendly from the start and you can preview what your site looks like across various screens using the site builder’s Preview option.

XPRS website builder - select a theme

#4 Customer support

XPRS has a knowledge base with detailed illustrated how-to articles and also email support.

#5 Pricing policy

The platform is free to use for students, artists and non-profit projects. The free version is ad-free and covers unlimited hosting, lets you connect a custom domain, use any theme and also start selling online.For businesses, XPRS costs $6/mo.

XPRS Pricing

What’s more, XPRS has a very generous White label offering. For only $350/year you will get complete control over the builder with unlimited hosting and unlimited premium websites, all under your own brand name.


We didn’t find any blogging capabilities in the new editor. Obviously, you can add text content to your site in the shape of a blog. But there is no advanced blogging engine that would simplify the process for you.

XPRS review: Conclusion

It seems they guys behind XPRS did their homework and studied the competition very well. The new builder is a perfect marriage of ease-of-use and functionality. XPRS isn’t the most feature-laden site builder in the industry, there’s no doubt about that, but it makes all sort of things you would expect from a quality portfolio builder.

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  • severn sea

    I’ve been looking for an easier option than WordPress for an ecommerce site so this looked interesting, and initially it seems very cheap too. However it seems rather buggy – using Edge on a Surface Pro, sometimes no amount of prodding would open a field for editing and text fields froze when trying to edit text.

    It’s also worth mentioning the fact that their ecommerce checkout is VERY expensive – Shoprocket charge 2% of your sale, then Stripe processes this at between 1.9 and 2.9% + 20p (GBP £0.20) – and withdrawing funds under US $500 (around £350) means you have to go through Paypal, who are quoted as charging 5% though it actually depends what type of account you have with Paypal. It all means that those with small businesses for whom cashflow is most important are looking at fees of around 10% plus 20p.

    The solution to that is off course to integrate Paypal’s “Buy now” buttons into your XPRS site but then it starts getting fiddly again. For small businesses and sole traders though it’s a simple job to track stock manually.

    I need to take a longer look to be fair and I’ve yet to compare it to other options such as Weekly or Wix, but it is important to note that XPRS really looks the part and that could be one of the most important aspects when it comes to turning page views into sales.

  • Winston Lucas

    I’ve taken the plunge and paid out for the white label option. Unfortunately there’s massive delays from the time you purchase the plan to the time you can actually start using it. Especially if you have questions or issues to resolve. I’m playing email tag with somebody (customer support… i think??). Not sure if I’ll get things resolved before the weekend and wouldn’t be surprised if I have to wait til monday to pick things up again.

    But it is an impressive design tool, from what I’ve used of the free version. Hopefully they’ll continue to improve.