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Wix Updates: Anchor Links

In the age of impatience, website navigation could mean the difference between a bounce and conversion. The good news is that there are so many ways to make your navigation friendly and fun, and one of these is using anchor links. And if you’re a Wix user, you’re double lucky – their devs have just added this easy-to-integrate option to their platform.

Anchor links help site visitors find corresponding information quickly, without having to scroll up/down or go to another page. By placing an anchor link you enable your site visitors to go exactly where they want to go with a single click.

Wix - Anchors

In order to check the new feature I dusted off my test Wix-driven site and tried to add an anchor on the homepage. The process took me less than 5 minutes. Everything worked seamlessly.

What it takes to add an anchor:

  1. Enter the Wix editor, choose Add.
  2. Select Buttons and Menus, then choose Anchor.
  3. Name your anchor and drag it to the place it will lead to.
  4. Now that your anchor is ready, it’s time to create links or linkable elements (images, arrows, logos etc.).
  5. Click on the linkable element you want the anchor to be attached to and choose Link to.
  6. Choose the relevant anchor and save changes.

You may also want to watch an introductory Wix video on adding anchor links: