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Wix Has Offered an Advanced Web Design Feature

A great piece of news has recently come from Wix! The website builder has offered an advanced web design feature that has made it possible to enhance the content of the site through the column introduction options.

The feature, which has not been available before, allows adding columns to the Wix websites. The process is very simple and takes a couple of minutes only. Users just need to make the corresponding changes in the Wix website editor and improve the visual appeal of the content, including texts, images, videos and what not.


The columns are adaptable web design features, which allow subdividing the content into neat and clear sections to give them better structure. They work within the full-width strip feature of the Wix website builder and are customizable and ready to be added to the websites. The columns are mobile-friendly and have great look at any device.

Advanced Wix columns make it possible to give the story of the site visual representation by separating the content into well-organized sections. Such versatility of options contributes to better flexibility when designing layouts that eventually stand out from the crowd. Columns don’t change the entire design and look of the website, but they make it well-structured and understandable for the newbies.

In other words, new Wix columns give a website a brand new appeal that attracts more potential customers. It is possible to divide each strip into 5 columns, adjusting their parameters to showcase the most essential features of a website, starting with the products and up to the reviews of customers, services and promotions.

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