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Wix Now Offers Animated Images

Animation opens up a whole new world of opportunities to spruce up a website. It is one of the best ways to present content and impress visitors, especially when it comes to photography, design, artwork and other image-focused industries. From now on, Wix users can also wow their site visitors with animated images thanks to the platform’s Animation feature.

With Wix you can animate any element in the website design in a fast and easy way:

  • Open your admin panel and select the desired object.
  • Enter the Image Settings section and click the Add Animation button.
  • Configure settings: animation type (fade-in, float-in, turn-in, spin-in etc.); direction (from top, from right, from bottom etc.); duration; delay and other parameters.
  • Save changes and check how it looks when published.

Wix Animation

I’ve tested this feature myself. The entire process took me about 10 minutes. Everything worked smoothly. Predictably, this animation hasn’t been shown on my smartphone. Instead, I’ve seen a nice static image (see screenshot).

Wix Smartphone Screenshot

You may want to watch the official Wix video about the new feature. Get inspired!