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Wix Introduces a New Set of Image Galleries

Wix Galleries

Thanks to its gorgeous collection of beautiful, modern templates Wix website builder has gained popularity among photographers and other creative individuals that have a knack for design ever since its launch in 2007. As of today, Wix serves more than 45 million users and growing. The secret weapon of this site maker, to my mind, is passion for design and dedication – their devs and designers literally wear out their keyboards to provide Wix users with regular system updates. Let’s take a look at the latest improvement – a new set of image galleries.

The new galleries can be inserted into any Wix template. To add those to your site, open the Wix editor, click the ‘PLUS’ icon, select the ‘Gallery’ tab and pick a gallery. Below is a list of the new galleries:


‘Honeycomb’ elements are all the rage these days. You can see them in menus, backgrounds and from now on – in image galleries by Wix. If you’re not a hexagon fan, you can choose alternative shapes: triangles or squares.

Wix - Honeycomb Gallery


This gallery shows off your images in cool vertical strips that bring a smooth and clean feel. The strips open like an accordion and redirect your visitors to a specific link when they click on an image.

Wix - Accordion Gallery

Strip Slideshow

This gallery will be a perfect fit to those who run sites that fully rely upon imagery and visual effects. If images are the core of your site, the Strip Slideshow gallery is right for you. Important note: the gallery requires using only high-res, high quality photographs.

Wix - Strip Slideshow Gallery


This classic image gallery consists of two main elements (a large image and thumbnails) and is highly customizable. Specifically, you can place the thumbnails on the top, bottom or to the sides of the large picture.

Wix - Thumbnails Gallery

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  • Love the honeycomb image gallery – would be ideal for fashion or cosmetics images – had great light airy organic feel to it.

    • Hi Brendan,

      Indeed, it looks great, but I’m afraid it’s pretty overused these days (I mean its hexagonal incarnation).