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Wix, Bigstock and Background Images

The ability to use visual content to communicate more powerfully is an invaluable resource for today’s presenters. Did you notice that just about every type of content marketers create is enhanced by some kind of visual content? Why? Because it works. There’s a plenty of evidence that a visual component can be far more effective than communication that does not. This is especially true on the web.

But finding high quality images for your website can be time-consuming and costly. This is where new Wix features come in 🙂 .

Bigstock images. To keep you focused on the creative process instead of finding images on the web across numerous photo stocks, Wix partnered with Bigstock and integrated it into the Wix Editor. From now on, each Wix user can access their huge collection of affordable, high-quality images in just a few clicks when designing a Wix website.

Bigstock Images

Bigstock images are available to Wix users at $2.99/image. No subscription required.

Change backgrounds per page. This great new feature lets you set different background images for each of your Wix pages. Like all things in Wix, adding this feature to your site is pretty intuitive. To apply a unique background to the different pages of your site, click the Design icon -> click Background -> click Customize Background -> click Change Image. If there are any additional pages where you want to apply this feature, click Apply to Other pages and select them from the drop down list.

Wix Backgrounds

NB! If you’re going to use an image as the full-screen background of your site, it should be high quality. Otherwise it’s going to look grainy. Simply use the Preview button to see how it looks when published. If you notice that important parts of your image get covered by the design elements on your site, remember that you have the ability to play with the scaling and position of the background. Move the background instead of dragging those elements somewhere else on the screen.

When changing the background image make sure it goes with the other elements on your site, including fonts, icons, button style and more. Make sure your text doesn’t get lost in the design.

Don’t go overboard. While this feature can be great fun, try to keep consistency between your pages. Otherwise you can end up having pages that look like they are all different sites 🙂 .

Have you had success using full-screen backgrounds? Share your experience in the comments!