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Wix Goes Shopping and Acquires Appixia

Wix Acquires Appixia

Wix announced its acquisition of Appixia.com, an Israeli startup for building native m-Commerce applications. This purchase is expected to support the site builder’s plans to continue strengthening its mobile-specific capabilities.

Appixia’s platform develops technologies that let users create feature-rich native m-Commerce applications for iOS and Android-powered devices, including mobile-only features like barcode scanning, push notifications, location-based services as well as credit card scanning.

Wix launched its first code-free mobile editor (the Mobile Solution) in October 2013. This solution has proved highly effective. Wix reported that by the end of the year roughly 1.6 million mobile-optimized websites had been created on the platform. As of today, over 30,000 mobile sites are being built using Wix daily.

Wix Mobile Solution

The current Mobile Editor automatically optimizes users’ websites for mobile view. Mobile versions are highly customizable – you can hide, move, resize and rearrange virtually anything. There’s a handy mobile action bar (similar to the one offered on Squarespace) and customizable mobile preloader. Changes made in the Mobile Editor do not affect desktop versions.

Wix Mobile Editor

Expanding the range of mobile features is a strategic focus for the company, and by acquiring Appixia.com the site  builder will be able to enhance and diversify its mobile-specific services.

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