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Win an iPad Air! Contest for Best uID.me Profiles

uCoz Giveaway

Dear friends, casual visitors and regular readers of SuperbWebsiteBuilders. I’m happy to share some great news from uCoz website builder. Firstly, they’ve just launched uID.me, an online WYSIWYG profile builder, and secondly, they’re giving away an iPad Air (or $700), iPad Mini (or $600), iPod Touch (or $500) and many other cool gadgets and accessories to the most inventive uID.me users. So, turn on the creative side of your brain and get that sleek and shining iPad :)!

Do I Need and How to Get a uID.me Profile?

Today, with almost each and every one of us having multiple social media accounts, you may wonder why you need another personal page on the web, namely a uID profile. The answer is to gather all your links in one place that will serve as your online business card. Whether you’re a student, small business owner, SEO maniac or a housewife, there are ways to benefit from having a uID.me profile.

  • Are you a business person?
  • Are you a freelancer?
  • Do you have a personal website?
  • Are you looking for like-minded people?
  • Do you have anything to share with the world?
  • Do you want to get an iPad Air?

If you answered positively to at least one of the questions, you’re bound to provide yourself with a uID.me page and take part in the Contest for Best Profile. There are SIX nominations, so your odds to get a prize are pretty high :). Visit uCoz Community to learn the details.

Best Business Profile - Gifts

So, when was the last time you got something free? This can happen to you pretty soon – just create a cool uID.me profile and submit it at http://win.uid.me/. Good luck!