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Weebly Updates: Blogging Beta Is Here!

The new Weebly Blogging system is finally ready for you to test. Blogging Beta provides you with a whole bunch of new powerful features combined with the ease-of-use you’ve come to know from Weebly. So, here’s what’s new:

  1. Scheduled posts + social sharing messages.
  2. New blog commenting options: you can now choose between Weebly, Disqus and Facebook).
  3. Customizable post permalinks.
  4. Header and footer code on posts.
  5. You can now toggle the display of the blog sidebar and social sharing buttons on/off.
  6. Title and Description meta tags are now editable for individual posts.

Weebly Blogging Beta

You can access the new blogging experience with your normal Weebly credentials at http://beta2.weebly.com/.