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Weebly Improves the URL Structure for Blogs

If you are like me (an admitted/recovering perfectionist), then such things like messy URLs are likely to send shivers down your spine and keep you up at night. After all, clean URLs aren’t just a whim – they’re an important aspect that influences both your site’s UX and SEO. Rather than try to explain how exactly human-readable URLs can fix your site’s SEO (let’s leave this task to the professionals) I want to share a piece of excellent news from Weebly website builder.

They’ve just improved the way the blogging URL structure is formed. All blog posts published on Weebly sites will have the following format: www.sitename.com/blog-name/post-name as opposed to their old unsightly look (ex.: www.sitename.com/1/post/2014/04/post-name.html).

Messy URLs

Speaking about unsightly links I can’t but mention Wix. Being a true powerhouse in the web publishing industry, it still offers no way to re-write automatically generated URLs. Just a few days ago I was clicking here and there on DreamDoggy.co, the Wix’s Contest winner and noticed that their URLs were barely readable: http://www.dreamdoggy.co/#!eco-friendly/c1g7y. I’ve checked my free Wix account to see whether there are any changes in terms of the URL customization, but unfortunately I failed to brush up my site’s links.

The moral of the story:  look up and see what you have in your browser address bar before purchasing an annual subscription :).