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Weebly for iPad Is Here

Starting today, you can literally build a site with your hands in a very tactile and intuitive way 😯 . This was made possible by the hardworking team of Weebly who developed Weebly for iPad, the newest member of their iOS family.

Weebly for iPad - Image Credit - Official Weebly Website

The new application features a completely overhauled interface and design language developed specifically for touchscreen. It provides a beautiful canvas for tactile website building that lets you create new and update existing Weebly sites on the go. The app also works and saves your edits in offline mode. Some other highlights include:

  • Any website created with Weebly is now editable from the iPad.
  • You can easily sync your work across devices: you can start creating a website on your desktop, then continue working on it on the iPad during your commute home, and get back to it later from your iPhone.
  • SEO features are also available.

Check out the video below to see some of these features in action:

Weebly for iPad has been a huge challenge for its creators, so they’d love to hear your feedback. Report any problems here and remember to share your experience in the comments 🙂 .